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Wholesale Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Women are very particular about their garments and their ornaments. Women like to match their outfit with the watch, jewelry, hairstyle, etc. There are many types of ornaments in the market like a chain, necklace, bangle, earring, etc. All the ornaments are wearing in a different place. Like bangles on your wrist, rings on your fingers, earring on your ears, etc. Women always think that jewelry can make them all more attractive. Jewelry is in trend from ancient time. As we know the jewelry market is very famous and growing day by day with different types of design and fashion. The shop in Jaipur which is also known for its chandelier earrings jewelry supplier you will get different types of earrings here.  In the jewelry market, we will get many types of earrings where chandelier earrings are one of them.

Chandelier earrings have many types as it can be hooked, stud, or clip-on. This earring is mainly long in size. Chandelier earrings with stud style have a straight post that will go through the earlobe which also has backing in the backside to secure the earrings.  Chandelier earrings with hook style have a single strand of wire which is formed into a hook it does not need any type of backing. Chandelier earrings with clip-on style have very less demand in this chandelier earring. These earrings are for those women who are very afraid of piercing because it goes with no-piercing ears. There are many places but chandelier earrings jewelry exporter or chandelier earrings jewelry wholesaler are the one which may suit you and your budget.

Chandelier earring goes with every outfit hand have different styles. This earring comes with lightweight even if you are wearing largely designed earrings. This earring can be very short and there is a small extension. Chandelier earring looks beautiful with a traditional outfit. A traditional outfit like saree, lahanga, kurti pajama, etc.  Chandelier earrings are available in many beautiful shapes and color. You will get every kind of earring in this wholesale chandelier earring jewelry or wholesale chandelier earring jewelry shop.

Places You Can Wear This Beautiful Latest Design With An Affordable Price Of Chandelier Earrings:

As we know for completing the outfit women must have a beautiful earring. Chandelier earring jewelry is best for the traditional outfit. This makes you look attractive and will make you more beautiful. Below are some of the place where you can wear this chandelier earring with your beautiful outfit or dress. 

Wedding parties: As wearing traditional in someone’s wedding is in trend nowadays. Women of all age love to wear traditional or indo-western outfit. Chandelier earring jewellery is the best thing you can wear on your ears. These earrings will go best with your saree or lahenga. You can wear a pair of large chandelier earring up to soldiers with simple or gorgeous saree. You can even put small chandelier earring if you are afraid of hurting your earlobe. These earrings are best for making yourself more beautiful and attractive. By wearing this beautiful chandelier earring will give you a fresh look and will make you will confident. 

Festive season: The festive season is a time where women love to handle traditional clothing. If you want look shutting and outstand from others you can try this beautiful stunning chandelier earring. You can match your traditional outfit with this type of earring. This earring will give you a beautiful look. If you like simple saree you can go with a red saree with red lipstick and pair them with a stunning bangle and chandelier earring jewelry which will make you look young and glamorous. If you like to wear simple saree try to hook them with sparkling stone chandelier earring jewelry. 

Work: As we have told before chandelier earring jewelry is of different types and size. If you wear salwar kurti to the office you can match your outfit with small size chandelier earring. This earring will make you more attractive and make you feel confident. This chandelier earrings jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur has a unique collection of earring. You must visit this chandelier earrings jewelry manufacturer as women don’t like their things to be matched with other women. These shops also have designers’ chandelier earrings jewelry collection which has a unique style and designs of earring. You can even carry this outfit with those beautiful indo-western dresses like wearing a light color shirt and a long skirt and put small chandelier earrings on your ears. 

Casual occasion: you can wear these designers chandelier earrings jewelry with casual dresses. If you are bored with your western outfit you should seriously try a traditional dress with chandelier earrings. This will make look attractive and even casual. Wear a simple salwar kurti with simple make and red lipstick and wear this chandelier earrings jewelry this will make you more beautiful and outstanding. Always choose a bright color dress with diamond chandelier earrings jewelry. You will get it in many stones and types like in gold, silver with diamond, other stones or peals on it.

