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About Amazonite Gemstone

We have been hearing and using words like the gemstone, fine gem, precious stone or semi-precious stone for centuries. When it comes to the category of stones, various names such as amethyst, abalone shell, amazonite gemstone and several other names come to our mind. These all words belong to one category of the gemstone. Each one of us has the natural curiosity to be familiar with gemstone such as-

  1. What is Amazonite gemstone
  2. Color and features of Amazonite gemstone
  3. Amazonite Gemstone jewelry
  4. The properties of Amazonite gemstone
  5. Who is the Amazonite Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer

If you are the one looking for the answers to all such queries, just click the button on the blogs/website of DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. You shall have the complete knowledge pertaining to Amazonite Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturers as well as the Gemstone jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry is carved from precious and semi-precious stones for various usages such as ornamental, astrological and healing purpose. We, at DWS Jewellery, are highly passionate about gemstone jewelry including Amazonite gemstone jewelry. We firmly believe that gemstones are the kind of God gift to mankind; hence, we try to create the wonderful adornments out of it. Our company has the specialization in manufacturing Amazonite gemstone jewelry as well as other gemstone jewelry for all the age groups, for multi purposes. We manufacture the jewelry of international taste and quality as we have a number of customers across the world.


"AMAZONITE" is popular as the "hope stone". When you practice meditation on daily basis, it works as a manifestation tool. If you want to use it for healing transformation, keep it in a fully clean place. While putting it there, you must sit there with absolutely positive frame of mind set with full confidence. Under such situation, can-do attitude plays a vital role.


Amazonite is a beautiful colorful component of the gemstones category. It is available in various colors. Its bright color ranges from green, blue-green to yellowish green. The word Amazonite cropped up from the Amazone river of Brazil. Green stones were obtained from this river only. Besides Amazon River, there is a huge range of thick rain forest. Hence, its name may also refer to the green shades of the forest that might have reflected in the color of the Amazonite gemstone. As the color of the stone is bright green, Amazonite gemstone gives the beautiful shade in manufacturing jewelry.

Amazonite gemstone is found in several shapes, sizes and hues as a green variety of microcline feldspar. This is quite often used to manufacture the jewelry. The most interesting fact about Amazonite gemstone is that its source or cause of the unique color was a mystery for long. Earlier there was a thought that copper was its major content. Modern studies suggest that Amazonite gemstone's blue-green color was the outcome of the lead found in the feldspar.


Amazonite has a lot of variance in colors. Although, this is available in green, blue-green, yellow-green colors most of the times. Although, this is available with white lines also! Variety of colors is available in Amazonite gemstones. If we talk about traditional Amazonite, this is available in pale blue-green color. Quite often, this is also seen in rich blue color. When it comes to Russian Amazonite gemstone, although, it is rarely available, it is found in blue-green color with white stripes. Russian Amazonite is found in Russia and Colorado of US.


Normally, people misunderstand the role of gemstone in life. They feel that simply by having a stone, life is going to change. As a matter of fact, a stone works as a tool to strengthen and transform your life. Indeed, the magic creator is you, your belief, your positivity and not the stone solely. The stone helps you out in concentrating more and more. They act as tools to enhance our energy level.

The Amazonite Gemstone's color reflects the color of the Amazone river and seems to be influenced with the soothing energies of the river. When under stress, try to hold the Amazonite gemstone tightly in your hand and try to feel the extra-ordinary chill and positive vibes. Furthermore, Amazonite gemstone is quite a powerful HEART CHAKRA STONE. It should be placed on the chest to feel the positive vibes of the stone. When you have a glance at the stone with full concentration, just imagine and feel the flow of refreshing water. You feel as if all your negativities or doubts are getting cleared and you find a transparency of life.

Besides, Amazonite gemstone also helps in balancing the masculine and feminine energy of a male and female. It also works in bringing a balance to the emotions. In addition to all this, Amazonite gemstone also helps in balancing the throat-chakra. Above all, this is one of the most colorful stone and carries all the beauty to be used in jewelry making.


