Wholesale Jewelry Store in Jaipur

The demand for diamond, gold, silver as well as gem jewelry has increased globally. India is looked at as the hub of the jewelry market in the international market. Besides, India is considered the leading diamond cutting and polish manufacturing across the world. Even Government policies are formulated so as to support the industry. The jewelry markets in India mostly resources Jaipur (Pink City) for the buyers of an international market.

DWS Jewellery (P) LTD.:

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is worldwide known as the perfect blend of manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters. We solely focus on jewelry products at a reasonable cost. The company has a strong large base of satisfied clients around the world. We maintain a team of skilled artisans who use cost-proficient techniques. They are engaged all the time in setting the latest designs and innovative patterns that are up to date as well as distinct. Our team includes the artisans who are highly aware of the ways to contract with workings and the exigency of European as well as American styling. We mainly work on customer-driven philosophy and policies. We ensure to deliver beyond the customer’s expectations of us.

We follow the manufacturing process that includes traditional ways by the side of the most recent tools and equipment. Our teammates are sufficiently deft to understand the latest trends prevailing in the market. They create designs keeping in view the current trends which are mostly the fusion of traditional and modern thoughts. We ensure to stick to our ethics and principles in our dealings with everyone.

It’s a matter of pride for us to mention that DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. is the best place for fashion jewelry, handmade jewellery, traditional jewellery, and custom jewelry. The company deals in single-cut diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, and silver jewelry, and gemstones jewelry items. If you actually desire to store jewelry items of unique designs for different categories of people, immediately contact us and make the best deals at highly competitive prices. We have sought great appreciation from our global customers for the ornaments crafted by us such as gold pendants, engagement rings, gold earrings, and gold necklaces.


You are a designer with a tremendous sense of fashion and creativity or even if you have ambitions to excel in the jewelry manufacturing line, DWS is absolutely the perfect place for you to contact. We promote our design with your company logo. In addition to this, we convert your design keen on ornaments. Even if you want to build up your own brand, we are there to help you out by all means.


Today the young age group is highly concerned about individuality. As a result, fashion jewelry, as fine as fashion jewelry manufacturers, has developed into the center of attraction for all. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. has earned the repute of a high level as a fashion jewelry manufacturer. Our talented artisans craft unique designs with a blend of traditional and ethnic fusion. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is an absolutely perfect option for the same.


Another leading name as one of the best Diamond jewelry manufacturers is DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur in Rajasthan. The company is popularly recognized as the best destination to shop wholesale all types of cuts diamond jewelry.


When it comes to the renowned sterling silver jewelry manufacturer who has a wide range of custom, fashion, and gemstone jewelry, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. ranks the top in the list. Our products are the final outcome of various manufacturing stages which are strictly monitored by the quality control department. We manufacture a wide range of jewelry items in silver for the unisex of every age group. In addition to this, our company takes care of each and every customer’s pocket and manufactures a high-quality jewelry items.


DWS is highly concerned about customer delight; hence we offer our clients the quality proven range of products in Gold. The company has an exclusive department to be careful of the excellence of each and every piece. The artisans thoroughly and attentively check every particular piece. If the QC is not satisfied even for a minor reason, the piece is sent back to get rectified. The collections are refreshed from time to time to carry on the latest trending styles.


DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. has a wide range of products as well as services to cater to the various requirements of its clients within their budget. Our company has become a celebrated name for our exclusively stunning designs and wide collections.


Wholesale Jewellery Store in Jaipur

Every traveler would want to travel to a place that accounts for the exploration and display of culture, history, activities, and sightseeing. Well, only those who are able to explore, who dream of exploring and absorbing the uniqueness of every place. Similarly, in India, the places in India have had their different left a different touch to the traveler. Jaipur is a traveler’s delight and a historians’ place for education. This place has many things to offer, right from a brief and rich history of Rajput to being Rajasthan’s capital city. While we all travel, we look to buy something from the place, perhaps a memorable one that can remind your lifetime and will give you a mesmerizing feel by reminding you about the memories on the trip. Well, most travelers buy jewelry, and Jaipur is a hub of traditions, one can easily encounter gleaming jewelry and their types that can probably leave you in splits.

