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Natural Citrine Gemstone Handmade Twisted Silver Cuff Bangle


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Rectangular Rainbow Moon Stone Set Fine Sterling Silver Cuff


Silver Drop Earrings With Amethyst Tumble Unshape Stone


Sterling Silver Earrings With Strawberry Quartz Plain Fancy


Sterling Silver Earring With Aquamarine Cabushion Stone

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Black Onyx Set Pendant And Gold On Sterling Silver Necklace


Sterling Silver Earrings With Pink Tourmaline Round Cut


Sterling Silver Crown Ring With Pink And White Topaz Stone


Sterling Silver White Ring With Arizona Turquoise And Topaz


Sterling Silver Bangle With Zircon Blue Sapphire Round Cut


Silver Ring With Arizona Turquoise And White Topaz

Reliable Jewelry Company In India

Recently people are looking forward to purchasing jewelry in bulk, especially for fashion designs. There are multiple models available in the market, but the question lies with “where to buy them?” There is a simple answer which is nothing but DWS shop. This jewelry company in India has a wide range of collections that comprise metals. From gold to copper, customers can purchase the jewels from the shop. The customers will not have the requirement to rethink their jewelry since they are of excellent quality. Reliability is one of the most important factors when you are trying to purchase a jewelry item. DWS understands this requirement and provides a product of high quality.


To gain trust it has become quite essential to provide certificates and other forms of assurances for the clients. We at DWS value your though and hence every piece of jewel design we own are manufactured in our factory for a cheap price. We filled our manufacturing unit with expert technicians who can manufacture the products but preposition and quality. The jewelry company in Jaipur uses the best form of Machines based upon the latest technology. Our expert stands design products using both handcrafting techniques and machine crafting techniques.
To prove the quality of the product, we have to make sure that everything is certified with the required content. From metal cast making to the ending process of cleaning, we regularly test the collections before placing them on display. If there is any damage to the product in the future, our experts will be happy to repair them with no trace of damage. Our customers can rely on the products in terms of quality and Designs. We can test the quality of the metals in a short time. But it is impossible to test the quality of the gemstone after they are fixed within jewelry. So assuring the customers about the quality of the product we test, and provide certificates for them.


Understanding the customers we have both standard and bridal collections. The bridal collections comprise a complete set of necklaces, rings, hip chains, and bangles. To make them look more beautiful for an affordable price, they offer multiple gold-plated fashion jewelry items that are not this beautiful but embedded with pure quality gemstones. They also include a collection of gorgeous pendants made up of simple and gem-based designs. The chains are also available in silver, brass, and copper. They are durable and can last for a lifetime.
DWS shop has a unique collection of jewelry items that are manufactured by expert craft workers. We have a team of well-experienced designers in the latest trends. They can offer you designs that can imitate your desires. They are natural and willing to sit for hours to create a design that you desire. We have displayed the collections on our mobile application and also on our online website. We have taken the images under natural lighting, and hence the quality and the design will be the same. Now customers can purchase them even through online mode for making it easier on the other side.

Brass Jewelry Company In Sitapura Industrial Area

Brass is a unique metal that was initially used for making ornaments and other substances. Some people have a belief in their system that using this metal might change the color of the skin. But in reality, it is just an oxidation reaction. Wearing this metal is good for your health, and they remove the impurities in the blood. They also have the power to ward off the negative energy in the surrounding space. People use this metal in making a wide range of statement jewelry, and the designs are more authentic and antique. If you are interested in this product, we can immediately complete the purchase in some showrooms like DWS. As a leading brass jewelry company, the collections are unique and perfect.

Beautiful Necklaces

Our showroom is in Jaipur Rajasthan and displays a wide range of collections in brass. The necklace designs with gemstones embedded in them have attracted a vast range of customers. The jewels also include a range of bridal sets that the brides can wear for the reception. A wide range of gemstones like the Sapphire, Ruby, and Emeralds are being used for producing perfect designs. People can usually combine these necklaces with traditional wear. There are also some modern designs available with us that are suitable for parties and other casual occasions. Customers can combine these necklaces with brass bracelets and other jewelry items made up of the same metal.
To ensure the quality of each model, we have our very own factory. Our designer tests the designs before delivery. Then we manufacture them in the factory either through machines or through handcrafting technology. The models are precise and quality tested before being sent to the customers. People can view the collections on websites and mobile applications.