Amazonite gemstone is very common name amongst the jewelry manufacturers. It may be gold, silver or any other popular jewelry material; it is highly useful in creating the beautiful jewelry. Craftsmen fit the stone in bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces etc in various sizes and shapes. Cabochan- is the name of the style of cutting and the outcome is in the convex form. It has a flat base normally. Our expert artisans are able to cut in any shape in accordance with the design of the artisan. Since ages, manufacturers have been using it in creating designs of jewelry as it has bright attractive colors. Normally, the stone is available in Russia, Brazil, US, Zimbabwe, Namibia etc.


DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. is an exciting jewelry brand in domestic as well as international market. The brand celebrates individuality and opens up a new category between fashion and fine jewelry. Ours is a fast growing company and we have established as a leading brand of gold, silverdiamond and gemstone jewelry manufacturer in last one decade. We have our ambitious plans and we have a complete team of artisans with a lot of expertise. For artisans and designers, our company offers ample opportunities of career progression.

DWS Jewelry is the leading jewelry manufacturer amongst the exporters of gemstone jewelry pieces. We have our office and works based in Jaipur in Rajasthan of India. We have put tremendous endless efforts in making our Company a Brand across the world. As is evident from our high quality gemstone products, we make our products precisely. We bring out the excellence and the best creativity in designs. We take pride to mention that we excel in all kinds of jewelry manufacturing. When we talk about gemstone jewelry, we are popular as outstanding Amazonite Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and also as other metals and semi-precious gemstones jewelry manufacturer. During last one decade, we have been able to attain our brand value on international level, especially in the US and Europe.

Our team of expert people is always on the move to explore more and more and keep updated on the latest trends in fashion. Customer satisfaction, Customer Service, and Quality product have been our major objectives throughout all these years. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive. In addition to this, our units have the full capacity to produce any number of requirements of the clients. DWS has the back up of style, quality, innovation, and price. Amethyst gemstone jewelry, semi-precious stones jewelry have been our trademarks in fashion jewelry. Our jewelry allows you to wear the jewelry as per any occasion and you shall look outstanding in the whole crowd.


The company has launched the complete range of gemstone jewelry designs including Amazonite gemstone. We ensure to craft the latest fashion jewelry of Amazonite gemstone so as to comply with the high standards of our esteemed clients. We have a complete team of experts and the brainy creative people. The craftsmanship of our specialists is unique of its kind. At DWS Jewelry, most of the designs begin with the idea followed by translating the idea into reality. Our craftsmen design each and every design while keeping in mind the choice of the clients all over the world. We fully take care of a thorough system of quality analysis- right from raw material selection to final production. Hence, the final outcome is exquisite in looks. Another specialty is our inexpensive wholesale jewelry items. We are exporting our jewelry to various nations.


We, at DWS Jewellery keep ourselves fully updated pertaining to the latest designs as well as the latest demands of the customers globally. Our company keeps modifying with the changing times in compliance with the changing demands. We have a complete team of expertise craftsmen who manufacture and serve the best designs of Amethyst gemstone jewelry. We also make Customized jewelry according to the demand and designs as per the requirement of the customers. Furthermore, we have expert and trained staff to handle customer support department. They fully take care of all the customers on all the fronts.

If you are excited about the prospect of working in a fast-paced retail business with great opportunities, please apply to join us.


In the conclusion, after going through the above, we may say that Amazonite gemstone jewelry is available in various designs in various jewelry items. We are well aware of the fact that Amazonite Gemstone jewelry is unique and beautiful. DWS Jewellery produces a wide range of various gemstone jewelry items. Amazonite gemstone jewelry is the choice of customers across the globe due to its beauty and also because of its various healing properties.

Amazonite Jewelry Manufacturer

Amazonite as a stone is considered to be a symbol of courageous, stone of truth and empowers the search for the self whereas discovering one’s truth and integrity beyond any sort of judgment. The stone is beneficial as it assists in communicating one's dream enabling one to see the problem from within. If you are sleeping with Amazonite this component will focus through and symbolize your dreams. It is a good luck stone for the game of chance, competitions and luck in the financial ventures.

