Traditional brass jewelry maker from India

More restrained in appearance than gold, yet with a exclusive appeal of its own, brass is a typical jewel piece. Brass has been in use from the time of 1st century BC in India, as archaeology findings of spherical brass coins. Although worn as accessories before as well, with era, a much wider range of brass objects has come up. It is used to fashion delicate designs in the form of fashion jewelry. Appropriate for all occasions brass accessories make for a great accessory choice. Presenting the traditional brass jewelry range to give yourself a classy look.

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Rock The Parties With Authentic Brass Jewelry Collection

Ever imagined being the heart of a party? So, you’ve landed yourself at the correct place as we have some classic collections only for you. We at DWS jewelry, have an exotic range of trendy and classic brass jewelry collections so that you do not miss a chance to make a different style statement out there. So now, whether it’s an Indian, western, or Indo-western outfit, we take up the charge to provide you with a whole range of brass jewelry. Here are some factors which make us your first choice;

  1. Traditional Brass Jewelry Suppliers
    We at DWS jewelry, have a great chain of Traditional brass jewelry suppliers so that your favorite items reach you on time without any hassle.
  2. Traditional Brass Jewelry Manufacturers
    Tired of searching places, online and offline, but still unable to find what will match your fabulous outfit for the upcoming sangeet ceremony? Disheartened that you won’t look dapper at your best friend’s wedding? So put a halt to the search mission as we provide you exactly what you want. We at DWS jewelry, pledge to bring to you all the varieties that are either trending hot in town or are the classic wear and suits with every outfit. This is because we work with the best traditional brass jewelry manufacturers who provide us with superior quality and innovative design so that you can look gorgeous at your friend’s marriage.
  3. Traditional Brass Jewelry Exporters
    Want to know a secret? I know about this amazing online store that is a one-stop solution to all your jewel needs and that is DWS jewelry. We are one of the leading traditional brass jewelry exporters in the nation, providing earrings, necklaces, pendants, and whatnot, you name it, and we have it. Isn’t that great?
  4. Traditional Brass Jewelry Designers
    DWS provides you with the finest quality designer jewelry. We have a set of traditional brass jewelry designers, artisans, skilled cutters, and polishers that check on current market trends to generate a beautiful piece for their customers.
  5. Traditional Brass Jewelry Distributors
    We have a great set of traditional brass jewelry distributors and with the increasing momentum of popularity, many wish to join hands with us.
  6. Traditional Brass Jewelry Shop
    Our traditional brass jewelry shop is situated in the culturally rich place of India, which is Jaipur. However, to avail of their services, you can simply sit at home, relax and have a look at their products.
  7. Traditional Brass Jewelry Store our online traditional brass jewelry store address where your love for fancy jewelry can be fulfilled. So ladies! Hurry up and do not miss some great designer jewels to rock every upcoming occasion near you. Be the show-stopper of every party with DWS jewelry.

  8. Traditional Brass Jewelry Collections

DWS jewelry is a leading name in the market for a manufacturer, wholesalers, and exporters worldwide and is best known for our exquisite silver, gold, and bronze jewelry studded with diamond, semi-precious and precious gemstones. The mesmerizing traditional brass jewelry collections include;

  1. Pendants: Want to be the heart of the party, then Pendants are your companions. The range includes single strands, multiple strands, temple, multiple pendants, single pendants, charms and etc. 
  2. Rings: A ring with gemstones along with a trendy design is what one desires, don’t worry, and check out the website for some great designs. You can also get pendants customized as rings, isn’t that amazing?
  3. Necklaces: Your friend just bought an expensive necklace and you want one for the upcoming wedding, but don’t want to spend in much. Hey, where have you been living? DWS jewelry gives a classic range of necklaces and is lightweight. So, go and rock that wedding girl.
  4. Bangles: There is a great wedding party going on, you find a cute man on the dance floor, but unfortunately, you don’t have bangles that get entangled to his kurta. Isn’t this your worst nightmare? Don’t worry, we have openable bangles, sleek bangles, wide bangles, etc. made of premium quality brass, silver, and gold that will be your perfect dancing partner.
  5. Earrings: Be the *Queen of Hearts* for every part you attend from now on as we have some amazing earning designs that you’ll love.
  6. Bracelets: You can try various bracelets such as single-strand bracelets, multi-strand bracelets; cuff bracelets, etc. from our collection, and trust us they are really an eye-catcher.

