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About Blue Sapphire Gemstone

The strongest and quickest acting gemstone is Blue Sapphire. For some individuals, the effect of this gemstone is very immediate. "Bluestone" is the word for "Sapphire" itself. This wonderful stone is usually found in igneous rocks and in alluvial deposits and was deeply admired by all sorts of people. Blue Sapphire represents the planet Saturn in accordance with Vedic Astrology.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Meaning

Blue Sapphire Gemstone has everything related to Saturn Planet. In their lives, the wearer of this gemstone will achieve enormous success. The carving and cutting of a natural stone makes the brilliantly lit and cut precious stones one of the most valuable. Blue Sapphire can be purchased from DWS jewellers at the best price. It is known that Blue Sapphire gemstone provides greater well-being, life, success and mental peace. If you want to buy authentic Blue Sapphire, you can contact DWS Jewellers, the biggest Wholesale Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry suppliers and Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry manufacturers. If you believe Blue Sapphire is especially for babies from Capricorn and Aquarius in September, you must think again.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Uses

Wear this Gemstone as fuel for thinking as Saturn has a position in every person's birth chart. Luckily some may be in a suitable position with Saturn and others may be in the wrong place. Those who have a wrong Saturn position in their birth chart must be aware that a bad Saturn is like a dragon that spits fire–can make an individual's life ash. But Neelam or Blue Sapphire can help those sick people as an oasis in the desert by making Saturn's negative force positive.

People wearing a Neelam are going to have a peace of mind because it has the ability to relax. The person can make right choices with a calm mind and soul. All in life is based on decisions and one can never say with precise decisions that his / her life will trench. What else a person has to do with all the decisions taken in the right way when his / her life goes perfectly. Some people have spiritual minds, but because of their unstable mind, they cannot achieve that spirituality. Blue Sapphire focuses the mind and supports them with a meditative mind to have a spiritually inclined life.

A healthy body is still with a sound mind. He can't have a positive thinking unless and until a person is healthy. Even for this difficulty, Neelam has remedy. Neelam is thought to cure dangerous conditions such as bone fever and paralysis.

The Blue Sapphire is the strongest and quickest acting gemstone among the nine astrological gemstones also called the Jyotish Gemstones. It immediately shows effects for many people, through wealth increase, problem resolution, windfall gain, and so on. As in the Vedic Astrology, Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn. Saturn is a karmic planet, and the times of Saturn make or break the life of one person. The cycle of Saturn can be an important phase in the life of a person.

Caution should be exercised in recommending Blue Sapphire. Due diligence must be done to ensure that the Blue Sapphire is completely Jyotish and free of defects as set forth in the sacred texts. The use of a Blue Sapphire with defects can lead to accidents, health problems and decomposition.

Saturn is either a good or a malignant task master. It is also a longevity controller. It is a secret planet and is also called a planet of constraints, restrictions and separate character. The native is careful, strong, deep, austere, laborious, and envious, if it is good in his horoscope. He would have mental and moral courage, foresight and higher order thinking. A charitable Saturn person will exercise caution in income expenses. A reservation, accuracy, persistence, caution, and responsibility are rendered.

Where Saturn is negative, on the other hand, one may become deceptive, melancholic, greedy, lazy and lethargic. He will be hampered in all his efforts by obstacles and restrictions. He becomes untrustworthy, pessimistic, un-reliable and might get depressed. He might have wicked friends as well.

Along with other planets, such as the sun, power loss, marriage differences, loss of money, authority loss and disadvantage on the part of governments and officers may be experienced. He remains an unsettled profession, and in his life faces a lot of ups and downs.

Saturn could cause teeth, bones, feet, knees, ribs, hair, nails to fail easily. To avail the best Blue Sapphire Gemstone Jewellery, approach DWS Jewellers, the renowned Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry exporters and Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry distributors.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Power

Blue Sapphire in combination with other stones can help to cure and combat bone cancer, renal disorders, nerve disorders and paralysis. Blue Sapphire diseases are usual chronic like paralysis, Gout, folly, rheumatism, consumption, bronchitis, etc.

The wearer will be wealthy, well known, healthy, happy, prosperous, long-lived, mentally peaceful, and have good children with this stone. A blue sapphire protects one from hazards, travel issues, terror, thieves, storms, fires or natural disaster problems. It can lead to a better change in financial fortunes, help a person's career and enrich the wearer. It can release anxiety of mind.

It helps to make you free and protects you from envy. It can be used to protect against the evil spirits and for good luck. Because Saturn controls the nervous system, the blue sapphire helps nerve tension problems and the neuroses caused by a Saturn afflicted. Since Saturn is the slowest moving planet, chronic disease tends to occur.

