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Wholesale Pave Diamond Jewellery Shopping Store in Jaipur

Jewelry is a very personal thing it tells a story about the person who is wearing it, so be careful while choosing jewelry as it has the power to make you feel unique and to have a lasting impression on others. Through online jewelry stores, we can buy different types of jewelry online then be it artificial jewelry or real one. Various online jewelry stores have been opened so that we can conveniently shop whenever and where ever we feel like it. The best part about these online jewelry stores is that you can get hold of some amazing and exclusive jewelry designs from all over the world. Amongst the various online jewelry stores DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd has a vast jewelry collection. This online store has a vast variety of pave diamond jewelry which in today’s time is really trending.

What Is Pave Diamond Jewelry?

The word pave originates from the French word “to pave”. In pave setting diamond jewelry the small diamonds are lined along with the band. The metal prongs that hold the diamonds in place are barely visible in pave diamond jewelry. Holes are drilled in the metal bands or prongs and then the diamonds are carefully placed into the holes, to secure the diamonds in place mini prongs are formed around each diamond. These small diamonds that are used to cover metal bands add extra sparkle and elegance to the jewelry. These small diamonds add a vintage or traditional look to the jewelry.

Types Of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is broadly classified into five categories:

1) Pave Setting: Under this setting, the diamonds are arranged along with the metal band in a simple manner according to the design. This setting is much more secure than the bezel setting as in pave setting the diamonds are embedded firmly in the metal band.

2) Bezel Setting

3) Halo Setting: In a halo setting a row of diamonds is set around a center diamond. A halo setting consists of the pave setting as well. This is because the row of diamonds that are set around the center diamond is placed in the same manner as in the pave setting. As the halo design has a bigger diamond in the center it has been the preference of all the classy people.

4) Channel Setting: In a channel setting the diamonds are placed in a protected band so that they do not come into contact with hard surfaces. Consider channel-setting jewelry if you enjoy being regularly active but still want to wear your jewelry most of the time.

5) Micro-Pave Setting: In micro-pave setting lots of smaller diamonds are incorporated as compared to a pave setting. Micro-pave diamonds are incredibly beautiful and are very popular amongst the newlywed.

Why Choose To Pave Diamond Jewelry?

The first and foremost reason to go for pave diamond jewelry is that diamonds never really go out of fashion and they are girls’ best friends. Apart from this pave diamond jewelry adds sparkle to the jewelry as well as to your style and helps the center stone to become the focal point of the jewelry. It gives a royal and elegant look on wearing as the designs available in this type of jewelry are modern and vintage at the same time. The pave setting of diamonds compliments well with various shapes and designs.

Various jewelry items are being manufactured under the pave diamond jewelry category by various manufacturers across the world but to get all the items under one roof is very difficult. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd online store is the best place to get all the items of pave diamond jewelry and that too of the latest design and at an affordable price. The various products being manufactured under this category are diamond bangles, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond cufflinks, and diamond pendant sets.

Apart from being a classy piece of jewelry, the acme about diamond jewelry is that it goes well with all sorts of attire be it traditional attire, western attire or a fusion of both the attires, and is a perfect substitute for all other types of jewelry.

Searching For A Gift?

The best way to show your loved ones that you care about them is to gift something precious to them. So this Raksha Bandhan gift your lovely sister's diamond ring, diamond bangles, diamond pendant set, diamond earrings, or diamond bracelet and make her feel loved. Diamond jewelry is one such gift that can be given to women of all ages whether she is your wife, mother, daughter, or sister. This is the perfect gift for all the occasions i.e. anniversary, birthday, wedding, etc.

From Where To Buy?

