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Blue Topaz Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer

The world is full of natural beautiful gemstones. The mines of natural colorful stones are spread in various parts of the world since generations. These mines are the best kind of God gift to humanity. Just imagine the world of jewelry without these stones. There would be no flavor at all without these gems in jewelry. Blue Topaz is one amongst such several beautiful gemstones.

The name of Topaz has been derived from the Greek word Topaz ion. Most probably, the word Topaz ion might have originated from the Sanskrit word- Tapas which meant Fire. Another assumption says that the word might have come from an Egyptian island in the Red Sea named Topazes and now it is known as St. Johns Island. Now days, Topaz is available in Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Burma and Mexico.

Blue Topaz was a costly and rarely available stone at one point of time. Later when large deposits of the stone were discovered in Brazil in the middle of 19th century, it became quite popular and affordable as well. It was supposed to be a highly esteemed stone to the extent that it was one of the stones selected by Aaron for his priestly nameplate. The stone has become quite popular over the years in last some decades. Since generations, the blue topaz gemstones have captivated and inspired the people. Although, the ancient beliefs about Blue Topaz might be having some relevance but if we analyze them in compliance with today's times, we find its relevance and significance even in today's times.

Blue Topaz is quite similar to the Aquamarine of fine and best quality. It's quite attractive and available as an affordable alternative to Aquamarine. The most vital information about Topaz is that some of the stones have been found to be radioactive. All the Topaz stones are tested in US as a highly radioactive stone may cause harm to its wearer.


Topaz is said to be the outcome of a silicate mineral of fluorine and aluminum. It is available in several colors such as yellow, grey, red and mostly colorless. It's rarely available in pink color. The most popular color of Topaz is blue and green. Blue Topaz is commonly available in different shades such as Sky blue, Swiss blue and London blue. The shining stones create the images of wind, sky and water. The Blue color of stone relates to the calmness. It is helpful in storing relaxing energies. It's also helpful in treating the negativity factor. We may say that blue topaz gemstone is related to learning, understanding, inspiration and communication. The stone has gained a lot of popularity over the years.


The occurrence of Blue Topaz is not natural. Hence, in most of the cases, blue topaz gemstone used for jewelry making is heated or irradiation treated. Usually, heating is not recommended for sapphires and rubies. On the contrary, heating and treating process are very well acceptable in case of blue topaz jewelry. As a matter of fact, the gemstone never weakens with the professional and right kind of treatment.


Topaz is popular as the birthstone for the people born in the month of December. Furthermore, Topaz is also good for gifting purpose in the celebration of 4th and 19th marriage anniversaries. The stone causes love, affection and sweetness as it's also popular as symbol of love and affection.


Blue Topaz gemstone is a symbol of calm and peace. This stone is quite helpful in emotional recovery and also in healing of hurt feelings.


In ancient times, the people believed that blue topaz gemstone had the cooling powers. They also used the stone to overcome the fears and protect against nightmares causing a restful sleep. They also used the stone in healing burn injuries. These kinds of powers of the stone also helped the wearer in controlling the anger and hot temperament.


When we talk about the mental prowess, blue topaz gemstone holds great significance. This stone with the blue color of ease helps in improvising our thought process and promoting the level of concentration. At the same time, the stone also helps in improving meditation powers. Furthermore, the wearer of this stone gets the benefits of improving the communication skills.


The blue topaz gemstone is associated with love and loyalty as well. In a way, this gemstone represents love, romance and friendship. In addition to this, blue topaz gemstone also symbolizes the honesty, deep attachment.


As a matter of fact, Blue topaz gemstone is usually available in big size of crystals, hence, it's more popular in cocktails rings. It's more useful in large items of jewelry. The stone is very commonly found in celebrity events. It attracts the most when it is worn with matching blue wear and accessories.


There is no testing or grading method for colour gemstones. A genuine Gemologist recommends the testing of each and every gemstone individually. He accesses the quality as per the testing parameters of diamonds i.e. colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. Indeed, the clarity is the most important factor to judge the quality along with the colour and cut.


Topaz is an absolutely a natural crystal. This needs to be handled carefully. In fact, its structure is such that it can be brittle with the sudden changes of temperature or with harsh handling. Hence, steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning is advisable to avoid. Rather, it should be washed with Luke warm water gently with a soft cloth or toothbrush.

DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd.:

DWS Jewelry is one of the leading gemstone jewelry manufacturers of the country. The  Company has been in inception since last more than one decade. We have put tremendous endless efforts in making our Company a Brand across the world. We make our products precisely. Our expert team brings out the best creativity in designs. It's a matter of pride for us to mention that we excel in all kinds of jewelry manufacturing. When we talk about fashion jewelry, we are popular as outstanding Blue Topaz Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer. We have our clients across the globe, especially the U.S. and Europe.

Our team of expert people keeps updated on the latest trends in fashion. Customer delight and Customer Service have been our major objectives throughout all these years. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive when compared to the market price.


In the conclusion, after having gone through the above, we may say that Blue Topaz is one of the best kind of gemstone to make fashion jewelry. The stone has various salient features in all the respects. Blue topaz is a highly effective gemstone with the unique kind of natural colourful beauty. Blue topaz jewelry is not only awesome, colorful, outstanding and unique but has a lot of metaphysical and healing properties.

Blue Topaz Jewelry Manufacturer

When it comes to rings, women are often interested in designs with gemstones embedded in them. Even though playing designs are available in the market, unique stones make them perfect for regular usage. In addition, the gemstone embedded within the jewels has always made the appearance more adorable.  But along with the design, the size of the gemstone also matters a lot. Before purchasing a gemstone, certain things need to be considered, mentioned below for your knowledge. There are various gemstones available in various sizes, and having an own manufacturing unit will be beneficial for ensuring the quality of each product.


The size of the gemstone plays an important role in purchasing them. For example, if you want a simple design, then minute gemstones will be suitable. Similarly, the large-sized gemstones will provide a rich look. Therefore, even if the surrounding designs are simple, the large-sized collection can attract attention.


Even though each stone has a unique color, brightness and polish play an important role while purchasing them. For example, if it is well polished with a good effect, it will shine and attract more attention when compared to a dull one. So choose correctly. Most jewelry stores purchase these items from other manufacturers and exporters, but DWS has its manufacturing unit. They are one of the leading blue topaz jewelry manufacturers in the country with exclusive collections.

It's not just these features, but DWS also offers safety and guarantees for each product purchased with quality in terms of design. It is a unique combination that is available in only certain shops. With the ability to perform online shopping and placing custom orders, anyone can purchase these exclusive collections. Just mention your ring size along with the details for a perfect gift or purchase of your choice.


Blue Topaz Jewelry Factory

Carrying jewelry items while traveling might become a big job for most people. So under such conditions, the best option is to choose jewelers that go along with most of your costumes. from the colors to the gemstones, everything should be considered while choosing a travel jewelry package. Let us now look at the types of models you can choose or purchase for traveling.

Beautiful Designs

When traveling to another city for occasion and leisure time, you can select certain jewelry items that are not heavy and look beautiful at the same time. For example, when it comes to a necklace, you can choose moderate change with two to three simple and grand pendants. One can be a simple pendant that you can wear along with off-shoulder costumes and during your free time. Similarly, carry a hefty pendant filled with gemstones and exotic designs that will make your costume look beautiful. It's not just with the necklace, but you can follow the same principles for rings and bracelets. When it comes to bracelets or bangles, I will recommend bracelets since they are lighter and a better option since they go well along with all the other costumes.

You can also carry gemstone-based models purchased from some of the special factories available in the market. For example, you can buy a beautiful blue design from a Blue topaz jewelry factory, like the DWS showroom in Jaipur Rajasthan. From gold to copper, everything is available and customized orders are also acceptable. If you are interested in purchasing such unique jewelry items, then you can visit the online showroom. Each design is unique, and you will have a wide range of collections for your traveling. Select a unique jewelry bag for your requirements and complete your traveling with comfort.


Blue Topaz Jewelry Maker

Blue topaz is a unique gemstone that has created huge popularity among the current users. It is not just because of the value of peace but also because of the color. It has always been an attractive color when embedded in jewelry items, especially with antique model pieces. They also offer spiritual and mental strengthening for those who wish to utilize them in their crystal form. If you want to choose jewelry that goes well along with this color, gold and silver will be there. The gold accentuates the look of the model and makes your appearance more beautiful.

Customized Collections

If you are searching for a suitable blue topaz jewelry maker, DWS will be the best choice. This jewelry shop has a team of expert designers and craft experts who can create the best jewelry items for your collections. Each design that is displayed in the showroom is made with concern and efficiency. They have always focused on providing the best designs and improving the quality of the stones with perfect intricate structures around them.

