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In the everlasting field of gold jewellery, the concept of fashion jewellery has slowly entered and it has been successfully creating a revolution across the nation with its multitude of designs and the modern look it gives away for the women who wear them. Nowadays fashion jewellery items are famous all over the world and people who preferred gold jewellery are slowly shifting themselves to the field of fashion jewellery because of their price and their ability to produce the variety of designs using a variety of metals like brass, gold, silver and copper. Most of these designs are either plain or they are sometimes embedded with gemstones like Moonstone, ruby, emerald, diamond and other forms of stones that would suit the designs perfectly. This fashion jewellery is available everywhere nowadays and even people who prefer traditional Gold jewellery are shifting slowly towards these fashion jewellery items that would make them look much more good and modernised. Most of the celebrities and people who are in top positions also prefer these fashion jewellery items rather than the gold and diamond jewellery because of the looks they give.

One of the most important and famous fashion jewellery items is bracelets. The bracelet has become more famous than the bangles in the past few decades because of their simple looks and beautiful designs. There are a variety of bracelets available in the market including the single pendant bracelet jewellery designs. These wholesale single pendant bracelet jewellery designs are available in the form of chain bracelets or cuff bracelets. These chain bracelets have attached themselves in such a way that they go along with the aim of the person wearing it making them look more blended than the cuff bracelet which is bangle like and the provide a unique look that will make people look back and examine the design for a second.

DWS Jewellery is one of the greatest single pendant bracelet jewellery manufacturers in the country and along with these bracelets they also provide a variety of designs from chains to rings for satisfying their customers depending upon their requirements. We provide a variety of designs in both Chain and cuff link bracelet with a single pendant that looks much simple and at the same time unique.

Beautiful chain bracelets

These chain bracelets are unique looking and they are more of a bracelet then the bangle. Most of these designs Blend along without creating a unique impression and they make the persons wearing them look more beautiful and simple at the same time. Chain bracelets are the most elegant form of the bracelet designs and they are available in many forms. One of the most common forms of bracelet design available in the market is the designer single pendant bracelet jewellery. These single pendant bracelet jewellery designs are more beautiful to look at at the same time they are also simple. Independence is sometimes lined with paper Diamond or gemstones to give off a much more beautiful Vibe and richness to the jewellery design. Also, they can be a simple gold design. The gold designs can be either a design of Shape that represents the person or people also prefer wearing their alphabets as a pendant in their bracelets.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading single pendant bracelet jewellery distributors in the country who produces a variety of designs that will make the women wear it look more beautiful. People from all over the country and world prefer our jewellery designs and hence we are one of the leading single pendant bracelet jewellery exporters in the country. With the help of our very own manufacturing unit, we produce a variety of designs that are designed by our specialist designers who excel in producing these designs. We also provide customised designs for our customers who prefer to have their own designs rather than buying a design that everyone loves. From a small Ring to a large necklace we provide customised designs for everything and everyone.

Beautiful cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelet looks more like a bangle rather than like a bracelet. The bracelet has created a huge Revolution and a fusion between the bracelets and bangles. People prefer wearing these bracelets for their traditional sarees and other types of traditional wear rather than wearing a bangle. These bracelets are lined with multiple number of pendants or a single pendant. They are available with various designs and stones embedded in them. One of the most famous designs in these cuff bracelets is the single pendant cuff bracelets where the pendants are made up of Diamonds or various other designs along with gemstones embedded within them. These types of fusion designs are suitable for both traditional and modern costumes. Simple cuff designs are preferred by people all over the world as their daily wear.

DWS Jewellery is a wholesale single pendant bracelet jewellery shop and they provide a variety of cuff bracelet designs and chain bracelet designs for people all over the country and world with the help of their designers. With the help of our manufacturing unit and our team of best handcraft designers, We produce the best designs in the country. Being one of the leading it single pendant bracelet jewellery supplier in the country we make sure that our products are of high quality and good designs. We also repair damaged jewellery items for our customers with proper care and make the jewellery in such a way that they are new as before without any trace of damages. Most of the Jewellery carry certain values for people and in the fear of damaging them for these people preserve their damaged Jewellery items rather than repairing it. We at DWS Jewellery make sure that at all these Jewellery items are repaired perfectly without damaging the jewellery and their sentimental values. To view our collection visit our Store located in Jaipur Rajasthan or visit us at People can also order customised designs through our online website portal. The order can be placed with a picture of the jewellery design uploaded with it. Customer satisfaction has been our priority and we will always strive hard to maintain their happiness and satisfaction towards our wholesale single pendant bracelet jewellery store.