I can’t think of a place where you can get different types of jewelry such as diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, Kundan jewelry, silver jewelry, etc. Don’t worry we have got you covered. I would suggest one of my favorite sites www.dwsjewellery.com. It is my favorite site as it offers a wide range of collections in not only diamond jewelry but also in other precious and semi-precious gemstones. It manufactures various diamond jewelry products such as –

Diamond Rings: The diamond rings manufactured at DWS Jewellery are of the latest design and are very light weighted. In pave diamond rings the diamonds are carefully fitted into the holes drilled along the metal band. The diamonds and the metals used in the rings are of superior quality and the ring can be worn on a daily basis. Apart from gifting these rings, one can choose these rings as their engagement ring. The acme about these pave diamond rings is that the center stone can be easily noticed because of the pave arrangement of the diamonds along with the metal band. If you looking for something simple and elegant then you can go for a metal band of gold or silver studded with tiny diamonds. The simplicity of the ring is what appeals the most and these types of metal bands can be worn by girls and as well as my boys.

Diamond Pendant Set: An outfit is never really complete without a pendant set. The pendant sets go well with all types of outfits be it traditional, western, or a fusion of both. The pave setting diamond pendant sets are really in these days. The design patterns are very innovative and are not easily available in the market. These types of pendant sets add an extra gleam to your look and help you get noticed at family and social gatherings. The pendant sets carved in traditional designs give a sophisticated look and are really an eye-catcher.

Diamond Bangles: With the changing time fashion is also changing. Nowadays, people prefer to wear bangles made of gold or diamonds rather than those glass bangles as these bangles are long-lasting and are very light weighted and it gives a royal look on wearing. The material used in manufacturing the various types of jewelry is of superior quality. The diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones used in the jewelry are handpicked by our experienced personnel.

Diamond Bracelets: Bracelets are the perfect substitute for bangles and can be worn by married and unmarried girls and not only girls even guys can also wear bracelets. A wide variety of bracelets are being manufactured at DWS Jewellery to satisfy the needs of both the girls and the boys. The bracelets are very much light in weight and can be easily worn for long hours and they give a bold look on wearing. The bracelets can be teamed up with both western as well as traditional outfits and will look trendy.

Diamond Earrings: Earrings never go out of fashion and if the earrings are of the diamond they never will.  Diamond earrings are a must-have for every girl as they look stylish on wearing. These earrings have a very distinctive and classy design. The pave setting of diamonds gives a shimmering look, which is why these are just perfect to be worn at parties and are really an eye-catcher. The metals used in making these earrings are of elite quality. The earrings have a remarkable finishing and to get such a fine finishing at such economical prices is very rare.

Diamond Cufflinks: Gone are the days when men only wore a wedding ring and a watch. Men also like to carry themselves with a class and in today’s era, they prefer accessories to do so. Men like jewelry too and especially if the jewelry is functional. That is why to emphasize their clothing a vast population of men accessorize their clothing with expensive diamond cufflinks. For women who want to gift something classy and make their husbands, brothers, and fathers feel special then diamond cufflinks are the perfect gift for them. Cufflinks are one such accessory that fits well with all outfits.

Why DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd?

Nowadays a large number of online jewelry stores have been opened so that people can shop from across the world whenever and wherever they feel like. From the various online jewelry stores, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is one of the finest online jewellery stores. Here are some of the reasons for it being one of the finest online jewelry stores:

Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, and Exporter:- DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is one in all that is they are the manufacturer of finest gold, diamond, and silver jewelry. They are the supplier of jewelry with the latest design and since they are wholesalers the products manufactured by them are sold to the general public at very economical prices. Apart from being the manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, they are exporters too. They export all types of jewelry be it artificial jewelry or jewelry made of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Reasonable Prices: To get exquisite jewelry at an affordable price is very difficult. At DWS Jewellery superior quality products are being offered and that too at very economical prices.

Superior Quality Products: It is very rightly said that the first impression is the last impression and DWS Jewellery believes in leaving a lasting impact on its customers and for this, they offer elite quality products to its customers. At the time of manufacturing various products due importance is given to the quality of the material which is being used in the production process because they believe in giving their customers excellent quality products.