The Bottom Line is that we at DWS Jewelry pledge to provide the best to our dear customers. Our high standard of business values include Honesty, Equality, Transparency, Business ethics, Customer-driven approach, Proactive, Consistency, Loyalty towards customers and employees as well, Respect, Reliability, and therefore, we are gaining the status of being the most loved online jewel star. So, try us by visiting our webpage and having a look at some of our designs.

Soldering Techniques Of Brass Jewelry In Jaipur

Introduction Of Brass Jewelry

Brass jewelry has always been a reliable source of jewelry for people who do not want to spend much money on them. Most people prefer wearing brass jewelry dipped in 22-carat gold instead of using pure quality gold material. They provide a perfect gold-like appearance and are suitable for being perfect bridal wear and other fashion jewelry. Most of the youngsters these days prefer wearing low-priced brass jewelry for their regular wear because they are more trustable and come in a variety of designs. Brass jewelry is sometimes neglected by people because of their low quality and the thought that they are bad for their health. But in reality, the truth is that brass is not bad for your health. In fact, normally brass is believed to have the medicinal property of providing immunity and strength to our body.

It is because of this old reason most of the villagers even nowadays use brass pots for storing the water. Using them in jewelry design format will allow you to enjoy the medicinal benefits of brass.

Brass is a common metal available in the world and hence their price is considerably low. It is a mixture of both copper and zinc. According to the mixture rate, the color of the brass material will vary accordingly. Most people prefer using brass to store water because it increases the hemoglobin count of the body and provides proper immunity to our body. Because of their value and low price, most people prefer using brass as a form of jewelry metal. But one thing that you need to be aware of this particular brand is that sometimes you might get allergic to them if you have a nickel allergy. So unless you are sure about your allergic reaction will be a better option for you to choose silver or gold jewelry.

But when you consider the economical value then choosing brass jewelry will be a better option especially for designs that you wear occasionally during functions and marriages.

One thing you should remember while purchasing brass metal jewelry is that it is a mixture of both copper and zinc. The presence of copper will change the color of your skin into green especially when you are using it continuously for a long time and exposing it to external disturbances like water and sweat. So when you are wearing a brass chain it will eventually form a green-colored impression on that area due to the process of oxidation. The green-colored stuff will slowly fade away when you remove the jewelry and wash the part continuously. Also wearing brass jewelry items for a long time is not advisable especially when it is coated with 22- carat gold. Though gold plated brass designs do not undergo oxidation, continuous exposure to the external temperature will allow the gold coating to fade away resulting in the brass becoming more exposed.

Sometimes when there is damage to the jewelry item you are using, especially if it is a brass design then it can be repaired automatically by using the soldering technique. Normally when you are soldering a brass design you use hard solder. For brass jewelry, the best option you have is using brass soldiers which are more powerful than other sources available. Soldering brass jewelry is a technical process that requires a lot of work. Sometimes people also solder brass jewelry with silver designs to provide unique designs. Soldering is a huge process and there are a lot of technicalities involved in it. Understanding it is essential before purchasing the jewelry from the shops in the market.

Soldering Techniques

Soldering is a technique that is widely used to attach two pieces of the same metal or different metals together by using a metal as a solder. For example, if you have two pieces of a broken metal they can be combined by melting and other metal and allowing it to pass between them. This melted metal will hold both the pieces together with rigidity. Soldering technique is not just a concept but it is an art that should be done perfectly by experts.

