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Wholesale Gold Jewellery Shopping Store in Jaipur

India is one of the hubs for gold jewelry; no occasion in India is complete without some gold. Not only is gold seen as an investment but sometimes people also consider it as a status symbol. Gold biscuits, gold coins, gold jewelry, and a lot more items are made out of gold. The reason behind considering this asset so valuable and important is: it is considered auspicious and so is bought on important days or events, also its value never decreases and therefore is considered an anchor during a crisis. Gold is also used a lot for gifting purposes on marriage etc; also as this metal is non-reactive so many people prefer to wear it compared to other ornaments of metal. Also gold is malleable and ductile and so can be made into beautiful jewelry pieces. In all the love for gold is beyond what words can describe. We at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. aim at making your experience of buying gold unforgettable.

Why Gold?

Before digging deep about gold let’s talk about why should anyone spend huge amounts on this metal when one can put that money to ample of other uses. Everyone has a different opinion when asked about this question, but there must be many who just do it because a lot of others are doing it and also suggesting the same.

1) Investment: History has proven that in times of crisis liquid money has never helped anyone, actually when one reaches that position that he/she doesn’t have any cash left, it is then that gold comes into the picture. Lots of people buy gold to be secured at those times when no cash, no person, nothing helps them. Gold has always been seen to gain value over time and so buying suppose 100gm of gold today may give 5 times the amount in say 5 years or 10 years.

2) Jewelry: Contrary to shares and bonds gold does not have to be kept in lockers always, it is also used to depict a certain class and richness amongst people. Trendiest designs and the royal look of gold leaves impressions on whoever wears it.

3) Gift: Sometimes we want to gift our near and dear ones something valuable and useful at the same time, what better than gold. In India, parents save all their life to gift their darling daughters an astonishing gold set. Gold biscuits, coins, etc are also being gifted quite a lot these days.

4) Non-Rusting: Gold is a metal that does not rust and suits almost everyone, contrary to this other metals cause rashes on the skin on prolonged usage. Even the skin of kids which is considered to be quite sensitive adapts gold jewelry.

Here Are Few Points To Bear In Mind While Purchasing Gold Jewelry

People often get so excited about buying such jewelry pieces that they completely forget the major facts that should be known to them. Lack of guidance usually ends up in misery. So these three important points should be kept in mind.

1) The first foremost thing is that 24K gold might be the purest but as it is very soft it cannot be used to make jewelry pieces. And even if one makes something out of it, the shape is lost on wearing

2) 14K, 18K, and 22K gold jewelry is stronger as it is formed of alloys with stronger metals. These other metals provide strength and so the jewelry stays intact for a longer period of time.

3) While buying gold jewelry one must always look for quality marks. This would lead to the surety of it being real. This may also benefit from providing a higher resale value.

Gold Purity

As we all buy gold for its high value and purity we must understand the concept of what gold purity is. Gold is available in a wide variety with a lot of different qualities. Usually, we get confused and lack the knowledge about what exactly the shopkeeper is trying to say and buy something which is certainly not what we required. Gold is available in five different varieties based on purity, these are:

1) 10K: 10k gold jewelry consists of 10 parts of gold and 14 parts of some alloy. Gold mixing is similar to what a milkman does to pure milk. The way he adds water similarly some alloys are added to gold to make it a little cheaper and worthwhile for everyone. 10K gold is considered to be 41.67% pure and so is used in making items like earrings, pendants, etc. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Has a variety of options in 10k jewelry

2) 14K: next is the 14k gold, unlike the previous one here gold ration is more than the alloy. Here gold is 14 parts and alloys are 10 parts. Talking about its purity it is just 58.33% pure. Being a little superior in quality the price is also a little high. As its purity level is high so is the number of options available. A wide variety of pendant sets, necklaces, and a lot more can be found at our store DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

3) 18K: the 18k gold has quite a vast market. As we know gold is quite soft and so this little amount of alloy makes it easier to give shape to the ornaments etc.18k gold is usually used for all the jewelry pieces that have gems studded or have complex designs. This is to make the jewelry durable and attractive. This type has 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of alloy. It is considered 75% pure and is used a lot for the middle-class market. As DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. offers a huge stock for this category, we are one of the widest sellers of it.

4) 22K: this category of gold is quite pure and so soft as well and so cannot be used to make a lot of items but still, some plain gold jewelry can be made out of it. It consists of 22 parts gold and 2 parts alloy. It is 91.67% pure and consists of other metals like silver, nickel, zinc, and other alloys. These metals make the overall gold a little harder and thus are used to make some plain ornaments. At DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. we deal in 22k jewelry as well.

5) 24K: this is the purest gold and does not contain any impurities in the form of alloys. Being the purest makes it the softest as well and so is difficult to make any form of jewelry out of it. It is 99.9% pure and consists entirely of gold. It is also very difficult to get 99.9% pure gold bullion in the market and the next best available is 99.95% pure. This is easily mouldable but not at all feasible.

Colors In Gold

With all the new trends are coming all the new options in gold as well. The new availability of colors in gold has raised its market quite a lot. Even today the natural color of gold is the preference of the majority but the diverse palette is like the cherry on the cake. With an asset now people have a wide choice in color, designs, and trends. The following is the palette for gold:

1) Yellow Gold: Most of the auspicious gold jewelry is available in yellow color; yellow gold is often imagined to represent the son and is so considered to be the best. Yellow gold has options like bracelets, necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, nose pins, anklets, etc. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. has one of the finest collections of all the above-mentioned items. We being wholesalers offer trendy designs before anyone else in the market at super reasonable prices.

2) White Gold: this is an alloy of pure gold with metals that are white in color, i.e., silver or palladium. It is usually coated with another metal called rhodium, which provides it with extra shine and strength. The highly demanded ornament in white gold these days are wedding rings with studded diamonds or other gemstones. Visit DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. for the coolest, funky, and designer collection of rings. White gold is not available in 22K so the best quality of white gold available is 18K which has 75% gold and 25% palladium.

3) Rose Gold: the soothing pink in rose gold is because of the presence of copper in it. This popular color is liked by all generations and has set a new landmark in the jewelry industry. The best rose gold is available in 22K as well and contains 91.7% gold and 8.40% copper. Rose gold earrings have become so mod and smart that they are the dream of students, working-class, business class, and even middle class. The first choice while buying it is to decide for the right place to get the latest collection, which in Jaipur is DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

Some Other Colors That Are Available Are:

4) Blue or purple gold is obtained by adding patinas or oxides.

5) Black gold is also getting famous nowadays; its color is derived from cobalt oxide.

Taking Care Of Your Gold

For a vast population buying gold is comparatively easy than storing and taking care of it. Often a lot of people have a complaint that the metal which has luster and shine of its own has turned black and tarnished. So here are certain tips for each one of you out there that face similar problems.

1) Chlorine is the worst enemy for gold, so never wear gold jewelry to pools or spas

2) Perfumes, hairspray, makeup, lotions, etc. can also damage your jewelry, so to prevent it from getting spoiled wear it when you are completely dressed.

3) Wearing gold jewelry when bathing can create a film of soap on it, so avoid wearing it while taking showers.

4) When cleaning your jewelry soaking is the key. Before scrubbing it with a soft gentle brush soak it for around 3 hours.

5) After washing never use a tissue or paper towel as it can scratch your jewelry, instead use a jewelry polishing cloth.

6) Never use bleach for cleaning your jewelry, in fact, the best option is rubbing alcohol.

7) While storing gold jewelry the best options are jewelry boxes as they are dry, clean, and usually fabric lined.

