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Wholesale Bangles Jewelry Manufacturer in Jaipur

Jewelry has always been a subject of great interest for most people, especially ladies across the globe. When we talk about India, jewelry means a great passion for Indian women. If we go further deep into the Indian traditions, we find that Bangles hold a special significance in jewelry for Indian women for so many reasons. In fact, bangles have an enormous number of varieties ranging from colorful plastic ones to intricate expensive gold jewelry. In most parts of the world, bangles are worn for fashion and style.  When it comes to Asian countries like India and Pakistan, bangles are necessarily a part of specific customs and cultures. Various colors of bangles symbolize different features such as red bangles symbolize energy; blue ones symbolize wisdom while gold bangles symbolize fortune. 


Although there are so many bangles jewellery manufacturers in Jaipur, DWS Jewellery is the leading Bangles jewelry manufacturer in the city. DWS Jewellery is popularly famous as one of the pioneers in distinctive silver, gold, diamond, and gemstone jewelry. Along with several other items, we are also specialists in crafting the latest designs of bangles, commonly known as the prominent Wholesale Bangles jewellery shopping store. We serve clients of several ethnicities with reliable, genuine, and consistent quality, design, and craftsmanship.  DWS Jewellery was established more than a decade ago. Within a short span of time, we have been enlisted among the prominent Manufacturer, Exporter, and Wholesaler of a wide range of jewelry of various types. We are focused to aspire to provide our esteemed clients with a memorable international shopping experience.

As a matter of fact, we have a complete team of experts and professional associates who strive solely endlessly to provide the best shopping experience of bangles to our customers.  We take pride to mention that we have an assiduous team of expert artisans who help us in designing and presenting an immaculate product line in the market. Furthermore, innovation is our key driver to attaining excellence in our customer service. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped and operational with hi-tech as well as traditional equipment and tools. 


It’s a matter of pride to point out that our complete product range including bangles is trusted and highly appreciated for its premium features, unique designs, and quality around the world. We ensure to incorporate only high-grade materials in our production of bangles and all the items so as to deliver the most reliable products to our clients. We offer the bangles of various designs at industry-leading prices. We are also providing the products to our customers in the customized form in compliance with their precise needs and requirements.


We feel honored to mention that we are also popular as a prominent manufacturer of Diamond bangles. We have made new benchmarks in the industrial sector in manufacturing diamond bangles. In addition to this, we have also successfully raised the bar of customer satisfaction. Our expert and talented artisans put tremendous effort into designing the diamond bangles elegantly alluring and eye-catching designs. We have diamond bangles available in all sizes to suit the diverse demands of customers. 

Our team associates and artisans have vast experience in keeping a close eye watch and adapting to the changing fashion trends. Furthermore, in addition to diamond bangles, we also manufacture designer antique gold bangles jewelry. We always consider the style and comfort while crafting the gold bangles. When we talk about the bangle jewelry in Kundan, we pride ourselves on our vast collection of Kundan bangles jewelry. In addition to this, we have also a wide range of bangles jewelry available in precious and semi-precious stones in classic and unique designs. Our range also includes an exclusive section of bangles meant for Indian bridal jewelry for wedding occasions. Our customized jewelry section caters to clients with their specific requirements. We also provide them the options to place their customized orders. 

Hence, in the conclusion, we may say that DWS Jewellery provides the complete and perfect venue for fulfilling your shopping needs for various jewelry articles including bangles with the most competitive prices.

Wholesale Bangles Jewellery Shopping Store in Jaipur

Bangles are said to be a conventional variant of bracelets and tend to hold a greater symbolic value in the context of Indian traditions. Different types of bracelets hold distinct significance, depending upon their shape, material, and the occasion that they are being used. Bangles enhance the overall look of a woman and add a beautiful ethnic touch to their persona. Specifically, within the spectrum of Indian culture and traditions, bangles hold a very considerably important stature. Usually, bangles are worn by women in pairs or as an entire set in either one hand or both. They can also be very effective when it comes to accessorizing for the purpose of intensifying or beautifying the appearance of an all-embracing outfit.