When it comes to soldering there are a variety of techniques available in the market. If you are going for a simple technique then the best option is to choose a brass solder for combining the metals. But sometimes in modern fashion jewelry that might be a requirement to combine two different metals where you might require to use a different solder like silver or brass solder. In both of these techniques using solder is necessary. Understanding both these techniques will allow you to learn how the jewels are made. But before performing the soldering technique it is essential for you to purchase certain objects for a good output. Soldering Brass jewelry might seem like a simple concept but it requires a lot of things to be set up.

A Clean Surface –

When you are soldering two different metals by melting and other metal it is essential for you to have a clean surface so that the melted metal will not attract any impurities present on the surface. At the same time having a kiln, a made-up store material or lead is essential to use them as a work surface for providing an uplift to the work surface. Purchasing them in a lead or stone material will allow you to work freely because using any other metal will get affected by the overheat produced by the soldering torch. So in order to avoid this damage using a kiln that has a higher melting point than the other metals you are going to repair is essential.

Blow Torch –

The next important thing that you need to keep in mind and purchase is the blow torch. The torch produces a concentrated amount of heat that is used for melting the metal to a certain extent. They are highly powerful and some of the high-grade torches have the ability to melt brass and copper within seconds. Sometimes people also use laser torches but they are suitable only for a factory environment and not for a home environment. Before using a blow torch learn in detail about the functions of the torch and how to handle them safely.

Solder –

Without solder, it is impossible for you to connect two metals together. Sometimes certain people use the technique of heating both the end side of the broken metal and use them to connect together. But this technique is not suitable on various levels because the connectivity will not be perfect and result in breakage easily. So the best technique available in the market is to use a suitable brass solder for melting and connecting both the pieces together. Sometimes for certain techniques, you can also use silver solder. When it comes to brass there are a variety of models available in the solder. For example, they are available as simple brass wires, brass plates, and also in the form of chips. All these three can be used for soldering. Depending upon the requirement and technique to choose the best option in the market.

Flux Material –

The flux is an important part of the soldering process because without applying the flux the metal will be subjected to oxidation. When a metal is oxidized it will lose the ability to attract other metals. Hence when you try to join the metal by melting the solder it will not be able to flow through both the metals without the usage of flux. The flux has the ability to prevent oxidation when the metals are exposed to heat. They are available in the form of solutions, paste, and also as solid. Before performing the soldering technique apply the flux on them from top to bottom and then start the process.

Also, keep in mind that since you are performing soldering on Jewellery items the rest of the design should be preserved properly using a fireproof cloth and other fireproof materials. The soldering should be precise and up to the point. Because even a slight mistake on your part will damage the entire metal to the core making it practically useless.

Pickle Solution –

The pickle solution can be easily prepared in your home but it can also be purchased depending upon your choice. Using a high-quality solution will allow you to clean the jewelry perfectly after the soldering process. They have the ability to change the strength of the metal and hence the perfect solution for the process. After cleaning with the solution you might need certain Sandpaper and other items for cleaning the jewelry and making it presentable. If you are confident you can also perform polishing to provide a perfect external appearance.

Though it seems like a simple process soldering is a hectic process that requires a lot of work. The first thing that you need to do is set up the bench properly and clean your jewelry. After cleaning the Jewel the next step is to apply flux on both the broken points so that the solder can flow freely within them. After applying the flux, heat the metal so that the flux will burn out. The next step is to place the solder between both the metal and start heating. The solder will melt and pass between the two pieces holding them together. For a professional tone, you can use tweezers and other equipment to hold the metal pieces together.

Once the process is complete, allow the liquid to cool off and then drop them in the pickle solution. After dropping them the next step is to clean the entire product and polish them using Sandpaper and original polish. The Sandpaper can be used to remove unwanted irregularities in the design and then clean it again before polishing it with a final coat.

