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Plain Ring

A wedding is a special occasion where the bride and groom have the day for themselves. Right from decoration to the wedding ring, they must have everything to be perfect to offer an authentic environment for them to get married together. There are a variety of collections available in the market for plain wedding bands. The brides and grooms have chosen a few for their special day. Regardless of the grandness of the function, they always prefer to keep their rings simple and unique so that they will be a special thing to remember and suitable for their regular wear. Even though they are simple, there are many things that you can do to make them better in your unique way. Let us now look at the concept.

What is a Wedding Band?

A wedding band is a plain ring exchanged by the bride and groom during their special day. It acts as a symbol of the love and lifelong commitment they have toward each other. Exchanging these rings along with the vows makes it a special day for them. Most people try to decorate their rings with a mild set of diamonds. It is appropriate for multiple cultures. But some group members prefer it plain with features that make it unique for them. So because you make it will remain in your hand forever until death. People view it as an emotional implementation of the physical world. But in reality, it is a constant remembrance of their special love for each other even though it is followed only by certain cultures people nowadays or interested in purchasing plain band rings to gift their loved ones.

Silver Collections

For plain silver wedding band, the market has many collections available. Like the ring in the movie 'The Lord of the Rings', this beautiful band will always be unique to you. Made of plain silver with a smooth coating along the edges, it is one of a kind. They can make your hand beautiful without actually trying it. So if you are looking for a simple yet classic design, this plain silver band ring will be the best option. Sometimes to make it more authentic and perfect, you can insert or engrave a symbol inside the band to make it unique. It does not need to match, and each of you can engrave something that will make you feel at home and loved.

When you choose a wedding collection, ensure that it is a plain sterling silver ring rather than a regular oxidized silver. This design is for people who prefer shiny bands on the other hand. But if you want it to fade into the background and provide an ancient, you can go for oxidized silver with black tinges. Each collection has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some people fear oxidation with the Silver band. But we can assure you that the plain silver ring men's collection will be beautiful and last forever. The one great advantage of this collection is that the budget is pretty cheap, and you can combine it with simple gemstones if you like to have it.

Provide a Grand Gesture

When you have decided to go out of the box and opt for other collections that might not have a plain wedding ring, you can choose the one with embedded gemstones. Most gemstones within the market are cheaper and perfect for your requirement. If you are looking for an option that might suit your budget, go for a band with minute gemstones like Ruby or Emerald embedded within them. The model is pretty cheap and better than any other collection available on the market. The stones you can use include: sapphire, emerald, ruby, moonstone, and opal stones. There are a variety of other collections available in different sizes and colors. So, depending upon your love for them, you can choose whichever stone speaks the most to you. It provides a grand appearance to the entire band. It makes your hand look beautiful. Similarly, you can choose a stone that meets your spiritual requirement, like a birthstone or a lucky charm stone.

There are a variety of shops available in the market where you can purchase such collections. Some are located away from you. But, you can choose the online website to buy and make an order. One such jewelry showroom is the DWS, which offers you a plain silver ring for your better half that will make the special day much better. Each collection is unique, and it stands out in its way. You can check out the website for more designs. All you need to do is select the design and place an order on it, along with the required ring size, to complete the purchase at the end. They have multiple online transactions available to make it easier.

A Diamond for Glory

If you are looking forward to purchasing plain wedding bands for her it is always a better option. Sometimes, if you prefer to go over the budget and offer collections that will make it shine, choose the plain diamond ring. Most diamonds used in these playing rings are of small size. This idea makes it cheaper and falls within the budget. So if you are looking for a better design, these Diamond collections are outstanding. If you have an engagement ring with the largest stone, you can always combine that with this Diamond band. It provides a rich appearance. But one thing you have to be careful about is the diamond quality. If the stone you buy is not of good quality, it will not have any resale value. It is the special day of your entire life and ensures that has the quality and a promise that will last forever.

So try to give her a unique band that contains only pure quality diamonds with top grade and size that suits the requirements. If you are looking for a place that sells top-quality diamonds, our showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan is the best option. With each stone being detected for flaws and quality, we provide your products that are ensured to be top-notch. So the customers can purchase the products with no fear. For the Diamond collections, we have many designs available, including twisted bags and plain ones. The twister models have tiny Diamond stones that are placed close to each other. With the simple model, you can see the design idea with the gemstones placed together or with the diamonds located apart from each other. Beautiful, and you can select designs that are different from your better half.