Choosing A Whole Seller Manufacturer

Amazonite jewelry manufacturers are very diligent in designing and offering the finest quality products. If you are one of those who are operating for their own business from a country, where distance is the largest barrier, you are defendant on the manufacture to understand and uphold the quality of the production himself. It is important for any jewelry maker who has a sound experience of manufacturing and understanding the gemstone prices.

Amazonite is considered to be a barrier filter crystal which blocks the geopathic stress. It simply absorbs the microwaves and cell phone emanations as well by protecting ageing the electromagnetic pollution. It is a stone of prosperity and assists one by bringing it to the right place for the best opportunities to explore. Wearing Amazonite jewelry will surely inculcate in you the good luck and enhance your charm vehemently. If you are planning to buy one for yourself or for gifting purpose, this stone should definitely be the choice.

Amazonite Stone Bracelet Manufacturer

Like the flowing of water which is one of the most ancient things, similarly Amazonite stone is the beckons in fascinating the shades of the turquoise green which has a promising and soothing effect. The energy that Amazonite jewelry spreads is powerful in terms of look and feel. The bold women who prefer wearing Amazonite bracelet are legendary warrior-like in ancient times. It is all connected.

These days the trend of wearing solitaire is very normal but among the elite class woman who loves to embrace the colour and beauty of the stones. Amazonite is the lucky hope stone as it is thought to be fulfilling your hopes and dream. The calmness brought by this gemstone soothes the energy, mind and body. As per science, it is said to be a powerful healing crystal for the throat chakra, which helps in amplifying the intentions and affirmations.

The beauty of the Amazonite stone bracelet is so enriching that any fashionistas would love to explore wearing his gemstone. Along with the beauty it assists in communicating the truthful thoughts and feelings. Once you start wearing it you will feel the changes in controlling your mind and having peace within yourself. You will be focused and determined to make your dream come true.

Research states that the gemstone has brought in much calm and happiness in married life. The manufactures are spread online and offline, but knowing the qualities to check before you buy it, is important to avoid getting duped. Get in touch with the best wholesale dealer today! 

Amazonite Bangles Manufacturer

The perfect piece of jewelry which adds a finishing touch to your looks is the bangles. These days’ women are so in love with this graceful pair of bangles that they keep on using it, in corporate attire and traditional style. A date night can be enhanced by simply adding this elegant piece of jewelry. Bangles are decorated with diverse gemstones; one of a kind is Amazonite bangle. Wearing similar jewelry will add versatility and ranges of style. Bangles are designed basically to offer every woman a choice of her own looks, which you can mix match with other different bracelet designs.

Amazonite bangle is highly in demand due to various reasons. Its true beauty is due to the natural customized designs. This creates a unique look for anyone who wears it. Every woman can simply develop and create a style of her own for every look and occasion. The gemstone Amazonite is highly appreciated due to its hope infusing attributes. People prefer it to make through their dreams and bring it to live. Begin you personalized collection of bangles using various gemstones, and Amazonite bangles will definitely take the centre stage. You can get in touch with the expert Amazonite bangle manufacturers to buy the most significant. The manufacturers offer the best collection from the wholesale market and the prices are also very much reasonable. You need to have your own research before buying such gemstone studded bangles. Seamlessly blend the collection as per your wish with extravagant Amazonite gemstones.

Amazonite Cuffs Manufacturer

If you are about to pick an earring that ensemble your attire that’s only enough! You need to understand the face cut to wear something which suits your beauty. Ear cuffs are the most trendy and elegant affair. If the jewellery has any sort of gemstone attached then it is more wonderful, as a pair, to grace your morning and evening looks, as well.

Amazonite is one of the most demanding jewelry which adds the plethora of styles, colors, and options to make your look more gorgeous. If you buy Amazonite cuffs online you will get a variety of option but the quality will surely vary if it is not from a trusted manufacturer.

