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Square Cut Aqua Chalcedony Set Brass Gold Textured Earrings


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White Zircon Multi Color Brass Fashion Ring Set


18k Yellow Gold Plated Traditional Handmade Red Enamel Brass Ring Jewellery


18k Gold Plated Flower Design Handmade Brass Ring with White Zircon


White Zircon and Moonstone New Designer Gold Plated Fashion Stud Earring


Designer 14k Gold Plated Handmade Brass Rose Chalcedony Earrings


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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Manufacturers In Jaipur

The DWS Jewellery showroom has consistently provided the latest designs on wholesale jewelry, attracting customers with a splendid jewelry collection at affordable prices. The jeweler's shop is based in Jaipur itself is a testament to its experience and expertise in the jewelry field, as the shop is famous for providing the best designed and manufactured jewelry at a reasonable cost. The DWS name also happens to carry over its legacy as a jewelry exporter as well as a known supplier of fine fashion jewelry in Jaipur. They also happen to be recognized manufacturers of the latest designs that populate the Jaipur jewelry sector as well as their manufacturing wing being a leading supplier of the latest fashion jewelry to stores all over Jaipur.

DWS Jewellery is a pioneer in fashion Jewellery manufacturing in Jaipur as they also specialize in wholesale jewelry made from the most fashionable of jewels and other rare gemstones that reflect the style of Jaipur in the best way possible. DWS Jewellery is also the prime location for the famous latest fashion which is available from the showroom in the latest designs. Fashion jewelry is a huge factor in the reign of DWS in the jewelry field for many years now and their trademark fashion jewelry is the crowning jewel of the famous jewelry showroom, as the jewelry firm has become the premier destination for fashion jewelry at affordable prices. The gemstones themselves being sourced from the best of areas are meticulously carved out into our trademark jewelry with our one-of-a-kind jewelry casting techniques that make our jewelry available at the most affordable prices, for we believe jewelry is truly for everyone.

The different types of fashion jewelry from the best manufacturer of jewelry in Jaipur, DWS with its own manufacturing company specializes in Jewellery making with the latest fashion. The jewelry makers DWS bring to you an easy option to buy great designs of the latest fashion jewelry in a truly special jewelry shopping store, which also happens to be the leading supplier of the most dynamic and traveling designs as well as exporting Fashion jewelry. Being a fashion wholesaler in Jaipur makes the DWS manufacturing company the leading maker of fashion jewelry as they make the best fashion designer jewelry while also providing a reasonable cost for this beautiful jewelry. The signature kind of jewelry procured by DWS is fashioned into signature fashion jewelry statements like rings and other jewelry.

Designer fashion jewelry like necklaces and fashion earrings provide a very personalized feeling to your very own latest jewelry procured from your DWS Jewellery showroom. DWS Jewellery is a recognized manufacturer specializing in authentic gemstone jewelry with their brand of latest designs that are made in their famous manufacturing company with signature jewelry casting techniques going in to make your very special fashion jewelry worthwhile.

Some of the bestselling fashion jewelry that has continually remained popular and has progressively gained prominence come from the experienced hands of the DWS group, and some of their pieces that have been significantly gained popularity are:

• The DWS Fashion Bracelet

Lined with fine pearls and exquisitely crafted Om charms, the gold plated bracelet made from fine quality brass is a DWS classic design that has been perfected through the ages, and today, it penetrates the fashion jewelry market with tremendous ease because of the strong customer base it caters to.

• Fashion Earrings From DWS

These 18K gold plated brass earrings have a single moonstone stud that has elevated its status to a very popular piece that flies off the shelves. These beautiful earrings serve as the perfect gift material because of their universal charm, but you can always get one for yourself!

• Fashion Pendant

It's often the simplest designs that become metaphors for profound popularity and this fashion pendant is a testament to that fact. The pendant’s design has a very simple gold-plated chain with a similarly gold-plated A on the chain adding to the popularity.

• DWS Gold Bangle

Another simplistic yet stylish design that has also conquered wholesale markets, the gold plated bangle offers easy to wear with its openable and adjustable design that makes it stand out.

• DWS Fashion Earrings

These very stylish and trendy fashion earrings offer you a great style quotient that makes you stand out. These 14K Vermeil handmade gold plated brass earrings are indeed popular with their signature pearl drop design which epitomizes fashion.