If you are looking for the nearest jewelry store you are in the right place. In this blog, we shall help you in finding the best wholesale jewelry stores in Jaipur. Jaipur has a number of places that not just offer one a lifetime experience but also prove to be a hub for dazzling jewelry. However, buying them could not be a tough task, but finding them can be a thing to sweat and walk miles. But we will assist you in locating the wholesale jewelry store near you that offers the best jewelry in the capital city. Johari Bazaar is one stop for all your jewelry desires. Renowned and one of the most visited places in Jaipur, the place not just showcases a wide array of collections of Jewelry, but also the merchants and traders here welcome the visitors with negotiable rates of the dazzling jewelry. Johari Bazaar is basically a symbol of culture and endowment in the history of Rajasthan.

The place is an area to shop ultimate gems and other jewelry. The readers must know that this place is quite unique in terms of its trading as it deals a lot with a wholesale stream. Also, there are shops in the market where a number of traders only sell jewelry at wholesale prices to retailers around the world. Also, apart from this place, there is also a store on M.I. Road in Jaipur city, which is quite popular for its unique jewelry. Apart from its undefeatable unique collection, the shop is also known for its vintage collection. Its exclusive creations of jewelry can attract anyone to possibly buy without a second thought. However, there are very fewer possibilities that the shop would deal with the wholesale trade. We have always heaved praises on the Aladdin’s cave, and don’t be surprised to find the exterior of the gem palace lookalike to the cave. The place has been the most discussed Indian jewelry store with its unique and amazing collection.

One can easily encounter a few of jewelry being displayed for the exhibition. However, this jewelry once belonged to the Royals of the city, and one of the stages of the families of the shop owner have had served them in their times. In reference to the distinct traders of jewelry in Jaipur, the below lists will help you in understanding the jewelry that is made available in wholesale jewellery stores in Jaipur.

Thewa Jewelry

This jewelry is famous for its historical aspect since the Mughal ruled the state. This jewelry is with the help of thick golden sheets, further carved with molten glass. However, the style of jewelry totally depends on the process of embossing. In recent times, the manufacturers have come up with a new style, the Jaipuri design. It is one of the trending designs that have been able to pull up the demand in the segment of Thewa Jewelry.

Kundan Jewellery

This jewelry is quite famous in Jaipur. It is mostly used in marriages and is quite authentic in terms of its visual appearance. To one’s surprise, this jewelry is also used for religious purposes. Gemstones, which have had spiritual, physical, and mental benefits in the daily lives of humans. This jewelry is covered with gemstones to further benefit one in a number of dimensions. The making process begins with an initial step called ‘Ghaat’, and further a final step called ‘Paadh’ is done. Once the two steps are completed, the jewelry is given a finishing touch by embossing the gemstones on it.

Meenakari Jewelry

This jewelry had been quite famous and trending among the women in Rajasthan. The demand for this jewelry is quite high due to the is style, which is an infusion of Jaipuri and Lahori style. However, the base of the jewelry could be either silver or gold. With its front part reflecting some dazzling colors such as Blue, Yellow, and Green, and one could be able to buy the jewelry in various colors if the base of the jewelry is Gold.

Jadau Jewelry

This Mughal-styled jewelry will not just look attractive but also give you a unique display of its embedded stones and beads.

Lac Jewelry 

Lac jewelry can be preferred if you are looking to get jewelry at cheaper rates. This jewelry is formed or manufactured with the help of animal-based products, basically secreted by insects. Well, Lac bangles are quite popular in the market and in souvenir collections. This jewelry can be bought at Jhotwara or Tonk road.