Tips To Wear Chandelier Earrings Jewelry

Chandelier earrings jewelry is very light in weight and looks beautiful on your face and with traditional dresses. If you are planning to buy this pair of earring you must go through this tips so that you can select the right thing for yourself. 

Outfit: Always keep in mind the dress you are going to wear and which will go best with your outfit. If you want to keep a special pair of earring for a particular dress then you should match them with your dress. Try to buy those kinds of chandelier earrings jewelry which you can carry it with every traditional outfit. Always keep in mind chandelier earrings jewelry are not heavy but putting too much of stones can tear your earlobe so try to catch those earrings which you can carry with no issues. You will get every kind of earring in chandelier earring store or chandelier earring shop.

Exploring the World of Chandelier Earrings with DWS Jewellery

Jewelry connoisseurs would never say no to a pair of statement earrings. And what could be the highlight of their jewelry closet if not a pair of dangle chandelier earrings? Similar to chandelier lamps, these drop-down accessories elevate one's ensemble and work as a statement addition to your closet.

Chandelier earrings have a different effect, taking you to the world of earrings in different sizes and shapes, generally studded or enamel decorated. One can wear these earrings at events to give you a completely new look in sarees, gowns, and other traditional outfits.

If you want to try out chandelier earrings for the first time or if you are looking for some unique chandelier earrings to add to your collection, continue reading further. Explore the world of chandelier earrings with its many types and other things you need to know.

What are chandelier earrings?

For those new to wearing earrings as jewelry, you are probably wondering what this style of earrings is.

So, to put it in simple words, let’s say that these are, as the name suggests, earrings that look like chandlers, most of which come in traditional Indian designs with beads and other drop-down adornments hanging freely in a cascading shape.

Chandeliers are a timeless style statement, especially for Indian festivities, where women prefer traditional jewelry.

However, this does not mean that chandeliers always have to be traditional. We shall, in this article, have a look at some of the many styles of chandelier earrings that you can wear for different occasions, but before that, let us consider an important question on chandelier earrings:

Who can wear chandler earrings?

While there is no rule as to who cannot wear these earrings, if you are not used to wearing long and heavy earrings, or if all you have been wearing are studs and other smaller earrings, then we suggest you stay out of large chandeliers right away.

Start by wearing small or chandelier drop earrings that come in medium sizes. When you think you are ready, experiment with heavy chandelier earrings.

Statement chandelier earrings with versatile color options

Chandelier earrings come in a plethora of colors, patterns, and shapes. One can never have too many chandelier earring designs.

Color varieties of chandelier earrings are bespoke if you purchase them from a reputed jewelry chandelier earrings store like DWS Jewellery. Some prominent colors for these earrings go well with multiple outfits.

Following are top-colored gemstone settings available in sterling silver chandelier earrings offered by DWS.

Crystal chandelier earrings regalia by DWS Jewellery

• Green chandelier earrings

The evergreen green color never goes out of style and complements Indian attire with its charming beauty. One can pair emerald chandelier earrings with an outfit any bold color outfit. In addition, emerald green chandelier earrings complete the look of sea green or mint green salwar suits or saree.

• Aquamarine chandelier earrings

The brilliant blue is another shade you ought to include in your set of women’s chandelier earrings. These blue chandelier earrings work well with a pink or sky blue outfit or saree. Pair it with a stunning pair of an aquamarine bracelets to complete the look. The bright watery crystals create an enchanting effect when worn during evening events.

• Sapphire chandelier earrings

And since we spoke about blue, another shade you would also want to consider is Sapphire Blue. It can go well with all the darker shades of blue you have in your wardrobe.

• Turquoise chandelier earrings

Yet another shade of blue that we think you must have in your collection of women's chandelier earrings is turquoise: the color of the sea. A pair of turquoise chandelier earrings offer a Persian touch to your attire when set in fine sterling silver.

• Opal chandelier earrings

Finally, another shade of blue that we recommend for your collection of statement chandelier earrings is opal.