But to stay relevant and in command of the jewelry industry, constantly updating to cater to different preferences that have been influenced over time is something that must be done. DWS has effectively shown it is very capable of exerting its own class that has only grown over time with the latest array of fashionable jewelry from the jeweler being evidence of their growth in the field:

• The DWS Fashion Pendant

This new and exciting pendant design offers a 14K gold vermeil handmade white howlite necklace that is a very trendy, new design that provides a classic pendant with a breath of fresh air with stylized finishing.

• Fashion Cufflinks

These gold plated brass men's cufflinks offer a stylish option for men to delve into fashion jewelry with the experience of DWS.

• Fashion Bracelet

This trendy bracelet is made of durable gold plated brass that oozes class, complete with a Hamsa charm that to elevates its already sky-high stylish facade.

• Fashion Earring from DWS

The contemporary feel of a gold-plated stud earring is enhanced with DWS manufacturing methods that span many years. With a blue gemstone stud, these earrings are sure to populate the drawers of stylish earring enthusiasts all over.

• DWS Wedding Ring

With the contemporary appeal of polished white zircon and the undying allure of a vintage 14K gold plated finish, this wedding ring is perfect for your perfect moment.

DWS has consistently delivered on style and substance on their fashion jewelry with challenging designs that have overcome risk and reaped rewards. World-class jewelry being manufactured here has indeed become a standard for many in the business with DWS never shying away from the insistence on quality, making them a gold standard in jewelry manufacturing.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer From India

Women have special soft corners towards alluring Jewelry. Since the ancient era, you can mark the close bonding of jewelry and women. The fact is jewelry always enhances the beauty of a woman and no doubt it’s the symbol of royalty. Indian tradition always gives importance to jewelry for women. To date, people purchase jewelry on any occasion whether it’s small or big. Nowadays young women prefer to purchase wholesale fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry is quite different from normal valuable metal jewelry. These are made of other metals like bronze and brash, plated metals, and aluminum. As these jewelry are not made of precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum the price of this jewelry is very much affordable and quite stylish too.

Now the question is why fashion jewelry is in high demand nowadays? The answer is quite simple! Nowadays women mostly prefer to wear jewelry matches to their attires. Matching jewelry and attires combo always gives you a glamorous look. Young girls nowadays prefer to buy unique collections of fashion jewelry. Nowadays you will find several Wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers in India. These manufacturers always focus on the market demand and offer several stylish fashion jewelry to their customers at very affordable prices.

Nowadays fashion has no limit but most women can’t able to spend a huge amount of money to purchase luxurious gold and platinum jewelry. For them, fashion jewelry is always a better option. If you need variety and try different stylish jewelry then fashion jewelry is the best for you. These are lightweight, easy to maintain, budget-friendly, and suits to every special occasion. Always visit a reputed Wholesale fashion jewelry store if you want to purchase some trendy collection at a good price deal.

If you are using fashion jewelry then you need to maintain those at regular intervals of time. Why so? It’s only because if you will not take care of those then you may find rust on them and most of the time color fade happens. You will get several Wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers who offer online fashion jewelry shopping facilities for people. They mostly showcase their jewelry on their website with high-quality images and price tags. If you prefer online jewelry shopping then you must visit their website.

Rajasthan is popular for its traditional attires and jewelry. Pink city Jaipur is world-famous for its amazing jewelry. Here you will find several reputed Wholesale fashion jewelry stores where you can purchase the best trendy collections of jewelry at a very good deal. Our online jewelry store DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd is one of the renowned Wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur. We provide both supply and export facilities for our customers. We have good bonding and ties up with reputed logistics brands who can export jewelry to countries like North America, Latin America, Oceania, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Northern Europe, Western and Southern Europe, Southern & Central Asia.

We have expert custom jewelry artists who can design your jewelry according to your need. To date, we have more than ten thousand happy customers all over the world. If you are looking for some modern and top-class fashion jewelry for any party or special occasion then you can visit our official website and book any among theme from our stores and order it. We offer 100% assurance on the quality of our fashion jewelry. Our brand always gives the best price deal to our customers and it’s only possible because of our good business strategy. Our main aim is to provide the best jewelry to our customers and we always try our level best to achieve our vision.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Supplier From Jaipur

