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Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine- as the name suggests, bears the color of seawater. The stone belongs to the category of Beryl gemstone family. As astrologists say, Aquamarine is the birthstone for the people who are born in the month of March. The origin of the word Aquamarine is the Latin word for seawater i.e. aqua Latin for water and mare Latin for sea. Its color ranges from light blue color to deep blue color as it contains small amount of iron also.

Aquamarine has been in existence since ancient times. Those days in 19th century, the sea green color varieties of gemstone were highly popular and in great demand. On the contrary, in present times, gemstones of blue color are quite popular and in high demand. The more the blue color, it's costlier the more. Long back in the year 1910, as per the records available, the largest ever aquamarine was available in Brazil. It weighed around 243 pounds as per the records. Later the authorities ordered to cut the entire stone into small pieces.


Aquamarine gemstone was the favorite stone of Sumerians and Egyptians. They had the belief that this stone was the symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. William Langland's has mentioned that Aquamarine gemstone used to work as antidote for poison. It was quite popular as antidote for poison in the entire Europe. As during those days, poisoning was a common kind of practice amongst Royalty. Hence, this was in popular demand for this purpose. When it comes to the writers of the middle age, they opined that Aquamarine was quite popular as oracle crystal. People used to think that this was a perfect stone for fortune telling. There were several popular methods of using the stone for this purpose.


There are a number of myths prevailing about the Aquamarine gemstone. In ancient times, Romans had the myth that if the figure of a frog was carved on the Aquamarine gemstone, it was beneficial to convert enemies into friends. It had the power to resolve the issues with the enemies. Another opinion that prevails about the aquamarine gemstone is that it does miracles in love. Furthermore, as per some other theory, Aquamarine gemstone was supposed to be the best gift to the bride by the groom after the marriage. On the contrary, Romans and Greeks had belief that Aquamarine gemstone would ensure safe journey for the sailors across stormy seas as it was believed to have the feature of calming the ocean. As per the common belief, the stone was helpful in awarding the soldier as invincible.

There are many more interesting features of aquamarine gemstone as mentioned by various sources. Furthermore, as the folklore mentions, Aquamarine gemstone would help in bringing victory in battles. This would also help in favoring legal disputes. It was also helpful in bringing the rain in the area. Another important usage was to bring relief to various kinds of pain and also cure laziness. Pliny, the renowned philosopher, stated this stone as “the lovely aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house, in the depths of a summer sea, has charms not to be denied."


Aquamarine gemstone bears several healing properties and also contained magical elements. The gemstone has the power to cause the positive effects on the wearer. The attributes of the Aquamarines were first noticed by Damigeron in the second century BC. As the myth prevailed, if the stone was put into water and used for drinking purpose, it was good enough for every kind of diseases as well as eye diseases. In fact, this was considered as an excellent cure for eye diseases if eyes are washed with the water in which the stone was immersed. It was recommended even for serious eye diseases to the extent that it was curable if the powder of the gem was placed in eyes in the morning time.

As per another mythology of Ancient Romans, this was also quite effective in curing the troubles of throat, stomach, liver, jaws and tooth aches. Modern healers believe that this stone is a good aid in fluid retention, looking at its water association. Besides, they also believe that this stone also helps in glandular disorders. In addition to this, Aquamarine gemstone also held magical elements. If anybody had hiccups, this was curable with the water immersed with Aquamarine.


If you want to change the color to the permanent aquamarine blue color, the stones are heated up to 400-450 degree C. We need to be very careful while heating the gemstone. It may become colorless if the stone is overheated. If at all, you want its color to be deeper, it is possible with the enhancement of radiation. Maxixe. A rarely available stone and which has deep blue color is said to have derived its deep blue color from natural radiation. Although, its color tends to fade away with the exposure to daylight.


In today's time, the maximum quantity of Aquamarine deposits is available in Brazil. At the same time, it is also available in Urals Mountains of Russia. It is also available in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia etc. Besides, dark blue color of the stone is also available in Madasgascar.


Aquamarine jewelry shines with a calm and consistent light blue. Basically, Aquamarine gemstone is hard in nature. Hence, it's possible to carve any type of jewelry out of this stone. Various types of jewelry such as rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and many more items are possible to craft with this gemstone. If we talk about the cost of the stone, we find that Aquamarine is costlier than Blue Topaz. Although,  it is cheaper than Emerald and Bixbite.


It's very important to know how to handle and take care of your Aquamarine gemstone jewelry. Simply clean your items with plain and Luke warm soapy water and an old tooth brush. After cleaning the jewelry with soapy water, you should wash it with plain water and rinse it properly. We should not use detergents to wash the items as this may cause allergic reactions.