Only earrings can complement your outfit amazingly, and if it is an Amazonite cuff then it is more wonderful. Be it in the evening party of morning gathering, you can actually use the amazonite cuff anytime and anywhere of your choice. If you can highlight your natural features with light makeup and add this graceful gemstone studded in any form, you will look marvelous.

The chief manufactures of the Amazonite cuff offer you the best quality product. You require knowing about the gemstone in detail to choose the finest among all. Amazonite is a gemstone that is way too impressive, be its utility or outlook, you will be awestruck by its feel. The trusted manufactures will provide you a stone of various sizes and types. On request, you can get it customized as per your wish. So, what are you waiting for, explore it today!

Amazonite Earrings Manufacturer

Earrings are the most important accessory for the woman as they highlight the beauty and the elegance of a woman wearing it. An earring studded with contemporary outfit looks fabulous and makes you look remarkable. When it is studded with fashionable gemstone-like Amazonite stud earrings, it can enhance the gorgeous outlook of an evening or even in the morning. Simple yet charismatic is the texture of the Amazonite, which is considered being one gemstone bringing in hope and peace to one’s life. The key to knowing this is how to choose the earring to complement your face cut is crucial. Understanding your face type and buying earring as per that is an art which hardly people master.

Amazonite earrings add a special charm to your western and even in traditional look. Think of yourself to be wearing something in white, a Saree or a dress, and pair it with stud earring from Amazonite gemstone. Just wonder how extravagant you will look! The key to choose an earring is to find the woman who complements your face. The earrings may look fantastic as a piece but you may not suit amazingly.

You can try out Amazonite drop earrings to add grace to your lovely looks. These days, the manufacturers are most into offering you the raw gemstone, and then you can customize it as per your wish. Amazonite as a precious gemstone is hard to find and one of the most beautiful crystals that you will witness live. This gemstone was in fashion from pre-Columbian America times and until now it didn’t lose its demand. Blue-green vitality is what that mesmerizes the buyers and solitaire lovers. If you are one of those, then get in touch with trusted jewellery manufactures to buy one of your choices.  

Amazonite Necklace Manufacturer

Good luck isn’t always a coincidence. Including the gemstone Amazonite in our lives has a lot of goodness in it. With the verdant looking textures, which seem like blue-green shade; it reflects the lush foliage of the great and dense Amazon rainforest, thus the name arrived.  With the hope in our hearts, the most popular Amazonite pendant is the talk of the town. The crystal is highly impressive and manifests the tool which incorporates the energy into the daily meditation practice. To set this up the best backdrop for a healing transformation, this crystal is often considered being the cleanser and purified sack of hope. Once you start using it, you will feel the rhythm inculcated from within.

The power of the Amazonite necklace is immense. Manufacturers try to incorporate the finest quality gemstone to make it look grand. It is definitely a costly affair, but buying from a trusted source will get you the best product overall. Dating back to ancient times, the brilliant blue and green hue of the amazonite gemstone is very much indistinguishable. The dazzling green hue makes it look so significant that this gemstone becomes the first choice among the fashionistas on their wedding jewellery as well. Buying such a gemstone from a manufacturer and getting it customized in your own way, be it in bangles, cuffs or even in neckpiece will surely enhance the quality overall.

Frankly, Amazonite crystal is not a regular gemstone. Being famous for its primary characteristics as a tropical good luck charm, this gemstone has gained importance over time. In the modern time, this ancient relic stone is used on Amazonite necklace pendant highly to fulfill the cravings among the solitaire lovers. If you are trying or planning to add a pop color to your jewellery collection, you can make it through with the Amazonite crystals.

The magical combination of the lead and water with the feldspar structure creates this alluring shade of the Amazonite crystal. The unique combination is considered channelizing positive energy to the person keeping it near to them or wearing it. The diverse collection of the Amazonite jewelry necklace will surely add to your wardrobe the uniqueness and give you the positive effect as it persists, as per the researchers. Buy one of your choices from manufactures and get it simply customized for a lovely neckpiece of anything else if you wish for. Go and get it today!