At DWS Jewellery, we have several categories of bangles, ranging from the kind of gemstone or material they have been adorned with to the shape and size that they bear. We have categories of bangles such as – Band, openable, single strand, wide, leather and cordpalm bracelet, and sleek bangles. Moreover, we provide our customers with varying types of bangles in relation to the kind of metal that they wield. We have an enormous collection of brass, gold, and silver bangles in that frame of reference. On our online website, we offer a gigantic range of dazzling bangle jewellery, and to facilitate the online user interface for our consumers, we offer categorization on the basis of price, availability, bestsellers, and new arrivals as well. Bangles, for the longest time, according to the Indian traditional culture have been known to denote the auspiciousness of marriage in a woman’s life. For a married woman, it is considered ill-omened to leave their hands bare, especially right after marriage. In fact, most of the marital customs in Hinduism involve the usage of bangles and they are considered a classic piece of ornament taking into account their existence and evolution. Bangles are known to be natively Indian and the first time ever that they came into existence was approximately around 322-185 BC as historical evidence of bangles being worn as an embellishment by women in the Mauryan empire was discovered later. Bangles are also recognized as ornaments that help in spreading positive energy. The sound of bangles keeps unnecessary negative vibes afar is a belief that prevails very commonly among Indian households.

We here at DWS Jewellery truly comprehend the material as well as the spiritual and emotional aspect of the utility of bangles as an ornamental adornment and with all due respect, believe in wholeheartedly working towards providing our consumers with flawless and worthwhile service. We also have an application of our company for both Android and Ios users to expand the reach of our company. Our return, as well as refund terms and conditions, have clearly been mentioned in our online forum and we tend to be extremely approachable in case of any complaints that our clients might face. We even have an online chat service on the website to double-check smooth functioning. Bangle jewellery is very ethnically and indigenously significant and we are highly devoted to providing our consumers with promising services in terms of manufacturing, exporting, importing, and wholesale as well as jewellery designing to the best of our potential. Bangles, unlike bracelets, are rigid and steely, thus they are far more enduring and sturdy than any other jewellery piece. Different types of bangles, when worn on different types of occasions might denote different things. We tender bangle jewellery of both conventional and unconventional designs to fit the age range and marital status of each and every woman. We do not restrict our designs or any other services for that matter to just a particular kind of women, even when it comes to the style of bangle jewellery that we have to offer or the different tastes that women might have according to changing fads and trends.

We possess a well-classified selection of bangle jewellery at absolutely economical rates because we do understand that bangles can play a predominantly essential role in a woman’s life and money cannot define the emotions attached to a band of values and customs. We guarantee to serve our customers with impeccable services equivalent to the amount that we charge from them for bangle jewellery or any other jewellery item that we possess for that matter. Varying colors of bangles also hold varied meanings, such as red bangles stand for energy, blue for wisdom, purple for independence, green for good luck or marriage, yellow for happiness, orange for success, black for power, silver for strength, gold for fortune and white bangles denote new beginnings. Thus, bangles truly exhibit several connotations and implications based on their appearance. The symbolic relevance of bangle jewellery that too in the frame of reference of Indian indigenous culture and the traditional sphere is definitely colossal, in addition to being monumental.

According to the Indian ethnic aestheticism, unmarried women must wear glass bangles and married women must wear bangles made of metal. But changing times have led to the evolution of such old beliefs and thus, nowadays bangles do not hold as much traditional symbolism as they used to. Some rituals remain unchanged but most of the practices involving bangle jewellery have been modified according to the modern era. Nowadays, most pieces of jewellery, including bangle jewellery are worn or displayed to create or carry forward some sort of a valuable fashion statement. To satisfy the wants of our consumers, we adhere to the needs and desires of both our traditionally stricken clients as well as the ones that like to follow and create trends by providing them with an enormous line of flexible jewellery designs, ranging from typically traditionally studded bangle jewellery to funky and innovative bangle jewellery designs so as to comply with the demands of women belonging to the increasingly fashionable spectrum. In a nutshell, we genuinely place confidence in satisfying the wants of our consumers, however possible, and try our best to not give them a single chance to complain while ardently working towards our goal.

Wholesale  Bangle Jewellery Manufacturing Units in Jaipur 

Jewellery was a young love of ladies. The beauty of ladies stays fragmented in the event that they wear a piece of jewellery with coordinating a dress. There is an assortment of jewellery out there in the market that can be used with numerous outfits and styles. Or we can also say that it is a type of craftsmanship that improve ladies' beauty. In the event that you are searching for the bangle jewellery manufacturing unit in Jaipur, you have come to the correct spot. Since we launch our store, we have been giving a great accumulation of jewellery pieces that you will never discover in the bangle jewellery manufacturing unit in India. 