Boutique Jewelry Company In Sitapura Industrial Area

The development in the fashion industry has nowadays increased the requirement for unique jewelry. This condition is not available in usual jewelry showrooms. So if you are looking for a perfect shop that sells a variety of fashion jewelry designs then, DWS is the best choice for you. In Jaipur Rajasthan, this boutique jewelry company has a wide range of collections.
Right from the silver chains to advanced gemstone necklaces, their collection is gorgeous. Unlike other shops, they do not purchase the designs from others for selling. By understanding the customers, they have constantly believed in providing the perfect designs. These models suit the trend and the style of the customers. In order to meet such requirements, the showroom has a separate factory with all the modern equipment necessary to keep the love for jewelry alive.

Exotic Showroom

The shop has multiple designs like necklaces, chains, earrings, bracelets, and rings. They are available in plain metal designs and also as designs with gemstones embedded and them. They comprise multiple metals ranging from silver to brass to make the final output perfect and unique. If the customers are not interested in the displayed collections, they can always place a customized order. The expert designers and craft workers are well equipped to create a final product that will meet your dreams. The collection also includes a wide range of complete bridal sets and engagement jewelry that can make the bride and groom appear good on the year’s special day. Now you can propose to your loved ones with these Exotic gemstone embedded rings with black diamonds in them. We have made sure that every single design created by us is unique and perfect for your requirements. For more details, customers can log in to their website or install the mobile application.

Diamond Jewelry Company In Sitapura Industrial Area

Diamond is one of the most valuable and preferred gemstones in the country. Sometimes in marriages, women prefer everything to be in the diamond. It is not just for the product price, but the stone has a specific Shine and quality that none of the Other gemstones have. So to make it attractive, they are embedded in beautiful jewelry sets. Maintaining this gemstone is also easy and can be worn regularly in your day-to-day life.
DWS shop is a leading diamond jewelry company that offers a wide range of beautiful collections with this stone. The designers have created some of the best designs in the country. They have used both white and black gemstones to make them more attractive. Right from antique pieces to the latest modern where the collection has no bounds.

Shine Your Way

If you are looking for a simple regular, then our shop has a collection of beautiful and simple earrings, pendants, and chains to go along with that. Women can also purchase simple bracelet designs they can wear as regular models. Sometimes, for certain occasions, it is necessary to appear grand. To make it more beautiful, women can purchase top-quality necklaces present in fusion and antique models. The bangles are available with various types of stones in different sizes. Every single stone is well tested and of original quality. They have high-quality color grades with multiple inclusions to prove the originality.
The product listings are available on our mobile application and also on the website. For more details and to have clear view customers can also visit our shop in Jaipur. The customers can also place customized orders if they are interested in a particular design.

Fashion Jewelry Company In Sitapura Industrial Area

With the latest trends, the fashionista has placed the recent focus on lightweight models. They are unique, and people nowadays prefer them for office. Most of the youngsters who are going to colleges and offices are interested in such models. They are not flashy, but yet the designs are unique, making them more beautiful than ever. If you are interested in purchasing such a wonderful collection, then DWS is the best choice. With the help of experts in the designer industry and high-quality machinery, they have set up a perfect fashion jewelry company in Jaipur.

Options For You

Every single design requires a twist, and the designers have provided that in all of their collections. We have fused the most beautiful antique jewels available in the shop with some modern designs to go well with the current fashion. The bridal collection is available in multiple metals and gemstones so that the brides can have an option while they try to choose. People who are in love with antique jewelry can purchase from DWS to ensure quality at affordable prices. DWS shop has crafted every single product using both machine-made and handcrafting technology. Some gemstones are embedded using suitable techniques based upon the designs. We test the products before we display them for show.
If there is any damage to the jewelry in the future, they have their factory e to repair them. They provide an appearance like the original one, with no sign of damage. DWS jewelry is an end-to-end solution for all requirements related to jewels that people can use for regular wear and other occasions.