Trustworthy: Trust between the buyer and the seller is very essential while shopping be it grocery shopping or jewelry shopping. It is a trusted brand since they have been in this field for the past 14 years and they value their customers.

Latest Designs: The products which are being offered by DWS Jewellery are of the newest design and they have a vast collection of trending jewelry. The best part about them is that they even make personalized jewelry for their customers. New innovations are made in traditional jewelry to give it a modern touch.

Experienced Personnel: The personnel appointed by DWS Jewellery are very experienced and the gemstones used in the jewelry are handpicked by their experienced personnel and the jewelry is being designed by their talented designers. They know what is in trend and what all innovations they can do in the existing designs.

Vast Collection: They have a vast collection of traditional and modern jewelry, you name it and they have it. All types of Kundan jewelry, diamond jewelrygold jewelry or silver jewelry, etc are being manufactured by them. Check out their site and trust me you won’t be able to resist yourself from ordering.

I have personally recommended www.dwsjewellery.com to my friends and my colleagues and trust me they had a positive response while shopping from this site.

Wholesale Single Cut Diamond Jewelry Supplier From Jaipur

Diamond is one of the most cherished gemstones, which is known from old age for its tremendous importance and for its remarkable atmosphere of accomplishment. Actually, it is not only appreciated but is also the most famous jewelry material which is used and is available all over the globe. The speculations behind this great fame are immense which ranges from astrological reasons to energy advantages. The union of this expensive gemstone with leisure, passion, prosperity, excellence, and virtue executes a wave of the elegant spiritedness & charm of life within and around us. The great popularity of diamonds is because of the various benefits immediately and explicitly associated with them. Some of the main psychological benefits of a diamond include the strength to see inside without any delusion, motivation to take responsibility of own well-being, encourage the will potential, enhanced endurance, enrichment of character, the eagerness to accomplish the intended aspirations, empowering great actions, prompting a mood of pure happiness, facilitating the dignity of personality, allowing the lightheartedness of thinking and at last but not the least permitting a rational idea, harmony & successfulness. Other than these psychic advantages, Diamond enhances the significance of a person in their community. A piece of diamond jewelry in itself is a symbol of abundance and wealth. Diamond jewelry is appreciated to proffer a more stylish and upscale look than gold and silver jewelry. This is the reason that the abundance of some modern, elegant and stylish jewelry designs for diamond jewelry has increased in recent times.

The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is known as the leading wholesale single cut diamond jewelry supplier and manufacturers. They are amongst the prime makers of single-cut diamond jewelry and thus are the preferred ones for authentic and trustworthy diamond jewelry shopping. With a vast organization of artistic, fresh, and innovative talents, their great works can be easily found in any partnered diamond jewelry shop. The creations of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., are of the choicest kind since it is manufactured with great care under some great craftsmen. They are not only a name in the wholesale single cut diamond jewelry supplier and manufacturers industry but are also the first name in jewelry fixing services, that can diversify from gold, diamond, silver, fashion jewelry to sterling silver jewelry and many more. Their astounding client maintenance is an added cause and a trait that presents them as the topmost selection of their clients and customers. With a concept of rendering pure quality and exceptional designs, that can be easily accessible to the realm via various partnered diamond jewelry markets, they are advancing themselves all day as per the newest trends and technologies. Whether you are a creator, a retailer, or proprietor of a jewelry shop, and whether you demand wholesale diamond jewelry earrings or bangles, they can give you the soundest designs in India. They are the leading wholesale single-cut diamond jewelry suppliers and manufacturers in India. They operate for hours with full devotedness and with their genuine talents for hours to prepare and design the exact jewelry that you aspire. Their manufacturing abilities have an elixir of expertise and grace.