Sweat Soldering Technique

This is an important technique where multiple metals are combined together using a separate technology. When you want to join two different designs together at certain points the first thing you have to do is solder one metal with the brass or silver solder piece. Later join both the metals and apply heat on them evenly so that the metal shoulder between them will liquefy and attach them together. This provides a precise attachment technique and avoids extra work. This technique is mainly used for soldering brass to Silver or any other metal. This particular Technology e is preferred by people all over the world and it has gained a huge name because of the technique used. Most of the girls myths who are involved in creating bracelets and pendant designs use this technique to join two different metals or two different designs together without actually affecting the main design.

Soldering Brass Bracelets Jewelry

The usage of brass and common copper bracelets is common among certain people. Even men prefer wearing certain designs in brass. This is because the brass metal has a beautiful gleam to it that makes the metal look similar to gold. The end product obtained is always satisfactory. So most fashion jewelry designers prefer using brass metal. It’s not just their appearance. The metal is also suitable for easy molding. They allow you to create the best handcrafted designs possible. So all in all the brass jewelry is easy to work with, durable, and of low cost. All these features made people from all over the world get attracted to this design.

The bracelets made from this particular metal are hence more famous and preferred by people all over the world. When it comes to brass metals there are a variety of designs available. The simple bracelet with double screw attachments for men is more popular among youngsters.

Men’s Design

As said above the screw-type open-close model is famous. They are available as a plain brass design or also as a model with multiple intricate designs embedded in them. The other bracelet designs that are commonly available for men include plain bracelet bangles that are simple but beautiful. The collections for men are commonly limited but the designers from DWS Jewellery have been trying to increase the limits with their new designs. The recent jump rings-based designer bracelet and other common antique finished bracelet designs have been gaining popularity among the youngsters. If you are interested in such designs you can go for our collections in the shop or place a customized design order.

Gemstone Embedded Design

When you are selecting women's jewelry the best option available in the market is the gemstone embedded designs. These designs are more famous nowadays because of their bright stones and authentic designs. When it comes to bracelets wearing a gemstone embedded design will give you a bright and grand gesture. These designs are suitable for function wear like the Sarees and Salwar. The gemstones are available in abundance and hence there is a possibility for a variety of designs. The latest trend existing in the market is to wear multiple bracelets on the same hand to provide a beautiful appearance. Some women even prefer to wear brass bracelets directly without any outer coat covering.

When it comes to bracelets the process of soldering is essential to fix the gemstones strongly and also to attach multiple designs on the same bracelet. There are a variety of soldering techniques available but the Sweat soldering technique of using silver or any simple solder for attaching the metals is the most powerful and strongest in the field.

Western Designs

When it comes to western designs the pattern and the design structure are more important. They are available in various sizes allowing you to wear as a single bracelet or by combining them with other bracelets. These western designs are famous all over the world and the modern statement bracelets also fall under this category. So if you are looking for such designs the best options available in the market are in DWS Jewellery. Being one of the best jewelry exporters in the country we have always managed to provide designs that are unique and customized in nature. It does not matter what the occasion is, we have designs that are suitable for every occasion. If you are interested you can visit our website or choose a design directly from our shop. The ordered product will be sent to your address with proper packaging and protection for good delivery.

Most college students nowadays wear unique designs that will symbolize their friendship. One such design is the main brass bracelet design with the name embedded in it. Embedding your friends’ names on your bracelet and doing the same for your friend will be a good sign of friendship and you can keep it as a reminder for the rest of your life. One thing you have to watch out for while purchasing a bracelet made up of brass material is whether it has a protective covering on the outside. Because pure brass and copper can make your hand green as a result of oxidation which can be avoided with overcoat application.

Soldering Brass Earrings Jewelry

When it comes to earrings there are a variety of models available in the current trend. More than bangles or any other necklaces the women nowadays concentrate on earrings because they are the one ornament that has the ability to change the facial structure and present them perfectly. So even if you make a small mistake in choosing the wrong approach, your entire attire will be wasted. When you are going to purchase the earring you will have to have at least a set of choices to choose from. Without proper choice, it will be impossible especially when you are a bride for a person who is looking for earrings for a marriage function.

