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Kundan ornaments with its intricately crafted designs has everlastingly enthralled fashion-enthusiasts worldwide. The remark Kundan means extremely sophisticated gold, and as such the quality of gold used to create Kundan jewelry is of high purity. For a long time India was a major producer of precious stones and metals such as gold and silver helped to increase the popularity of kundan jewelry globally. Kundan jewelry is splendid and provides the wearer a imperial air, which is not astonishing since royal courts are where this style primarily materialized. Presenting the luxury of kundan craft with this amazing collection.

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Wholesale Kundan Jewellery Shopping Store In Jaipur

Jewelry has always been an essential part of Indian women as well as men. In fact, for Indian women, jewelry means much more than mere ornamentation. Since the inception of human civilization, jewelry has been a part of an Indian’s ensemble. For centuries, India was the major source of production of precious stones and metals. This may be the root cause of deep inclination of Indian people for jewelry.

As our country is full of diversities, different styles of jewelry were crafted in different regions with the passage of time. Amongst various styles of jewelry, one popular style of jewelry is Kundan jewelry.


A lot of confusion prevails among the people pertaining to Kundan. Some people refer to Kundan as the precious stones fixed in the golden ornament whereas the other thought about Kundan depicts it as Polki. In fact, glass pieces are embedded in gold in an artistic way in Kundan jewelry. Indeed, Kundan jewelry is magnificent and absolutely unique and beautiful. As is said, Kundan jewelry was originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat whereas it was flourished in Moughal courts. Hence Kundan jewelry gives the feeling of being regal to the wearer.

Worn by ladies of imperial families for quite a long time, kundan jewelry is stunningly made with serious efforts and great skills of the artisans. The word, 'Kundan' refers to the unmistakable gold sheen of a Kundan gems set, which separates it from some other kind of mold adornments sets. Be that as it may, throughout the years, the term Kundan gems has turned out to be synonymous with specific examples and unmistakable styles, and in addition the lovely gold shading.

The word –Kundan refers to the pure form of gold. In Kundan style of jewelry, gemstones or uncut glass are set on pure gold foils to create elaborate layers of intricate designs. Furthermore, the word refers to the unique gold shine of a kundan jewelry set which distinguishes it from other fashion jewelry sets. Although, throughout these years, the term Kundan gems has turned out to be synonymous with distinctive styles and selected patterns. In fact, in due course of time, Kundan jewelry became more popular among the common people also when stones began to be set on silver also. This enhanced the affordability of Kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry features the unique luxurious look which is the outcome of traditional techniques and meticulous craftsmanship. Indian ladies love mind boggling and expound neckband sets made in real wedding Kundan gems plans. Impersonation Kundan Jewelry is extraordinary for those hoping to include a pinch of ethnic excitement to their gathering and bubbly clothing types without spending excessively cash.


As already discussed, most of the people stay confused with regard to the types of jewelry.

In Kundan type of jewelry, diamond is not used. Rather, cut glass is set in the gold. On the other hand, when it comes to technique, Polki is similar to Kundan. The major difference between the two is that uncut diamonds are used in creating Polki style jewelry instead of glass. Hence, Polki sets are quite expensive in comparison to Kundan sets, although, Polki sets look more lustrous. Moving towards another style of jewelry, Meenakari is a popular style, originated from Persia but developed by the Sonar caste. Meenakari can be worked on Kundan jewelry also. One more style of jewelry is Jadau. In fact, Jadau is not a style, rather it’s a type of technique. This process includes the softening of gold and then setting precious stones on to it. Once the gold hardens, the precious stone gets adhered to it in natural course.


When we compare the pricing of Kundan with Polki, of course, it is less expensive as in Kundan jewelry, glass is used in place of uncut diamonds. But this doesn’t mean that the Kundan jewelry is available at cheaper rates. The price range starts from Rs.50 k to any high price. The price entirely depends upon the type and quality of the stones being used while making this jewelry.

The best part of the Kundan jewelry is that it is within the reach of people. In fact, for some people whose pocket size is economical, imitation kundan jewelry is available for such people. The entire product is the same except that of 24-carat gold as Silver or sometimes even copper is used on imitation jewelry which makes it more affordable.


When you decide to look for Indian Jewelry Online, there is no need to look further than DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. We maintain a massive range of various jewelry items. Our online Indian jewelry contains so many jewelry articles when you look for various items of women’s jewelry. Hence, we take pride to mention that when you look for various types of jewelry, online shopping for Indian jewelry is a great idea.