8) If somehow you lose your jewelry box, cover your jewelry piece in a soft cloth.

9) Keeping a lot of your jewelry in one box leads to tangling and scratching it.

10) Other than this we would recommend an annual cleaning of your gold jewelry by a professional. This is because sometimes you may not be able to check for damages and loose prongs.

11) Always clean your jewelry by making a solution that consists of 2 parts of dish cleaning soap and 10 parts of warm water.

About Us

Selling gold is an equally challenging task as buying it. It is also a responsibility to maintain that trust between the buyer and the seller. In our service of manufacturing and selling gold jewelry for more than a decade now we have never got a complaint. Customer satisfaction is our utmost aim at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. We provide quality marks and proper bills so that our customers never face a problem even after 20 years. We have been in this industry for quite a lot of time now and have developed a brand name of ours. People who once visit us never prefer going to other shops as our rates are reasonable. You can visit us at our showroom or can even purchase online through our website.

For ladies, no traditional function is complete without wearing gold jewelry. Gold Jewellery Manufacturer in India knows this and that is why they made jewelry that is perfect for all occasions. Be it your wedding or if you are attending someone else’s wedding, the kind of look and the traditional touch that gold jewelry adds is incomparable to anything else. We talked about all the jewelry to a Gold Jewellery Manufacturer in Jaipur who said that even though people nowadays love wearing white metal jewelry, but in the festive season, deeven though and for gold jewelry becomes really high. Gold Jewelry Shop has a customized collection of jewelry that would cater to all your needs. The outlook of gold jewelry is so appealing that wearing them with a good saree would make you ready for any occasion without any other effort. Gold Jewellery has varied designs and each Gold Jewelry Shopping Store differs from others. This is because each shop has its own goldsmiths who make and hence they have an exclusive appeal to them.

Gold Jewelry Suppliers always tell us, that it is important to know whether the product is genuine or not before buying any gold jewelry. There are many Gold Jewelry Store that sells duplicate products and if you do not know how to identify a genuine gold product, you might fall prey to them. Even though if you buy gold from Gold Jewelry Wholesaler, chances are very less that they would give you a fake product. But for your own knowledge, read on to know how you can differentiate genuine gold jewelry from a fake one.

  • Check for the hallmark given by the government to ensure the purity of gold. With a magnifying glass, you would be able to see how many karats the gold is made up of. Opt for those Gold Jewelry Store that only sells hallmark jewelry.
  • Look if the jewelry has any noticeable discoloration point wherein you would be able to see a different metal beneath the gold. If so happens, then chances are there that the jewelry is only gold-plated.
  • You can also opt for tests like magnetic tests wherein you have to hold a magnetic before the gold jewelry. If the magnet attracts the gold, that means it is not pure gold jewelry.

With all these ways and there are many more, you would be able to distinguish between genuine gold and a fake one. This is important not only because you want to own gold jewelry that would look nice on you, but also because of the fact that it is a long time investment. We recommend you to buy Wholesale Gold Jewellery Store rather than any random Gold Jewellery Shopping Store because the wholesale market has many buyers and they have been in the business since a long time, so they would have a reputation in the market. And by selling any bad quality product, they would not want that to go down.

The Five Things You Must Do With Your Gold Jewelry

Gold is one of the most expensive metals, appreciated from the classical period. Actually, it is not only acknowledged but is also the most attractive metal used for jewelry all over the earth. The motivations behind this magnificent reputation are tremendous which diversifies from ethical reasons to health benefits, psychological benefits, and even because of some astrological purposes. If you have gold jewelry that you are not using so often then you can go with some suggestions to utilize it and to get the most from it in recent times as well as in the future.

Make A List Of Your Gold Assets:

You can create a list of all your gold assets to have a better idea of your current financial worth. Separate the usable jewelry and unused gold jewelry. Try to use unused gold jewelry in the best possible way.

Redesign Your Gold Jewelry:

If the present gold jewelry does not go with your personage or your choice of fashion and style, it is plausible to remold your gold jewelry at any Gold Jewelry Factory to give it a more modern and bizarre look. Re-molding your old gold jewelry to give it a modernized look is the best idea. The old gold jewelry is known to be a heavy piece. Redesigning would help you in getting two or more pieces of light jewelry and with the freshest look that can easily go with your choice of attire.

Get Colored Gold In Exchange:

People in recent years are not much like a fan of gold, especially cause of its bright yellow or reddish yellow color. However, it is not a big issue. As you can go with white, red, or green gold or you can replace your gold jewelry with jewelry made up of gold mixed with different metals in different proportions. 

Monetize Your Gold:

Saving your gold ornaments in the locker of your bank is a preferred idea however it often ends up with a large sum of the maintenance fee in return. To avoid any such extra charges, the suggested method is the Gold Monetisation Scheme, where you can spend in the scheme with gold ornaments, and can earn profitable interest in it.

Re-Molding Gold Jewelry Into Gold Coins:

Gold coins are the best choice to store your gold. The reselling of simple gold coins would not include any deduction of style designing, and thus would be a more worthy asset to be transferred to your heir.

If you have no pre-decided choice of a gold jewelry factory, then the best choice is the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., are the renowned manufacturers of wholesale gold jewelry, with a Gold Jewelry Factory in Jaipur. A team of artistic, fresh, active, and creative minds, at the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., creates gold jewelry designs of the finest quality in an optimized way. They are the preeminent wholesale gold jewelry producers in India. Their organization operates with adequate devotedness and with their excellent spirits for hours to design and discover the exact explication you demand to give you with the genuine gold jewelry redesigning ideas. Their making arts have an elixir of expertise and appreciation.

Wholesale Gold Jewelry Manufacturing Unit in Jaipur

Gold has forever been viewed as an accumulation of wealth. Even centuries past, people especially the royal ones used to adorn themselves with golden jewelry and ornaments to display their power and standing. Even when we take a glance at the trendy culture we can notice that golden jewelry is still fashionable. However, wearing gold jewelry does not only implies wealth, power, and style but is also able to and does provide numerous health benefits. In ancient heath treatment methods like Ayurveda, gold is known and is used medicinally because of its healing properties. Today, it's still widely believed that gold will have positive effects on a person’s well-being. It is employed for a range of ailments.

And whereas proof of its effectiveness is somewhat restricted, but still is a well-known fact that gold is a non-toxic substance and has no facet effects, even during or after long exposure. For several years, man utilized gold as jewelry, cash, and as a rank image. But, apart from this well-known usage, gold is known for its religious powers too that include but are not limited to bringing peace, stability, and happiness to anybody who wears it. Gold opens the crown chakra and is understood to assist somebody who wears it. Gold also has shielding attributes and thus removes evil from the human body. It also symbolizes excellence and confidence. One can attract divine consciousness by wearing gold daily. The Divine Energy is activated and emitted from the gold jewelry, thus, eliminating obstacles and difficulties. Gold is an important metal found on Earth. Instar divination, gold is expounded to each planet, however, it is chiefly related to Jupiter. Gold typically suits everybody, however, if it doesn't match you, you will face dangerous luck. Gold has the ability to attract a profusion of prosperity and luck if single wear it properly.

