Gold Jewellery has been worn by Indian people for many decades. The ornaments made of gold are not only famous among the women of the country but are also equally worn by the men. Gold is a symbol of well being and its demand has always been high. Jaipur is a city famous for its jewelry. Starting from gold to silver to a different kind of custom jewelry, Jaipur has it all. This is because people there love to wear and people from all over the world when they visit Jaipur, are mesmerized by the beautiful designs of jewelry that are made by the talented local jewelry makers. Gold jewellery making process does require a lot of time, such attention to details, classic designs and beautiful end product is worthy of the wait.

Things to know gold jewellery

There are many jewelry firms in Jaipur, and to choose the best gold jewelry manufacturer among them is really tough. But before choosing the best one for yourself it is important to know some fact about gold jewelry so that you would be confident of your needs whenever you are going to buy the product in any trusted jewelry showroom.

• Always remember, the higher the Carat, more is the value of any gold jewelry. 24 carats are the purest form of any gold jewelry that you would get, so make your purchases accordingly.
• All go for jewelry that has hallmark sign on it. This would ensure the quality of the product. The BIS or Bureau of Indian Standard Hallmark is a sign off for the gold that you are buying.
• Before you go shopping for any gold jewelry, remember to check the prices of per gram of gold that day as it might vary from city to city. In case if you are going for a big jewelry manufacturing company who sells gold jewelry all over the country, then the price would be more or less the same.
• The composition of prices for gold is a bit complex method. Along with paying for per gram prices, you would also need to pay for the wastage, along with that there are making charges as well, so it is really important to check the correct amount of the gold jewelry that you are buying.
• Also please insist on giving you a bill. Gold is a pretty expensive purchase and to go without a bill for that would be a very risky business, because if you find something to have gone wrong on a later date, then without a bill, you would be left with no options.

The best in town

There are many good jewelers in Jaipur who would offer you good designs of jewellery. To choose the best among them is really a tough task. You would require doing some research and planning before you can choose an option about from whom to buy the best product. There are many jewellery casting firms that you would see in Jaipur who would offer you some amazing and latest product, however, to choose the best one from them, you would need to follow two points,

• Always buy gold from a trusted jewelry showroom and the jewelry should have the BIS hallmark in it. This would ensure the purity and the quality of the gold jewelry that you are buying.
• Check if there are any offers available on the store. Many times there are different discounts that are planned by different jewelry shops, like a discount on the making charge would reduce some cost.

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