DWS Jewellery is the best option to buy Kundan jewelry online without any hassles in your mind while sitting at home. At DWS, we bring you the most competitive prices as we want our clients to maintain the complete stock of Kundan jewelry. As we all know that Kundan jewelry is of great interest for most of the women. Whenever you decide to buy kundan jewelry of expensive range, you always opt for the best quality with assured longevity.

When buying expensive and long-lasting Kundan jewelry, you always want the best quality with assured longevity. Buy Indian Kundan jewelry online at DWS Jewellery to enjoy the exciting range of options and reasonable prices on offer. Choose from Bridal Kundan Sets to exquisitely crafted Bangles, Kundan Maang-tikkas, Beaded Earrings, etc. Our Kundan earrings are exclusive and grand and wearable as standalone pieces. Furthermore, our exclusive designs of chandbalis add a flavor to the Anarkali suits. Besides, we also have the handcrafted drop earrings, kundan jhumkas etc. In addition to all this, we also have multi stranded Kundan necklace and matching Maang tika also.

Hence, DWS Jewelry offers a wide range of Kundan jewelry for online sale. The company ensures to maintain the trust of the clients in all the respects. This is no exaggeration if we take the name of DWS Jewelry amongst the top players of jewelry segment of all varieties. The company wants to serve its clients across the globe much beyond the customer’s expectations.

Wholesale Kundan Jewelry Manufacturers In India

Kundan is a legendary style of Indian gemstone jewelry comprising of a set of gemstone with a gold foil between the gems and its mount. This form is considered to have arisen in the imperial courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is one of the traditional styles of jewelry made and carried in India. The word Kundan means extremely pure gold, and a profoundly pure and genuine form of molten gold is used. Kundan, also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry, is a renowned variety. The pink city of Rajasthan, also called Jaipur has been the center for Kundan jewelry in India, from ancient periods. Kundan jewelry is an exquisite and expensive kind of jewelry that implies a bizarre and prosperous design and is also cheaper in comparison to a piece of simple and sole gold jewelry and is thus something people completely adore. And with the intro of latest and more stunning designer Kundan jewelry, the hopes and yearnings of having a set of Kundan jewelry advanced exponentially. Indian jewels do not contain only the economic values but are also an important part of Indian cultures and traditions. If we examine the traditional events of India, then Kundan jewelry can be counted as an intimate part of any such events. And in almost any important occasions, Kundan jewelry is among the first choices for a piece of jewelry. Frequently times, people prefer a piece of Kundan jewelry more than a piece of gold jewelry for more stunning and as a heavy jewelry piece, because of its unique attractiveness as well as worth expensive nature.

There are many original and imaginative wholesale Kundan jewelry manufacturers in India, distributed all over the nation. The names of wholesale Kundan jewelry manufacturers in India are endless, but only some of them are wonderful originators, same as the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. are the wholesale Kundan jewelry manufacturers, from Rajasthan, the state where the Kundan jewelry found its origin. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. It is recognized for its unparalleled jewelry creations and artistic abilities and is one of the best places for the purchasing of a set of Kundan jewelry. When we talk about Wholesale Kundan jewelry manufacturers than the name of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., directly comes in the remembrance of the renowned jewelry market of India, UK, USA, Australia, and Japan. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., have earned much acclaim because of their forte of a magnificent creation. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., are known for their significant works and genuine outputs since 2004. The famous team of the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., are not only the manufacturers, but they are the originators. They are professionals whose each and every composition is an exceptional entity in every way, including all the aspirations, desires, emotions, and specifications, of the patrons. A piece or a set of Kundan Jewelry at the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is always created with a vision of creating the most stunning creation till date, as the best is not a finite entity.

How To Find Beautiful Kundan Jewellery Near Me

There are so many varieties in earrings, but love for Kundan earrings are special. In India, women love to wear Kundan jewelry on occasions. It goes with suits, sarees, and other heavy dresses. The jewelry makers of India design Kundan in this way, when women wear it gradually enhance their looks. If you are looking for the Kundan jewelry, of course, you are likely to find Kundan Jewellery store. This is the place where you find a variety of jewelry at the best market rates. Indian women love to do the bargaining, or they purchase from the wholesaler. Because everybody wants to buy things at discounts or affordable rates.

When it comes to providing unique pieces of jewelry in wholesale rates, people often choose Kundan Jewellery wholesaler because this is the right point where the price is low and quality is high. Women have tons of friends, often have a social life, in which they have to carry themselves perfectly. Whenever there’s a gathering to show a perfect lifestyle they need to wear classic and unique things just like Kundan, that enhance the look of women and give her total Indian look.

