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Pulsera de plata de la amonita
Natural Ammonite, Lapis Lazuli And Dendritic Opal Sterling Silver Bracelet
Pulsera de plata 925
Handcrafted Solid Sterling Silver Natural Ammonite Bezel Set Bracelet
Pendientes de amonites
Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Ammonite Gemstone Bezel Set Drop Earrings
Declaración de novia joyería de plata
Natural Dendritic Opal Gemstone 100% Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Pendiente moderna y collar
Natural Dendritic Opal Gemstone Solid 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant

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Declaración colgante de joyería y collar
Natural Dendritic Opal Gemstone Solid 925 Sterling Silver Designer Pendant
Amonita colgante y collar
Handmade Sterling Silver Natural Mabe Pearl And Ammonite Pendant
Dendrite Opal Ring
Handmade Natural Dendrite Opal Gemstone Solid 925 Sterling Silver Ring
Amonita Colgante de piedras preciosas y collar
Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Ammonite Bezel Setting Pendant
Amonita colgante de piedra y un collar
Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Ammonite Fossil Bezel Set Pendant

Why You Should Buy Silver Jewellery From DWS Jaipur?

Silver is considered the most extravagance metal from ancient times. From birth to death people use silver items for the divine purpose. Like, a silver spoon is used to feed a newborn baby. Apart from that, in ornaments and jewellery silver looks very classy and elegant. People consider yellow beauty such as gold the most but, now silver has taken a significant place in the jewellery box.

It has equal shine, strength and malleable nature like gold as silver in its pure form are very brittle and it cannot be turned into jewellery. It has been used since 3000 BC and it is much-loved metal for jewellery because of its beautiful texture, antibacterial and, conductor of electricity property.

Sterling Silver Jewelry is one of the most significant choices in the current fashion scenario. There are many website and stores available on the internet from where you can buy the best piece for you but, DWS Jewellery store based in Jaipur is best among all. When it comes to the Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer, they have a huge number of design and gemstone used in the jewellery which comes after the several manufacturing processes.

Well, here are some reasons why you should buy wholesale silver jewellery from DWS:

Friendly rates:

DWS is the silver jewellery store which is modest and reasonable in rates. This feature of the company makes it an ideal for the runner for the gems. The piece of ornaments available here are regularly mined and refined contrasted with different valuable metals. Despite the fact that the cost is modest, its properties are comparable to those of valuable metals like gold and platinum. Their splendid radiance is suitable while considering for prettifications.

Jewellery has strength:

As we know, gold jewellery is very delicate in nature but, silver jewellery has the right strength. Like gold, silver can likewise be exclusively styled by the manufacturer. There are minimal adjustments required in the adornments process, which makes it progressively adaptable work for them as well.

Market Availability:

The 925 sterling silver jewellery is the most normal and effortlessly accessible gems in the market. One can purchase various sets of jewellery on the web as well as on the local store. Sterling silver is very easily available and it has options like wrist trinkets, bangles, chain, pendants and many more.

It is durable:

Silver gems and jewellery can last you a lifetime. It looks exactly the same after 40 years from the date of manufacturing. 925 silver jewellery isn't shabby if you ensure that you're getting the best quality gems from the renowned store like DWS.

Forever trendy:

The pieces made by DWS are very unique and beautiful as we know women love to use the stuff which is going on the trend always. Staying aware of what's in and what's out is the first choice of women. So, we made forever trendy pieces.

Endless Option:

Since silver is a delicate metal, it's simple for gem specialists to shape and try different things. You can get a wide range of options such as a necklace, rings, wrist trinket, anklets, pendant and many more.

Exclusive collection in no time:

The sterling silver is very easy to get to go and this property makes it simple to add in the exclusive collection of all time in no time. If you are searching for the best manufacture of this then, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is undoubtedly the best who will help you to make a most innovative collection.

It is very versatile:

What if I said the jewellery is very versatile as well as it known as the inexpensive sterling silver jewellery? Its flexibility even reaches out to what it looks like with different metals. Possibly you need to add sterling silver to your different look then, you don't need to stress as it is also versatile in nature so that you can carry it different attire.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry:

Dissimilar to pieces that are made of economical metal or other base metals, which can aggravate your skin, sterling silver gems doesn't contain metal augmentations that can cause an unfavorably susceptible response.

It requires no special care:
As lovely as silver may be, numerous ladies have stayed away from it eventually for one reason which is after time it can show different colour or get discoloured but, you only have to keep it in cotton. The maintenance of silver jewellery is very economical as well as it is available at affordable price.

These all are the reasons on which you can decide your next purchase!