People who are surgeons, mechanical engineers, engineers, astrologers, doctors, electricity manufacturers, metallurgist, scientists, writers, jail guards, soldiers and archaeologists may take good advantage after wearing neelam. The best and quality Blue sapphires are available in Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry factory like DWS Jewellers, based in Jaipur. They have the best Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry collections.

Professions That Benefit From Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire will definitely benefit even people in the fields of dance, drama, martial arts, film, action and direction. The companies will substantially increase their businesses in terms of export and import, transport, vehicles, mineral production, textiles, spare parts, petroleum and gas by the use of this gem. The use of Blue Sapphire may make one a native leader and a great industrialist. The use of this stone should not be carried without the strict advice of astrologer experts.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone History And Blue Sapphire Gemstone Myths

A sapphire should only be worn after the trial, especially a blue one. Sometimes even a perfect sapphire is unlucky and causes the user trouble. For a blue sapphire test, you can wear a gem wrapped around your arm with a white cloth for one week. You can also place it for three nights under your pillow. If a bad effect occurs, the sapphire must be rejected.

Blue sapphires are touching gems and can sometimes produce negative consequences, even when worn by the right people. It's because some gemstones are not fortunate. Therefore, for a trial period, blue sapphire should be worn to see if the particular stone you have purchased will harm.

Blue Sapphire Method

On Saturday, just after the stars appear, it must be stuffed with gold or iron in the medium finger of the right. Its weight must be strictly based on the expert astrologer's advice. It's not Neelam alone. One or two gems are important to wear so that Neelam has good effects. Neelam alone can only be used by people who are capricorn and aquarium, and not by others. Neelam quality is important again and only high-quality blue sapphire is recommended for wearing.  If Saturn is weakened in the birth chart, the gem should not be worn. During an eclipse, blue sapphire can be used.

Which Blue Sapphire To Buy?

The blue sapphire should not have been heat-treated, but should be natural to use as per astrology. When treated with heat the astrological power of the gem is often reduced to the extent that it becomes useless. Astrologically, darker stones do not have a good effect. When seen under strong sunlight or a strong fluorescent light a blue sapphire looks better.

The most effective is the cornflower-coloured sapphire. Flawless, uniformly distributed, well-cut and brilliant blue sapphires are the best. Blue sapphires and rubies are astrologically the same, but a blue sapphire's value is roughly a quarter the value of an equal quality ruby. A brilliant, radiant and transparent one is a good sapphire. Its rays should be spread from within, and no other colour than its own should be seen. A cracked gem may cause accidents.

Care Of Faulty Blue Sapphires

A faulty stone may cause a boil or ulcer. A dairy stone can make you poor. When a two-coloured stone is used, an enemy may cause trouble. It may cause family problems if it is dull or opaque. It may cause eye problems when it is marked with white lines. It can lead to poverty if it has red dots.

Metal For Setting Blue Sapphires

If you choose to wear blue sapphire, at least two carats and ideally 5 carats should be used. The eight metal alloys made from gold, silver, copper, tin, zinc, Mercury, plum and iron, should contain these rings in steel (iron) and necessarily 8 minerals. They can be placed in gold and silver rings as well. To install the gem, the right rituals should be carried out. The ring should be worn on a Saturday in the centre of the right hand.

Sapphire is produced primarily in Australia, Myanmar and Cambodia, Cashmir, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and Vietnam, where it is produced in Sapphire. Some of Sri Lanka's best sapphire includes Deep blue to almost black Australian sapphires. Montana, USA, has metal blue sapphires. The gemstone selected should be of good quality to maximize their effects. The better the quality of the gem, the stronger it will be. The less precious the gem, the bigger the stone will be.

Let us be aware of Blue Sapphire's top ten benefits and the effects of Blue Sapphire gemstone jewelry:

  1. These are one of the most rapidly operating gemstones and have an instantaneous impact. Within 1 day to a month after wearing it, he may bless wealth, good luck, opportunity, promotion etc.
  2. When the Blue Sapphire is appropriate, it will show wonders in Transits such as “Sade-Sati”, in particular. Instantly, you can feel the relief by seeing an increase in metabolism, energy and dullness.
  3. Stone Blue Sapphire is an extremely protective jewel.
  4. Blue Sapphire removes, clears confusion and blesses the individual with correct decision-making abilities. It helps in the protection from enemies, bad eyes, hexing, jealousy, etc.
  5. It improves digestion, removes litter and aids in improving concentration and focus.
  6. It has excellent healing skills to calm and soothe senses as well as blessings.
  7. It removes negative, unknown fears and complexes in certain horoscope situations.
  8. The direct impact of Blue Sapphire on wealth levels. It gives financial support a positive boost. If the individual is so inclined and works toward it, he can benefit from various sources of income.
  9. It gives a great reputation, names, and fame.
  10. For those with a spiritual inclination it gives the ability to carry out rigorous spiritual practices, improves the quality of meditation and helps to achieve oneself. Blue Sapphire has the power, the chakra, which joins Kundalini to the cosmic energy.

