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Wholesale Yellow Onyx Gemstone Jewelry Shop In Jaipur

Jewelry, as an utmost symbol of feminity and social status, has made women very compassionate about it since years and cultures evident. Jewelry pieces serve various important functions in different traditions and cultures. Many a time, they are also evident of legacy to be taken forward. They are also representative of family beliefs and ideologies in many cases. Any Bollywood manic would easily relate to the point just made, wherein the male protagonist brings his mother's jewelry for his love interest. Having mentioned this, it is really important to not forget the essentiality of jewelry items as precious gifts. Particularly for women, jewelry is always on the top of the list of gifts- something that all femme would love to have a present. Right from proposal rings to wedding accessories, jewelry is everywhere, through all your romantic journeys in life.

It is almost unnecessary to mention the importance that jewelry pieces hold, especially in a country like India which is one of the richest in traditions and cultures, Best Part of it is the fact that all the traditions and practices pertaining to culture are still preserved in the best way, a way which is unmatchable.

Jewelry has this immense power of articulating and beautifying a women’s personality and enhance her features, worn at any occasion, any time. Undoubtedly, jewelry holds a major role in a woman's life, both personally and socially.

Jewelry not only refers to the gold or silver pieces of jewels but also encompasses all other sorts of gemstone jewelry and accessories.

Talking particularly about the gemstone jewelry type, it is of utmost importance to mention their relevance in Indian beliefs and cultures since eras. Not only culturally but also under religious beliefs, gemstones and gemstone jewelry have held an important place for Indians.

According to the Indian ideology, particularly the one relating to Hinduism, 9 major gemstones represent the nine planets in our solar system and thereby form a rigid base for astrological predictions, corrections and related happenings in one’s life. Quintessentially, all elderly members of Indian families have trust and an innate sense of inclination towards astrological aspects relating to one’s education, marriage, work, and other related things.

For the millennial generation, having to wear these gemstones under parental pressure might seem to be a tougher job than letting go pubs. Gemstone jewelry dealers like DWS Jaipur are here to the rescue of this generation. Blending a perfect solution to parent’s beliefs and children’s desire to look in trend, DWS has come up with amazing personalized jewelry options in pearls, glamorous enough to make children love it.

Mainly the gemstones like ruby, onyx, emerald, have held an essential place in astrological aspects. From the upcoming trends, in adorations, is the yellow onyx gemstone. Being a relatively newer entry in the fashionable gemstone jewelry pieces, it is putting customers in awe and is being loved by almost all who have tried it.

Talking about the yellow onyx in astrological view, certain astrologers have claimed medical uses of it. It is said that the yellow onyx gemstone helps with healing wounds, regulating the functions of organs and strengthening the human back. In addition to these, it is also said to treat ailments that are related to the eyes and ears. Besides serving these claimed purposes, this exquisite piece of beauty, adds enormous glory to a woman’s or man’s outlook and personality.

Coming to the fashion oriented trend of having yellow onyx jewelry, DWS is a yellow onyx jewelry shop in Jaipur which is taking orders of personalized designs for this type of gemstone. Besides taking orders on demand, DWS also has a glamorous yellow onyx jewelry collection of its own which is being loved by all its customers. Needless to say, a lot of people are having a growing inclination towards such jewelry type.

Being the wholesale supplier of yellow onyx, DWS ensures quality at an affordable price range. They are keenly committed to providing serving people with a variety of unique jewelry types with an amazing range of options in jewelry. In addition to their prepared collection, they do offer personalization options to their customers. The personalization offering is gaining a lot of popularity since launched. DWS- yellow onyx jewelry store in Jaipur has been ruling the jewelry market since commencement in the year 2004. One and a half decade of customer satisfaction as a priority and they are still the best in their business.

Indians have started coupling gold and silver jewelry ideas with the presence of gemstones like yellow onyx to add a glamorous and classy look to their jewelry. The best part of it is the immensely beautiful trends that are coming out of this different blend. Needless to mention, jewelers like DWS Jaipur, serve as cupid to those who want to design their jewelry according to their own wishes and preferences, also for those who are into buying beautiful and alluring ready-made pieces of yellow onyx jewels.

From bangles, bracelets, cuffs, rings, and necklace to anklets and earrings, and many more jewelry types are being made available to the customers by DWS Jaipur. Also dealing online through their online store in wholesale yellow onyx gemstone, they have successfully captured a larger market and have created a win-win condition for more customers who have been benefitted by its flawless work at an affordable price range.

DWS is one the most prominent and renowned wholesale yellow onyx jewelry dealer in the state and country to serve masses with uncompromised quality and customer satisfaction. In recent times, with the growing craze for gemstone jewelry, DWS has been titled as the most preferred yellow onyx jewelry wholesaler. The USP of this store is their immensely talented and dedicated jewelry artisans. Also, they take pride in their forever achieved motto of customer satisfaction- something which they never fail at besides excellence.

The best pre-designed pieces of yellow onyx available at DWS are- Dyed Blue Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated Yellow Onyx Bracelets, Handmade Aventurine & Carnelian Gold Plated Silver Gemstone Statement Necklace, Handmade Sterling Silver Gemstone Chrysoprase & Yellow Onyx 18K Plated Earrings, 925 Sterling Silver Overlay 18k Gold Amethyst & Aventurine Gemstone Necklace Jew and Yellow Moonstone And Pearl Ethnic Fashion Earrings In 14K Gold Over Brass.

Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided manufacturing, Mold making, Lost wax casting, Laser welding, Setting, Engraving, Finishing etc, DWS has undertaken and excelled in all of these fields of jewelry making and repairing.

With the key business values of Sincerity, Parity, Transparency, Business ethics, Customer-oriented approach, Pro-activeness, Consistency, Loyalty towards customers and employees as well, Respect, Reliability etc, DWS wishes to design and produce world-class products using their expertise and thereby creating a win-win situation for all.

Having clients in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Japan etc, DWS has proved to be known and in fact renowned at a globally commendable level. Testimonials are evident that these overseas clients of DWS have loved being associated with it and were entirely and wholeheartedly satisfied with their services, making it a successful and efficient yellow onyx jewelry exporter. Having earned a good name globally, it is needless to mention their expertise within the country. Especially with the yellow onyx jewelry pieces, nobody can complete the designs, quality and flawless creativity the DWS provides their customers, always, uninterrupted.

Alongside being yellow onyx gemstone jewelry shop in India, DWS, as evident from pre-mentioned citing, is also a wholesale yellow onyx jewelry supplier as well, serving and supplying its jewel beauties to a wide range of personnel and dealers throughout the country.

There are already quite a few and even amidst those prominent dealers, DWS has become the best yellow onyx gemstone jewelry manufacturer in India. They fairly quote “We are an ideal combination of the manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter worldwide and are best known for our exquisite silver, gold and bronze jewelry studded with diamond, semi-precious and precious gemstones”.

The noticeable part here is them being the manufacturer, dealer, supplier, and even exporter. Multi-purposes served, all in an applaudable manner. DWs has set a trend for many to follow but undoubtedly, there has been none like it and none would be able to for DWS is constantly striving for being the best and serving the best in fashion jewelry particularly. They believe that their major competition is only with themselves in the race of always becoming the best in all aspects of their business.

It is understandable from their beliefs and missions that they undoubtedly deserve every percentage of glory and positive word of mouth that they are getting.

Indeed, fashion begins here at DWS!