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Wholesale Traditional Jewellery Shopping Store in Jaipur

Indian jewelry is famous worldwide for its intricately designed traditional jewelry. The traditional jewelry of India is what makes Indian weddings so rich and grand in their own way and that is the reason why marriages in India are synonymous with jewelry. The exclusive designs and works complete the traditional look of the jewelry. The traditional jewelry is passed on to generation after generation, which was made many decades ago.

The traditional jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, waistbands, nose rings, toe rings, bracelets, armlets and etc. The different regions and cultures of India follow their unique design and works. The northern part of India is known for its exclusive carved jewelry design, the southern for its extensive temple-based large jewelry designs, the eastern for its beaded jewelry, and the western for its mirror and stonework jewelry.

Evolution Of Traditional Jewelry

Traditional jewelry has evolved over time and this evolution can be seen in the traditional jewelry items as some of them have perished or are resurfaced with a new look every time. Here is a list of jewelry item which has been resurfaced with a new look.

1) HaathPhool: HaathPhool is a Rajputani or Rajasthani jewelry worn in hands to cover the backside of the hands. Earlier it used to be very heavy but with time it has become very light-weighted and is now usually worn on some special occasion.

2) Maangtika: Earlier Maangtika used to be very simple and light-weighted. It had a strip and a little structure attached to its end. Since it was very light weighted women used to wear it as their everyday jewelry but with time the concept of maangtika has changed a lot. Though the design is the same as what it used to be during early times now they are designed to give a heavy look and are basically worn by brides on their wedding day.

3) Nathni: During old times people used to get their nose pierced to wear Nathni. They give a very royal look on wearing but this tradition of getting nose pierced lost its significance a few times back but now it is back in the trend. Instead of Nathni nose pins are more preferred by people nowadays.

4) Bajubandh: Sometime back Bajubandh was quite a necessary ornament, just like earrings, bangles, etc. It was also necessary once you got married but with time it is quite difficult to find people wearing them. However, they can be seen in south Indian or typically traditional weddings. It had health benefits as well as it is used to help in blood circulation and also makes the arm comfortable with the required resistance.

5) Kamarbandh: Kamarbandh was quite a south Indian jewelry and it was very difficult to find it in areas other than South India. As time is changing Kamarbandh is now used with modern attires as junk jewelry and a lot of young girls can be seen flaunting them. But to have a look at the proper traditional Kamarbandh one must visit a south Indian wedding. The health benefit of it is one that every girl desires i.e., no fat deposition on the waist.

6) Toe Ring Or Bicchya: Toe rings were worn as a part of routine jewelry and were worn on the second finger. Toe rings are mostly made of silver but now they have completely vanished. The previous generation people can even now be seen wearing toe rings but the younger generations have completely eliminated them from their attire. Toe rings were considered to get rid of gynecological problems as the toe nerves are connected to the uterus and so the reproductive organs of the female can be revived.

7) Payal: Some years back Payal was one that made a tinkering sound and was worn at the ankle. It is a very girly thing and girls these days wear soundless ones or threaded ones with certain beads or stars etc. the various health benefit of Payal is that it helps in keeping one active and also helps in building positive energy in the body as it is made of silver it is a good conductor of energy and so it transfers all the negative energy from the body to the earth.

8) Chabichallah Or Waist Keychain: The waist keychain is a very classy, old, and stylish piece of functional jewelry. Mostly one sees their grandmothers wearing them. No one in the current generation is seen wearing it. It helps in the cleansing of the throat.

Having talked about the various ornaments worn in the traditional era let's now look at certain styles of jewelry making. Jewelry in India is equally old as its civilization. The craft of making this traditional jewelry has been sustained for ages and is now famous amongst the top fashion trends. The list of such traditional crafts is given below:

1) Meenakari: This is India's popular style of jewelry making. These metals are enameled with bright and brilliant colors and are also carved with beautiful designs. It is a Persian art that came to India in the 16th century and is ruling the heart of all jewelry lovers since then. Most craftsmen make earrings and bangles popularly with gold in meenakari.

2) Kundan: Kundan jewelry has a base of gold which is studded with semi-precious and precious stones. This type of jewelry is one of the most expensive jewelry. The most common ornaments in Kundan jewelry are necklaces, earrings, and also Mangalsutras.

3) Jadau: This type of jewelry also has a gold base that is melted and then the desired stones are studded over it. The Jadau jewelry exhibits royalty with its necklaces and jhumkas.

4) Thewa: Under this type of gold jewelry design, some beautiful nature patterns are inscribed with a scriber on thin sheets of 23K gold. This sheet is further fused with lac or dyed glass to get a final product which is a beautiful piece of jewelry. It usually has gold artwork with a colorful background.