In India, the expertise of aesthetic creativity is not something that is unusual to encounter. In every street, town, and state of India, there are amazing and bizarre talents that are absolutely not restricted to craftsmen but include craftsmen too. One can get a stunning sight of these great creations at any recognized Jewelry Shop in India. Jaipur is on the prime list of these great artistic creations. Especially when a person is thinking and is enthusiastic to get the most unimaginable pieces of jewelry. The reason is the originality of arts in the hands of the great jewelry manufacturers of Jaipur. The jewelry makers of Jaipur are either the masters, whose ancestors were in the same profession from the time of King and Queen or the manufacturers who expanded their expertise in jewelry making from proper training and experience. There are many Wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers in India, of which most have an origin in Jaipur. From the fashion jewelry market to precious jewelry shops, one can get anything and any variety of jewelry in Jaipur. From Wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers and Wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers to small jewelry shops, Jaipur is the center of every one of them.

DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., are amid the prime Wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers and fashion jewelry supplier of Wholesale fashion jewelry Bangle, Wholesale fashion jewelry Bracelet, Wholesale fashion jewelry Cuff, Wholesale fashion jewelry Earrings, Wholesale fashion jewelry Ring, and Wholesale fashion jewelry Pendant and Necklace and thus you can completely opt for a jewelry creation of the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., to evade any fraud or any false fashion jewelry supplier. The DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., is a jewelry manufacturing firm, with a jewelry manufacturing factory in Jaipur, the pink city of India. The DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., is known for its extraordinary services and startling quality since 2004. They are considered as a reliable name, the first choice, and also the most proper option for the vast market of small jewelers, great labels, and sole designers. The authenticity of the jewelry manufactured by the people of the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., is a guarantee that no one dared to challenge to date. The DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., has an occupancy all over the planet. They are the jewelry makers of earrings, bangles, rings, and a lot more. And all of these creations are known for their unexpected quality and cherished essence. With hearts in India, the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., have their appearance all over the nation and also beyond the nation with their presence in the United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Canada, and Australia. In certain candid words, it is well said and well accepted that, if a piece of jewelry is factory-made by the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., then the authenticity and uniqueness of that piece of jewelry is a guarantee that no one can challenge. With an immeasurable unit of original, fresh, and creative minds, the jewelry product of the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., is of the best quality. The DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., is not only a master in the Wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturing industry but is also a recognized name as a fashion jewelry supplier.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Exporter From Jaipur

We appreciate that you are in quest of a piece of an excellent and finest fashion jewelry store nearest to you and so we reached you. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., holds the opinion of refinement and is thus focused towards their own development, rather of being reduced in any argument and thus we are a celebrated name and not only a name. The most popular explored search by our Customers is a fashion jewelry manufacturer and fashion jewelry exporter nearest to them. We have an able team of proficient and resourceful selves. Buying a piece of readymade Wholesale jewelry usually proposes more taxes and familiar design. Receiving a piece of fashion jewelry that is classy and most importantly equals your monetary requirements, is the best alternative when you are limited with the funds but still want an offbeat design for your jewelry. It is more worthwhile if you are in the desire of buying an exceptional piece of jewelry for your loved ones. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. is the one that creates pieces of jewelry with passions ascribed. As a fashion jewelry manufacturer, we offer the liveliest designs of jewelry. We are masters in both luxurious and modernized fashion of jewelry designing, and thus we are an exceptional organization to have a business with. Anyone who needs a mighty and pure fashion jewelry exporter in India can simply pick a piece of jewelry made by the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., in order to have a heartened buying for the jewelry of unexpected qualities.

Online Fashion Jewelry Wholesaler

India has an expansive list of Fashion Jewelry wholesalers. However, most of them are the retailers of the jewelry created by the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd. DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., is a Fashion Jewelry wholesaler that people simply admire. We are amongst the superior jewelry makers for most of the Fashion Jewelry stores in Jaipur and thus our customers and clients simply opt for a piece of jewelry creation of the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., to assure genuineness and chastity of the jewelry. We are a Fashion Jewelry wholesaler and a jewelry manufacturing organization, with roots in Jaipur. We are recognized for our exceptional support and unexpected creations since 2004. Are you excited to purchase a set of fashion jewelry online? Online shopping is regarded as an uncomplicated task as opposed to in-store shopping. However, it makes you more revealed to hoax marketing due to lack of information and silly acts. You just need to go over some obvious instructions before purchasing your fashion Jewelry online. With a vision of elegance, the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., offers various online and offline assistance and correlated request and cooperation to the world. With souls in India, the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd. have their title all over the country and also beyond the realm such as in the UK, USA, Japan, Canada, and Australia. In some genuine words, it is a well-known saying that, if a piece of jewelry is designed by the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd. then transparency and originality will be there for sure.