DWS JEWELLERY has been in existence since more than a decade. We have been adding the beauty of nature to the beauty of women through our unique designs of jewelry of various gemstones including Aquamarine gemstone. Our company aims at giving the beholder an expression of grand personality through a wide choice of colorful gems. DWS Jewellery has its office and works based in Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan in India. We have put tremendous endless efforts in making our Company a Brand across the world. As is evident from our high quality gemstone products, we make our products precisely.

Our team of expert people is always on the move to explore more and more and keep updated on the latest trends in fashion. Customer satisfaction, Customer Service, and Quality product have been our major objectives throughout all these years. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive. In addition to this, our units have the full capacity to produce any number of requirements of the clients. DWS has the back up of style, quality, innovation, and price. Amethyst gemstone jewelry, semi-precious stones jewelry have been our trademarks in fashion jewelry. Our jewelry allows you to wear the jewelry as per any occasion and you shall look outstanding in the whole crowd.


Right from the concept to the final craft and creation, our expert team members take care of bringing the uniqueness in designs as per the latest trend. We bring out the excellence and the best creativity in designs. We always focus on providing the quality craftsmanship at competitive prices.  We take pride to mention that we excel in all kinds of jewelry manufacturing. When we talk about fashion jewelry, we are popular as outstanding Aquamarine Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and also as other metals and semi-precious gemstones jewelry manufacturer. During last one decade, we have been able to attain our brand value on international level, especially in the US and Europe.


The company has launched the complete range of fashion jewelry designs. We ensure to produce the fashion jewelry so as to comply with the high standards of our esteemed clients. We have a complete team of experts and the brainy creative people. The craftsmanship of our specialists is unique of its kind. At DWS Jewelry, most of the designs begin with the idea followed by translating the idea into reality. Artisans design each and every design quite carefully while keeping in mind the choice of the clients all over the world. A thorough system of quality analysis prevails right from raw material selection to final production. Hence, the final outcome is exquisite in looks. Our specialty is our inexpensive wholesale jewelry items. We are exporting our jewelry to various nations.


In the conclusion, after having gone through the above, we may say that Aquamarine is one of the best kinds of gemstone to make fashion jewelry. The stone has various salient features in all the respects. Aquamarine is a highly effective gemstone with the unique kind of natural colorful beauty. Aquamarine Gemstone jewelry is not only awesome, colorful, outstanding and unique but has a lot of metaphysical and healing properties.

Aquamarine Jewelry Wholesaler

Aquamarine gemstone is one of the most famous stones widely used in the area of jewelry designing and for lack related purposes. When it comes to aquamarine, the price range may vary depending upon the color. While one model is in ocean blue color, another model comes with a bluish-green combination. The blueish-green combination is more rain, and hence their price range is also higher. To improve its popularity, most of the showrooms nowadays use an artificial stone similar to the original one but still lacks the original's crystal power. So when you are purchasing such a product, the best option is to go for an aquamarine jewelry wholesaler shop like DWS.

The designs are available in the shop are unique and personally made by the manufacturing unit that belongs to the shop. The collections are available as single pieces and as a complete set, allowing the customers to have vast choices. The gemstones that are used in the jewelry are of high quality and belongs to the pure form. So people buying from DWS can be confident about the quality.

Beautiful Bangles For Women

Most women have a special attachment with their bangles because of age beauty. But if they are searching for a gemstone embedded bangle, then DWS can be a perfect choice. The shop has a wide range of aquamarine bangles collection that are not just beautiful but also rich-looking. These models can be combined with other simple designs and worn for reception by the bride. The bright blue and bluish-green color makes it impossible for people not to notice, and hence they will make the right bridal jewelry.

The collections do not stop with a simple bangle design. Along with these designs, DWS also has a collection of bracelets, rings, and necklaces. If you are interested in looking at the designs, people can generally choose the website or mobile application to view them from the comfort of their home. The bright can also place customized orders through the online website. The designers are open for discussion, and the factory is ready to manufacture customized designs.

Aquamarine Jewelry Exporter

Aquamarine is a stone that has gained more popularity in recent years. Most people prefer purchasing such original quality stones to obtain the complete power and enjoy quality. These stones are available throughout the world, but only individual shops offer the actual quality gemstone. To make it more accessible, many shops have been exporting the designed pieces to people all over the world. When it comes to two rings, both men and women are interested in trying new designs. There are various designs available in the DWS shop as they are one of the leading aquamarine jewelry exporter in the country.

