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Jaipur Fashion Jewelry Supplier
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Fashion Jewellery Manufacturer in Jaipur

The DWS Jewellery showroom has consistently provided the latest designs on wholesale jewellery, attracting customers with a splendid jewellery collection at affordable prices. The jewellers shop being based in Jaipur itself is testament to it's experience and expertise in the jewellery field, as the shop is famous for providing the best designed and manufactured jewellery at a reasonable cost. The DWS name also happens to carry over it's legacy as a jewellery exporter as well as known supplier of fine fashion jewellery in Jaipur. They also happen to be recognized manufacturers of the latest designs that populate the Jaipur jewellery sector as well as their manufacturing wing being a leading supplier of latest fashion jewellery to stores all over Jaipur.

DWS Jewellery is a pioneer in fashion Jewellery manufacturing in Jaipur as they also specialize in wholesale jewellery made from the most fashionable of jewels and other rare gemstones that reflect the style of Jaipur in the best way possible. DWS Jewellery is also the prime location for the famous latest fashion which is available from the showroom in the latest designs. The fashion jewellery is a huge factor in the reign of DWS in the jewellery field for many years now and their trademark fashion jewellery being the crowning jewel of the famous jewellery showroom, as the jewellery firm has become the premier destination for fashion jewellery at affordable prices. The gemstones itself being sourced from the best of areas is meticulously carved out into our trademark jewellery with our one of a kind jewellery casting techniques that makes our jewellery available at the most affordable prices, for we believe jewellery is truly for everyone.

The different types of fashion jewellery from the best manufacturer of jewellery in Jaipur, DWS with it's own manufacturing company specializes in Jewellery making with the latest fashion. The jewellery makers DWS bring to you an easy option to buy great designs of the latest fashion jewellery in a truly special jewellery shopping store, which also happens to be the leading supplier of the most dynamic and travelling designs as well as exporting Fashion jewellery. Being a fashion wholesaler in Jaipur makes the DWS manufacturing company the leading maker of fashion jewellery as they make the best fashion designer jewellery while also providing a reasonable cost for this beautiful jewellery. The signature kind of jewellery procured by DWS is fashioned into signature fashion jewellery statements like rings and other jewellery.

Designer fashion jewellery like necklaces and fashion earrings provide a very personalized feeling to your very own latest jewelry procured from your DWS Jewellery showroom. DWS Jewellery is a recognized manufacturer specializing in authentic gemstone jewellery with their brand of latest designs that are made in their famous manufacturing company with signature jewelry casting techniques going in to make your very special fashion jewelry worthwhile.

Some of the bestselling fashion jewellery that has continually remained popular and has progressively gained prominence come from the experienced hands of the DWS group, and some of their pieces that have been significantly gained popularity are:

• The DWS Fashion Bracelet

Lined with fine pearls and exquisitely crafted Om charms, the gold plated bracelet made from fine quality brass is a DWS classic design that has been perfected through the ages and today, it penetrates the fashion jewelry market with tremendous ease because of the strong customer base it caters to.

• Fashion Earrings from DWS

These 18K gold plated brass earrings have a single moonstone stud that has elevated it's status to a very popular piece that flies off the shelves. These beautiful earrings serve as the perfect gift material because of it's universal charm, but you can always get one for yourself!

• Fashion Pendant

It's often the simplest designs that become metaphors for profound popularity and this fashion pendant is testament to that fact. The pendant’s design has a very simple gold plated chain with a similarly gold-plated A on the chain adding to the popularity.

• DWS Gold Bangle

Another simplistic yet stylish design that has also conquered wholesale markets, the gold plated bangle offers easy to wear with it's openable and adjustable design that makes it stand out.

• DWS Fashion Earrings

These very stylish and trendy fashion earrings offer you a great style quotient that makes you stand out. These 14K Vermeil handmade gold plated brass earrings are indeed popular with it's signature pearl drop design which epitomizes fashion.

But to stay relevant and in command of the jewellery industry, constantly updating to cater to different preferences that have been influenced over time is something that must be done. DWS has effectively shown it is very capable of exerting it's own class that has only grown over time with the latest array of fashionable jewellery from the jeweller being evidence of their growth in the field:

• The DWS Fashion Pendant

This new and exciting pendant design offers a 14K gold vermeil handmade white howlite necklace that is a very trendy, new design that provides a classic pendant with a breath of fresh air with stylized finishing.

Fashion Cufflinks

These gold plated brass men's cufflinks offer a stylish option for men to delve into fashion jewellery with the experience of DWS.

Fashion Bracelet

This trendy bracelet is made of durable gold plated brass that oozes class, complete with a Hamsa charm that to elevate it's already sky high stylish facade.

Fashion Earring from DWS

The contemporary feel of a gold plated stud earring is enhanced with DWS manufacturing methods that spans many years. With a blue gemstone stud, these earrings are sure to populate the drawers of stylish earring enthusiasts all over.

DWS Wedding Ring

With the contemporary appeal of polished white zircon and the undying allure of a vintage 14K gold plated finish, this wedding ring is perfect your perfect moment.

DWS has consistently delivered on style and substance on their fashion jewellery with challenging designs that have overcome risk and reaped rewards. World class jewellery being manufactured here has indeed become a standard for many in the business with DWS never shying away from the insistence on quality, making them a gold standard in jewellery manufacturing.