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Store in Jaipur

India is famous for a lot of things. The country has a gained a unique place in the world with its culture, tradition and meditation. Though jewellery is common all over the world nothing can beat the design and architecture involved behind the Indian jewellery. Unlike other countries, Indian jewellery is known for their intricate designs and stones. Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan is also a part of this jewellery hub. The pink city is known for its royal designed jewellery, along with the famous silver jewels with various pure Jaipur gems.
Situated among the various jewellery shops in Jaipur, DWS jewellery is one of the largest wholesale silver jewellery stores in Jaipur. Our shop has our very own designing team, and we have manufactured more than 4000 designs by ourselves. We specialise in manufacturing our very own 925 silver jewellery. We have a unique range of our very own designed earrings, rings, bracelets and other silver items. We are a wholesale silver jewellery store, with our very own manufacturers to cater to the needs of our customers.

Create your own design

Every woman loves to wear jewellery. Jewellery and women go hand in hand. Everyone including the poor wears some sort of jewellery. DWS jewellers include a whole range of collections from simple daily wear to heavily designed function wear jewellery earrings. We also have our very own manufacturing and designing team to provide unique designs as per our customer’s needs. With our specialised designing team, the customers can create their very own unique designed jewellery.

Decorate your ears

From simple single studded earrings to grand earrings with heavy dangles, we provide the best quality earrings with unique designs. May it be simple, unique or grand, whatever the customer is looking for we have it here. We specialise in both gold and sterling silver earrings. We also provide gold plated silver earrings which are cheap and look exactly like gold.

Don’t wait for a man, Wear your own rings!

Women are praised for their beautiful long fingers and its one of the reasons okra is called lady's finger. And we as jewellers make sure that these beautiful slender fingers remain decorated with our stylish and unique designs. Our specially designed sterling silver rings embedded with famous Jaipur gems are famous all over the state.

Breath-taking bracelets

Bracelets are nothing but the replacement of bangles. While bangles have taken the place of traditional wear and they go more along with sarees and lehengas. Bracelets are more suited for salwars and another form of modern dresses. Women these days prefer, simple gold bracelets for daily wear and we have a wide range of bracelet collections. We also specialize in producing simple and grand diamond studded bracelets that provide a rich look and suitable for parties. Our diamond studded bracelets will shine more than the disco ball making people notice you on the dance floor. We also have a wide range of men’s bracelets in both gold and sterling silver.


Cuffs are similar to bracelets except they give more of a bangle like a look than the bracelet that moulds with your skin. We are one of the leading manufacturers of bracelets with unique designs both simple and grand. Our heavy designed cuffs are suitable for parties and marriages. With the specialised lock system and adjustment features, our cuffs are comfortable to wear.


DWS jewellers boast a wide range of pendant collection with both modern and traditional designs. We hold a collection of silver, gold and diamond studded pendant suitable for women of all age groups. A wide range of pendants with famous Jaipur gems is also available with us. The designs are both modern and traditional and made of sterling silver.

For men

Jewellery is not for women alone. Men also have their fair share in wearing jewellery items like chains, bracelets and rings. May it be funky bad boy modern designs to simple professional wear we specialise in all the items. Both gold and silver designs are available.


Jaipur is famous for its stones. There are a number of shops all over the city selling these stones for different prices. But most of them are not authentic. We provide certified authentic Jaipur stones and we have all kind of varieties from Topaz and emeralds to diamonds including all kinds of birthstones. People can wear their suitable birth stones either as a ring or pendants. They also can design their own designs for their jewellery.

Our workshop
DWS jewellers have along with manufacturing jewellery we also have our simple jewellery workshops to repair jewellery. Though people take care of their jewellery safe some are bound to snap or break due to continuous usage. There has been a common conception that giving broken jewellery to local workshops are unsafe and the workers might replace them with a duplicate. To make people more at ease we a branded jewelry shop have opened our very own workshop so that the people might feel confident and safe in lending their products to us for repair. We provide various repair services like jewellery fix, shortening the chains, coating sterling silver with a gold plate for people who do not like the silvery colour and attaching extra links to bracelets and chains. Rings are complicated ornaments and the best indicators of our size change. Whether we grow fat or slim, the rings will tell us. We specialize in same day ring resizing. So people who have been searching for good repair shop do not worry. You have one the best jewelry repair shop near you.

We also accept your old jewellery for a good price with minimum wastages and you can replace it with good new ones.

Being one of the most renowned jewellery shops in Jaipur we provide authenticated 100% pure and guaranteed jewellery. The main aim of our shop is customer satisfaction and our workers provide the best service to our customers with respect. You can also order the jewels online through our website We ensure the safe delivery of the products ordered online.