Amazonite Engagement Rings Manufacturer

The ring is a symbol of eternal love. When it is a wedding or engagement ring, it gains in more highlight like never before. Rings have always been a sign of humbleness when you are planning to buy for a fresh beginning. While it is decorated using a precious gemstone, like Amazonite, the quality and the importance increase a lot. Amazonite engagement rings are an emblem of love through time immortal. It is a sign of devotion, respect, and the commencement of togetherness for the rest of your life. This may come in various shapes, round, oval, elongated, or even specific symbols if you customize it in that way.

The gemstone Amazonite is very much appreciated and preferred gemstones among all. It inculcates and enhances hope by fulfilling your dreams. The Amazonite used in making jewellery is not a new day story. This has been coming a long way from the past. It was decorated and curved out in diverse styles in the pre-Columbian period. The Amazonite stone ring has its importance from the ancient period. These days, the notable wholesaler offers the best quality gemstone and the buyers customize it as per their way.

The wedding or engagement rings were worn from the ancient Egyptian time period. They were manufactured in traditional textures and even worn like a raw stone. This brief history shows how much this gemstone was loved from historic times. The gemstone assists in simple communication through emotionalism. It helps in seeing problems from both points of view and makes you wise towards your decision. If you are planning to make one Amazonite silver ring, go for it.  Sleeping with such a crystal will bring back your lost focus and symbolize your dreams to make it come true. The benefits of using this crystal are immense; thus customize it as per your own desires.

Amazonite Jewelry Wholesaler

Fashion is creating a statement that rules the market. Jewelry is one of the most influential parts to enhance beauty gracefully. Even adding a small piece of Jewelry adds charm to your regular beauty. While we are talking about Jewelry, we cannot ignore mentioning about the gemstones. Among all the types of gemstone, one which really deserves a significant touch of explanation is the Amazonite. Even the Amazonite jewelry wholesaler is leading the Jewelry business these days.

Some are of this belief that the gemstone Amazonite is inspired by the great and longest Amazon River. The beauty and elegance of the charismatic green and blue tint make it more resounding among all. However, this gemstone has been discovered in diverse places across the globe and not limited along the riverside of Amazon. In the historical beliefs and Greek mythology, it is mentioned that the Amazon woman warriors use to use this gemstone to show beauty and power as well.

The divinity of the Amazonite jewelry was so prudent that it was signified as a beauty prized for the amazonite beauty pageant. In earlier times, the Egyptians have discovered the various objects of desire for decorating their queens. The Amazonite turned to be one of those gemstones which were adored in ancient ages, in the Middle East and even in central and South America as well.

Amazonite Is A Stone That Signifies Courage

The beauty of the soft green and blue pastel shades if merged together creates wonder. And that wonder is the Amazonite jewelry. The white streaks on the green interlace and make something really mesmerizing overall. This formation of Jewelry is ornamentalized in weddings, receptions and even congratulating a close one on their special day. Every stone has a beauty and grace of its own. It symbolizes a lot of things as per the gemstone philosophy and astrologers. This stone is a sign of courage. So, those who require courage in life can make this gemstone to empower yourself with this ancient belief. We cannot drop down the belief with our modernized thoughts; if we read the history then the clear picture of it floats above us.

The chemical formation of the Amazonite includes potassium aluminum silicate. The green touch of microcline feldspar makes it unique. To add to your knowledge, feldspar is basically abundant of mineral which is found on earth’s crust. The occurrence of such a chemical mixture and producing Amazonite has surpassed the beauty overall.

Amazonite jewelry wholesaler has popularized the gemstone as an ornament and decorative object which has specimens of Jewelry. It has cool iridescence which offers shimmery appeal to it. If you are planning to use this in your Jewelry, you can get in touch with the leading experts to offer you the best quality product. Such an ornament with Amazonite will surely awestruck you with its magnificence. Gemstone popularity has enhanced the market immensely and thus it can be calculated to have enhanced the economy with the persistent sale. Get on for yourself today!