5) Temple Jewelry: This jewelry type is more common in south India and has patterns of elephants, architectural designs, idols which are all in a repetitive manner. It includes heavy necklaces and earrings in gold. This jewelry even today has a lot of sentimental value in the hearts of a large population.

6) Ghungroo: The meaning of Ghungroo is ankle bells. These are used in a lot of Indian dance forms as they mix with the music and the beats very gracefully. With time the usage of this jewelry is not restricted to dancers but also nowadays other ornaments like rings, necklaces, and bracelets are also made.

7) Coin Jewelry: This type of jewelry is as old as the coins are, coins in any form, be it silver, gold, bronze, etc. are an adornment in the Indian culture. These currency coins from the past eras are now used in much ethnic jewelry and are used as a statement pieces of jewelry.

8) Tribal Jewelry: India is home to a large number of tribes and each tribe has its own customs and traditions. Also, a wide variety of art forms comes from these tribes and is now appreciated worldwide. Jewelry worn by tribal people is usually made from natural products like jute, wood, etc.

9) Jaali Work: For Jaali jewelry, the metal mesh technique is used which creates beautifully detailed pieces. This is usually used in architecture like it has been used in the TajMahal, also the jaali work is used in clothes. But the modern-day jewelers are bringing it to jewelry and some gorgeous pieces of the same can be seen.

Wearing jewelry is one thing and pairing the right one with the right attire according to the occasion is another. Traditional jewelry is that type of jewelry that goes with almost everything and fits a variety of occasions. Designer jewelry is good but traditional jewelry has its own positives, let us have a look at some of them.

1) Vintage: Antique traditional jewelry is responsible for the emergence of women as royal princesses. The exquisite necklaces and antique jewelry never fail to amuse people. These commonly crafted ornaments are studded with stones and provide a heritage look which is an experience worth having. These women's jewels are a symbol of grace, exquisiteness, beauty, and grace.

2) Ancestral Art: Crafting jewelry art is quite precious and has been in the Indian culture for ages. Indian jewelry is available in a wide variety because of the different regional needs and the varying tastes of people from different cultures and lifestyles. Like Meenakari styles of jewelry are inspired by the designs of the Mughal dynasty, silver jewelry is popular in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. Modern jewelry is mainly crafted with the help of machines; hence the ancestral art of crafting jewelry is dying now a day.

3) Royal Charm: The way traditional jewelry gives a royal look, no modern jewelry can give you that royal look and make you look like a queen. The world is going towards modernization and with that a lot of new styles are ideas are very much in trend but the royal and vintage look which is provided by the traditional jewelry has no match.

4) Unique Designs: The unique design of traditional jewelry is what attracts people’s attention. The efforts of the craftsmen involved in creating intricate and exquisite designs can be easily seen in traditional jewelry.

Traditional jewelry is really an eye-catcher and as the wedding season is just around the corner the sale of traditional jewelry is soon going to reach the skies because every bride just wants to steal the show. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is the place for you to grab authentic and alluring traditional jewelry.

Why Choose DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.?

1) Quality: Jewelry is one such item where quality matters. People spend a huge amount on purchasing expensive jewelry and in return all they want is quality. At DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. quality is something which they never compromise with, they are very particular about their brand name and don’t want it to get spoiled.

2) Pricing: To have luxury items at an affordable price is very rare. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is one such store that provides all types of jewelry be it gold, gemstone, silver, diamond, traditional or any other type of jewelry all are available at a very reasonable price.

3) Approachable: At DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. we aim at being available to serve our customers 24*7 and for this, they even have a website, so that people living in foreign lands can also get hold of some classy yet authentic Indian jewelry.

4) Latest Designs: Looking for unique and latest design jewelry that is not easily available in the market? DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is the place for you as they provide jewelry of unique designs that are not easily available in other jewelry stores.

5) Vast Variety: At DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. one can find a vast variety of rings, necklaces, pendant sets, earrings, bangles, cufflinks, bracelets, and various other jewelry items.

6) Trustworthy: DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a very reputed and renowned jewelry store in Jaipur city. People who have shopped once from this store have blind faith in the products which are offered by them as they have been dealing in this field for more than 13 years now.

The two pillars on which DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. works are delivering premium quality products and customer satisfaction. To get to know them better check out their website or you can also visit their store to check out their latest designs and best deals. They deliver a royal experience to its customers which they have never experienced while shopping. Try out this store once and you would be thanking your stars for coming across this store.

Traditional jewelry generally refers to jewellery that has been helped by your family for generations. But in case if you do not have anything like that but still, have got a thing for old-fashioned designs and bulky materials then buying traditional jewelry from any recognized traditional jewellery manufacturer in India would save your day. You would get all the traditional designs that you want, and even would be able to customize the same. Be it your favorite nose pin or that traditional bangle, everything is worth the price that you pay, because traditional jewelry is not something that you would get in any shop. A renowned traditional jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur said that they generally do not keep a lot of stock for traditional jewellery in their shop but when any customer demands the same, then they make it according to their choices.