The three things that take our bangle jewellery making services out of the group are quality-based material, ladies looking for design, and savvy. A general achievement of our life is to offer items to our clients that go beyond their desires. Our bangle jewellery casting designers' assurance is sufficient they make every single jewellery pieces that mirror their diligent work and quality. In Jaipur, we are the main driving bangle jewellery manufacturer who conveys what we guarantee to our clients. For us, clients' fulfillment matters most. If you have a design in your mind and need to wear that design, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our jewellery makers initially tune in to your prerequisites and after that make plans that superbly coordinate with your requirements. Our bangle adornments work isn't constrained in Jaipur, we serve our jewellery all over India. No issues, where you live, simply pick your bangle from our site and we will deliver it to your doorstep in no less time. As a famous bangle jewellery exporter, we convey incredible services and extraordinary items.

To look renowned you need to wear something esteemed. A well-cut bangle jewellery making has a unique quality that builds the status of the people as well as lifts their certainty. Numerous individuals love to wear a precious stone ring, jewel bangles, jewel neckbands, and jewel hoops. Indeed, even a solitary bit of precious stone jewellery has the capacity to enhance the beauty of a lady. Getting a jewel from the bangle jewellery factory in Jaipur is simple, sometimes it is hard to purchase high-quality based bangles. In the event that you are searching for clear precious bangles go to our jewellery store. In Jaipur, we are one of the best bangle jewellery wholesalers in India who will offer you the gems and finding that go beyond your expectations.

There are such a large number of bangle jewellery distributors out there in the market. But, fewer bangle casting manufacturers offer the best jewellery.  By furnishing jewellery that superbly coordinates with the client's needs and desires we made our name prestigious in this field. Our bangle jewellery wholesale makers enjoy the work all around truly and give you immaculate precious stone adornments that you can gladly wear it. It is observed after wearing standard quality-based jewelry you will get extra power because jewellery transfers its qualities to whoever is wearing it. Jewellery is not for unique events, yet in addition, looks great with day-by-day life. The exquisite, and shimmering magnificence of precious stone dependably draws in ladies to wear it. Women feel great in the wake of wearing jewel as well as feel glad when somebody compliments their spouses. If you are looking for bangle jewellery near me, without thinking much, reach at our jewellery shop. Here you can discover the best jewellery designs that you have never discovered at other shops.

Long periods of involvement in bangle jewellery manufacturing unit Jaipur, we give our client's finely cleaned jewellery plans at an affordable cost. Being a prestigious bangle jewellery manufacturer our insight is unparalleled. When you go to our shop we give you the best plans that you will never discover at some other bangle jewellery factory in Jaipur. At our shop clients have a more noteworthy assortment to choose a piece of jewellery from our remarkable accumulations. To grow our client base we give high-grade quality based bangles jewellery making focused costs. As a famous bangle jewellery distributor, we utilize predominant quality material and execute a one of a kind structure.

To give greater adaptability and extraordinary client services we give both store and fare offices to our clients. Doesn't a worry, regardless of whether our clients live in Jaipur or not, we can supply their preferred jewellery at their doorstep inside an assigned time. We are running our bangle factory in India with the assistance of custom gems architects. They are profoundly aptitude in their very own field and convey the most extreme outcomes.

There are such huge numbers of motivations to purchase s bangle. These bangles jewellery bring the most recent unadulterated material based structures, which you can't discover in counterfeit adornments. There is no uncertainty wearing adornments gives you an exquisite look, which difficult to repeat with some other gems structures. In this way, purchase jewellery from the best bangle jewellery maker near me that impeccably coordinates with your identity and gives an exquisite look. bangle adornments store has contracted the best gems producers and works customers who cautiously analyze the clients' needs and convey fascinating enlivening bangles style. With everything taken into account, we make a one of a kind plan that is rich and lift your certainty and wearable today. Our craftsmen who craft your bangle jewellery wholesale first listen to your expectation and then work on it and deliver the jewelry that enhances your beauty and a true buy as well.

Circling around your wrist with a bangle makes you feel classy. It goes with a wide range of western outfits as well traditional.  Regardless of whether you wear pants, tees, tops, summer dress or so forward. The bangle trinkets upgrade your look. With regards to wearing smart frill that go with a wide range of trendy outfits then bangles are the best decision.

