Creativity is another name for Jewelry Manufacturing. The expert designer keeps his mind engaged in creating new images followed by penning down those imaginations. As a matter of fact, the manufacturing of jewelry involves various processes right from melting the gold to finishing and polishing the final product. Majorly, there are two methods of jewelry manufacturing. One of the processes is traditional whereas the other method is the modern technique. The traditional method of jewelry making absolutely involves the handwork whereas the modern method involves machines. Indian handmade jewelry is the most talked articles across the globe. Handmade jewelry manufacturer uses no mechanical devices except certain hand tools. Indian handmade jewelry is adored all over the world and people come to buy handmade jewelry in Jaipur in India. Jaipur is known for having renowned handmade jewelry shops. Jaipur is a historical place with royal kings having ruled over here for centuries, so many families of artisans who are handmade jewelry manufacturers reside here since generations.

On the other hand, the modern manufacturing process includes deep research work and latest technologies. Latest tools and technologies are considered while manufacturing jewelry by machines. If anybody wants to give the personal touch to the jewelry or reflect his or her feelings through the medium of jewelry, he will opt for handmade jewelry. Otherwise, most of the pieces of jewelry are executed by machines. Handmade jewelry shop is looked at with great respect in today’s scenario.

Not only the Indian people but the people across the globe are excited to put on various jewelry articles. Of course, the choice and range of jewelry may vary from person to person depending upon his or her taste as well as the size of the pocket. It is entirely a matter of an individual’s choice to wear the jewelry of a different kind. Some people opt to wear the handmade jewelry whereas some have the passion to put on the machine made jewelry. As most of the people opining that handmade jewelry is better in any case than the machine made jewelry. As per them, there are several reasons to select handmade jewelry over machine made jewelry. In fact, handmade jewelry is crafted by heart. The artisan tries to sketch and craft the design while considering his sentiments, his feelings, and his thought process. These jewelry articles are created with a lot of love and affection by the artisan and they put tremendous efforts in bringing out the final product. On the other hand, machine-made jewelry has several features. It has the wide choice of fashionable jewelry articles. It gives you the opportunity to choose from the wide range of beautiful designs.

Handmade Jewelry v/s Machine Made Jewelry:

There are a lot of factors that tempt somebody to choose handmade jewellery over machine made jewelry. In fact, some items are particularly chosen from the section of handmade jewelry racks. For example, there is a lot of difference between buying an engagement ring off the shelf and buying a ring of exclusive design made by a professional. The jewelry that you put on reflects your personality and choices. For example, if you buy the engagement ring manufactured and commissioned by a reputed jeweler, this will reflect your personality and also reflect your plans and nature. On the other hand, if you buy a handmade jewelry, you will get exactly what appeals to your heart. There is a series of benefits to buying handmade jewelry. If we talk about quality standards, it is significantly higher in handmade jewellery as compared to machine made jewelry. If you decide to purchase a handmade engagement ring, the jeweler will put tremendous efforts to craft the ring beyond your expectations. On the contrary, jewelry stores of high repute are focused on public choices. Furthermore, in the case of handmade jewelry, you are directly in touch with the artisan and he may better understand your requirements, your feelings etc.

One of the major problems in the case of machine-made jewelry lies in the setting of diamonds or semi-precious stones. While setting the stones or diamonds, a professional setter takes care of the size and shape of each and every piece and individual. Whereas in the case of machine-made jewelry, all the stones are treated equally. Especially when you buy a bracelet, engagement ring, earrings etc., handmade jewelry must be considered.

Material Quality:

Most of the jeweler manufacturing handmade jewelry is very particular about the materials used in handmade pieces. Whereas while manufacturing the products in mass quality, it’s a little bit difficult to know the exact quality of alloys being used. The jewelers use the material of stellar quality in case of handmade jewelry.

Work Quality:

While manufacturing the small quantities if the product, it becomes easier to track the control and manufacturing process at every stage very closely. It gives immense pleasure and enormous satisfaction to the artisans to craft the creation of unique quality and characteristics.


A compared to machine made pieces, handmade articles have all the distinguished features. Each and every piece carries some uniqueness in its own way. The best part of handmade jewelry is that there is no chance of duplicity at all as two handmade pieces can never be the replica of each other.

DWS Jewelry (P) Ltd.:

DWS Jewelry is a renowned online jewellery shopping store for handmade jewelry in Jaipur. The company has been creating the unique designs of Indian handmade jewelry craft pieces for more than last one decade. DWS is known for crafting the fusion kind of handmade traditional jewelry along with the contemporary designs of jewelry.

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