Opal chandelier earrings come in a natural blue hue offering an earthy and simple touch to your attire. Small chandelier earrings with opal and sterling silver settings, go well with casual dresses and even with indo-western wear.

• Pink chandelier earrings

Who does not love a bright pink pair of chandelier earrings? When coupled with fine sterling silver, the combination creates a stunning effect on any attire. In addition, if the pink chandeliers have pearl adornments, the effect is simple yet distinct.

A pair of pink chandelier earrings in chand bali design does the trick and completes your look when paired pink Kanjivaram saree or a heavy ghagra.

• Red chandelier earrings

For those vibrant red lehengas or heavy suits, a pair of ruby chandelier earrings can simply do the trick. These ruby set earrings work as a statement piece for any attire. When paired with gold on silver or fine sterling silver setting, the effect is right out of a bridal magazine.

So if you are a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid, these earrings will definitely get heads turning throughout the event.

• Black chandelier earrings

If you want to make a bolder statement, why not consider a pair of black chandelier earrings? Black opals create an enchanting effect, especially when set in sterling silver vintage chandelier earrings design.

Black chandeliers can be paired with sarees and other ethnic outfits too! These earrings work as a statement piece and act as a stand-alone accessory on any outfit.

• Purple chandelier earrings

Finally, a rare color that we would like to recommend all of you to add to your collection of women’s chandelier earrings is an amethyst set purple.

Although it appears a bit dark, wearing these earrings to a dazzling evening function or a summer day wedding can uplift your entire look. Pair it with a light shade outfit and let the earrings do the trick.

• White chandelier earrings

White moonstones and quartz create the illusion of white accessories. When added to a chandelier setting, these gems create a distinct look.

A pair of white chandbalis can go with most Indian outfits. They also work well with indo-western clothing.

The chandelier earrings store also features more color varieties apart from ones mentioned above.

Chandelier earrings styles to complete your jewelry collection

With the fun, versatile colors and combinations, chandelier earrings offer much more. When shopping for a pair of chandelier earrings, one can witness multiple styles of chandelier earrings available at the leading online jewelry stores like DWS Jewellery.

Experts at DWS Jewellery, a leading jewelry factory in Jaipur, Rajasthan, create extensive chandelier earrings designs perfect for different occasions. The expert artisans at DWS create enchanting pieces with intricate handmaking techniques. The ultimate result is a unique designer range.

• Vintage chandelier earrings

Among the trendy modern designs in your collection, a vintage pair of chandelier earrings definitely does the trick. These earrings go well with everyday ethnic wear and act as statement pieces. With heavy and intricate designs, these earrings are a must-have in your jewelry closet.

DWS offers vintage chandelier sterling silver earrings with detailed designs and patterns.

• Boho chandelier earrings

On those days where you wish to bring your bold and hippe bones out, boho chandelier earrings are just the accessory you require. So if you are heading on holiday or need to break free from your everyday jewelry, this is the pair you need.

The evergreen patterns of these pieces bring out your inner child and highlight the fun aspect of your personality. Select some bright gemstone set earrings from the DWS jewelry collection, and you are all set!

• Extra large chandelier earrings

A heavy statement earrings piece is a must-have in all jewelry closets. Big chandelier earrings in different gemstone settings and chandbali patterns are a hit among fashionistas who love experimenting with their looks. These stand-alone pieces do not require one to wear a necklace with their favorite suit or ghagra.

These extra large chandelier earrings go below the cheekbone to create a bold statement. Pair these with a bright Anarkali suit, and you are all set to dazzle in your Indie attire.

• Small chandelier earrings

Small chandelier earrings are perfect as an everyday accessory. One can look for bright-colored designs that can pop your look.

These earrings are perfect for work wear or a small function with your relatives.

DWS Jewellery offers an exciting range of sterling silver chandelier earrings with extensive designs. The jewelry wholesaler also offers pearl-adorned chandelier earrings.

• Clip-On chandelier earrings

Love chandelier earrings but are afraid to get your ears pierced? Then consider a pair of clip-on chandelier earrings.

As the name suggests, these don’t require any ear piercing, and one can easily clip them on the ears.