We likewise offer bangle jewellery making customize services in which clients can share their requests and prerequisites and our originators will make their jewellery according to their requirements. If that they need all the more completing in the bangles our bangle jewellery wholesale maker will do it. We made our name famous as the best bangle jewellery distributer by offering quality based items at the best discount rates. 

In the event that you are searching for the bangle jewellery supplier, you have gone to the perfect spot. We likewise disseminate bangles to an affiliate, who needs quality based adornments at the discount rates. If you really need adornments for an reselling business, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and offer every one of your subtleties and prerequisites. Or on the other hand you can likewise come at our wholesale bangle jewellery store to see our gems gathering. 

The Jewellery accumulation that you will see at our bangle jewellery factory is the equivalent accessible at our site with similar rates. We allow purchasing jewellery from a site is suspicious in light of the fact that it is a colossal speculation. In Jaipur, we have known as a result of honesty and genuineness. We state what we art and you will get what you see at our site. From the absolute first day our business till now we never let our clients' desires down, rather our gems producers. 

In Jaipur, with respect to giving front line jewellery pieces at the nominal rates, we are the best bangle jewellery manufacturer wholesalers. Our past customers not simply surveyed our work since we are advancing things at the wholesale rate, yet furthermore giving the standard quality that they would never find from some other bangle jewellery manufacturing units in India. Acquiring adornments at an affordable rate is amazingly basic, yet close by quality is very incredible. Be that as it may, we make this puzzling method straightforward by giving striking and most astonishing quality gems at the best market rates. 

We value our gems architects who buckle down for us and specialty gems that goes past the desires for the customers. Our clients value our work not just on the grounds that we are putting forth adornments at the discount rate, however for the standard quality and uniqueness we have been keeping up since we propelled our wholesale bangle jewellery store. As a figured bangle jewellery supplier our handcrafted gems supply all over India. No issues, where you live in, in the event that you need real adornments at a discount rate, you can get in touch with us whenever. Offer every one of your prerequisites with us and we will convey gems at your doorstep according to your necessities. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to turn into the best affiliate of your market and looking for the extraordinary gems structures at the discount rates at that point take help of bangle jewellery exporter.

Bangle Maker in Jaipur

Luxury, novelty and magnificence are adjectives used for describing the Pink City of India, Jaipur of Rajasthan. The historical importance of the kings and queens residing here has left upon a glimpse of royalty in every corners of the state. Be it jewellery maker or Bangle maker in Jaipur the excellent and unique traditional designs makes each piece unique from the other.

Jaipur is regarded as a shopping and traditional centre of the country. It has a plethora of attractions which includes the markets, palaces and even the monuments to visit once in a lifetime. The market of Jaipur is often laden with the magnificent and unique shopping stuff which includes jewellery as well. The handicrafts, gemstones, sandalwood carvings or even the textiles of Jaipur have uniqueness in it. If you are an impulsive shopper, then it is absolutely your place to explore every bit of it.

Importance of Bangles

Jaipur bangles are the traditional accessory for any Indian woman. It is one of the mandatory jewellery of the newly-wed brides and even the would-be brides.  The bangles are made out of the glass and other metal with precious gemstones incorporated in it. Wearing a bangle signifies good fortune to the family. No wonder, bangles of Jaipur design was popularized by the local people who use it more often while performing a traditional form of art. It is one of the most significant accessories for any traditional look to make it more impressive.

Over time with much innovation in terms of traditional design and usage of gemstones with heavy metals like gold, silver and many more the beauty of bangles are prettier. There is some collection which has a contemporary touch to it. The recent trend of wearing geometrically shaped bangles gives a funky look to your western attire or even a party look. The glass used Bangle jewellery maker in Jaipur is extremely popular across the globe. In the traditional mela or people gathering, there are dedicated stores on bangles which will glitter your eyes with the sparkling bangles decorated for sell. People of diverse countries are attracted to this style of the bangle. Even the westerners do prefer buying bangles from the street stores. It has crazy demand beyond the boundaries of India. 

Each and every state of India has a different culture and tradition which is closely associated with the bangles. A would-be marrying girl will first go for a pair of bangle buy before any other jewellery. It is a sign of her being married and shows love and affection. In south India, the importance of wearing a gold bangle is considered to be auspicious. In Jaipur, wearing colourful glass bangles are highly appreciable. In-state like Bengal, the newly-wed brides wear bangles made of shell and red coral it is their way of signifying a married woman. Bangles are often gifted by the mother-in-laws to their daughters-in-law at the wedding. The traditionalism included in bangles is noteworthy to mention when we are talking about bangles.