Thus, we have seen key details allied to Blue Sapphire Gemstone and Blue Sapphire Jewelleries. If you are willing to buy Blue Sapphire Jewellery, you can contact Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry shop and Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry store, like DWS Jewellers, based in Jaipur.

Blue Sapphire Jewelry Maker

The current fashion is all about dresses and beautiful jewelry that matches them. When you are wearing a dress, it is necessary to wear proper makeup and matching accessories. One thing that you need to understand about the party is that they generally should be simple and grand rather than being heavy. For example, a diamond set will be a better choice than the ancient royal designs that are larger and heavy. The gemstones are the best options for you to wear along with the beautiful costumes.

Each jewelry item is a unique piece, and you can make a choice based on your wish. Let us now take a look at the common items that you should consider before purchasing such jewelry.


When it comes to necklaces, there are many connections available in the market. The gemstone-embedded necklaces are more famous when compared to the other designs. Some gems like blue sapphire and emerald have more value in this category, which goes well with any type of costume. You can contact a good blue sapphire jewelry maker for purchasing such unique necklaces.

Rings And Bracelets

Bangles are a bad choice for dresses. So if you are interested, you can go for beautiful rings and statement bracelets that make the appearance better. Statement bracelets and statement rings are better choices when compared to simple single-stranded bracelets.


Earrings are always meant to be grand, and if you are looking for a good set, the better options are chandelier and long-chain drops. These earrings are beautiful, and they are made to improve the outlook of the jewelry item.

DWS is one of the leading brands, and they offer you the best designs available in the market. If you are interested in purchasing such collections, visit the showroom directly in Rajasthan or choose a model from the mobile application. You can also have a detailed chat with the designers before making a final decision.


Blue Sapphire Jewelry Manufacturer

People who are normally interested in purchasing jewelry items fall under three different categories. They include normal traditional old age people, adults, and youngsters. The youngsters are women and men who regularly prefer simple jewelry items to their colleges and office work. This article is completely about youngsters and other people who wish to purchase a new type of jewelry that they can wear regularly. Unfortunately, when it comes to simple jewels, very few shops have such models because most of them focus on bridal collections and other heavy jewelry.

DWS is one such shop that offers a wide range of models in the area of jewels. The collections are available for both the besides and young professionals available these days. Being one of the leading blue sapphire jewelry manufacturers, they have always offered the best gems to e collections of the world.

Pendant And Rings

When it comes to pendants, youngsters nowadays prefer to wear a simple single stone design. However, among such designs, there are multiple options available. From early to diamond, you can choose one among anything. There are also other designs like the floral, geometric, and sky patterns available. These designs go well along with normal patterns and casual wear.


Bracelets should not be just simple, but they should also be more than the funky designs suitable for the current generation. But sometimes, professional women will prefer wearing a formal bracelet with natural designs that are not too flashy.

It's not just these collections. You can also go for the simple chains. Wear them along with your modern costumes to provide a beautiful look at life. DWS is a suitable choice for such collections, and hence you can visit the showroom anytime in Jaipur for a detailed assessment of the collections.


Blue Sapphire Jewelry Factory

People have always placed huge importance on jewelry items. It's not just women, but even men are interested in designs like chains and bracelets. But along with the purchase, it is also necessary for them to maintain the quality of the jewels. For example, wearing silver for a long time might lead to the description of color and oxidation. So the best option for them is to regularly clean the silver jewelry they are purchasing or dip them in one gram gold for an authentic gold look. But it requires regular polishing to maintain the shine. In addition, some women commonly make certain mistakes that should be avoided to prevent the submission of products in the factory. Let us now look at the things you have to avoid to maintain the jewelry cleanly.

Cleaning And Polishing

For example, if you use a blue sapphire gemstone embedded design, the best option is to submit them to a blue sapphire jewelry factory for proper polish and maintenance. But instead of submitting them, you can maintain them regularly in your own home right from the date of purchase. All you need to do is regularly wipe the jewelry with a clean White muslin cloth after removing them. Next, remove all the sweat particles attached to the necklace or bangle and place them in a tight or regular velvet box for proper storage.

You have to take special precautions for gemstone-based designs. When you are wearing such unique pieces, you have to ensure that the model does not contact any other solid objects to avoid hits and breakages. Similarly, while wearing copper jewelry, you have to understand it is impossible to avoid the thin green layer forming on your body. It is due to the reaction between your sweat and bronze or copper. However, it can be easily washed away, and these necklaces should also be wiped with muscle and cloth and placed in normal air for a few minutes before storing them in a box.