Beautiful Ring Designs

Women love wearing a variety of rings, especially when it comes to statement jewelry. Recently with the development of fashion, the requirement for statement jewelry has been increasing. At DWS, we have a collection of aquamarine statement rings unique and can be worn individually without any other jewels. It's not just for women, but men can also wear these rings to gain positive energy and remove Evil. Manufacturing Jewellery items using this particular stone is pretty easy, but the shop should have a specific unit for manufacturing such designs.

At DWS, we offer a variety of customized designs to ensure equality and satisfy your needs. Our designers are experts in creating statement rings and other standard models that women can use worldwide. It does not matter whether you live within the country or outside. All you need to do is visit our website and place a customized order and pictures to prepare the design. Once the ring is ready, it will be automatically exported to your home.

Aquamarine Jewelry Factory

With the increase in demand for various gemstones, the showrooms have been trying to get a hold of original quality stones that fit their users' requirements. Among the collection, aquamarine plays an essential role because of their beautiful vibrant color and the healing properties they have within themselves. DWS has a separate aquamarine jewelry factory dedicated to creating gemstones based jewelry designs. The factory is a unique collection of machinery that supports both artificial and handmade manufacturing techniques. Along with this, the shop has a team of salespersons, designers, and craftsmen who are talented at manufacturing their jewelry-collections.

Gorgeous Set

Wearing a simple but yet beautiful necklace set can complete the look of the entire outfit. Necklace birthday gemstone is more inspiring, especially if it is the aquamarine model. The beautiful blue stones placed evenly on the jewel will provide a unique look. This particular stone is mainly used in statement jewelry for a perfect appearance at the end. At the DWS shop, there is a wide range of necklace collections, including simple Haram, pendant-based necklace, choker, other designs that have an antique look with the modern gemstone embedded in them.

Regardless of the design, the price is reasonable, and people can purchase through the online website. The factory has all the facilities required to create customized designs for the customers. So if interested the customers can contact the designers for further move.

Aquamarine Jewelry Supplier

Purchasing a gift for your friend can be quite challenging because of the multiple choices available in the market. Jewelry can be the right choice, but clients should select the design properly. If you are looking for a design that will spread positive energy, then a gemstone embedded aquamarine jewelry piece will be the right choice. Sometimes a statement necklace can also be useful. A proper fusion of antique design with modern gems will also be a suitable choice, especially with this beautiful bluestone. If you are gifting jewel for women, it was always good to purchase as a complete set.

The best choice for men is to go for a bracelet or ring, depending upon their style. DWS has a collection of aquamarine-based Jewels for both men and women. Being one of the leading aquamarine jewelry suppliers, DWS has always managed to create unique designs that will be good for most people.

Customized Designs

The DWS shop comes along with a unique setup of a factory located in Rajasthan. The factory is filled with expert craftsmen who have enough experience to design both modern and antique designs through an advanced mold system. There are a collection of craftsmen who are well equipped in handcrafting. With the help of this complete setup, the jewelry can offer customized designs for the customers. Some people might not understand the requirement for personalized designs. In reality, only people trying to give the best jewelry item or a bride can understand the necessity for such designs. As a leading jewelry shop, we understand your needs, and hence you can provide the best gift for both men and women through our customized section.

Every design is unique, and along with it, the stone sets up a perfect look for this customized model. The customers can visit us on our website, mobile application, and shop directly. The entire collection is displayed on the online portals for easy purchase.

Aquamarine Jewelry Maker

Aquamarine is a stone that has gained more popularity in recent years. There are a variety of models available in the market. This particular stone can be used as a larger model and a smaller model depending upon the requirement. For example, suppose you are interested in purchasing a unique yet straightforward bracelet. In that case, you can automatically go for the advanced model that comes with a single large stone in the center surrounded by unique designs. There are also bracelets with small-sized gems embedded in them. But for purchasing such bracelets or any other jewelry for that matter, the shop should excel in designing and manufacturing. DWS is an independent shop located in Rajasthan. This shop is well known Aquamarine jewelry maker with its own manufacturing unit.

Beautiful Modern Collections

When it comes to jewelry, there are a variety of designs available. Even though most people prefer traditional jewelry for an authentic look, modern designs are more famous. When it comes to regular usage, the trendy, especially bracelets and pendants, are more preferred by women worldwide. Wearing a simple pendant with this particular gemstone embedded in them will provide an authentic look. It's not just simple but also accurate and suitable for grand occasions. The single and multiple stone pendant designs are famous, and they give an elegant look. Wearing the traditional pendants in silver with this stone in the center will offer an authentic look. It does not matter what you wear, and the shop always has a collection suitable for everything.

Customers can order Customized designs for all types of jewelry. The customer can either place the order by sending a picture or by creating the designs with the designers' help after hearing the customer's requirement.