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best jewellery stores in India which has had built a strong community of buyers in and across the country through the originality and uniqueness of the jewelry. The jewelry is sold at convenient rates, and since we believe in buyer’s satisfaction, we display a number of varieties that can possibly make you buy them at first sight.

Although, since we care about your money, we recommend you not blindly believe in the vendors. Even if your driver or tour guide navigates you to the store, make sure not to believe the vendor with a core verification. A bill must be bought by asking the vendor to mention the grams of gold or silver in the jewelry so that there are fewer chances of getting fraud. Do not consider buying silver jewelry as that may be a lookalike of silver. There are also various ways to buy jewelry through online jewellery shopping. If you consider buying jewellery online then do buy it from the reputed and renowned jewelers in the town.

Wholesale Gold Jewelry Store in Jaipur

The pink city of India, Jaipur in Rajasthan is the capital city, where the gemstones and even traditional treasure gems are found in plenty. As per the historical phenomenon, the kings and queens of ancient times were situated in Rajasthan, and thus plenty of gold, silver, and other precious gems were found. The city people of Jaipur are actually in love with the Gold, the yellow metal. Gold jewelry store in Jaipur is also numerous here and there where authentic gold plated jewellery is curved out. The rising price of gold everywhere does not make a little impact on metal. The gold rate in Jaipur keeps on changing on a daily basis. The factor is the direct impact and trading of gold from the South Western countries makes it a hub. You will notice heavy investment in Gold, offering good returns on the festive occasion of Dhanteras.

Who Determines The Gold Rate In Jaipur?

The notable dealers do have a big Gold jewelry store and a luxurious business associated with it that is happening for years and decades not. The business of selling gold is quite high in Jaipur. The rates are also arrived based on the buy and sell on every occasion as per the city basis. While determining the various gold rates in the market, it is often said that Gild is much cheaper in the South. Frankly, the concept is right, as it is the adobe of gold metal. Comparing the Gold jewelry store with the south, the traditional jewellery with much more curvature is found in Jaipur. There is diverse gold types fund in different parts of India, which has variable demands, tax prevailing costs, and even transportation costs. A large number of gold plates are transported from here to there, east to west, or vice versa through the sea route.

Various Gold Investment Options Available In Jaipur

If you are planning to invest in gold, then it is one of the good decisions in life. With the advent of digitally enhanced technology, the investing process in gold through various mediums has increased day in and day out. The Gold jewelry store in India are also increasing in number, a business of gold or silver or even diamond can never be defeated in terms of demand or usability. There are numerous types of investment in gold that one can think of, likewise;

  1. Gold Ornamentation
  2. Gold ETFs or Gold Exchange
  3. Gold Funds
  4. Gold Bars or Gold Coins

In all these four investments gold bars and coins are the oldest ways of investing. Banks even provide a certificate that is much better and safer which jewelers or dealers never provide. Any sort of gold coin or bar will offer you a heavy return in times of need. Gold in Jaipur has a very promising future that will never go out of track. If you are in Jaipur and looking for some exception store, you can Google search typing Gold jewelry store near me and get in the best ornament or coins, or bars as per your wish to curve jewellery of to invest.

Wholesale Traditional Jewelry Store in Jaipur

Since the origin of civilization, the importance of jewellery has been an integral part of Indian society. Be it, man or woman, wearing exceptionally designed traditional jewellery with fine curvatures and motifs has enhanced the beauty of history as well. Jaipur as a Pink City of India captures and captivates the traditional curvature of the finest jewellery across the globe. When we talk about traditional jewellery the colored gemstones, various precious metals like gold, silver, and many more are easily found in Jaipur of authentic quality and quantity. It is the leading dealer of the top-rated jewellery stones and others as well. The notable Traditional jewelry store in Jaipur has an amazing unique collection that holds significant designs and embellishments.