Each design is unique, and you can preserve them with the proper techniques. So use our ideas to maintain your jewelry.


Blue Sapphire Jewelry Exporter

When purchasing a gemstone, the first thing you need to note is the cuts, clarity, and quality. Understanding these properties of a product will allow you to make the right choice. It’s not just the outstanding design that attracts you, but the gemstone you are using should also be of good quality to provide the correct shine and match with the design. When it comes to jewelry cuts, certain things need to be taken into account. If you consult a blue sapphire jewelry exporter like DWS, then you will understand that it has multiple cuts in types of shapes and shine.

Cuts And Shine

The Sapphire stone can be cut into oval, round, and square (cushion) shapes. These types of cuts are mainly used for indicating their internal beauty along with the crystal structure. Since they are most commonly used in jewelry, they are also divided into grades to indicate their brilliance. The grades of a gem might vary depending upon the cut chosen. Some of the common types include step, brilliant, mixed, and cabochon cuts. When you choose a shop to purchase such unique quality products, ensure that they have their manufacturing unit for testing and maintaining the jewelry when there is any damage. This will improve the experience of a customer.

DWS is a one-stop solution for all your jewelry purchase-related requirements, especially with gemstones. Starting from simple rings to complicated necklaces, everything is designed and manufactured by them in their factory. Purchasing these unique items can be done from the comfort of your own home through online web portals and mobile applications. So if you are hesitant about leaving your home, all you need to do is place a single call for custom orders and other requirements.


Blue Sapphire Jewelry Supplier

Fashion has always been in a rotating motion where old things become new, and new things become old. In the same way, the old trend of wearing certain designs has fallen under the limelight now. Spending nearly two years within your home, you might be tired of the wardrobe and the jewellery items you have. The trend of wearing simple metal chains and pendants has long gone, and the current trend is focusing on a wide range of gemstones and pearl items. If you are a regular follower, you might understand why the current trend focuses more on bright and vibrant colors. Most jewelry shops nowadays purchase the product from the manufacturers rather than designing and manufacturing it by themselves. Let us now take a look at the rising trends in jewels before making a purchase.

Colour Stones

Long gone are the trains where people wear a single stone and jewelry item. Nowadays, they more or less focus on colorful items that make them look vibrant and perfect. These models are available for all types of jewelry, including pendants and bangles. They go well along with light-colored dresses like white and sandals. Personally, the best option that we feel would be best is a white or a black costume that can exhibit any color with a perfect image without any illusion.


Long gone are the days where people considered them to be a part of Grandma's collections. Nowadays, people prefer wearing Pearl jewelry with gemstones embedded within them for its unique design. This collection will also add a good charm to your collection.

DWS, one of the leading blue sapphire jewelry suppliers in the country, offers a wide range of collections when it comes to jewelry. With their factory and shop, they have managed to create a perfect environment that allows them to design and offer you the best collections that you prefer. For more details, contact the shop directly or visit the website to look at the collections.


Blue Sapphire Jewelry Wholesaler

Blue sapphire, which is otherwise popularly known as the Neelam stone, can provide prosperity and success for the person wearing it. It's not just that they also can improve the look of the jewelry a person is wearing with bright Outlook. Even the popular royal family has their own set of these Neelam gemstones embedded within their traditional jewelry. They are also widely used in engagement rings. Even though these stones are commonly available in most shops, you cannot expect them to be original. If you want to purchase a pure quality product, visit an authenticated blue sapphire jewelry wholesaler like DWS. The product is also recognized for its astrological properties and is continuously won by people who have Saturn in certain places of their horoscope. If you wish to wear them because of the astrological properties, ensure you have the original one rather than the duplicate models available in the market.

Crystal References

This crystal is highly associated with the Lord Shani Bhagwan, and purchasing jewelry with them embedded in the center will improve your outlook on life. The ability to bring prosperity for the business and prevent the person from the Evil eye of Shani. The color might vary from mild to a darker shade depending upon the crystal formation. Despite The Spiritual references, they are also being used for their unique beauty and eye-catching structure. They are commonly sold in the square, rectangle, and oval shapes. It absorbs the negative energy in the body and influences your positive Vibes. If you are interested in such a stone, then purchase them from an authentic dealer. DWS has been dealing with such products for more than a decade with experienced designers and manufacturers. If you are looking forward to buying the gym along with age well, then DWS can be a good choice.

As a leading exporter of gemstones, they have always managed to create the best designs in the market. You can look at the readymade pieces available in the showroom and through the online portal. They also have a mobile application that supports their supply. So if you are interested in purchasing this product, make a call or visit the showroom in Jaipur Rajasthan.