Collections for Men

For collections for men, there are a lot of designs that you need to consider. For example, it can be anything ranging from men’s simple wedding bands to top-notch high-quality collections of embedded diamonds as seen above. We made each design according to the preference offered by the bride and groom. So if you are looking for a perfect choice, you can visit the DWS showroom. It contains many collections and designs included in the men's collection. Each one is different and better. So make a choice based upon the types given below.

● Simple and Plain

When you are looking for a simple collection, understand that the width of the band will be small. The jewelry can be in gold or you can choose a beautiful men’s plain wedding band in silver. In this collection, a wedding band is just a reminder of the wedding. It is better for men who prefer to provide a professional look in their working environment without getting others distracted by the ear-dazzling wedding band. If you are looking forward to falling within the budget, silver is the best option, but if you want to go all out on the money, you can also choose platinum bands. Gold is a better choice since it does not fade away, and you can always polish the color back to provide a shiny appearance intimidating no one. The problem with Platinum is it is costly, but it does not show out in the open.

● Wide with Designs Engraved

When you try to find a model that is a bit more intimidating than the simple one, you can go for the broad and plain models with small engraving on them. These engravings can be anything like a vow you exchange with your partner or a design that symbolizes your eternal love for each other. Even though it is not suitable for women because of its authentic size, they can always batch in terms of designs. But to ensure the perfection of the designs, the grid is perfect for each other. You can go to shops like was in Jaipur. We made each engraving with a hand carving technique that ensures the quality of the product. The final design will be suitable for your requirements.

● The Diamond Model

Women always do not prefer diamonds. So if you prefer for your partner to have a bit of bling, you can always go for designs with a single diamond stone in the middle with engraving surrounding it. This design is a plain diamond ring that might not be intimidating and is perfect for both men and women. If you wish to provide a cash well and get an authentic look, this design is the best option. For this collection, you can choose platinum metal since combining platinum design with diamond is always a better option in multiple aspects.

● Collections with Gemstones

Similarly, men do not prefer a wide range of gemstones embedded within their rings like a bedazzled doll. So there are many plain rings for men available in the market. But if you insist on having one gemstone, there is always the same option of keeping a simple and unique gemstone in the center that matches the design of your partner. But always go for lighter shades since dark colors are not suitable for men. Your partner has to wear the ring for the rest of their life, so select collections that might be neutral for both your formal and informal styles.

Collections are available in our showroom, where you can purchase through an online portal or directly by visiting us. Our designers are open to providing custom connections that might suit your requirements. You can also place customized orders through email by sending the design with your ring size and budget. We will provide you with a perfect option before manufacturing it. If you are searching for a new design, then our designers can help you. Our aim is to satisfy your needs. For more details contact us to arrange a meeting with us.

Collection for Women

When you search for a perfect playing wedding band collection for women, always remember that they dislike simple designs. Even if it is a plain band, they will always require tweaks. It always makes it unique for them. Show the designers nowadays a focus on providing authentic collections that are unique and exceptionally beautiful, compared to the other models belonging to the men. The designs may vary from plain rings to twisted models, with a diamond stone embedded in them. There are always designs that would speak volumes for women's jewelry. So the wedding band is not an exception.

● Plain and Unique

If you are a woman who loves to have a plain design, then you can go for the collections, that have a simple band with unique designs. There are also designs, where the metals are designed differently. For example, they can be flat, twisted, are soft with edge designs. There are designs of beaded wedding bands. Most of these designs are available in gold and silver. We consider both these metals to be authentic collections. Depending on the engagement ring you have, you can select the perfect wedding band. Most women’s plain wedding band has a simple engraving that makes it different for them to show their specialty. If you are going for a smaller-width collection, then the better option is to combine it with beautiful engagement rings. The plain band engagement ring combination is global.