Aquamarine Jewelry Manufacturer

Most of the shops nowadays have their very own manufacturing unit. That in such cases, one thing needs to be taken into account. Most of these manufacturers use a combination of gold only. But currently, fashion jewelry designs have gained a future reputation in the market. Finding a manufacturer who sells fashion jewelry might be a bit difficult since it is an emerging business. When you are trying to purchase high-quality jewelry, the aquamarine stone will be a suitable choice. This particular stone has gained massive popularity because of its unique color. The bluish-green tint has made it a huge success among women who prefer fashion models.

DWS jewelry is one of the leading Aquamarine jewelry manufacturers in the country that has created many designs. When it comes to unique designs in fashion, DWS plays a considerable role.

Beautiful Earrings

The earrings are the highlights of a persons' attire. Women might go for a no earring look a few times among the line. But recently, the usage of statement earrings has altered the fashion world for a just earring look. These looks are gaining more popularity, and they are not just suitable for statement earrings but also for other designs like the jhumkas and the chandeliers. These designs are manufactured in the separate manufacturing unit of DWS. There are a variety of designs available with the Aquamarine stone embedded in them. The earrings are not just beautiful. They also can alter the entire grandeur if worn.

People can customize these earrings according to your wish. If you are interested, DWS offers you the best setup for ordering the customized models either directly through the shop or the website. The website provides a wide range of collections that can be delivered through online orders. The shop also sports unique mobile applications that include the collections. So now everyone has access to such unique collections.

Take A Look At This Aquamarine Jewelry And Get Ready To Pamper Your Imagination

Take Your Pick From The Latest Collection Of Bangles

The demand for bangles has never been diminished. Since time immemorial, people's love for bangle remains constant. Almost all the ethnicity across the globe prefers to wear intricately designed bangles. Hopefully, you are not an exception in this regard. And if so, chances are you have been looking for a dazzling piece of these ornaments for you or your loved one. How about a nicely crafted Bangle using aquamarine? Well, hopefully, this is the stone that suits your persona perfectly. Ranging from bluish-green to blue, this is the stone that has been named after seawater. Considered a March birthstone, this gem can make visible changes in your life. This turquoise stone looks perfect as you wear them on your favorite bling. Who doesn't know the benefits of meditation? But if you are a beginner who would like to sense some real change while practicing ancient yoga, the aquamarine stone could be your best ally. This is the stone that can calm your mind and body effortlessly. So, along with getting the benefits of this stone, you can carry yourself with style. DWS is the leading Aquamarine Bangle Manufacturer. Here they produce classy bling that can showcase your true self. Every adornment has been going through a stringent quality checks at every step of the process. Whether handcrafted or designer, you would find all sorts of bangles at the most reasonable price. Browse through the endless collection to find your favorite bangle or else go for a customized option to showcase something that you cherish.

Trendy Bracelet At A Reasonable Price

In this era of modernization, when everyone has inclined to something sleek yet fashionable jeweler, the bracelet has become the new Bangle taking over the fashion industry by Strom. Unlike bangles, you need not wear them in pairs. Instead, you can wear it on one hand and present yourself boldly. You can be the center of attraction as you put on meticulously designed bracelets. Aquamarine bracelets have become widely popular not because of their dazzling look but also their power to attune your inner energy. Resembling the color of the deep blue sea, aquamarine is a highly transparent semi-precious stone. Like blue sapphire it has all similar healing features, thus you can substitute it with aquamarine. Since ancient times, this stone has been incorporating into jewelry because of its look. In recent times, out of many gemstones, this one has become highly sought after among people who love quality jewelry. Fashion-centric people all over the world have been fascinated by the beauty of aquamarine ornaments, not to mention its healing power. Given the status of the birthstone for the month of May, wearing it can elevate your self-confidence as well as leadership skills. Quality bracelet made of this blue-stone can be the best match for anyone who wants to look sophisticated. Aquamarine Bracelet Manufacturer like DWS has been offering authentic adornment for over a decade. In their state-of-the-art manufacturing units, they produce a wide range of elegant bracelets. Popular over almost any culture, the bracelet has the power to compliment any dresses ethnic or western.