Gemstone Jewelry Company In Sitapura Industrial Area

Gemstones have recently become one of the best fashion trends in the industry. With the rising importance given to antique jewelry, people are also slightly leaning towards gemstone embedded jewels. They are not just beautiful but also increase the richness of the product you are purchasing. Most of the brides nowadays prefer such collections to make their marriage appear more beautiful and extraordinary. DWS is one of the leading gemstone jewelry companies in the country, with unique collections that support both traditional and fusion wear. Most of the gemstone-based jewels are acquainted with traditional wear. The shop has created a revolution by creating modern jewels, with beautiful gemstones between them.
Every single product is quality tested, and we deliver them to the customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Shining Collections For You

Understanding the need of the current generation of youngsters, DWS has introduced a line of modern jewelry designs with gems embedded in them. The statement jewelry earrings and rings also have such collections to make them look more beautiful. Every single product is unique and gorgeous. People can use the simple single stone designs for regular wear, while we can use the Grand designs with multiple stones embedded in them for marriages. Brides mostly preferred stones like emerald and Ruby that can go well along with their bridal costumes.
DWS also displayed the collection on mobile applications, and customers can place orders through them. We introduced this application into the market to ensure that women can purchase their hearts’ wishes from the comfort of their own home.

Silver Jewelry Company In Sitapura Industrial Area

It’s not just the women, but men who also love to have a unique set of jewelry. Even gold is a favorite color man, mostly prefer silver as they provide a funky look. The youngsters nowadays and even the professionals prefer silver jewelry items that will make them look different. DWS is a perfect silver jewelry company where you can complete your purchases. The shop offered exclusive jewelry using experts who are motivated to provide technically strong products with quality that the customers will prefer.

A Gift For Men

Women can purchase the best gift for their men without thinking twice. You can choose bracelet collections made up of gorgeous designs that are both modern and funky. Instead of giving a normal Rakhi, sisters can now provide a bracelet Rakhi for their brothers with love and care.
Along with the recent collections, the shop also includes a wide range of chains. The pendant collection also includes modern designs like one with the gemstones and another tag-like design. If you are religious, then you can choose the pendants with idols on them. The collections are unique, and both men and women can visit the shop to look at them. If the jewel you are searching for is not available, then you can have a detailed discussion with the experts for a customized design. Whatever you choose, DWS has it all.

Traditional Jewelry Company In Sitapura Industrial Area

The traditional designs cannot be restricted to a single model or a type. Even during the past, the beauty of these jewels varied every 100 years. There are different types of traditional jewelry available like the temple set, tribal set, Mughal set, etc. Purchasing or even finding all these designs in a single place can be challenging. But DWS is a leading traditional jewelry company that offers a wide range of collections that can be gorgeous and hot. These collections can be rich looking, and people can wear them along with beautiful sarees and lehengas. You can also combine antique pendants with modern costumes like salwar.
DWS has made sure that every design is perfect and has a nice finish to it. Customers can view the collections in our mobile application if they are staying away from our shop.

Earrings And Necklaces

When it comes to earrings, there are many options available in the market. Some of them are large but make your facial structure appear more beautiful. The collections in DWS are gorgeous, and you can use them regularly. The temple set pendants are not just good, but they are also rich looking, and the brides can wear them. They are also available in necklace forms to provide a much better look on the brides. This jewel goes well with the bridal sarees in red.
There are also other designs available within the shop that you can purchase. If the designs are not satisfactory, our designers are willing to work with you to create the design which is in your mind. The customers can either visit our shop or access our shop through the websites.

Copper Jewelry Company In Sitapura Industrial Area

Copper is a metal that people use for making parts and kitchen utensils. They are medicinally perfect and remove the impurities in the body. Every single household has a copper pot for holding water, as they can be healthy. The quality of jewelry made up of this metal is also quite similar. The designs comprise high-quality metal with gemstones embedded within them.
DWS has its own set of factories with machines that are suitable for manufacturing jewels. This copper jewelry company has a unique collection of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and bangles. DWS has a wide range of models that are suitable for both men and women. The tribal necklaces can look more authentic with these modern designs.

Statement Collections

When you are looking for a unique collection of pieces, statement weathering can be a perfect choice. These jewels have unique designs that are suitable for constant daily usage. There are many earrings that people can combine with choker necklaces or pair them alone for an off-shoulder dress. We offer you a variety of designs that you can share with any other necklaces or costumes. Now women can purchase these unique designs for an affordable price when compared with other elements like gold. The designers are well experienced in the current fashion trend, making it easier for them to provide the latest fashion.
Our shop collections are available in mobile applications and websites for people living away from our shop in Jaipur. Women can easily purchase for a low price without worrying about the quality.