Traditional jewellery is often considered a major symbol of womanhood. The attractive designs in Jaipur India have become a hub of traditional culture for ages. People from east to west have accent their feminine beauty wearing eh engraved unique jewellery with studded gemstones in it. Be it gold, silver, copper, bronze, or even diamonds the use of jewellery to enhance wealth, and prosperity has become a symbol in Indian culture. The Traditional jewelry store in Jaipur is maintained by various dealers which tend to offer the most authentic quality product. On any auspicious occasion, the range of jewellery varies ranging from low to high price. Like for example, on Dhanteras Diwali, the buying tending of authentic traditional jewellery is a ritual among the Indian people, it is considered as an auspicious act on the festival day for more prosperity in terms of business and goodness prevail in the home.

Traditional jewellery among the woman builds up a deep connection. Although, it is not right to limit it among women men even love wearing such sort of traditional jewellery. The reason behind the jewellery craze and love for both gemstones as well as wealth is the prosperity as per the Vedic sciences. Many astrologers do recommend gemstones and traditional jewellery to upgrow the business. Owing precious metals and gemstones are some of the best investments one can do for a lifetime. 

The love for the traditional jewelry store in India has an immense market craze; the dealers are earning in a lump sum and it is one of the most noteworthy money-making businesses. The unique jewellery designs are found in a large variety having the traditional touch which varies from one state to the other. The style of jewellery found in Jaipur has no comparison to the ones found in Chennai. Some of the notable ones include the Maangtinka, earrings, necklaces, and even nose pins.

If you are searching for something like a traditional jewelry store near me you will surely get something interesting as a result. A visit to Jaipur is incomplete if you are not buying something traditional from there. They offer the most valuable precious and uniquely curved traditional jewellery which is hardly found anywhere else. Get one for yourself and for your family this festival and bring some good luck home.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Store in Jaipur

The durable beauty of wearing a silver piece is highly appreciated if you can pair it nicely. There is a famous saying that ‘what you wear is your identity. That coats around a whole lot of outfits and jewellery where you can share your own style statement and make it common to all. The recent trend of wearing abstract oxidized silver jewellery from a notable silver jewelry store in Jaipur, Rajasthan has taken a center stage.

Wearing such innovative silver jewellery demands much responsibility. Silver, like metal, is often used as jewellery of any size and shape. It can be worn on any occasion or festival for a certain period of time. The silver ornaments are much-enduring as jewellery and can be worn anywhere and everywhere. There are a few factors that make silver most demanding among all.


The silver metal is extremely rich in terms of outlook and longevity. There is not a specific skin tone of color for which they need to get silver. Even if you are dark silver jewellery will suit you amazingly. The majority of dark people love to wear silver jewellery, be it a chain or heavy neckpiece. The trendy silver jhumkas or earrings are largely loved by all. If you planning to buy a silver neckpiece from the silver jewelry store in Jaipur then get a traditionally designed one having lovely curvature and beauty of its own! The majority of the fashionistas are enamored to wear impressive silver gems with numerous solitaries in them.

Enhances Self Esteem

In major cases, even if you want to buy costly metals due to high range it becomes difficult whereas, silver in such cases is even cheaper with so much usability. If you are a practical person you will definitely consider silver useful and precious as metal to buy it anywhere of your wish. There are large numbers of people who do not understand the importance of silver and consider it to be of lower importance as it is found in ample range. This is completely a poor concept. Good quality silver is quite high priced in the silver jewelry store in India you just require to get the best ones.

It is regardless to say that the cost of silver ornament is mostly allured in every section of the people. The gem has its own pattern and aura which is loved in recent times. You can grab the latest collection of silver by simply Google and type silver jewelry store near me for the best pair of silver and flaunt your style gracefully, in traditional or even in western attire. If you get in the best store you will notice the plethora of notable silver gems which runs and promotes exclusive collection for both men and woman. The online reliable stores of the reputed brands are doing great marketing, but if you are in Jaipur, try out the local stores for authentic designs and quality products. By one that suits you and makes an impressive collection out of it!