We are the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., a visionary company within the field of Gold jewelry making. We are also expanded into the manufacturing of all the other forms and types of jewelry. Today, we are a renowned name among all the leading makers of gold jewelry. We are the top listed Gold Jewelry manufacturing unit in Jaipur and also the best known among the Gold Jewellery manufacturing units in India. Positioned as the best gold jewelry wholesaler in India among leading jewelers, retailers, wholesalers, and exporters, the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., ensures a guarantee for the product of, best quality, exquisite styles, superior end, and timely deliveries. The Gold jewelry casting process went through a continuous upgrade in technology, innovation in style within the last few decades. We nurture master craftsmen and innovative designers to administer our merchandise at an aesthetic price. We incorporate the most effective gold jewelry production technology and processes and streamline the complete method from production to export and thus also known as the excellent gold casting manufacturer. We understand our customers well and thus create an excellent piece of jewelry especially for them.

Our profound experts are committed to serving you the most effective and in the best achievable approach. Whether or not you're a designer, a merchandiser, or an owner of a jewelry look, and whether or not you would like wholesale gold jewelry earrings or bangles, we will offer you the most effective gold jewelry styles in India. We are the leading wholesale gold jewelry maker in India. Our team works for hours with full dedication and with our best minds for hours to set up and notice the precise answer you would like to supply you with the most effective gold jewelry styles. Our producing skills have an essence of experience and feeling. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is well known as the distinguished manufacturers of wholesale Designer gold jewelry in Jaipur. We are among the best list manufacturers of Designer gold jewelry in Jaipur, and thus one can merely take a product ready-made by us. With a wonderful team, our styles are of the most effective quality gold jewelry styles in India, that's later ready-made with an optimized method. Our team works for hours with full dedication and with our best minds for hours to line up and realize the precise resolution.

We are not exclusively a winner as the jeweler of the Indian jewelry styles however also is the top searched name as the gold jewelry manufacturer near me, gold jewelry makers near me, and much of further. If you are searching for buying Gold jewelry wholesale for business, you don’t need to go anywhere else and search for any individual gold jewelry exporter of gold jewelry distributor. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is a well-known gold jewelry supplier with a gold factory in India. We are among the highest list makers of wholesale gold jewelry, and so one can merely opt for a product factory-made by us to avoid any scam or any spurious vendor. With a good team of inventive, juvenile, and innovative minds, our gold jewelry styles are of the best quality, which is later factory-made with an optimized design. We are not solely a frontrunner within the wholesale gold jewelry producing trade however also are the highest name in jewelry repairing solutions, that may vary from gold, diamond, silver, fashion jewelry to alloy jewelry and lots of a lot of. Our astounding client support is one more reason and our feature that presents us as the highest alternative of our shoppers and customers. With a vision of providing prime quality and finest gold jewelry styles to the globe, we are rising ourselves each day as per the newest trends and technologies.

Wholesale Gold Jewelry Manufacturer From India

Are you looking forward to getting yourself connected to reliable wholesale Gold jewelry manufacturers? Well, the demand for gold fashion jewelry has literally come up to the mark and has become one of the hottest fashion trends in the world. Yes, it's not just about adding glamour to your fashion accessories but also it's more about traditions and taking your dressing to a completely different level. It's much more than just a style statement because it can make a lot more impact than anything else. So, Gold jewelry is certainly going to define your dressing etiquette and this is the reason why the demand for it is certainly going to get a lawyer in the coming time.

So, if you are connecting yourself with professional and reliable wholesale Gold jewelry suppliers, it's time for you to work for different aspects of it so that you can get connected to the right name which can help you avail the best of results. It's nothing fine if there is no jewelry to your clothing whatever be the occasion Especially with so many varieties available for different special occasions. Nowadays, you will certainly be able to find jewelry for a specific function or occasion, budget, style, and needs. So, you can have whatever kind of jewelry you want according to your style and tradition which can certainly give a lot more to your fashion sense. Whether you need traditional jewelry or modern contemporary jewelry, you always need professional wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturers who can help you with it.

Yes, connecting with the right company will assist you to have all types of jewelry needs covered without any kind of difficulties at all. Whether you need simple or elegant jewelry or something much fancier, you can have it all. Yes, it doesn't mean the type of color or designs your choosing for because, with the help of a reliable Gold jewelry supplier, you will have it all covered without much of a problem. They will understand and assist you with your respective requirements in the most efficient manner.

Get All With Reliable Manufacturers

The time has gone when people used to believe whatever the manufactures used to present but now with the online world, they are able to get an even better idea of the design and style which will match according to their occasion. So, if something of that Sort is not available, it certainly doesn't feel good. So, whether it is related to fashion earrings or rings, or necklaces, it needs to be matched with the fashion accessories and location. For this, you must always get yourself connected to a professional jewelry manufacturer where you can avail all your different styling needs cover exactly the way you have researched it. There are a number of 14k gold findings manufacturers in the business over there to make your jewelry shopping experience extraordinary. Yes, you just need to reach out to them and let them know about your needs for fashion jewelry in detail and they will assist you accordingly.

With a wide range of variety in the form of jhumkas , studs, and many others, you can have it all in your collection with the help of the respective manufacturers. So, whenever you are looking for professional Gold-filled jewelry manufacturers in the business, you make sure to research well and find the best places where you can buy on your favorite needs right away. It is important that you get connected to a trustworthy service provider because if there is any kind of query after purchase, they will help you with that as well.

Amazing Collection To Make You Diva

The time is gone when jewelry was just for brides on the ones who are planning to go to a big occasion. Now, you can always adore something with your attire to look unique and cool. Whether it's about office events or small home gatherings, you can always get something for yourself and give yourself a great treat. This is the reason why there are a number of professional makers in the business who are ready to serve you with excellent varieties of jewelry that can match all occasions or events. You must always look for the one who is trustworthy and reliable enough to help you get your needs covered keeping the glamour and quality of the product always exceptional. So, when you search for 14k Gold jewelry manufacturers online, you will be assisted with a long list of service providers. But, you must research well and get connected to the ones who are experienced enough to assist you with all kinds of modern and traditional jewelry that can go well on all occasions. Whether you are looking for heart-throbbing jhumkas or stunning rings it is very important that you have the right makers to assist you with it.

There are a number of stores are makers who are flooded with a wide range of Jewellery but, you might not be assisted with the quality you are looking forward to having. So, it's important that you check with all the aspects before getting connected to one of the best names in the business who can serve you with Jewelleries which can steal your eyes away. They will always keep the health priority at the top and assure that you have jewelry that is not only exceptional to wear but also healthy enough to save yours from any kind of harm.

This shows how getting your soul connected to the right jewelry makers can make you look stylish for all events and eventually get your favorite piece in your collection. So, you need to do thorough research and then get the right piece that can match the design of your dreams and also give you the lock which can steal the eyeballs of maximum people in your big event. Having the right makers to assist you will not only spoil you for choices but also make you feel good about the collection you can have for your future events as well!

Adding WOW Aspect With The Right Jewellery Makers

If there is a single piece of jewelry missing from your attire, it can completely make your entire look dull. So, it shows how much importance does your jewelry ad to your looks. You need to make sure that it sounds whenever someone comes to you. This can only be done with the help of the type of jewelry you adore. There are a number of gold-filled findings manufacturers who are ready to take this seriously and make it easy for you to get such jewelry that can completely transform your entire appearance. They have the required experience and understanding of what type of jewelry one will need for a particular occasion on tradition. How the jewelry color should vary from one place to another. So, getting yourself connected to reliable makers can help you have the tension which can be missing if you do it alone.

You can always look for wholesale 14k gold jewelry suppliers where you will be getting all your different types of fashion jewelry is which can go with distinct dresses and exclusively give you the tension you want. So, whenever you are moving ahead to dress, you must always have appropriate jewelry for it so that it gives you the wow factor for special occasions. If there is any single aspect missing, it can completely turn down the looks. But, having the right manufacturers by your side will certainly draw the attention towards you and you will have to be ready for the staring you will be getting.