Whether your friend’s wedding is coming, festival or any other special occasion, and you are wearing saree, suits or lehnga and looking for the exotic designed based Kundan jewelry, then your reach ends here. We are one of the leading Kundan Jewellery distributors. Our artisan craft every jewelry in this way that enhances the look of our customers. As a Kundan jewelry wholesaler, our jewelry prices are very low as compared to other shops. We made jewelry at an affordable rate without compromising the high-quality. All woman have a unique style that why our each and every jewelry is unique. To satisfy our customers, we also make women seeking a design that perfectly goes with every outfit of the women. As fashion is changing now women are wearing on Jeans and tops, we make light weighted Kundan jewelry for that. All in all, at Kundan jewelry store you will find thousands of types of jewelry designs that satisfy your needs and also goes beyond your expectations.

If you are a retailer or a normal customer and looking for the best wholesale Kundan Jewellery supplier, you have come to the right place. We have been offering jewelry to the reseller at the wholesale rates. The jewelry you will get from our Kundan Jewellery shop is standard quality based. As one of the best Kundan jewelry wholesaler, we offer you unique, exotic, trendy jewelry at the best market rates. We are one of the leading Kundan Jewellery exporters, who deliver your jewelry at your doorstep within the business days.

The door of Kundan Jewellery store is open for all types of customers. No matters, whether you are a reseller, distributor, online marketer, or a normal customer, feel free to contact us. We are one of the renowned Kundan Jewellery distributors, who will offer you the best designs at economical rates. You can also discover all our designs through our website. In the event, if you like our jewelry just book it online and we will deliver at your place within 2-4 business days. For any query, you can call at Kundan jewelry shop in the even hours.

Buy Affordable Jumkha Jewelry From India

When it comes to enhance appearance, women wear something unique, and exotic. Indian women love to wear Jumkha because it only make them more beautiful but also give them feel of Indian touch. Whether they wear a saree, suit or lehnga they always opt for big Jhumka’s. It’s an Indian beauty sign, that gives a perfect Indian look. Jewelry makers designs so many jewelry, but love of Jumkha is still at the top. Because when women wear it gradually increases the look of women. If you are looking for the best Jhumka Jewelry shop, you have come to the right place. Here you will get the numerous variety of jewelry at an affordable rate.

There are a variety of Jhumkas accessible in the market when you wear it to give you an exquisite and jazzy take a gander in the meantime. Jhumkas are valuable for appearing extravagant and restrictive way of life. They are useful for showing your fancy and exclusive lifestyle Thus, if you need to look flawless at the end of the week gathering or you need to flaunt socially, come at our Jhumka jewelry shop. There you will get the standout jewelry which give you exceptional impact when you wear it. Whether you want to look beautiful in your brother's marriage or in any festival, at our Jhumka jewelry shop you will get extensive range of Jhumka that will enhance your look definitely.

We additionally offer jewelry to reseller moreover. In the event that you are a reseller and searching for the best Jhumka jewelry at the discount, you can reach us. We are one of the genuine jhumka Jewelry exporters or Jhumka jewelry wholesaler. So pick our jewelry pieces and recognize us, we will convey at your place in no less time.  Numerous resellers buys from us on the grounds that the quality they get at a reasonable rate isn't accessible at other jewelry dealers. In this way, if you need to develop your business and searching for the one of a kind bits of jewelry at that point don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Possibly you can pick jewelry from our site or you go to Jhumka Jewelry store. In the two cases, you will get high quality based jewelry at the best market rates.

As the best Jhuma jewelry distributers, the services we provided for our clients in the previous years has made us one of the prestigious genuine jhumka jewelry supplier. Along these lines, buy from us without uncertainty, what you are seeing on the screen is a similar then you will in the shop at an economical rate.

Our aims to inspire our clients with the enchanting and eye engaging accumulation at reasonable rates. There are such huge numbers of Jhumka jewelry supplier out there in the market, however individuals pick us since we are putting standard based quality at an affordable rate without trading off quality. In the event, if you have an query related to our services or products you can directly call us at our Jhumka Jewelry wholesaler number.

