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About Emerald Gemstones

When we talk about gemstone, Emerald leads the list. It has been one of the most desirable and fascinating gemstone holding a cultural value of over six thousand years. The Emerald Meaning is derived from the Indian mythology which is taken from a Sanskrit word “Marakata”. It means “the green of the growing things”. The name has its traditional and historical values in it. It is often believed that it has come down from the Persian tradition from Latin translated from “Smaragdus” which eventually translated into “EMERALD”.

The Historical Importance

In the ancient records if you dig out for knowing the Emerald History you will be able to find out the certain amazing fact of your loved gemstone. The stone is often believed to be worshipped by many of the ancient localities like the Incas as it is mentioned in the biblical information in the Apocalypse. It was also mentioned in the western literature in the documents of the Aristotle. It is even mentioned that Aristotle was a great fan of the gemstone emerald because of its increased owner importance and victorious outlook. It helps in litigation settlement, comforting and soothing the eyesight with its magnificent outlook

“An emerald is a hung from the neck or worn as a ring will eventually let you not fall sick. It has the ability to heal you from within.”-Aristotle

The Stone: Emerald

The Emerald Stone as a gemstone is fresh and lively in outlook. It is one of the most attractive ones that you can ever imagine! It is not about the colour that makes it look attractive but counted as the top three most desired gemstones across the globe. If we look into the parameters of the gemstones like rubes, or sapphires or even emerald, the accountability of the Emerald leads among all. This gemstone has its planetary importance which makes it sit on Mercury and even considered as a gem therapy stone offer positive changes in oneself. As per the Vedic astrology, Emerald is strongly recommended as one used by the mercury talisman- it was a natural emerald stone ring which had the best form of the favourable mercury placed in a horoscope. It is the recommended birthstone who is born in the month of May.

Interesting Facts

There are so many interesting Emerald Facts which will unfold the best part of using this gemstone. It plays a vital role in the religious arena. The holy green colour is considered as the colour of unity and togetherness spreading peace and prosperity. The Catholic Church considers the green to be the most natural colour among all which has an elementary taste to it. Some of the experts even say that Emerald is in the shape of a bowl that fallen from the Satan’s crown, which was later used by the Christ in his last supper before crucification. The blood of Christ dropped on this bowl of Emerald and thus it is stated to be the order of the Holy Grail.

Powerful Healing Properties Of Emerald

The majestic Emerald Healing Properties of this amazing gemstone is incomparable. There is evidence of using this gemstone and getting extremely positive results. It is said that the glazing green has a deep-rooted effect on the people wearing it. The Sumerians of the ancient age use to wear the emerald gemstone on their finger, mainly on their little finger to protect them from any sort of physical illness or for curing of inflammation of the eyes. Even in the time the Hippocrates, the valuable gemstone emerald was often crushed into a fine powder which is made for eye lotion.

Not only the eyes but the Emerald Uses are immense. The healing power is also associated with the skeleton of the human system, the flesh, skin and even the cardiovascular system as a whole. Even it cures the adrenal glands, the kidneys, liver, and any disease related to the intestinal system. This stone is simply magical in its usability. Sometime smother wears this gemstone to keep the baby in the womb safe and get rid of complications. If you are struggling with long term chronic kidney or tension, or headaches or vomiting or heart disease, or anaemia or neuralgia, or cancer, or ulcers of any sort of dysentery of skin issues emerald as a stone is the best protection for you. This stone is also prized as the best antidote to the poison.

Did You Know?

The Emerald is often crushed into powder to use in medicines in the country like China.

If we talk about mind, body, and spirit, the healing power of Emerald is a way to different from any other gemstone. It detoxifies, transforms and controls the emotional stability of the human wearing it. In today’s world, where the universal psychological issues are taking away life, transforming each human to a different being, the use of emerald makes life better and soothes your soul from within. It helps in keeping the mind in its best way. It helps in balancing, promoting and even creatively eloquent faith, hope, and prosperity in life. The aesthetic belief of using the Emerald Powers as a healing gemstone is immensely believed by all. It brings truthfulness in life and symbolized love. Using the gemstone will control your passion and lust which may sometimes become difficult to get rid of. With the virtue of protection and stability, using emerald makes life much better and mind calmer.

Care For Your Emerald Jewellery

The fact is, never leave your Emerald jewelry it will give you protection and add a touch to your beauty. This amazing emerald is one of those gemstones which you can pair with any style you don’t need to wear any other ornament if you are wearing it. The engaging beauty of the gemstone makes you look stunning. You can even wash it as per your convenience to brighten up the look. If you brush it repeatedly with mild soap or toothpaste and water, the shine will be intact. The accumulation of the dirt and dust will be extremely less, you can even use warm water to rinse it, try not to use rough edges to clean the stone. Pat, it dries once cleaned.

Never use ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners to clean the jewellery. Some people even tried our acetone to clean it. Trust the fact it will simply damage the jewellery. It is even better not to expose the emerald out under the heat if it is too much. The rule is to clean the gemstone once a while and keep it safe in a cotton puff store box. If you wish to keep your Emerald jewelry much safe and beautiful for a longer period then avoid even the strong soaps to clean it. Generally, gemstones require a much car, but as compared to the other set of jewellery Emerald requires less attention. A systematic caring approach makes it look shiny. Cleaning should not be more frequent as well; you may clean it 6 months if you are using it on a regular or weekly basis.

Benefits Of Emerald

  1. Wearing the jewellery with emerald studded in it makes it look most elegant. Even the outlook of the jewellery creates an intellectual aura. This natural intelligence is due to positioning it as a mercury planet. This planet brings enhancing positivity and balance in life.
  2. The beauty of wearing the emerald jewelry makes you visibly see the creative aura of it, and artistic talents overshadow of ideate and innovate better living.
  3. The individuals wearing the huge sized emerald help him/her to enhance the communication skills. This creates many effective results with cleaner and lucid communicative styles to share one’s style and confidence.
  4. In medical astrology, it is stated elaborately that the medical benefits of wearing an emerald gemstone are helping in enhancing speech difficulties, allergies, neurological disorders, and even respiratory troubles.
  5. The interesting & natural treatment of using en emerald is to reduce the emotional toxicity. It is hard sometimes to get rid of difficult situations but emerald reduces the chances of bog you down with grief feels.
  6. It is a great gemstone for bringing in a good fortune in your life. Astrologers always suggest wearing it, if you are going through a bad phase of time.
  7. Natural beauty and usability of emerald is a great way to get rid of stammering, feeling shy and even feeling back which triggers due to lack of confidence in many of us at an early age.


It is believed that the emerald has a supernatural ability to foretell the future. Many of the surprising varieties have made this gemstone very popular. Emerald Myths state that it improves the memory of the owner and increases mental stability and intelligence. The extreme tolerant power of emerald makes it inclusive as the best resource of gemstone guaranteeing the fine quality.

If you are planning to buy Wholesale Emerald gemstone get in touch with the leading suppliers who will get you the best product. There is much amazing jewellery out there in the market and even the real looking emerald is sometimes duped by other similar stones. If you get in touch with the right supplier and seller or dealer such issues will never happen. Check the trademark before you buy it. The emerald stone has clarity, class, and status of its own.