So, that shows how different types of fashion jewelry is can make a big impact and eventually make your occasion bigger than the best. Whether you are in need of Gold earrings or a ring, make sure that you research well and take the assistance of experts so that you can get the best design according to your outfit in your collection. It's all about how perfectly it gels in with your entire appearance and gives you the look of the night.

Having Just The Right Combination

There are times when you might be confused while choosing for jewelry between the contemporary one on the traditional one. Yes, whatever be the type of jewelry, it is important in that it matches perfectly well with your clothing. Important that you address each and every aspect before making a decision whether you need to go for modern jewelry or evergreen traditional ones. Going for the family gathering will certainly need a lighter yet modern piece of jewelry that will be perfect for you to give a classy look. But, if you consider going for the heavy and fancy once, you might be talking point in a negative way because it will be coming to eyes quite a lot and it might not be perfect for the respective occasion as well. This is the reason why you must not hesitate and get yourself connected to the right gold-filled manufacturer and eventually have an expert to assist you with just the right piece. Whatever be the function or party or event, you can always enhance your style statement by wearing the right ring or necklace which can take your looks to completely another level.

So, whenever you are considering shopping for your jewelry, it is important that you get to the right store that is highly acclaimed as gold filled wholesale supplier and will never disappoint you in terms of the range they bring in for your function. Yes, they will always help you with the best of Polki rings, spiral earrings, jhumkas, necklaces, and more. It will be a great combination of traditional and modern pieces which will make you spoilt for choice all the time. So, whenever you are having any kind of problem while getting yourself dressed for an upcoming special event, make sure that you have the right manufacturer in the contact list to help you out.

What Makes You Get Connected To Us?

Being one of the most reliable and professional names in the business when it comes to providing Jewelleries, you can always come to us and have your needs covered in the most perfect manner. Yes, we have always existed a number of customers and clients with their respective needs and requirements. So, you must never think twice and get connected to us whenever you are looking for professional gold ring manufacturers. Yes, not only ring, we will assist you with all kinds of gold jewelry that can perfectly match your attire and exclusively help you look stunning all the time. You just need to connect with our support executive and let them know about the kind of jewelry you are looking forward to having and we will assist you with the same.

We have been in this field for a long period of time and all variations to assist you to get your pockets full of the best collection. Also been highly acknowledged as one of the best rose gold jewelry manufacturers so you can trust what will be your need and requirement in terms of gold fashion jewelry as we have got our storks full of everything. All professionals have the required understanding and know-how which can assist you in meeting the right choice and exclusively allow you to avail of complete value for money service. Our prime objective has always been to get the customers what they want and that too within their compact budget so that they can come to us again for their jewelry requirement and we will never let them down in terms of delivery and quality of the respective piece.

If you are confused about what can be the best reason to get connected to us, we will help you with some of them, take a look:

We have the required experience when it is about getting connected to the ones who can help you with all the variety. Yes, whether you are looking for rose gold or 1 gram jewelry manufacturers, we have the required facilities to cover all your requirements and that too without any kind of compromise with the standard of service. We always recruit the ones who have the required experience and skills to understand the type of jewelry is which will be matching your requirements and give you the best of the lot.

Another reason which makes us one of the most reliable and efficient names in the market is because of the variety we have. Yes, we have everything to entice you and your collection. Being one of the most reliable one-gram gold jewelry manufacturers, you can always trust us and all the products we have to make your collection better all the time. So, whatever be the occasion or even then, you just need to let us know and we will bring you the collection of a lifetime which can get the eyeballs Rolling towards you.

Quality is another reason which makes us one of the go-to 1 gram gold jewelry wholesale suppliers in the business. We understand how disappointing it can be to have poor-quality jewelry as it can embarrass you at any time. So, you trust us whenever you are in need of quality approved jewelry and we will make sure that it doesn't disappoint you at all costs. All our skilled professionals maintain the standards set when it comes to providing the best of jewelry whatever be the need of the customers.

You can also get in touch with our experts because we have a complete understanding of both traditional and modern jewelry both. So, this is the reason why we are having all the best varieties which can make your location better than the special. Being highly experienced as 1 gram gold jewelry suppliers, we always provide all kinds of jewelry you might need for your specific office event or family occasion. Understand the tradition of all forms and design the respective jewelry accordingly. We keep in mind the Modern Contemporary needs and also maintain the evergreen ones in the best way so that you get all the bases covered by purchasing your jewelry with us.

This shows why we have become one of the go-to names in the business when it comes to providing jewelry of all kinds. Yes, with us, you will certainly be benefitted from the best of experience while getting your fashion accessory is in the form of earrings, necklaces, nose pins, rings, and more. We have all the facilities of different types and forms to entice your fashion buds and make your collection even better.

So, do not think for so long, just come to us and make the most out of your needs of Gold jewelry because we have it all to make sure that you never have to think twice again while making your jewelry purchase! Connect now!

Soldering Gold Jewelry In Jaipur


Gold and silver have been the two major metals existing in the world for several centuries as designer items. It’s not just a woman but history has shown us that both men and women are attracted to these two metals and to be more precise as they are more attracted to the gold metal. More people prefer gold more than silver because they do not oxidize like silver over time and their Shine remains the same even after several centuries of usage. The value of this particular gold metal has been increasing day by day rather than being decreased. And even with the introduction in fashion jewelry and multiple other designs including Platinum, there are people who still love gold jewelry. Almost everyone owns at least a pair of Gold jewelry sets despite their other collections. The price of gold metal has been increasing day by day but still, its value has been increasing rather than decreasing.

Gold is a metal that can be mixed with other metals in various proportions to produce the jewelry item. Gold is normally mixed with other metals like copper or cadmium to produce a final output that can be termed as 24-carat, 22-carat, or 18-carat gold. Depending upon the mix of gold these names are given accordingly. The 24-carat gold is the purest form available in the market but most people prefer 22-carat gold because it is much more durable than 24-carat gold. The color of the metal will vary according to the carat content of the jewelry.

So naturally when a person buys a 24 or 22-carat gold and it is damaged the natural soldering method that they will choose will be with gold solder, not others. Using a silver solder for gold jewelry might be useful in certain cases but not all the time. Sometimes when there is an emergency repair the silver solder can be useful but when you are preparing jewelry or manufacturing it then using a silver solder will not be ethical. So the best option for this kind of situation is the gold solder available in the market. When it comes to the concept of gold solders it’s not just a single piece, there are a variety of options available in various carats. Depending upon the process you are performing the suitable gold solder can be chosen. Soldering gold jewelry is a huge technique that requires a lot of expertise and time.

It does not matter what type of jewelry you are trying to repair or create. Depending upon the model of the jewelry and the carat used in that particular design the solder will be decided. The soldering technique requires a lot of expertise because it’s not just about connecting to metals when it comes to jewelry. It is a fashion object that is worn for the purpose of looking good and hence the process should be completed in such a way that the design is not affected in any way and the damage done to the jewelry should be repaired perfectly which requires a good set of artistic skills. If it is a simple ring or a bracelet repairing them will be easier but when you are going for some intricate designs like necklaces and bangles then creating and repairing them will take a lot of time.

Soldering Techniques

When you are wearing gold jewelry you try to protect it as much as possible. In reality, most people concentrate on their jewelry especially if it is gold. So when there is any kind of damage to the gold jewelry most people try to repair the damage using soldering techniques. While some people try to replace the jewelry it is not possible for everyone because technically replacing Gold Jewellery will result in wastage of some money e because you cannot obtain the exact money you paid for the jewelry only the weight of the gold will be calculated with some wastage. So under the circumstances, the best option available is to repair the jewelry and wear them until you are tired of the design.