Wholesale Diamond Jewelry Manufacturing Unit In Jaipur

Diamonds are one in all the foremost costly gemstones existing on this planet. The bizarre sparkling look of a diamond is the reason behind its vast demand. There would be seldom somebody during this world who isn't interested in the diamond. The designer diamond jewelry adds to the beautiful look of the diamond. Whenever we think about buying a piece of designer diamond jewelry then the name of the celebrated DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., unreasonably comes to mind. The diamond jewelry styles of the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., are of wonderful and latest styles and also the best. You can approach the jewelry manufacturing factory of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. if you are searching for the foremost elegant, latest, and fashionable Indian diamond jewelry styles. The diamond jewelry styles of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., can certainly take your attention and aspirations to a brand new level. Diamond is one of the foremost precious gems, that is certainly different from the normal stones for its high price and for its attractive aura of prosperity. Actually, it is not alone legendary but is the foremost trendy gem used in jewelry at every place on the planet. The reasons behind this nice quality are tremendous that varies from ethical reasons to health edges, mental edges, and also as a result of some astrological reasons. The association of this not-so-easy-to-get gem with luxuries, romance partnership, wealth, and astonishment makes it an emblem of the refined liveliness of nature within and around the owner.

Diamonds are not expressly scarce. In reality, contrasted to other precious stones, they are the most prevalently found gemstone. The rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are much expensive because they are considerably rarer than diamonds. The essence of diamonds lies in varied mental edges directly and are definitely also associated with it indirectly. Some of the chief psychical privileges of a diamond include the power to see within without any misconception, motivation to accept liability of own well-being, strengthen the will potential, enhanced longevity, embellishment of personality, the enthusiasm to achieve the planned ambitions, enabling great efforts, arousing a mood of genuine happiness, promoting the dignity of character, enabling the lightheartedness of thought and at last but not the least sanctioning a reasonable idea, harmony & prosperity. Other than the mental advantages, Diamond additionally will increase the value of a person in his/her society. A piece of diamond jewelry in itself might be an illustration of richness and prosperity. There are some latest, inventive and stylish jewelry designs within the marketplace for any diamond jewelry. Diamond jewelry is known to grant a further trendy and stylish look than gold and silver jewelry. If you are looking for a Diamond Jewelry manufacturing unit in Jaipur, then you must have gone through the name of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., at least once. Or if you are in search of a Diamond Jewellery manufacturing unit in India, then also the name of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., must have got you. And even if you are searching for a Diamond jewelry casting unit with a global presence, then also you must have known about us till now.

We are the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., a Diamond casting manufacturer. The DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., is a celebrated wholesale diamond jewelry manufacturers... Our Diamond jewelry factory in Jaipur is known to produce standard quality and genuine pieces of jewelry and is thus among the top diamond factory in India for jewelry designing and casting processes. At our fully-fledged and equipped factory, the whole process of Diamond jewelry making is of the precise kind. We are known for our integrity, honesty, and authenticity. The firm has in-house casting and design studios that precisely monitor every single piece of jewelry. Several brands, jewelers, and designers often come to us to shop for Diamond jewelry wholesale. This makes us a renowned Diamond jewelry exporter. We are also a recognized name among the Diamond jewelry distributors of India, and ultimately we are a celebrated Diamond jewelry wholesaler in India. We are among the very best list of manufacturers of wholesale diamond jewelry. With a decent team of creative, juvenile, and innovative minds, our creations are on the highest within the market. We are not alone a frontrunner inside the wholesale diamond jewelry manufacturing business but are the very best name in jewelry repairing solutions, that varies from gold, diamond, silver, fashion jewelry to metal jewelry and much of further.

Our astounding consumer support is another reason and our feature that produces us the very best choice of our purchasers and customers. Thus we are among the top searches for the people searching for the Diamond jewelry maker near me and even for the search of Diamond jewelry designers near me. With a vision of providing top-of-the-range and finest designs, merely on the market to the earth via varied partnered diamond jewelry stores, we improve ourselves daily as per the foremost recent trends and technologies. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., could be a noted name within the sector of bijou producing with an associate perspective of feeling and offers each online and offline support and connected operation and utility to the planet. To be a member of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., family, you simply have to be compelled to contact us to inform us about the specifications concerning your business and necessities.