The collections include beautiful pendants made up of minute topaz stones and made with beautiful gold and silver medals. If you are a person who wishes to have a different metal like copper, then you can always choose the custom collections offered by them. The rings are also available for men and women who wish to absorb the stone’s power completely. So starting from simple lucky charms and rings to bridal collections, you can expect every design to be present in DWS. Visit the showroom for further purchase. The showroom is also available online for people staying away from the city. Each design is crafted with conscience and carefully packaged before being sent out for your collections. They also accept custom orders to online portals. So stop waiting and visit the showroom immediately for an exclusive collection.


Blue Topaz Jewelry Supplier

Pendants have always created a huge alteration in the market due to their beautiful and minute designs. Most women nowadays prefer collecting small pendants to wear a new one every day without wasting a lot of money on jewelry. For example, a simple moonstone pendant with intricate surrounding designs will cost you less than a diamond but will make your costume look more appreciated. If you are looking for such collections, then DWS will be the best choice for you. Sometimes certain jewelry shops focus more on the necklaces and other large jewelry items than these small designs. This is because the profit they earn from such a simple design will be less when compared to the others.

But DWS understands the requirements of the customers and offers designs in everything along with customization options. So if you are thinking about gifting a simple jewelry item to your friend, DWS can be a good choice for selecting pendants and other small jewelry.

Match Them With Perfection

Each design will be unique, and you can also go for gemstone embedded jewelers that are better than the plain models. For example, when you contact a blue topaz jewelry supplier like DWS, you will have a wide range of gemstone embedded collections that meet your requirements. If you want to look simple, you can go for simple metallic designs that express the purity of nature, like the Moon, stars, insects, and flowers. But if you want to express the details with more richness, choose the models with gemstones embedded in them. There are also statement collections available in the showroom that you can look at from the comfort of your home through the online website. For more details, visit the showroom located in Jaipur Rajasthan or go for the mobile application.


Blue Topaz Jewelry Exporter

It’s not just the costumes that vary along with the seasons, but even the jewelry designs alter according to the seasons available. For example, you can go for simple single pendant jewelry items for your summer. On the other hand, you can make your winter wear more beautiful with exotic jewelry designs, especially precious statement collections. Designs with gemstones can be a better choice for the winter collections as they make your look more presentable. Let us now look at the types of jewelry and choose them according to the seasons.

Summer Season

You can generally accessorize your summer collections like frocks and simple cotton dresses with a thin chain and an elegant pendant with my new gemstones embedded in them. This design will bring out your beautiful costumes and also make you feel comfortable at the same time. You can even accessorize your hands with bracelets and rings. Being a leading blue topaz jewelry exporter in the country, DWS offers you various rings with unique gemstones embedded in them.

Winter Season

When it comes to winter, it is the time that you will feel more comfortable with large jewels, and you can experiment with hefty looks. Always choose the right gemstones for your winter look since it makes them more adorable. Anything you choose should be suitable for the costumes you own. Pearl and gemstones are the best combinations for the winter season, and you can also experiment with other metals like brass and copper. Since there will be less sweat, it will be easier for you to manage these Jewellery items during this time of the year.

Along with the Seasons, other items need to be taken into account while purchasing jewelry. DWS is one of the leading showrooms in the country that offers you such unique choices, with collections available both on online and offline platforms. Visit the showroom for further details and to make customized orders that suit your requirements.


Blue Topaz Jewelry Wholesaler

Pearl necklaces can be quite a design that you can wear on special occasions and for other requirements. Unlike the previous designs, the current generation focuses on Pearl jewelry in various sizes. The person also wished to add some different collections like gemstone embedded pendants or centerpieces. These pieces can improve the quality of the jewelry and make them suitable for traditional attire even though people think that pearls are just for a traditional look, other rich-looking modern designs for party wear and jeans. But such collections cannot be obtained in any other shop. You have to go for a specific shop that is an expert in designer jewelry, gemstones, and other designs. DWS is one of the leading blue Topaz jewelry wholesalers, that can create unique collections for their customers.

Collections For Your Satisfaction

When you search for suitable models for your modern and traditional outfit, DWS will be the best choice, especially with pearls. Starting from simple earrings to high-quality gemstone embedded creations, they have always outdone themselves with the help of their team of designers. Most of the pearl-based models are explicit and created for a simple and grand look. If you are interested in placing customized orders and wish to reuse the pearls from your precious jewelry, you can contact us. The showroom is located in Jaipur Rajasthan, and they are also available on the online platform. You can match most of your unique jewelry with dark-colored costumes to enhance the Shine of the pearl. Each part of the well is thoroughly tested before being delivered for quality, originality, and flaws in the design. This technique is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the model they have purchased.

Contact us through our mobile application or directly visit the shop located in Sitapura Industrial Area for further details.