Normally when you are submitting the gold jewelry for the soldering process you have to understand a lot of techniques. The goldsmith who is constantly working towards the repair of the jewelry has to think about what type of solder they have to use and how to repair the jewelry without affecting the main design. The main concern of the repairing person is to repair the entire design without affecting the quality of the jewelry to a certain extent.

Soldering gold chains is an easy process from which all the technicians start to learn this art. But during the advanced level, they will be forced to solder crystal pendants and other technical objects like necklaces and earrings. Similar to silver jewelry, gold also has four different types of solders available. The goldsmith has to choose a perfect shoulder for this technique and he also has to choose the color the soldering should be because when you are performing you have to make sure that it matches the other part of the necklace.

When you are trying to perform or solder the parts of Gold jewelry there are certain techniques involved. One of the most common techniques is using the solder to combine both the parts bypassing the heat on the solder. The next technique is heating the ends of the combining area and joining them together but normally this technique is preferred only for certain changes and Designs because sometimes they have the ability to damage the rest of the designs.

How To Perform Soldering?

Soldering is a common technique that is used to join two metals together using heat and melting metal. This technique is widely used in a variety of areas including the field of jewelry and mechanical engineering. When it comes to jewelry one important thing that needs to be noted while performing soldering is that they should be connected in a way that is not visible to the people looking from outside. There are a lot of steps involved while performing soldering. When you are trying to solder two different metals together the first step you need to do is purchase the suitable components. Let us now see in detail the components present in the market and how to purchase them.

Soldering block – The soldering block is the most important requirement for performing soldering. During this technique, the chain or the necklace will be placed on this block and the heat will be applied to the solder material. So having a perfect block that has a higher melting point than the metal used is essential. Using an aluminum or lead block will make the process easier. When you are performing the technique of soldering most people use a bench for working comfortably. You can either choose an aluminum or lead-based bench for work or choose a block. Either way, they are essential.

Gold solder – when you are performing the soldering techniques the most important requirement is the solder. These solders are placed between the broken pieces and heated to their melting point. And while melting they flow through the broken pieces and join them together. Because of its usage, this particular solder is available in abundance in a variety of metals. But for gold jewelry using a gold solder will be more suitable. There are a variety of gold solders available in the market ranging from 8 Carat to 22 carats. They are also available as hard solder and soft solder. Along with this, there is also the color of the metal including rose gold, white gold, and normal gold. So the shoulder you are going to use should be chosen properly. Most of the time the goldsmiths prefer using the 14 carats or the 18-carat gold for performing these activities.

•14 Carats Solder

Most of the time the solders you use will be made up of cadmium and gold as a mixture. It’s not just cadmium along with that some other metals like LinkedIn and indium will be used to reduce the melting point of the solder so that they will have the ability to provide a perfect connection between the two broken pieces. The melting range of these pieces will be according to the other contents present in the solder. If you are using a 14k gold solder for melting and combining then it means that among the whole metal only 14 carat of gold is present and the remaining is filled with cadmium and other types of alloys that reduce the melting point.

Even when you are using a 14-carat gold solder there is another decision you have to make which involves choosing the level of the shoulder because they are available in four different levels as easy medium hard and extra easy with different melting points. So depending upon the type of jewelry you are using you have to make this decision and choose a solder with an appropriate melting point. Most of the time the gold sold is available in the form of wire or in the form of a bar. You can choose either of them depending upon your experience and convenience.

•18-Carat Solder

The next design that is more popular among the users is the 18-carat solders that are commonly present among the goldsmith. Even though the 14 carats sold as our convenience sometimes when you are working on a valuable piece of jewelry using a 14k solder will create issues when they are trying to replace the jewelry. So the best option is to use the 18k gold solder. In this metal along with other types of allows there is 18k gold present within them. They are more flexible than the 14k model because of the increased amount of gold but still, the melting point is lowered by using other combination metals.

They are widely used for soldering high-quality jewelry, especially in the manufacturing department. These designs are more famous among the goals methods and even in this category, there are four different levels you have to choose from. The Final Decision always lies in the hand of the goldsmith.

Along with these designs they are also available until 22 carats and hence the goldsmith can choose from a wide range of choices according to the type of metal they are using and repairing.

•White Gold Solder Material

When you are soldering white gold material then you will understand the requirement for a suitable solder. So in order to make the process of white gold soldering a bit easier, there is separate white gold sold as present in the market in the form of strips or wires. They are also similar to the previous models where white gold is present to a certain extent combined with other alloys like cadmium and tin. These solder materials are available in huge quantities and hence they are preferred by people all over the world especially goldsmiths. White gold has a bit of a different composition when compared to the normal yellow gold and hence it is necessary to take a proper solder for this technique.

•Rose Gold Solder Material

When you are using a rose gold necklace then it is necessary for you to choose a suitable shoulder in that condition. There are a variety of rose gold solders available in the market. So when you are soldering rose gold it is essential for you to use the rose gold sheet holder available in the market or the wire solder. You can purchase either of them and sometimes if you are not satisfied with the sheet or wire you can also purchase the chip solder that is commonly used in the market. The solder material is normally available in these three forms the sheet, wire, or chip.

•Gold-Filled Wire Solder

Another important solder that is commonly present in the market is the Gold-filled wire solder. They are mostly called a gold overlay and they are used commonly for manufacturing and repairing purposes. This special shoulder is also used for providing a precious gold outer coat on other metals to make them look like a piece of gold jewelry. They are a better option than using solid gold. Soldering gold-filled wire requires a lot of technique and the ability to convert them into a perfect Jewel design. This particular technique of soldering Gold Filled metal is available in most Jewel shops nowadays. They are available in abundance and you can purchase them in a variety of combinations including 14 and 18 carats. So depending upon your requirement you can choose a suitable shoulder for or the soldering technique.

Hand torch – The next important thing that you need to purchase by performing soldering is a hand torch that can be used for heating the metal and melting them. The talk you are going to be using should have short points and allow you to melt the solder at a particular area and not in the design. The torch you are using should be perfect and provide the required heat with constant adjustments. Sometimes people also use the latest model laser torches that allow you to men the jewelry using computer measurements and entries. So depending upon your requirement you can make a perfect choice.

Flux material – This is a common item that is applied to the shoulder and area to avoid oxidation. When the heat is directly applied the soldering fees will get oxidized and will not allow the shoulder to attach to them. So you have to choose a suitable flux material. You can choose to purchase a paste or liquid according to your wish. The rest of the necklace should also be fire-proved by using fireproof clothes or fibers. Is the most important feature and without applying them soldering the material will be practically impossible.

Tweezers – When you are trying to make certain changes in the soldered parts then having a tweezer is essential because it will hold the solder in place and also allows you to make proper changes like designing the solder into a round form for attaching the chains. The tweezer or the terms you are going to be using should be made up of high-quality copper or aluminum material to withstand heat.

Pickling solution – This particular solution can be prepared by yourself at home and it can also be purchased. The solution that is purchased is more effective and they have the ability to clean the soldered piece properly. Immediately after soldering the design should be dropped within the cooling solution for cleaning and later it should be shaped accordingly using sandpapers and other cleaning items.