How to Buy Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Online for Girls

Sterling Silver is a highly appreciated jewelry alloy, essentially because of its immense persistence, easy affordability, and stunning look, with a tender and refined appearance. It is a mixture of 92.5% silver and the rest 7.5% metal, which is usually copper. Since it is not a natural metal but is an alloy product, so people frequently become a scapegoat of some hoax merchandising and thus faces a huge loss sometimes. If you are considering buying for a set of Wholesale sterling silver jewelry or a piece of Wholesale silver jewelry than you need to be cautious from the very beginning, particularly when your quest for a set of Wholesale sterling silver jewelry or a piece of Wholesale silver jewelry is for online shopping, especially when it is meant for girls. Girls are generally more sensitive and picky towards their dress, shoes, and jewelry, as compared to a boy. Girls, in general, always endeavor for the best, especially in the case of buying a precious jewelry set. There can be many suggestions to get the best. We presented a consolidated list of some prominent but uncomplicated suggestions that will supervise you about how to buy wholesale sterling silver jewelry online for girls.

Explore for a reliable online jewelry purchasing website:
The first step towards shopping for any online product is hunting for the choicest site, or in uncomplicated words, a website you can esteem and a website that have a global appearance. The subsequent step is obtaining a piece of jewelry from an honest maker or retailer, which is also regarded as an essential move towards the most efficient online shopping for Wholesale silver jewelry for girls.

Ascertain Authenticity from the online information provided:
Always seek for silver standard term or hallmark which is customarily labeled as 925, .925 or 92.5 on 925 sterling silver jewelry in the US. The term can diversify from realm to realm but there is ordinarily a standard for every country. Always neglect a non-specified commodity. Also, disregard a piece of jewelry which is defined as silver plated, which is for sure not a sterling silver.

At last but not the least, ensure that you can exchange the jewelry if you are not delighted with what you are delivered with. It's always best to check the return policy page of the concerned website in advance to assure that you are on the secure side and you can either replace the commodity or you can get a refund on the jewelry in case your girl don’t like the jewelry piece. Or you can simply go with the jewelry manufactured by the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., the famous 925 silver jewelry manufacturers, to evade any fraud or any false seller. With its appearance all across the earth, jewelry created by DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. is known for its finest attribute. If it is manufactured by the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. that the essence of the jewelry as well as its authenticity is not something to be worried about. Their creation is the best and is famous worldwide.

Wholesale sterling silver rings shop in India

Jewelry is an indispensable asset of the modern era. Sterling silver rings are known to be popular among ladies, mainly because of its distinctive characteristic of enhancing elegance and grace to the overall appearance. These wholesale sterling silver rings are among the most well-known jewelry pieces that most of the individuals carry regularly. It is something that expresses a delightful style yet being elegant. And almost anyone can get hooked to this unprecedented and beautiful impression of fashion. The poise look of wholesale sterling silver rings stuffed with happiness and elation of creation makes it a stylish piece of jewelry. It is ordinarily recognized as a low-budget but still graceful jewelry piece. Being an inventor in Jewelry manufacturing field, we have more than a thousand names and originators associated with us. The DWS Jewelry (P) Ltd. delivers jewelry for innumerable brands and designers along with several stores, shops, distributors, and wholesalers. With the top assistance as a wholesale sterling silver rings manufacturer, the DWS Jewelry (P) Ltd. is working on its plan to intensifying as India's largest jewelry manufacturing and rebuilding industry. To further improve the services of the jewelry business entrepreneurs, we operate as their partner to help them in devising explicit jewelry creations and in prolonging their creative abilities along with their pay. Going along with the traditional techniques and systems, the DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. is pleased to espouse all recent trends, techniques, and styles of the modernized makers and designers, and thus we are attempting to expand our expertise to a diversified range.

Wholesale real silver earrings jewelry store in Jaipur

India is a region of jewels and expensive and rare metals and gems from ancient times. The enormous artifact of our nation is the testimony of it. Just like the magnificent ancientness of priceless gems and riches of India, Indian jewelry patterns are also remembered for their originality and grace everywhere. People from virtually every state in the world prefers Indian ornaments and craftsmen who are recognized for their outstanding designs and making abilities. From Handmade silver jewelry and real silver earrings to gold jewelry, India is full of them and there is a prolonged list of such kinds and varieties. However, some craftsmen and makers have achieved significant fame because of their innovative method as well as works. One such title is DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. have descended behind the initial time-taking techniques of Jewellery production and casting, and are valued for their distinct jewelry manufacturing assistance and finest refixing services. As a real silver earrings jewelry manufacturer, we aim to create real art pieces of jewelry. We are professionals in both authorized and modernized style of jewelry design. We are the brilliant brains of DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., a famously recognized brand in the realm of jewelry production and jewelry casting aid and services. For us, the satisfaction of our customers is of pre-eminent concern. We are entirely filled with unique expertise who are willing to contribute exceptional arts in an innovative way, and our customers have faith in us. We are committed to promoting your trust in us. 