Amazonite Jewellery Wholesalers

DWS is one of the popular firms when it comes to services related to jewels and designs. Jewellery is something that is adored by everyone. It plays an integral role in the life of people as it is something that signifies that emotions and royalty altogether. The most important thing in the arena of jewels is credibility, while purchasing jewellery, credibility matters a lot as it is something on which the buyer of the jewellery usually relies upon. DWS promises credibility and quality to its buyers. It also deals with the service of Amazonite jewellery wholesalers. Amazonite is one of the precious stones and it attracts customers with its beauty and authenticity.

Amazonite stone is basically a greenish colored and possesses an enthralling appearance. It is basically composed of tectosilicate mineral substances. The beauty and sheen if this stone is ravishing. It has a close resemblance to the jade. Amazonite jewellery wholesalers of DWS aims to deliver the best kind of jewellery carved out of this beautiful stone. If you are rummaging for the store from where you can purchase these precious gems then one must go with our firm as we never fail to attract an audience and always provides them the most remarkable services in terms of quality and fine material.

We are regarded as the most trusted wholesale store because we aim to make the best out of this gemstone. The designer pieces carved out are beautiful and are authentic as well when it comes to authenticity and beautiful appearance. This also helps commendable in regulating health and it is also supposed to cater to positive energy. This stone is of immense importance and it is also an auspicious gem which is a must-buy for you if you are designs and jewels lover.

Wholesale Amazonite Jewellery Supplier

Jewellery is something that is important for human beings as it remarks the preciousness and beauty to a greater extent. It is also one of the precious commodities acquired by human beings. Jewellery also signifies positivity and wealth to a greater extent. Amazonite stone is one of the popular stones when it comes to the criteria of elegance and beauty. This greenish colored stone can win over you as it looks extremely delicate and beautiful in appearance. It is a very pretty stone and the most important thing is that this time is of other purposes also. This stone is supposed to deliver good energies to the people who wear it. This symbolizes harmony and is also prominent to maintain the feminine and masculine relationships and it is also supposed to enhance the beauty parameters of the person who carries it.

DWS is one of the popular firms which delivers accountable services in the arena of jewels and stones. It is believed to provide the best to the customers. It deals with all kinds of jewellery, stones, and gemstones. It is a Wholesale Amazonite jewellery supplier in the market of jewels. The supply of this stone is carried out by this organization in entire India. The best part is that now they are delivering services on the major online portfolios and platforms as well because it will help in maximizing the reach of people. This jewels sector is remarkable in terms of delivery of the finest designs and other precious metals in the entire market. DWS is the best shop in the entire country. Their services are credible and beat everyone in the sector of jewels by the provision of the most beautiful carnations. Their services are unbeatable and original in the arena of amazonite jewels.

Wholesale Amazonite Jewellery Exporter

Amazonite is one of the most beautiful gemstones existing in nature. It is supposed to be a positive stone as it imparts harmonical and positive energies to the people. This stone is also one of the precious gemstones as it is most popular for its auspiciousness. The beauty of this gemstone is highly remarkable and beats all the parameters of beauty and grave. This gem is made of a greenish color and also possesses some very strong healing properties. It is also believed that this stone helps in maintaining and regulating our health to a greater extent. This stone is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the color range. The greenish and bluish color combination of this gemstone us alluring and makes alluring to people with its pretty color. DWS store in Jaipur is a famous Wholesale Amazonite jewellery exporter.

When you know the beauty and benefits of this pretty stone, then you will also develop the urge to get this beautiful stone in your hands. This pretty gem can be carved into beautiful sets of jewellery and another piece of accessories. It is done with precision and accuracy by the people indulged in the arena of the designs sector. DWS is one of the popular firms which deals with the services related to gemstones and jewels. It is a known exporter in India.

DWS Jewellery Private Limited is basically a Jaipur based firm dealing with the exportation of all kinds of jewellery and gemstones. It is one of the known brands when it comes to jewellery dealing with amazonite gems. Amazonite jewellery inherits its name from the very popular Amazon River. It is a popular exporter of designer, handcrafted jewels. It is a well-known brand of jewels which serves great services to jewels lovers.