Buy Online Kundan Jewelry For Women At The Best Price

Did you notice that? Just in Hindu culture, there is a custom of wearing jewelry everywhere throughout the body like head, arms, feet, ears, nose, and neck. That is the reason it is said Kundan ring jewelry is the closest companion of ladies. Jewelry upgrades the magnificence of the ladies as well as related with loads of medical advantages. At the point when ladies wear Kundan bracelet Jewelry it boost their confidence as well. There is some passionate association between the Jewelry and the ladies. Since it is the thing in the Earth that includes an additional star when ladies wear it. Precious Jewelry is yet costly yet the adoration for some ladies. If you doing Kundan bangle Jewelry finding on the internet, you are in the correct spot. We have been putting forth precious Kundan Jewelry  finding for quite a while. Regardless of whether you need catches, bracelet, earrings, necklace or some other discovering, don't hesitate to contact with us. We give you the best quality based jewelry finding that run long with a similar sparkling.

We know It is hard to purchase Kundan earrings Jewelry Findings that precisely coordinate with your expectation online. But, at our store, you will get the best sets of jewelry at a wholesale rate without a doubt get. As the renowned Kundan Cuff Jewelry provider, exporter we supply everything identified with the gems. Right from the ladies Kundal jewelry findings for plans to Kundal earrings Jewelry everything is accessible at our online store at the moderate rates. As an eminent Kundal Pendant and Necklace jewelry provider, we just make ladies looking for structures at reasonable rates. We have a broad accumulation of Jewelry presents for ladies. Here you will get rings, wrist trinket, neckband, chain, necklace at the best market rates.

As a Jewelry purchaser, you have done as such much efforts on the web like the best Kundan Jewellery finding. At our online store, you will get the most recent jewelry at the reasonable rates. We structure our adornments thusly that awes our purchasers at first look. We will probably fulfill our purchasers with our services and rates. Since we launch our online store, we have been structuring jewelry based gems and completing a ton of examination and make exceptional pieces that purchasers won't discover from some other online store.

When it comes to wearing a Kundan pendant and Necklace jewelry, women needs high quality based and latest style based jewelry. For that they go at the physical store and purchase jewelry, but they don’t get the jewelry that were expecting. If quality, trend and affordability is your major subjects, then your search ends here. We have a range of collection you can discover online, and all are available at the discount rates.

Along with the high quality based Kundan Bracelet jewelry, you will get responsive online customer service, in which you can resolve all your queries effortlessly. Whether there is issue with the products or service, feel free to contact us anytime.

Kundan Jewellery Wholesale Supplier From India

There are a number of different types of jewellery discovered all corners of the world. But, the biggest confusion is that all of these different jewelleries have unique appeal and exotic appearance to it. These jewelleries have been enticing billions of people from all corners of the world. Talking about one of the oldest from of jewellery in the list is Kundan. Yes, the style of this type of jewellery is something which is being acknowledged from years of time and has become one of the evergreen pieces to ignore. Still, there are a number of women always considering calling it a bold move to where Kundan pieces on the special occasion.

There are many reasons why Kundan Jewellery is still in demand and is being asked by a number of women from all around the world. The demand of it is certainly not going to get down sooner and you must never think twice before investing yourself in the business of Kundan ornaments maker. 

Getting yourself connected to reliable Kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers will exclusively help you by Kundan necklaces and various other jewelleries which can get your business going without any kind of hassle at all. You can get sure that there is no way this type of jewellery is going to get a poor response. Women will always be looking for Kundan choker on a necklace for their special occasions.

Endless Variety

Yes, with so much variety in place, you will always be getting the best of response all the time. They are a number of customers is always thinking twice before connecting with a professional Jewellery service provider but with write collection and where it you will certainly be able to make it.

Kundan is a great combination of different metals in the form of gold and when combined with stone is it literally catches the attention of every woman. There are a number of procedures which is taken into place to give a proper finish to every single piece of Kundan ornaments. So, you will find a wide range of ornaments which is not only attractive but enticing enough to win the hearts of all your customers. So, whether it's Kundan earrings or necklace or even nose ring, you can always count on a reliable Jewellery supplier for the best quality piece.

So, all you need to do is to find wholesale Kundan Jewellery supplier who can help you avail all the variety is which is not only evergreen but matching with the latest trend as well. Another big factor which can prove to be a useful advantage is presenting it in lowest price. So, you need to get each and everything organized whenever you are moving into the jewellery business. 

There is no way it's going to disappoint you and with the market being flooded with excellent demand of Kundan necklaces and earrings, all you need to do is too bet on the best pieces which can make your place stand out one in the market. So, stop thinking to wise and best yourself as a professional ornament maker.