When it comes to earring jewelry there are a variety of designs and models available. When you are searching for a suitable design some of the common choices you will be faced with better for a bride is the chandelier design, jhumkas, and the drops. All these designs are most suitable and sometimes you can also choose an antic design earring for your bridal collection. But if you are looking for a design for your college or casual wear the best choice is to go for gemstone embedded studs and small plain designs. If you want to have a bit of a grand appearance you can also go for some chandelier designs that are simple in nature. All these designs are essential for a perfect outlook at the end of the day.

When you are manufacturing or designing an earring one of the most important concepts is attaching the earring post. Every earring has an earring post that needs to be soldered for providing a perfect design in the end. If there is any problem with the post then it won’t be possible for the person to wear it. The design will have a constant requirement to be submitted for repair. This soldering process is a technique where the screw or the head of the screw will be attached to a base circular structure to provide a proper grip for tightening the earring. Soldering earring posts is a technique that requires a lot of expertise and cannot be done at home.

Sometimes the liquid soldering technique can be used but they do not have the ability to hold the pieces together for a long time with strength. So a normal soldering technique with utmost precision is essential for this particular requirement. This particular technique uses a specialized chip solder for attaching the post with the hearing or with the base. The application of the flux is more important in the situation because the flow should be perfect between both metals.

It’s not just these designs there is also another who likes finding that is commonly attached to the drop design earring or other earring designs. These hooks are attached through soldered jump rings. Either way, a proper soldering technique is essential for making the perfect earring design. Without the post, the earring will not be completed. Soldering earrings requires a lot of precision and only the experts can do them.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading manufacturers of earrings in the country. We are mainly involved in manufacturing the gemstone earring with the help of our main manufacturing unit. We have always been well known for our customized earrings. Being one of the best manufacturing companies in the country we have always managed to create the best designs. DWS Jewellery is also well known for having a separate factory unit that has been constantly involved in repair works and damage control. So if you have any issue with the product you can contact us for repairing the damage and providing you with the best possible designs. We have a separate unit for soldering and other manufacturing-related technology. For more designs, you can visit our shop or website.

Soldering Brass Pendant Jewelry

The brass pendants have been gaining more popularity these days and hence the manufacturing rate has been increasing considerably. This is because the price of the metal is low and the designs produced are antique in nature with a perfect brass finish giving it a glow at the end. Wearing them makes the person feel authentic and the designs suit all types of costumes. Because of this particular requirement, the usage of pendants has been increasing day by day. Most modern women prefer purchasing a pendant with authentic designs like the antic models, modern designs with gemstones embedded in them, and these statement designs. When it comes to statement jewelry one of the widest selling products in this particular area is the pendants. But while creating statement jewelry it will be a common requirement to join two or three designs together.

While there are certain designs with a simple single metal some of the statement jewelry designs come in the form of multiple metals that require a unique soldering technique called the sweat soldering technique. In this particular technique, certain parts of the metal are initially soldered and then they are combined with the other metal and heated all together to provide a good combination and precision.

This type of soldering requires a proper factory setup and experience because even slight damage will melt the entire design together since it involves heating the entire design. Normally when there is gemstone involved in this designing process it is always a better option to remove them before processing. These designs fit the gemstones at the end and not in the front.

The next important soldering technique that is involved in the Brass jewelry pendant is the attachment of the findings. After designing the pendant a hook-like structure will be attached at the backside of the pendant to make a perfect connection with the chain. If the hook is closed the chain can be attached easily by inserting them through the loop and if the finding is in the form of a hook then they can be easily hanged and tightened. Because of this main reason, the soldering should be done perfectly because the entire weight of the pendant is balanced by that single hook. Even a single mistake in soldering will result in breakage and sometimes people might lose the pendant when they are outside. So for safety purposes and designing purposes soldering technique is essential when it comes to the pendant.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading manufacturers in the country with a good manufacturing unit. We have our very own set of factories, designers, and manufacturing units for performing everything regarding the manufacturing of jewelry. If you are interested you can combine with our designer to create customized designs.