Wholesale Artificial Jewelry Store Near Me

The DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., is a genuine name, and a successful selection of jewelers, brands, and designers. There are thousands of artificial Jewelry stores all over the planet that is in business with DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is honored as the outstanding jewelry manufacturers, so you can immediately select a piece of jewelry creation of them. The story of our cherished works is yet unfinished and we are in an attempt for many more. We understand that you are in search of an elegant, and genuine artificial jewelry store near me and so we found you. We are here for your support. We are the famous team of the DWS jewelry (P) Ltd., a well-recognized name in the realm of jewelry production and casting. We are here to assist you with authentic and reliable creations. Whatever your conditions and requirements are, we have a prominent team of masters to help you. We have stretched our name and expertise in almost all pursuits of artificial jewelry making and repairing aid and assistance. The most common search of our clients is artificial jewelry store near me. We are also a respected name in and as a jewelry remodeling services. We are here to tend to all your specifications and aspirations completely and to serve you naturally and with the heartiest. This is our saying and that's what we undoubtedly exhibit in all our arts. Our exceptionally courteous experts are dedicated to serving you with your distinct jewelry essentials.

Best Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

 To get an absolutely splendid piece of creation from the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., get jewelry making as well as jewelry fixing services for your interest. An unmatched innovative creation to all your wanted interests, in a cost-effective mode, is what we prefer. We are one of the heartiest company well-known as bizarre fashion jewelry manufacturers and Fashion Jewelry Distributors. We have a very remarkably equipped and enthusiastic team to assist you. We are often recognized for our great support. Our associates seldom face any trouble or disputes thus having a glorious experience always. We offer 24/7 assistance without getting drained or discouraged and maintain an efficient and sophisticated solution without making the trade more intricate and dark. Our enthusiasm and delegation are worth appreciating. We listen diligently to all inquiries and always acknowledge unabatingly. Our team of specialists ensures the needed interpretations in no time. We have amazing methods to elevate the processing pace of jewelry manufacturing and fixing services. We are consistently doing great aid and support, right from the start till the day. People choose our factory for all of their jewelry production and jewelry casting-related business. Once our clients have a partnership with the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., they continually and genuinely admire us only. Our most persistent description is as an imaginative and original novel Fashion Jewelry Distributors, manufacturer, supplier, exporter, designer, wholesaler, and factory. Our customers can buy any jewelry pieces created by the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. all over the globe either online or via a partnered shop.

Fashion policies are always out there to judge your fashion sense and intimidate you. But as we all have our own sense of fashion, there's a line of jewelry available that will never go over the board. Let's discuss how to choose proper jewelry to finish your party look.

Points to know before choosing a piece of jewelry:

Picking up jewelry is based on several aspects; the quality of the jewel and the trend you are following are two main aspects. There are several reasons that you picked up this particular trend or style. They are as follows:

  1. Comfort: No matter how pricey the jewel piece is unless it is comfortable, it's worthless. Lots of amazing pieces are available in online markets but that doesn't mean they are comfortable. Some studs have the tendency of getting pricked into the skin. If you don't have any sort of obsession with any particular product, make sure to choose jewelry made with products that have natural ingredients mostly.
  2. Price: What is easily available in the market doesn't cost too much! When you start giving your preferences, they will take it as customization. As you are giving preferences, you are asking them to prepare something keeping all the points that you have mentioned. For a customized piece of jewelry that no one else is going to wear, you have to pay a huge amount of money. But the amount of money which you have paid will not go in vain. It will be statement jewelry for you.
  3. Occasion: There's always an occasion for which you are buying jewelry. Now make sure that the jewelry you are picking goes perfectly with the occasion you are going to have. If you are picking up the piece for your day-to-day use in the office, it should be lightweight. If you are picking it up for a party, the piece of jewelry must have sparkles and look absolutely stunning which is enough to grab the attention of others present at the party. Get the best fashion earrings wholesale online; choose the one that suits your personality.
  4. Trend: Trend matters a lot when you are picking up any piece of an outfit. No matter whether you are picking up garments of jewelry, it should be trendy. Everything that is trendy is not stylish. At the same time, your style maybe not be in practice anymore, but it can get evolved again in near future! Style changes from time to time. So find something trendy and you are good to go. It doesn't matter whether you have a pricey dress or not, a statement jewellery can change the whole look without much effort. You can get a good piece from the cheap fashion jewelry sets available online.
  5. Age: When you were young and half of this age, your style statement was different. With gaining age, your style also evolving. You are getting mature, decent and so your style is. At this age, you know what will suit you the most. At the age of 30 or so, you never ever make any style-related mistakes because you are well aware of the fact that what would look good on you and what not! You know your barrier and you know what you cannot pull off! So choose your jewelry according to your age. Search for the local wholesale fashion jewelry distributors.
  6. Consultation: When you are sparing a lot of money for your jewelry that means you are quite aware of your style statement. Why don't you take a proper suggestion from an expert? Lots of designers are out there. These people are the best in the market and they know what would look good on you! Talk to them before choosing the best Indian fashion jewelry for your use.