The culture of Rajasthani women wearing ivory bangles or chooda is one of the biggest accessories to be worn on any occasion or festival. The gifting of chooda to the bride by her maternal uncle is a ritual here.

The significance of the bangles based on colours also gained a lot of importance over time. The red bangles signify prosperity and energy; green and white colour signifies good luck and fertility in a woman; yellow signifies happiness; whereas, the orange signifies new beginning and success in life. Gold bangles hold special importance is the ultimate fortune and prosperity in life and silver is the strength. Majorly the rituals are based on this importance of colour. This is quite interesting to know and maintain while you are dressing up as per the dress and bangle.

The importance of the Bangle jewellery in Jaipur is much more than a mere ornament. To get the best quality bangle simply Google Bangle maker near me and get in touch with someone noteworthy maker. It is something which you will admire for the rest of your life. Buying from a good dealer or a seller will let you get one most durable pieces. A beautiful set of bangles will leave you in delight of feeling most beautiful once you wear it. The stylish bangles do add an extravaganza to your beauty. If you are travelling to Jaipur do buy one or two pair of bangles with traditional design to add to your memory of travelling to this auspicious antique place.

Trends And Traditional Bangles To Make The Eyes Go All Over You

Without bangles and bracelets, the woman's arms do not appear appealing in fact, it does look a lot dull and boring without a piece of jewelry. Being in Indian, there are a number of women who find it difficult to adore different types of bangles or bracelets. So, if you are one of them, then, we will help you understand how you can enhance your style quotient with traditional bangles and make the eyeballs turn towards you.

With every passing day, the jewelry adorned by women are getting trendy and unique all the time. It is very important to always match with the trend so that they can look beautiful all the time, especially on special occasions. When it comes to bangles, it enhances the elegance and beauty of women quite enormously when compared to other jewelry pieces. It certainly makes them look timelessly gorgeous.

Women are always in love with the traditional heavy bangles but, the trending ones are getting lighter and classy all the time. Indian culture has always believed to celebrate special occasions with heavier jewelry pieces which include bangles as well. You might have seen the women in India adoring beautiful gold, silver, and platinum bangle pieces crafted with the unique fashion accessories which enhance the styling quotient exceptionally.

Trending Bangles

As per the latest trends, the lightweight bangles have certainly stolen the show for women in India. Not only they are fashionable and classy but also light in weight which makes it easier for them to carry. It becomes very comfortable for women to order lighter bangles which not only looks amazingly beautiful for special occasions but makes it easier for them to keep it for a longer period of time.

Evolution of Bangles

There are a number of college and school going girls who are always buying stylish bangles from their regular shops so that they can use it on a regular basis. But when it comes to special occasions, they are always looking for bangles made of gold or any other metal which is heavy and studded with the best of accessories. These bangles always have a special status in the minds of women's and it also gives them the look which will steal the show of the occasion. But, now even the lighter ones are making the women go crazy about it because of all the styles it brings in to play. These lightweight bangles are certainly much more unique and bring in the fusion of beautiful designs which can be adopted in various occasions.

New Bangle Designs

One can also consider purchasing bangles to gift their close ones. Yes, there are always new patterns coming in the store of the bangles which makes them even more attractive and can be considered to be adored for different occasions. So, you must keep checking with the latest designs and patterns all the time flooded in the market which can give you a lot of variety in option as well. All you need to do is to have a reliable bangle maker in contact list who can help you understand which can be the perfect fit for you to have and make your special occasion even more bigger.


There are a wide variety of bangles available in the market. It is important that you check with the occasion and then select your bangle accordingly. This will help you have the best of the pieces for your special occasion and give a traditional touch to your appearance. The lightweight Kundan bangles are just perfect for you to adore at weddings. You can also consider to wear the bangles which is not only traditional but also gives you a classy look on your big occasions. Recently, Silver light bangles are in huge trend with metallic ones as it brings in something unique in the collection.

Final Words

So, hopefully, now you have a better understanding of the beautiful bangles which can make a whole lot of difference to your experience. There are a number of bangle makers in Jaipur who are always matching with the trends with the combination of traditional designs to make sure that you are never short of options. So, all you need to do is to just get yourself connected to the respective makers in Jaipur and give yourself a lot of opportunities to look exceptionally gorgeous all the time. You will certainly feel a lot more rejuvenated with these uniquely crafted bangles!