Wholesale Amazonite Jewelry Factory

DWS Jewellery Private Limited is regarded as one of the leading firms in the arena of handmade designs which deals with a wide range of gemstones. It is a Jaipur based firm and we are known to enhance the beautiful appearance of normal jewels by the integration of their professional works. They are supposed to create the most beautiful and precious designer items in the form of jewels. If you are a jewellery lover then this firm is purely made for you. It is also known as a popular sector in the prospects of wholesale Amazonite jewellery factory.

Our factory aims to develop the best and most beautiful jewel designs for the people who love this kind of gemstone. The amazonite jewels are created by this time at a much wider scale which helps in recreating the auspiciousness of amazonite stone to new extents. These jewels are carved out of this gemstone is extremely beautiful and felixers positive vibes to the people who carried it. These reasons make us the most trusted shop in India. They deliver these services all over the country and helps people in receiving the most graceful and innovative designs made out of this greenish bluish gemstone.

If you are a lover designer pieces and you admire this gemstone because of its health benefits and beautiful space then you must seek the services provided by us as they urge you to provide the best services in the arena of jewellery. We are a big name when it comes to the best firm in amazonite designs and owns the intensive factory of this previous and pretty gemstone. These special features make us the most popular store in India.

Wholesale Amazonite Jewellery Shop

DWS Jewellery Private Limited is one of the most popular wholesale Amazonite jewellery shops in India. If you are a person who owns passionate love for the jewels, then you should make your way to the firms of jewellery as they deal with the most trending and exclusive collection of designer pieces in different arena of types of designer items. One can unravel a great collection of Amazonite gemstones at our shops.

We are located in Jaipur based firm known as DWS Jewellery Private Limited. It is known to be one of the original brands dealing with the provision of the best items of designs in the prospects if Amazonite jewellery. This is one of the popular designer’s jewel in the arena of the gemstones. They are of great health-related significance as well in human life. The person carrying the amazonite gemstone does not only get remarks in terms of the beauty integrated into this greenish gemstone but he also received a good set of vibes in the arena of energies. Soothing and rejuvenating energies can be flexibly revived by this kind of gemstone. This stone also helps in the improvement of the body to a much greater extent. The calcium efficiency can also be fulfilled by this gemstone. This gemstone is pious and suspicious in its organization and delivers a good lot of benefits to the people.

DWS is the popular and intensive designer shop in India that delivers the curated and authentic designs of amazonite gemstone. The services delivered by our firm are accountable and never make the customers disappointed in the terms of satisfaction and quality criteria are always fulfilled to the levels of the top-notch by our jewellery shops. One can have access to the latest creations of designs at our place.

Wholesale Amazonite Jewellery Store

DWS Jewellery is a remarkable Wholesale Amazonite jewellery store. It aims to deliver the best services by delivering the most beautiful designs of carved out gemstones and other metals. If you have interest and love to wear jewellery of different kinds then our place will become your favorite place to shop for handcrafted designs. Jewellery is something that devours royalty and prosperity. They play a good role in organizing and gracing the big occasions with their aura. The firm is ordinarily located in Jaipur but it delivers designer pieces to the entire country. It is the best place to shop for the beautiful amazonite designer items because it possesses an appealing and amazing compilation of jewel items related to the amazing gemstone.

Our firm is a well-known and profoundly established store available in Jaipur and we also offer our services online. The aura of this design and gemstone is maintained by us and we aspire to serve with the best to the people approaching us for the purchase of amazonite jewellery. These types of designs are now gaining a good amount of popularity and recognition in the arena of gemstones. This is regarded among beautiful gemstones that allure the interest of design lovers with its appealing color and beautiful organization.

Our shop deals with the exclusive collection of designer gemstone jewellery.  The gemstone of amazonite derives its name from the very popular Amazon River. It is an appealing greenish and bluish color. This gemstone is of sheer importance when it comes to the beautiful appearance and this gemstone also helps in combating with a certain health issue. This stone also supposedly helps you in dealing with calcium deficiency in your body. The gemstone amazonite looks extremely pretty and provides a huge number of importance to human beings who wear it.