Fashion Jewelry Factory In Jaipur

It is 5,000 years that we adore ourselves with jewelry. Women and jewelry have always been a great blend. To buy the best jewelry you can visit DWS jewelers, the best Fashion Jewelry Factory in Jaipur. Tradition is still alive and time has only made it stronger than before. Through the historical periods, the art of making beautiful decorations has developed with delicacy and acumen. Leaders gave artists the patronage to develop them optimally. Jewelry is present for virtually all parts of the body, including the neck, ear, nose, arms, ankles, fingers, nails, hair, etc. DWS jewelry is the biggest Fashion Jewelry Factory in India, which you can contact to buy the best jewelry pieces.

Jewelry is designed to match the attire. The theme and color of the jewelry are taken into account during adoration. It is topped with diamonds and various types of gems to make jewelry more attractive. Jewelry was traditionally made from heavy and bulky pieces of gold but was recently made up of silver, platinum, and other metal, which is very popular with people. More recently, the popularity of metal-embedded jewelry has been growing. You can approach DWS Jewellers, the reputed Fashion Jewellery Factory in India, to get the best jewelry designs.

Antique jewelry

Jewelry, whose mode of production is not known anymore, is known as' Antique Jewelry. It has a rough, dull look combined with an older global charm and serves as the main USP of such jewelry. 

Bead Jewelry

Bead art is 5,000 years old in India and goes back to the time of civilization in the Indus valley. Beads made in gold, silver, copper, clay, ivory, and even wood were made by people of this civilization. During the digging, finished and unfinished beads from the sites came out.

Bridal Jewelry

India has a great marriage jewelry tradition. Made of top-quality metals, gemstones enhance the beauty of the bride in many ways. Although silver and platinum gems are gaining popularity these days, gold jewelry remains the most popular among Indians.

Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry is jewelry that a customer makes specifically for him and enjoys. This is especially true if ready-made jewelry is not personally appropriate. Custom jewelry provides customers with complete freedom for the specifics.

Mode Jewellery

Mode jewelry is mainly not made of precious metals and stones, and it is rather lighter and cheaper. Mode jewelry is according to the trend and continues to change according to changing needs.

Filigree jewelry

The filigree work is done in silver with a lot of precision and skill, with great patience and a great deal of attention to detail. In the history of Egypt, Italy, and Spain, filigree work was very popular. Indian filigree work has a history dating back to the early centuries.

Thus, we have seen some jewelry styles which are common in India and abroad. To avail of the best jewelry, just visit the DWS jewelers a very renowned Fashion Jewellery Factory in Jaipur. Get the best Fashion Jewelry Casting at DWS Jewellers, based in Jaipur.


Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer In Sitapura Industrial Area

When it comes to fashion, the young generation seems to be extremely conscious. The youth is well aware of the latest trends in the fashion of clothes and jewelry as well. Almost and every youth follows a big Bollywood or Hollywood star as his or her icon. The young generation all over the world focuses the most on individuality. The young lads and lass as well opt to choose designs that are unique, distinct, and eccentric. As a result, the demand for fashion jewelry has increased globally. Hence, this has ultimately led to the increase in the setups of Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer.

Most people have a lot of confusion in mind pertaining to fashion jewelry. They have some questions in mind such as-

  1. What is Fashion Jewelry?
  2. Who is a Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer?
  3. Is Brass Jewelry Manufacturer also a part of the Fashion Jewelry Industry?
  4. What is Wholesale Fashion Jewelry?
  5. What is the range of items produced by Fashion jewelry manufacturers?
  6. Who is the most economical and genuine Brass Jewelry Manufacturer?