Soldering Brass Necklace Jewelry

One of the most famous designs that have been revolving in the market when it comes to brass metal is the necklace. There are a variety of necklace designs available including modern and antique designs. Modern designs involve a wide range of collections including the statement model and also other designs like flowers and geometrical patterns. When it comes to modern designs the necklaces are beautiful and sometimes they are also available in simple designs. These simple designs are essential for wearing along with the traditional Sarees during college functions and other simple functions. One of the most common designs in the necklace area is the multiple chain design where multiple chains are attached together to form a haram and appearance.

This particular chain requires a lot of manufacturing and soldering techniques to bring the design together. After manufacturing the chain the first step is to combine all of them and place them on the centerpiece. Then the chain is soldered to the centerpiece by providing extensive heat and solder. Normally when you are soldering and brass jewelry using brass solder is the best option. This particular decision will be useful because it will allow you to hide the soldered part and make them blend in.

It’s not just this particular design there are also a variety of other models that require soldering techniques for manufacturing. The statement jewelry models which are famous all over the world require a proper sweat soldering technique. So various techniques of brass soldering are essential to make a final product outcome.

When it comes to bridal jewelry most of the jewels have a lot of intricate works embedded within them. The gemstones will be held perfectly using various techniques and sometimes soldering is also used for locking the gemstones permanently within the jewelry. Most necklaces have a simple who likes finding combined with jump rings. These jump rings have the ability to increase the length of the necklace or decrease them according to the person’s wish. So if you are interested in increasing the length of the necklace you can repair them by attaching the jump rings and soldering them to the design. There are also certain solder flow jump rings in the market. These rings can be just simply heated and attached together rather than using a separate solder.

Soldering Brass Cuff Jewelry

Cuff jewelry which is otherwise known as bangle bracelets is a more famous design and they do not have the requirement of a finding. They are bangles that are not attached to each other at the end. These designs have been gaining more popularity nowadays with both men and women. Most of the men prefer using a simple plain brass cuff design that provides an authentic bad boy look to the hand. They make your hand look handsome and by increasing the outer shining capacity they can also be worn as a formal accessory to your office. It might seem like a simple design but even when it comes to women’s jewelry there is some intricate craftsmanship involved.

All the cuff jewels have a soft end that prevents the person from wearing the Jewel from getting hurt. These ends are either handcrafted or soldered to provide a soft finish. Also when it comes to statement cuff jewelry it is a major requirement to have a perfect finish at the end. The normal soldering technique will be more efficient for these requirements but if necessary they can be combined with the Sweat soldering technique for providing a perfect finish.

These cuff jewelry designs are mainly used by women during Grand functions and sometimes they are also used as daily wear. The simple bracelets with minute gemstones and Designs are suitable for regular usage. But sometimes these cuff bracelets are available in the form of amulets and some larger designs that can be used only for Grand functions to provide a specific look to your saree and other traditional wears. Depending upon the type of jewelry you are choosing your costumes should be perfect with each other so that they complement it as a pair.

Soldering Brass Rings

Similar to the process of soldering earrings the Rings also play an important role in creating the final output. When you are designing a ring the ends of them should be soldered together to provide a perfect design. But sometimes it will be impossible to make a perfect finish if you are not experienced. Soldering the ring is the basic practice undergone by the goldsmith for mastering the art of soldering. It’s not just for manufacturing the ring the soldering technique is also used for repairing the rings while decreasing or increasing their size. So either way, it is essential. If you are planning on increasing or decreasing the size of the Ring the first step is to make a cut in the middle.

The metal piece is then inserted between the cut and soldering is done for increasing the size. While a certain amount of metal piece is reduced or removed and then soldering is done for reducing the ring size. In both these techniques soldering is common and they should be done in a thin manner so that it will not be visible to normal eyes. After completing the process the design is exposed to the pickle solution and then they are refined using sandpaper and other filing techniques.