All the above-mentioned items are required for performing soldering. Initially, while you are performing soldering the first step you need to perform is to clean the gold material perfectly so that if there is any dust it will not get mixed with the material. It’s not just the gold, even the surface you are going to work on should be perfectly cleaned. After cleaning the combining repair material should be held together using special tweezers or clamps. When they are held together permanently without any disturbance the soldering technique will be easier and perfect. After this, the flux is added to the solder and the surrounding metal. Applying this will also remove unwanted impurities in the metal. The flux after application should be heated for it to become active and perform its work. Then the final step is to place solder on the broken area and start heating them. Once the heat is spread on all the areas the solder will start to melt and combine both the broken pieces together. After the technique is completed you have to cool it off and replace them within the pickle solution. After this, they are cleaned and polished to provide a perfect look.

The Specialty Of White Gold

Most people nowadays prefer using white gold-based jewelry instead of the normal yellow gold. The price of white gold is slightly higher than the normal gold but still because they provide a Platinum-like appearance and it has the ability to enhance the value of the gemstones embedded in them. Combining white gold with normal gold provides a beautiful design in all categories. Some people even prefer using silver for replacing the white gold but over a period of time the silver will get oxidized and exposing them to various types of chemicals and sweat will reduce the quality of the silver.

Most of the twisted chain models available nowadays come in a combination of both white gold and yellow gold. But when you are purchasing such gold materials you have to keep in mind that sometimes instead of white gold the shop might have used a rhodium coating on the external surface. To clarify the manufacturing before purchasing them. Most of the people who purchased wedding rings use white gold to provide a perfect effect at the end. They can be worn on a daily basis and they will not be subject to any damage or color loss even after several years of usage. So purchasing the white gold waste designs will also be useful in the future like the yellow gold since their replacement value is the same.

Understanding About Rose Gold

Another important color available in gold jewelry is rose gold which provides a pinkish finish to the gold jewelry. Similar to the white gold this particular rose gold also comes along in a variety of designs and structures. They are mainly used for making chains, pendants, and bangles. They are also a form of pure gold with a slight tinge of rose color on the external surface. The designs available in rose gold are famous all over the world because they make you look different and beautiful. They can also be worn as a part of your bridal jewelry for providing a beautiful look on your face. Usually, the rose gold is combined with pure 22-carat gold and some other metals like copper and silver to make the perfect combination. When you are trying to perform soldering then the rose gold solders can be used for completing the activities.

Along with all these requirements and a variety of solders, the most important thing that you need is a fire extinguisher and sand for emergency images. Most of the goldsmiths do not use these gloves while working because it is difficult to maintain a grip on the material and tweezers while performing soldering. But using gloves is also necessary to protect yourself from unwanted requirements. So always perform the activities with proper safety to prevent accidents in the future.

Soldering Gold Bangles Jewelry

Gold bangles have been in existence for several centuries. Initially, these gold bangles were called the amulet but later they slowly changed in size and weight to form gold bangles. Wearing amulets was compulsory during the olden days. Men wore it as a form of protection while going to war and women wore them as a form of beautiful ornament and wearing them increases the blood circulation to the heart. Even now most women prefer wearing Gold jewelry bangles as a form of their traditional attire and also because of the beauty they offer. These bangles can be worn as fashion bangles with modern designs and they can also be worn as traditional designs. The gold bangles are available in multiple designs and each design requires a different form of soldering technique for creation and repair.

When you are purchasing a piece of fashion jewelry the requirement for soldering during the manufacturing process will be essential. For example, most of the designs available in modern jewelry involve a combination of two metals or two different designs that will be sold together to form a single design. Sometimes there will be two different metals like rose gold and white gold combined together to form a single design. Under such circumstances soldering both the metals will be essential. So during such circumstances, the workers or the goldsmith’s normally used the high-quality gold for joining them together permanently and also to maintain the quality of the product. Some people may think that soldering is an easy process but in reality, it requires a lot of technical understanding especially when you are performing gold soldering which is otherwise known as the brazen soldering technique.

•Soldering Them Modern Bangles

Most of the modern bangle designs are preferred by people all over the world. They can be worn either as a single bangle or as a group of bangles depending upon the design and size. Combining them with a watch on the other hand will be the perfect choice for women who prefer going to the office with a formal look. These modern bangles are also suitable for salwar and other costumes like skirts and jeans. Sometimes people prefer wearing cufflinks mixed with bangles to provide a perfect modern look for college purposes. Every woman nowadays has intense knowledge of fashion and hence they prefer wearing some of the best designs available in the market and not any design that will suit them. For every costume, they need a particular design that will be perfect. The design of the jewelry they wear should not just suit their costume but it also should suit the occasion they are wearing them for. So each single fashion jewelry or modern jewelry is designed with utmost care and perfection to satisfy the requirements of these women.

Sometimes when you are wearing bangles with modern designs and metal then you might have the necessity to solder the locks properly to the design by manufacturing them. Though most of the bangles do not have locks on them, the modern antique jewelry and fashion jewelry items have a specific screw-type lock on them that allows you to wear them like a watch rather than like a bangle. In such cases, most of the designers and manufacturers prefer soldering them to each other through an 18K gold solder material. Using 14 carats will be more suitable for durability but 18-carat gold solder is preferred by them because they are also durable and strong enough to withstand the pressure the bangle will face on continuous usage. Also when you are trying to create 22-carat gold jewelry the soldering techniques used on them will be reduced to a minimum to avoid weight-related issues but still, there are certain situations or adjustments that need to be made on the bangle where soldering will be necessary. In such situations, the goldsmith will choose a suitable solder to meet their requirements.

•Traditional Bangles

When you are going for a traditional design that will have a lot of requirements for soldering especially while embedding the gemstones within the bangles. In such situations using a 14k gold holder will be suitable for proper flexibility since they need to be formed into a perfect design and not just a round ball of connecting area. The traditional bangles are technically difficult to make because of their intense designs and intricate pattern. If you are going for an antique design bangle, maintaining them should be properly done because once damaged repairing them would be practically impossible for most of the girls within the country. Only a select account of them has the ability to repair them. Similarly, some of the gemstone embedded bangles need to be maintained properly because a certain gemstone once they fell off cannot be Reinserted without damaging the surrounding area.

So unless you are confident about the repair work do not submit the bangles and it is always the best option to replace this jewelry rather than submitting for the design and affect their quality in the worst possible way. Most of the findings attached to the gold modern and traditional bangles are soldered using the normal brazen technique.

So whatever design you choose it is essential for you to have a proper repair shop nearby to maintain your jewelry in good condition. DWS jewelry is one such shop located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Being well known for fashion jewelry designs we have always strived hard to produce the best possible designs available in the market. Along with the new designs we also have a separate factory for manufacturing them and also for repairing them when there is an issue in the future. Most of our repair workers are skilled in the art of creating good jewelry designs. So all your damages will be properly mended within a short time and without any indication of the damage. The final product will be perfect and as good as new with no indication of the damage.

Soldering Gold Bracelets Jewelry

Bracelets have become an essential part of jewelry. Most of the women wear a countless number of bracelets because of their beautiful designs and ability to provide a modern look. When it comes to bracelets made up of gold metal there are many designs available in the market. This place can be constantly used for regular usage while going to Universities and offices. They are available in both simple and grand designs. If you are going for a simple design then plain gold metal designer bracelets will be suitable but when you need a Grand Design then the bracelets with embedded stones will be more suitable for your requirement. It does not matter whether you are purchasing a simple bracelet or a grand bracelet. As long as it is in Gold it will always be a jewel of status. The bracelets have become more famous than even common people have started wearing it using normal metals like silver, copper, and brass. If you are a fan of bracelets you will understand the requirement for modern designs.