You shall find the most appropriate answer to all such queries with a single click of the button of your system. This blog is quite informative and explains these points quite beautifully and hence, satisfies your curiosity.


Fashion Jewelry is another name of Costume Jewelry. The most interesting point about fashion jewelry is that it is wearable on daily basis. This type of jewelry depicts the fashion statement. The costume jewelry sole is enough to earn a compliment for the entire choice of a person. India is famous for its vibrancy and colors and this is an absolute fact in the case of Indian Fashion Jewelry.


Fashion jewelry manufacturer is usually competent enough to manufacture gold and silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, and gemstones jewelry as well. More or less, an equal amount of effort needs to happen in all kinds of jewelry manufacturing. Designing is the most crucial part of fashion jewelry manufacturing. The creativity sense of the designers is always a major area of concern for a fashion jewelry manufacturer. DWS Jewelry (P) Ltd., established in Jaipur, Rajasthan of India has earned high esteem in the last decade as a Custom Jewelry Manufacturer and Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer across the globe. The company manufactures the latest designs with a blend of traditional and ethnic fusion. You may opt for traditional Indian designs or contemporary designs, fashion jewelry manufacturer focusses on the taste of their buyers.


If we talk about the cost factor, fashion jewelry is always less expensive as compared to precious metals and costly gemstones jewelry. Fashion jewelry ornaments usually include semi-precious stones, beads or glass, etc. In the case of Metal components in fashion jewelry, it may include brass, sterling silver, silver, or gold-plated metals. In addition to this, in the high class of fashionable society, fashion jewelry may include anything in the name of modern and trendy jewelry.


Today's youth- both boys and girls, men and women follow some of the other Bollywood or Hollywood or any other stars as fashion icons. What the celebrities put on- maybe clothes, hairstyle, accessories, or even jewelry, become the fashion trend for the people who are passionate about fashion. The traditional jewelry of Rajasthan is the favorite choice of several filmmakers, hence, it has become quite popular amongst the people. Besides, what celebrity wears in Award shows or parties or weddings, that fashion jewelry gains tremendous popularity and becomes the trendsetter. High-class Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer creates such type of fashion jewelry.


These days, Vintage fashion jewelry is quite popular amongst men and women who are highly passionate about classy and unique kinds of jewelry. Vintage jewelry is manufactured by a fashion jewelry manufacturer that has expert creative designers. These jewelry ornaments are normally colorful and bright. Vintage jewelry pieces are not produced in bulk as only classy people have the liking for this.


The perfect fashion jewelry ornaments are the ones that suit you the most, that make you smile. As quoted by somebody rightly, fashion jewelry reflects the taste and style of the person who is wearing the same.


DWS Jewelry is the leading fashion jewelry manufacturer amongst the exporters of high-fashion jewelry pieces. We bring out excellence and the best creativity in designs. We take pride to mention that we excel in all kinds of jewelry manufacturing. When we talk about fashion jewelry, we are popular as an outstanding Brass Jewelry Manufacturer and other metals and semi-precious gemstones jewelry manufacturers also. We have been in operation for more than one decade and we have created our own brand value on the international level, especially in the U.S. and Europe.

Our team of expert people is always on the move to explore more and more and keep updated on the latest trends in fashion. Customer satisfaction, Customer Service, and Quality product have been our major objectives throughout all these years. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive. In addition to this, our units have the full capacity to produce any number of requirements of the clients. DWS has the backup of style, quality, innovation, and price. Brass jewelry, semi-precious stones jewelry have been our trademarks in fashion jewelry.


The company has launched a complete range of fashion jewelry designs from India. We ensure to produce the fashion jewelry so as to comply with the high standards of our esteemed clients. We have a complete team of experts and brainy creative people. At DWS Jewelry, most of the designs begin with the idea followed by translating the idea into reality. Each and every design of DWS Jewelry is carefully designed while keeping in mind the choice of clients all over the world. A thorough system of quality analysis is followed right from raw material selection to final production. Hence, the final outcome is exquisite in looks.


In the conclusion, as is evident from the above, the fashion jewelry manufacturer is expertise in creating unique designs of jewelry in less expensive metals or materials. Furthermore, fashion jewelry items are the need of the hour in today's time. A wide range of jewelry items in various metals is available in the market. We, at DWS Jewelry, are the leading name in manufacturing a wide range of fashion jewelry ornaments.