There are many traditional jewelry shops available where you would get everything that you want under one roof and you would not have to wait for a long time till any traditional jewelry supplier specially customizes jewelry for you. But a traditional jewelry shopping store has more varied options but remember you might not be able to get a design of your choice or that style even because these are not manufactured like the latest design jewellery in a bulk. This is because firstly wearing traditional calls for some special occasions and secondly many people do not like wearing old school things and thirdly because of their prices.

But the above situation is improving with each passing day. One of the biggest traditional jewelry wholesalers in Jaipur has confirmed that the sales of traditional jewellery are increasing day by day. Brides are styling their clothes especially to match their favorite traditional jewellery. One of the things that have been noticed is that instead of buying traditional jewellery made of pure gold, shops are requesting traditional jewelry suppliers to supply jewellery made up of different stones or is made up of oxidized gold. Even though they have a traditional design but they also incur a modern feel which is very essential. The traditional jewelry store has seen that women are now opting for Filigree, Kundan, and Meenakari designs which goes very well with any kind of wear, even the western one.

Traditional jewellery shopping store has a wide range of collections for old-school jewellery like Kamar bandh, necklaces that have temple designs, long and bulky jhumkas, etc. All of these pieces of jewellery look very classy and elegant and you would love them whenever you see them. Though you would get all of these in a wholesale traditional jewellery store at a good price buying them online also makes sense. Many big traditional jewelry stores have their own website and you can just there, select your favorite piece of jewelry and you would receive everything at your doorstep. They have a secured payment gateway so do not worry about that but make sure you are buying the jewelry from a renowned website.

Wholesale Traditional Jewelry Manufacturing Unit in Jaipur

Humans are growing so their style. Humans today are additional cautious concerning their apparel together with their garments, jewelry here is also included. It is vital, thanks to the info of temperament development ideas along with the most modern fashion style and magnificence. Whether or not it's a recent or a chunk of ancient jewelry, each of those varieties has a precise standing within the fashion selections of the trendy period. Folks today like this sort of jewelry principally now and then for some particular occasions sort of a wedding.

Traditional jewelry because the name suggests is antique in each method. They continue to be a vital part of each auspicious traditional ceremony throughout the world. And once it involves India, clearly nothing will replace the customs and traditions here and the same applies to the traditional jewelry too. Ancient jewelry still is that the dream of the many girls of this world particularly in an ancient country like India. With the introduction to numerous latest vogue and fashion, no style and no vogue was able to get the most recognition as that of conventional jewelry. Particularly once it involves designer ancient jewelry, nothing can beat them. One of the foremost common ancient jewelry that nearly every lady has in their jewelry box could be a combination of Jhumka earrings of the sort of designer ancient jewelry. Obviously, this is often not restricted to jewelry earrings solely, the designer ancient jewelry has conjointly still created its existence in alternative sets and items of jewelry too, like an artisan ring, or a temple ring, or necklace. Many native jewelers across the nation include an assortment of distinctive and heavy ancient jewelry. Each tiny piece and pattern is of precise quality in a piece or a set of ancient jewelry. So they're the creative hands of the makers that present a piece of ancient jewelry, as a piece of professional jewelry.

If your quest is for traditional jewelry makers near me or the traditional jewelry designers near me or if you are looking for traditional jewelry wholesale then you can contact us and we would be eager to serve you. Dws is a renowned traditional jewelry exporter and is among the top names in the list of traditional jewelry distributors in India, with a completely equipped traditional jewelry factory in Jaipur. When it's all concerning jewelry creating and repairing support, we are infinite and tremendous. We are the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., the superior traditional jewelry-making unit in Pink City (Jaipur) and is a leading name among the traditional jewelry-making units in India. Our capabilities and capacities within the realm of jewelry production vary from traditional jewelry casting to modern metal jewelry creation. Within the modernist era, each artistic style jewelry and modern modernized jewelry have created their rooms within the jewelry box of virtually all mediocre to higher category folks, tho' the amount and nature of the jewelry piece can vary. DWS is the highest and so the wonderful traditional casting manufacturer. Dws includes a classic style, however, the traditional jewelry-making technique is new in its method.

This provides the jewelry an additional elated seem. Dws, typically involves a classic method of jewelry manufacturing if this is often one thing that's the requirement of the jewelry under process. We've got the specialists for everyone, and that we will offer you the simplest quality jewelry sets exactly as same as your aspirations. DWS is acknowledged for enduring skillfulness in its ornaments whereas supporting its individuality at the same time. And during this entire method, the preservation of proficiency and brilliance within the business is our pursuit.