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We have been hearing and using words like the gemstone, fine gem, precious stone or semi-precious stone for centuries. These all words belong to one category of the gemstone jewelry. Each one of us has the natural curiosity to be familiar with gemstone such as-

• What is the gemstone
• The usage of gemstone
• Who is the Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer
• Gemstone jewelry items

If you are the one looking for the answers to all such queries, just click the button on the blogs/website of DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. You shall have the complete knowledge pertaining to Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturers as well as the gemstone jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry is carved from precious and semi-precious stones for various usages such as ornamental, astrological and healing purpose. We, at DWS Jewellery, are highly passionate about gemstone jewelry. We firmly believe that gemstones are the kind of God gift to mankind; hence, we try to create the wonderful adornments out of it. Our company has the specialization in manufacturing gemstone jewelry for all the age groups, for multi purposes. We manufacture the jewelry of international taste and quality as we have a number of customers across the world.


A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires etc are amongst the high-value gemstones. After having cut and polished, it is used for making jewelry, decorative items, and adornments depending upon its hardness and softness. Usually, gemstones are hard. Although some of the soft minerals having the luster or some other properties are used in jewelry. Somehow, some of the non-minerals such as amber, pearl etc which are organic in nature are also used to manufacture jewelry. They are also considered to be a part of the category of gemstones. Same way, there is a huge variety available in the semi-precious gemstones. In nutshell, we may define gems as the minerals chosen because of their beauty and durability then cut and polished for use as human adornment.

Reliable Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer from India


As happens in most of the industries, the law of demand and supply of applies in gemstone industry also. Besides the natural value of the gemstone, its availability also plays a vital role in setting its price. Any gemstone that is available rarely always carries a higher price. As such, there is no classification or criteria in the system for setting the price of a gemstone whereas there has been a measurement system in case of diamonds. Four Cs- color, clarity, cut and carat are the major tools to examine a gemstone.


The reliable gemstone jewelry manufacturer doesn’t compromise on the quality standards of the gemstone. We, at DWS Jewellery, have specialists who have the long rich experience and expert eye along with other resources to examine the gemstone. They ensure to pick the best ones to meet out their quality standards. We have our own ethical and brand value in the international market and we don’t compromise at all when it comes to the quality of a gemstone. Proper and complete research work is one of the ways to go for the best deal of gemstones. We, at DWS Jewelry, have the highly reputed and best kind of vendors.


The gemstone jewelry manufacturer takes care of the beauty of the stone, such as color etc. Our company remains highly conscious pertaining to the durability of the stone. Opals are extremely delicate and sensitive which breaks with the slight mishandling or heat.


India has become the hub of the jewelry market globally. The major reasons responsible for this are lower costs and availability of skilled labor at cheaper rates. Our country has emerged as the world’s largest center for cutting and polishing the diamonds. As Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has given the figures, India exports 75% of the world’s polished diamonds. As a result, the Gemstone Jewelry sector is contributing largely to the Indian economy. Since the time is changing rapidly and new fashions are appearing in every segment including jewelry. We at DWS Jewelry have enough resources as well as expertise labor to design and manufacture the latest gemstone jewelry in alliance with the global demand.


Furthermore, the pink city, Jaipur is famous globally as a Gemstone Jewelry manufacturing center. Jaipur is famous as the manufacturing hub of the gemstone. Approximately, around one lac people are associated with this industry directly or indirectly. Gemstone market is organized in the old city area where the gemstones are sold and purchased worth multi lakh rupees in a short while. The manufacturers like us i.e. DWS Jewelry in the city have the talent in manufacturing the wide range starting from traditional Kundan Meena Jewellery to fusion jewelry. On the one hand, the artisans of the city are using traditional ways of manufacturing whereas on the other hand, they have mastered as gemstone jewelry manufacturers by using the latest technology and innovation.


Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturers are contributing considerably to the Indian economy. There are a number of Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturers in Jaipur. Amongst all big and pretty old players of the city, DWS Jewelry has distinguished itself in the crowd of several gemstone jewelry manufacturers with its outstanding designs, timely delivery and quality of gemstones. Our company has created its image as the most dependable gemstone jewelry manufacturers during last one decade. We are the leading gemstone jewelry manufacturer dealing in trendy semi-precious gemstone jewelry as well as contemporary precious gemstone jewelry. Our expert artisans are specialists in the fine finishing of gemstone jewelry.


Drilling the gemstone is a very crucial part of the manufacturing process of gemstone jewelry. The drilling process needs a lot of attention as it is a very sensitive process. The entire process of drilling takes four steps to finish. Water dish, Small diamond tool bits, Rotary drill and Safety goggles are all the items necessary for drilling purpose.


Apart from beauty and durability, cutting and polishing are the most crucial way to further beautify the gemstone jewelry. We, at DWS Jewelry, ensure to grade all the gemstones very carefully on the quality parameters. We ensure that the customer must get the value for his money. As per the latest trend, whole crystals in jewelry are in high demand whereas this was not the case in the past. Diamond tools such as wheels, burrs, files, drill bits etc are the basic tools for this purpose. Our Company, DWS Jewelry uses the wide range of all the diamond tools which help our artisans to make the jewelry of unique kind.


In the conclusion, we may derive that the world looks at India as a major gemstone jewelry manufacturing country. Furthermore, Jaipur has its own credibility in the international market as a hub of gemstone jewelry. This business has a great influence on Indian economy. DWS Jewelry has emerged as a trusted name for more than a decade in the field of jewelry manufacturing.

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