•Modern Design Bracelets

When it comes to modern designs the bracelets are made up of different types of gold including white and rose gold. Most people prefer wearing rose gold bracelets because they provide a beautiful Outlook and also look professional on your hand. It has been a common misconception that when the rose gold and white gold-based bracelet are used for a long time the color will slowly fade away but in reality, the truth is that these designs can last for a long time without getting affected. The color will remain the same even after years of usage because the entire metal is in that color and they are not overcoated. When it comes to modern design combining these three types of gold metals has become a famous combination. Bracelets made up of these three types of gold are more famous in the market. But sometimes combining them all together takes a lot of work and hence they are charged more. But despite the making charges people are still attracted to this design. While making this particular design one thing that is in common is the soldering technique which is used for joining all the three different metals finally to provide a complete piece.

When it comes to modern designs the flower shapes and the geometrical shapes are more common in them. There are also other types of bracelet gemstones embedded in them which provide a beautiful structure. If you want the bracelet to look perfect you can always go for the diamonds embedded gold bracelets. But diamonds are not the only valuable stones there are also Ruby and emerald which are used for designing the bracelets and providing a perfect Outlook. There are also certain bracelets that have a design in the center and the rest of the part is connected using jump rings. When it comes to jumping rings there are two types available in the market. One is the normal jumping which can be combined using the gold laser soldering technique. They are connected with each other through the loop present. These loops are available in both plain and design forms. When the plain loops are used in the soldering can be done by using a normal blowtorch. Also for the jump rings made up of designs using a laser solder machine will be perfect for a good finish at the end.

The second type of jump ring that is used commonly is the solder-filled jump ring. These jump rings can be soldered together just by applying the heat. It does not need extra solders to be placed in between and hence the technique is easier in these cases. Despite the techniques used the one thing that you need to keep in mind is the final look of the product which should be perfect and beautiful. The soldering technique is also used for combining the findings with the bracelet chains at the end.

If you are wondering about choosing whether to purchase white gold or normal gold then you have to consider the purpose of the jewelry. While purchasing white gold is a bit costlier they make you look more beautiful at the end. They are more suitable for modern costumes and for wearing jeans and skirts. If you are choosing the normal yellow gold you can wear it for all the occasions without considering the costume. The normal gold always has the ability to blend in with the costume we are wearing and hence they are preferred by the people more than the white gold. So soldering is also performed depending upon the metal used. All three metals have different types of solder available and hence the final choice will lie in the hands of the goldsmith.

Soldering Gold Earrings Jewelry

When it comes to the concept of earrings there are a variety of designs available in the market. Understanding the requirement of the people most of the Jewelers have been producing a wide range of earrings in gold. From beautiful Jhumkas to chandelier designs there are a variety of designs available. Though rock crystal designs cannot be imitated in gold, almost all the fashion jewelry designs are made into gold. The earring of the gold designs can be divided into two different formats. The traditional designs commonly include models like jhumkas and antique designs. Sometimes these traditional designs are more brand in nature that they can be worn simply without the requirement for any necklaces. There are also other designs like cuff earrings which are more famous in the modern design category.

The common design that the brides prefer these days is the jhumkas which provide an antique look and also complete the face with a perfect finish. Even if the design is simple they provide a grand gesture because of the beautiful umbrella structures. These designs are created using intricate handcrafting techniques and hence it requires proper soldering techniques to finish the design. Most of the designs are available in the market to belong to this category. If you are searching for an earring that looks simple and beautiful at the same time then the single gemstone embedded earring in Gold is the most suitable one. There are also other designs that are available in the market like simple gold designs suitable for children’s and young women going to university. These designs are more famous among people, especially for daily usages.

When you are going for a modern design in the earrings then the drops and chandeliers will be the most accurate form of designs. Sometimes certain people might think that chandeliers are larger in size and not suitable for daily wear. But the truth is that both these models are preferred by the young woman these days for wearing them to college. They are suitable for servers and other types of costumes providing a good Outlook especially with the gemstones embedded in them. So the design does not really matter when it comes to modern technology. This is because most people are interested in the suitability of the jewelry rather than the amount of gold used.

When it comes to soldering techniques in earrings that is a common requirement because the screws and studs are fixed using soldering Technology. Most of the time the goldsmiths prefer using the normal soldering technique with 18k gold solder because they are more efficient and suitable for costly products. It’s not just the screws sometimes even the designs are made using the solder techniques. Nowadays some women do not prefer using the Bombay screws because they press the ear and cause dermatitis. So using the normal Indian screws will be the better option in such cases. So in such situations changing the screws will be possible when you use the soldering Technology where they are changed.

When it comes to earrings the best choice available in the market is the DWS jewelry which is well known for fashion jewelry designs and gold jewelry. Located in Jaipur Rajasthan the company has always managed to provide designs that are authentic and customized. The gemstones used in these earrings are perfect and also exported to other countries. The earring designs are available for sale in the shop and also on the online website. The bride can also select these designs and if they want they can also order customized designs through both means. From simple designs to the most Grand designs everything can be customized according to the wish of the consumer or the client. The ordered designs will be delivered to you on time within a short period. They will be prepared according to your requirement and sent with proper packaging to your address on time. The same process can be done for repairing jewels also.

Soldering Gold Pendant Jewelry

The usage of pendants has been increasing day by day in the area of both men and women. When it comes to gold pendants the most important consumers are the women because they love wearing gold pendants as regular usage. From the small single gemstone embedded pendants to the large multiple gemstone embedded pendants everything has been preferred by them all over the country. They are small and of low cost when compared to the necklaces. They can be constantly changed according to their costumes and worn freely. Show purchasing of gold pendants has been increasing rather than decreasing. They are available in both modern and traditional designs. The modern design pendants have been moving at a rather fast rate because of their consistent usage. Even the brides can use the pendants for wearing during their engagement and Mehendi functions. They might seem like a simple design but there are also some grand designs available in the market that can be constantly used for certain large functions.

When it comes to the pendants soldering is an important technique that needs to be followed constantly. For example, every pendant has a hook-like finding attached to it for fixing it to the chain. During such situations soldering is essential. Also sometimes the size of the chain will be large enough and the loop given independently will be small. During such situations, the soldering technique is used for cutting the loop and making it large or small according to the requirement of the customer. For all these techniques using an 18k solder will be suitable for completing the job efficiently. If you are not interested in Remodeling because of the feeling that it will damage the design you need not worry because the soldering technique has grown to become efficient. The remodeling is done efficiently to make them look like the original design without any damage to the jewel.

The traditional pendants are also quite famous nowadays. For example, the pendants with idol images of Lord Ganapathy and Lakshmi are more famous these days. They are preferred by people all over the world. These designs are enriched with our culture and obesity. These pendants are usually large and wearing them along with the grand chains with a considerable thickness will make a beautiful combination for marriage functions. These designs are also suitable for sarees and salwar. They are also available in the form of beautiful necklaces with multiple idols in the same design. This idol design is used in bangles, earrings, and also in hip belts for an enhanced traditional look for the brides. This south design is beautiful and suitable for lehengas also.

The gemstone embedded designs are gaining more popularity day by day especially the models with white stones and rubies. Sometimes there are also models available where the center stone can be changed according to their costume. This allows the user to wear them according to their wish and change when required. This technique is available in pendants, studs, and also in earring designs. Women nowadays are interested in purchasing such Different designs which are beautiful to look at and useful at the same time. Certain necklaces can be used as a necklace and also as hip chains. All these multipurpose ornaments are more famous nowadays and the designs are connected through the findings which are soldered at the end in a hidden manner so that they won’t be visible to the normal Eyes.