● Diamond Collections

If you have an impeccable affinity for Diamond, the best option is to select the Diamond collections. They are available in original designs, and the size of the stones may vary. But remember, you cannot choose a stone huge than your engagement band. So always select a simple band that makes your hand look beautiful. Since you are constantly wearing your wedding ring, remember that the quality must be higher, and there should not be any damage to the stones in the long run. Diamond comprises hard material, and combining it with gold or platinum will make it a better option. But sometimes silver also works out with this collection.

● Gemstones

Sometimes you might like your wedding ring to be colorful and if so, then try the gemstones available in multiple combinations. Ruby and emerald have always been favorite colors for women. If you are a formal worker, the combo will be perfect for your collection. You can wear it everywhere without worrying about what others will feel. Nowadays, a wedding is about breaking the old rules and making a new one for yourself. So think positively and wear rings suitable for your hand and entire personality. Most people do not agree with having a personality match with the ring, but in reality, it is necessary.

All these women's plain wedding bands are available in DWS in the jewelry showroom. Whether a single order placement or a wholesale order, we have our manufacturing unit to provide you with facilities that support your requirement. So if interested, you can always contact us for more details.

Finding the Perfect Match for Your Engagement Ring

For men, there is not any problem. Most men wear a simple wedding band that suits their design needs. But women, have to purchase a ring that matches their engagement ring. Most of the engagement collections comprise a huge Diamond surrounded by designs. So if you have such a ring, select the item for your wedding. Here are some tips that might make it perfect for you.

● No Need to be Grand

If your engagement ring is grand with multiple diamonds and gemstones embedded in it. It is better to go for a plain wedding band with diamond engagement ring. This idea might seem off for most women, especially if you look for rich collections. But in the long run, the plain band engagement ring is the best option. Remember being simple is essential if the other is rich. Similarly, you can also buy a ring that matches the design of the engagement band.

● Try A Combined Version

Sometimes, to make it easy on yourself, there are engagement rings that can be combined with the wedding band at a later stage. Having a plain wedding band with engagement rings attached is a better option for most women. If you are one such person interested in such a collection, then you can try out the leading wedding boutique available in the country. You can also later combine them. A plain wedding band with a solitaire engagement ring can be combined with it, compared to the other bands with diamonds embedded in them.

DWS Jewelry is one showroom that offers collections individually and in combined forms. If you want to place a custom order, you can also make it happen with a detailed discussion. Similarly, you can submit your engagement ring and wedding ring to us after the wedding to combine them with no trace evidence. This idea is a better option for all the men since it would make the best of both ceremonies.

Choose Unique Designs

Sometimes, if you want to differentiate the engagement ring from the wedding band, you can go for unique designs like an oval engagement ring with plain band design. This collection is one-of-a-kind, and sometimes you might see variations. But when combined, they form a perfect combination. So do not go separate ways and always follow the trend.

Tips to Select the Perfect Band

If you are looking forward to selecting the best band available in the market, there are many tips. Here we have listed some for your usage. So, read them and follow the suggestions to buy the perfect ring for your wedding day.

● A Perfect Fit

First and the foremost step is to select one that fits your hand perfectly. Some items might not fit, but the design will be beautiful. If they cannot customize your order, you can always use the design of the ring in DWS to customize the same design for your size.

● Width and Metal

Finalize these two options as they might affect the choice you make after visiting a showroom. Choosing these two will allow you to understand the level of comfort. For example, professional men might not like large widths. Similarly, there are options you can choose from.

● Personalization Option

A customization is an option available for most couples in each jewelry showroom. Remember to just select the design. Others will follow you through. Many shops provide custom solutions for a decent budget. Each ring is unique, and the couple has their write to customize it in their way. So go for the showrooms that offer you such an outstanding personalization option.

DWS is a showroom that provides advanced customization options with quality e that makes your wedding bands a unique product. Now you can purchase your band by placing a simple order through email. All you need to do is send the brand image with a description of your size and style. This idea will allow our designers to have a detailed chat with you about the product. Once the deal is completed, we will provide you with the product within that time. Our manufacturing unit manufactures each design through advanced technology and handcrafting techniques. So now you can purchase your lovable wedding bands from our showroom by placing a custom order. We are a wholesale showroom with our own manufacturing unit.

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