Online sterling silver earrings jewelry shop in India

The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is the glorious sterling silver earrings jewelry makers as well as the sterling silver handcrafted jewelry manufacturers. With a vast set of prolific, enthusiastic, and innovative minds, our creations are of excellent character. When it comes to silver jewelry, we are certainly the best. Silver is known as an expensive yet elegant metal, from the ancient period. Actually, it is not only appreciated but is also one of the most auspicious metals used for ornaments all over the planet. The reasoning behind this raised predominance is huge which extends from virtuous causes to wellness benefits, mental advantages and even because of remarkable astrological causes. When we talk about the mental benefits of silver, there are many including, reduction in anxiety and depression, a decline in emotional disputes, an attraction of abundance and positivity, and balancing of the creative and intellectual aspects of the mind. Along with the mental well-being advantages, silver also offers various health benefits too. Our team of experts is laboring for hours to offer you the best aid and services, to establish and to create the famously feasible jewelry for you which is a precise piece of sterling silver earrings jewelry same as your aspirations. We are unquestionably a noble company to have a business with. We have executed exceptional plus affordable assistance to infinite customers and various brands and designers. We always ask for a reasonable price for our works and are stringently against any additional fees. We also have some extraordinary and unparalleled ideas expressly for you.

Why people prefer silver more than gold?

Ever since the invention of the metal gold, it has managed to capture the hearts of millions of woman. The world of jewellery was initially ruled by silver metal. But later with the invention of gold and gold-based Jewelry items the role of silver slowly started declining and except for a few designs and Jewelry items, silver remained unused. A few decades ago with the development of fashion jewellery silver started gaining the market again and most of the fashion and modern Jewelry items were made in silver.

Women also started buying these fashion jewelry items along with their gold jewellery due to their designs and other factors that made them choose silver over gold. Some of the common reasons for choosing silver jewellery over Gold Jewelry items are,

Multiple designs

Compared to Gold, Silver is a simple metal and they are easier to handle. Hence more amount of intricate designs can be made in Silver easily when compared to Gold. Also, there are many jewellery designs available in Silver jewellery than the Gold Jewelry items. The Silver jewelry designs can be handcrafted and machine made. Most of the Antique jewellery designs can be easily made using silver jewelry. Also for people who love gold jewellery they can use silver jewelry coated with gold since they give off a very good finish and look exactly like gold jewellery.

Low cost

Due to the abundance of the metal and its low requirement Silver is of low cost. Silver is also described as a poor man's gold since they are of low price and beautiful. Due to their increased flexibility and since these jewellery items can be easily made they have a low amount of making charges. Due to an increase in the number of designs with a low rate of silver jewelry are preferred by most women.

A Perfect Combination

Previously most of the women preferred wearing Gold jewellery as a single item because mixing them with other forms of metals would reduce the value of the Gold. But nowadays most of the celebrities are seen wearing Gold and Silver Jewelry items mixed together as a fashion statement. Certain thin necklaces with multiple strands are designed in such a way that they the strands are a mix both Silver and Gold. These multiple stranded chains were famous when they entered the market and even now everyone has a collection of these mixed jewellery items.

Design flexibility

As said earlier it is easier to design Silver Jewellery items when compared to Gold jewellery. Also, most of the jewellery items nowadays are encrusted with gems and other forms of stones. These designs provide a more rich and beautiful look for the women wearing them. Fixing gemstones is much easier in Silver Jewellery items when compared to gold jewellery. Hence a lot of stone based Jewellery items are available in Silver jewellery designs.

Antique look

Even though there is various traditional antique design gold jewelry available, the oxidized silver with an antique finish and design will give a more traditional look highlighting the design perfectly when compared to gold jewelry. Jewelry like silver Jhumkas and traditional tribal jewellery will give a perfect edgy look.


While most of the people invest in Gold certain people who are poor try to invest their money by in silver Jewellery items and silver coins as a source of savings. Silver is the best source of investment and they can be easily dissolved when compared to Gold since gold required a lot of procedure before converting them into money. But it is easier in case of Silver items. Also one of the major disadvantages in investing in Gold is that the price suddenly decreases and increases. Hence buying Silver jewellery is much safer when compared to Gold jewelry or coins for investments.

Also along with these major points, Silver is much safer to wear around rather than Gold jewelry items. They can be kept at home and not some lockers for safety. Silver also has certain antibiotic properties that prevent the entry of bacteria. Also, the value of Silver has increased after the discovery of White Gold and Platinum because all the tree look exactly similar and Silver is more flexible and ductile when compared to the other two metals. The price of Silver is also much less when compared to Platinum which is the highest costly metal available.