Soldering Brass Bangles Jewelry

Despite the increase in modern jewelry designs like bracelets and cuff bangles people still prefer purchasing the traditional bangles because they are beautiful to look at and provide a rich look to the women while wearing them. It’s not just the women but men who also prefer wearing the plain metal bangles as a form of a bracelet to provide a unique style on their behalf. In this current generation, most of the women wear three fore bearing bangle designs that are of low weight and have a professional design. Most of these requirements are achieved in unique modern fashion jewelry designs. Nowadays women have started using bangles along with their modern attires like skirts and jeans materials. Depending upon the design of the bangle the usage can be determined.

Brass bangles have been gaining more popularity day by day and people have been preparing this design Over The Other gold and silver designs mainly because of the price. It’s not just about the rich looks anymore. Good looks are more important than the value of the jewelry we are wearing and hence women prefer purchasing a good design rather than a valuable design.

Wearing a brass bangle will increase the immunity of the body and most of the brass bangle will be dipped in gold or silver. So the process of oxidation will not take place and prevents your hand from getting green while wearing them. So under these circumstances, the only thing you have to look for is the design and how they are manufactured. The best option for manufacturing these brass bangles is the normal molding technique combined with soldering for providing the final touches. When there is an issue with the quality of the bangle or damage to them they can be easily remolded by using the soldering technique in the market.

Soldering brass jewelry can be easily done by using the regular soldering technique or sometimes using the sweat soldering technique. This particular technique is mainly used for soldering brass to Silver. The soldering technique is preferred mostly because it avoids the heat spreading to the Silver medal while combining the brass and silver.

Beautiful Modern Designs

When it comes to bangles there are two major differences between the designs: the modern design and the other is the traditional design. While modern designs are some of the most famous designs like geometrical shapes, loops, and things that are easy on the eyes. They can be worn for regular day-to-day activities including for the office. Most of the modern designs are available in the market in most of the shops but only in gold and silver. Only certain shops have the ability to design bangles made up of Copper and brass mixed with silver for providing a perfect unique effect. Some of the modern bangle designs have gemstones embedded in them but most of them do not have gemstones. When you are choosing a modern design bangle make sure that you pair it up with the best accessories that will make the entire design look beautiful.

Most of the modern design bangles are available in multiple combinations especially in the area of shading. For example, there are modern bangles made up of brass and silver, brass and gold, and brass coated with a variety of colors including rose gold and white gold. All these designs are done for providing the proper effect and since these mixed bangles are more famous it is also essential for you to learn how they are manufactured especially the process of soldering. Practically it is impossible to manufacture both brass and silver together in a single mold. Hence the designs are prepared sprightly and soldered together to form the final product design. The combining part requires a good soldering technique. Using the sweat soldering technique, soldering brass to sterling silver is easier and more efficient.

The main aim of the brides is to purchase suitable jewelry for marriage without spending a lot of money. Most of the marriage jewelry cannot be used again and again they are larger in size and not suitable for other normal functions. Since it is a one-time thing spending a lot of money will not be suitable for the bride. So under such situations using a copper-based bangle design will allow you to enjoy a perfect set of bangles that you can purchase for your marriage. Instead of purchasing a single gold bangle, you can complete the entire shopping for your engagement, mehndi, sangeet, and reception with a low budget and still have some money left for marriage.

But finding a suitable bangle for your special day will be difficult especially if you are searching for a unique design. In such situations purchasing them from DWS Jewellery will be a suitable option. The brides can design their customized bangles from our shop located in Rajasthan. You can either order them through an online portal or you can visit our shop directly if you are near us.

We have our very own manufacturing unit that specializes in manufacturing the designs by ourselves. So all your designs can be easily manufactured in our unit and they can also be altered in the future according to your wish with the help of our special repair factory that expertise in soldering and various other repair techniques.