A Fine Piece Of Earrings For Sophisticated Women

A pair of earrings can give you that gorgeous look, believe it or not. But where to find uniquely designed earrings? Well, you need not look any further as DWS is here to serve you the best. This is the one-stop destination for you to find your dream jewelry. Since its inception, it has been providing classy jewelry at the most pocket-friendly prices. The world of ornament is pretty deceiving as it is not possible for most to be able to distinguish between the original and the imitation gemstone. However, being a leading jeweler, DWS, the Aquamarine Earrings Manufacturer, has become synonymous with quality. Sourcing the only authentic gem and purest pure metal, they ensure to offer top-rated quality as always. A team of artisan, who has a thorough knowledge of contemporary and traditional, comes up with the most dazzling design to wow your imagination. Every piece of earring has been painstakingly produced only to exceed your expectation. The sublime look of aquamarine stone can take you bling to the next level. The soft blue color of this stone, when cut intricately, looks absolutely stunning on earrings. If you are a person with a lack of confidence, then this would be the best choice of a gem for you to grab on to. Its immense power can change the course of your life should you incorporate it at the right time. Many have got benefits as they faithfully don an ornament embedded in this blue stone. Take your pick today to start a wonderful journey filled with joy and peace.

A Bunch Of Gorgeous Pendant And Necklace To Try Your Hands-On

The necklace is a kind of Jewry loved by all. A finely crafted necklace can bring your inner beauty flawlessly. In ancient times, people used to make an ornament out of seashell, crystal, and so many other materials. But as the time passes by thing took a radical turn. The demand for beautifully designed ornaments starts increasing. Though heavy jewelry might look elegant, it is not suitable to wear for a long time. Thus came intricately designed lightweight ornament. This range of necklaces has become everyone’s favorite choice. The work of gemstone on gold, silver, or platinum looks fabulous. But as you know, every stone has its own distinctive healing property and Aquamarine is not an exception in this regard. A semi-precious stone comes in blue color can dazzle in merriment as you wear it around your neck. Sometimes life throws curve balls and you feel all perplexed. That happiness suddenly disappears from your life. You try very hard to come out of this sudden misery. That when you need so positive power to eliminate the negative ones, confidence to banish timidity, and of course, loving support from your loved one. Just hold on to aquamarine and let the miracle happens. Take your pick from the vast range of designer ornaments from Aquamarine Pendant and Necklace Manufacturer like DWS. If you want something of your own design, then choose to customize option. Every pedant has the power to bring the inner peace that you have been looking for. You would become as the brilliant pendent dazzle creating a positive ambiance around you.

Fashionable Cuff For The Style-Conscious Lady

In recent years, the cuff bracelet has become wildly popular among style-conscious women. Because of its convenient design, it has become an on-the-go ornament. Wear it or take it off within a blink, no struggle at all. This looks really stunning and goes well with any dress you name it. DWS is the pioneering Aquamarine Cuff Manufacturer. Here at their ultra-modern manufacturing facility, they produce cutting-edge cuff while catering to the world at competitive prices. You can always expect something royal in the name of ornaments as you browse through the website or visit their shop at Sitapur Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Unique ranges of design that portray a perfect balance between tradition and modern times, that is what DWS is all about. Sell only original gemstone adornment comes with an authentication certificate, their collection of bling is worth mentioning. Aquamarine’s blue luster brings those positive vibes that you need to restore the balance within you. That long-lost confidence once radiates through you has long gone. You continually attract negative people and situations into your life. All this happens unknowingly as if a certain invisible force makes you do this. This bluestone can best suit your current situation. It brings those long-lost personalities that once attracted many. Once again, as you wear a beautifully handcrafted aquamarine cuff, your life will bloom like a flower in springtime. The marriage life on the verge of split up will get some positive momentum the moment you embrace this turquoise-colored stone.

Choose The Ring That Resonates With The Power Of The Sea

A ring can signify a lot. A small yet profound ornament that has been worn for centuries in every occasion from marriage to engagement and birthday to baby shower is nothing but ring. There are as many rings as there are people and these best suites when talked about the design it. Apart from its ceremonial value, people would love to incorporate powerful gemstones of various colors, shapes, and features into this small adornment that you wear on your finger. DWS, a renowned Aquamarine Ring Manufacturer in RIICO Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan, has come up with a plethora of rings to choose from. Use only authentic gemstone; their team of the expert designers only makes top-rated ornaments that can make a distinctive fashion icon as you wear it. The power of this gorgeous blue gemstone is well popular among people across the world. This is a type of semi-precious stone that would not cost you an arm and a leg. Therefore, you can carry yourself with style without burning holes into your pocket. From restoring confidence to eliminate negative circumstances, the aquamarine ring is powerful enough to make so many positive changes in your life. Only the naturally formed gem has the power to heal you inside out. So, one should be of utmost careful while choosing jewelry made out of this stone. But, shopping at DWS can make your purchase hassle-free. Along with a wide range of designs pamper your tastes, they also offer an authentication certificate with every adornment that you purchase here. Make sure to visit the shop today to avail the ring at a discounted price.