All these designs are available for sale in gold and other fashion jewelry shops. Sometimes to provide an extra length, the pendants are attached to the chain using the jump rings. These rings are attached to the hooks in the pendant and soldered with the main design. Soldering gold rings requires a lot of patience and proper technical ability. If you are a goldsmith you will understand the requirement. The gold ring will be blended on the end and a very minute piece will be used for connecting both sides. Sometimes using the gold flowing solder rings can be constantly used for easy attachments. Here you can just heat the metals and join them instead of using the solders. This technique is easier and simple. It can also be done at home with proper training.

Soldering Gold Necklace Jewelry

The necklaces are the heaviest and large purchases that women make when it comes to jewelry. Purchasing a single necklace will cost more than any other item or design. When it comes to gold necklaces there are chokers, harams, long-chain models, antique designs, and a variety of other designs available in the market. These designs require proper work to be done to make them attractive. The necklaces are made up of intricate designs that require a lot of handwork rather than machines. Even now in the world of jewelry most of the rings and chains are machine-made. But when it comes to necklaces they are mostly made up of high-quality intricate hand designs. This is because those designs are small and detailed. They require a lot of melting, molding, and soldering to make the final product. The money spent by the clients on these necklaces is also higher. So naturally, the client will pay only for the perfect designs.

Choker Designs

The choker designs are nothing but short designs that are worn close to the neck. These designs are perfect for your neck and they are more suitable for traditional attire. These designs were worn by the queens living in those days. They are more famous in the northern parts but now even the other women are interested in this design. The design can be worn for marriages by the bride and other relatives. They are beautiful and provide a rich look to your attire. These designs are adjusted using the findings that are soldered to the main design. The solders are strong and they normally use 18k for providing a perfect finish. These designs are more famous and they are available in most of the shops including DWS. We have a wide range of collections with plain designs and also with embedded gemstones. DWS jewelry also takes customized orders for this design.

Haram Designs

The haram designs are famous all over the country. These designs are preferred by women because a single piece will be enough to make a grand gesture. Combining it with a short necklace will make it suitable for brides. The brides normally wear a haram to make their neck look filled and beautiful. They are available in plain models and also as a model with embedded gemstones. When it comes to the length they normally have a set of jump rings attached to them to adjust the height according to their requirement. The chains are filled with soldered closed jump rings that are beautiful and allow you to adjust the height easily. Certain designs allow you to use them as a necklace and a haram with a few attachments. Some of these modern harams have two or three metals combined to form complete designs. They might include gold and rose gold or white gold to make the design attractive. Molding all the designs in the same area or cast will be impossible. So the best option is to mold them separately and join them together with the soldering technique. The technique of soldering is used in all the jewels either during the manufacturing stage or later for repair.

It’s not just these designs. There are also a variety of other designs available in the market for the necklaces. The gemstone embedded necklaces are more popular these days because they look more grand and beautiful at the end. These designs are preferred by the brides for a grand appearance. While the antique jewelry designs are more suitable for their marriage the gemstone embedded designs are more suitable for their reception function. They make you look more grand and bright.

DWS jewelry has a collection of all these designs. If you do not have enough time you can always visit our website for further details. We also have a separate application for displaying our collection and you can store your favorite designs on our application by logging in with a separate id. We also own a separate YouTube channel to display our crafting skills and how we create every single design. From soldering jump rings to manufacturing our designs we are a milestone in the area of fashion jewelry.

Soldering Gold Cuff Jewelry

Cuff jewelry designs have been existing since the olden days in the form of an amulet. These cuff designs are also available in fashion jewelry designs. So wearing cuff designs are common these days among the youngsters. But most of these bangles are in the form of fashion jewelry and are made up of metals like silver and brass. Recently these designs have been moving at a faster pace in the area of gold. The cuff designs are available in large and small sizes. When the size of the cuff bracelet is large they are mostly suitable for traditional attire. But the smaller-sized cuff bracelets are suitable for regular wear including offices. The cuff bracelets do not have an attachment at the end. They are mostly left open and the ends are either designed or molded to form a soft finish.

Plain Cuff Designs

When it comes to plain cuff rings there are only a few designs available. They are available in a variety of metals including gold. They look more like a fashion jewelry design than a gold design. These designs can be worn along with modern attire by adding some more bracelets to provide a perfect look. These designs are perfect for modern women. They are also available in large sizes with a good plate-like appearance. So if you are interested you can purchase this particular design. They are available in most shops including DWS jewelry.

Gemstone Designs

When it comes to gemstone designs there are many models included in them. Most of these designs have a bangle-like structure connecting to the pendant in the center using soldered closed jump rings. These designs are preferred by women all over the world. They are available in all three types of gd and the rose gold designs are more famous among the women these days. The white good despite its costly nature provides a silver appearance that is not acceptable to some people.

All the findings for these jewels are attached through the soldering technique. It’s not just the designs but other designs are attached using the solder techniques. The centerpiece for most of these jewels is soldered with a bangle-like structure. The choice of the soldered material always falls on the goldsmith. They have the responsibility to maintain the value and the strength of the design. Understanding this requirement DWS jewelry has created a separate factory with experts for altering the gold jewelry. We have our separate manufacturing units that specialize in both machine-made and handmade jewelry. For further details, you can visit our website or shop directly for a beautiful experience in the fashion world.

Soldering Gold Rings

Most people prefer wearing rings as a part of their accessories. Regardless of their age and structure, these people prefer wearing rings all the time. It is mostly used as common wear. Though wearing silver rings along with the gemstones is common nowadays some people also wear them along with the gold. The rings are not just for hand decoration and lick gemstones. They are also used for a wide range of other uses like engagements, proposals, friendship gifts, and marriages. So wearing rings is considered to be sentimental by most people. But one thing that is considered to be a major disadvantage while wearing the ring is when the size of the person changes the rings cannot be used. So under such conditions, the rings should be repaired for a perfect output. Soldering a ring is a simple process and it is one of the important things a person learns when they start soldering. When the size of the ring is small it can be stretched easily and when it is large a portion of the ring is removed and then they are soldered together. The solders commonly used depends on the quality of the ring. An 18k or 22k solder will be better for such requirements. When the quality of the gold is poor you can go for the low-level gold jewels.

Soldering gold rings is a technique that is commonly used in all conditions. Soldering a ring can become quite difficult if the entire ring is covered with gemstones. Such rings are difficult to handle and make changes. But the simple bands can be easily altered according to your wish. This particular technique is available all over you and you can submit the ring to anyone. If you have enough experience you can try them yourself. But you might need some equipment like the ring shaper for shaping the ring and the file for carving the ring. The cleaner and polishes are also required for providing a good finish. So if you want to know the best option you can search for the ‘ ring soldering near me’ in order to find the best option. But if you have a valuable ring and need a good craftsman to do it the best option available is the DWS jewelry in Rajasthan. Submitting the ring to us will be a good option to repair your jewels as we have a separate factory for making the required changes. Our workers are experienced in creating the best designs and they are also good at making changes. Sometimes certain designs while manufacturing required soldering to be performed on the ring while attaching two pieces. These attachments are done perfectly and they make your ring look beautiful.

All these designs require a proper soldering technique for making your jewel look beautiful. Unlike other fashion, jewels the gold designs are made with utmost concentration because they should do value to the gold price. The client will not buy a particular design unless they are not satisfied. So we at DWS have always given more importance to the quality than the price and as a result, our clients are more satisfied with us. For more details, you can visit our shop or our website.