Traditional clip-on chandelier earrings offer a similar look to other chandelier earrings.

• Beaded chandelier earrings

Complete your look in that colorful floral dress with a pair of beaded chandelier earrings to bring out your fun side. A pair of multi-color beaded chandelier earrings go well with different outfits in your collection.

The delicate look of these earrings can go a long way in making you look feminine. This makes it one of the best options when you are dressing up for a fun outing during the day.

Looking for bridal accessories? Explore DWS Jewellery's Chandelier Earrings Collection

Everyone longs to wear a pair of bridal chandelier earrings. So, if you are celebrating your big day soon, don’t miss the opportunity to look dashing in a pair of bridal chandelier earrings that go down your face and highlight your delicate features as you look exotic in a gown or red saree.

Long chandelier earrings never go wrong on an excited and smiling bride, so let go of the studs and don’t be afraid to look beautiful in a pair of large chandelier earrings that turn all heads as you walk down the aisle.

If you’re a Christian bride all set to walk down in a long white gown with a trail, why not consider a pair of pearl chandelier earrings. These can draw attention to your face behind the white veil. You can even try on a pair of silver chandelier earrings for this effect.

Vibrant gemstones and sterling silver chandelier earrings, a DWS Jewellery classic!

Clear diamonds and rhinestone chandelier earrings are perfect if you are looking for stand-alone statement pieces for cocktail attire. These diamond chandelier earrings are available in multiple patterns. One can select a long-drop classic pattern perfect for parties and cocktail events.

Still, looking for something more?

Cubic zirconia chandelier earrings: These are another interesting addition to varieties of chandelier earrings. These crystals have a similar appearance to diamonds and though not as shiny and dazzling, can elevate your look in a gown or a saree to a better extent.

Rhinestone chandelier earrings: These are gems in the form of imitation diamonds that come in different colors to make choosing earrings for different occasions more enjoyable. So, on a day when you don’t feel like adorning yourself in diamonds, you can choose from the range of colorful rhinestone chandelier earrings in your kit.

Explore sterling silver chandelier regalia by DWS Jewellery

Silver offers a unique look to any earrings with its different properties. Silver chandelier earrings are perfect lightweight addition and an alternative to gold, especially with their growing prices.

Vibrant gemstones set in fine silver elevate the ensemble and offer a unique edge to the ornaments. In addition to their look, the metal is a better alternative to rusting imitation jewelry.

The metal that seldom goes wrong on any occasion, sterling silver is becoming popular and an increasing favorite of many these days. And this is not without reason. An alloy of silver that comes mixed with a few metals to give it strength, sterling silver is durable and easy to handle and maintain too.

Explore chandelier earrings range from DWS Jewellery

Good accessories are notable for their beauty and high quality. However, many jewelry stores these days fail to offer high-quality ornaments. When it comes to chandelier earrings, it is prominent to purchase them from reputed stores like DWS Jewellery Pvt Ltd.

The following factors make DWS Jewellery, a leading name among gemstone jewelry suppliers.

• Design varieties: The company offers a unique variety of accessories right from earrings to rings. The jewelry manufacturer offers extensive designs like floral patterns, Celestial drama, ethnic regalia, boho accessories, to Turkish jewelry.

• Metal colors and varieties: DWS features 925 sterling silver jewelry with different coatings or plating options like rose gold, fine silver, black on silver, and gold on silver. The company also features brass jewelry with similar plating options.

• Gemstone varieties: As a top jewelry exporter, the company offers diamond and other gemstone jewelry for more variety in your collection. You can find a wide range of gemstones here, like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, cubic zirconia, amethyst, etc.

• Ornament types: From rings, earrings, and pendants to anklets, bracelets, and entire sets, DWS has almost all kinds of jewelry for you to browse through.

Final thoughts

DWS Jewellery offers an extensive collection of chandelier earrings with some exciting gemstone settings and metal platings. In addition, the company offers interesting chandelier earrings designs to complete your jewelry closet. 

They feature chandbali designs, which are classics. The earrings are notable for their extensive craftsmanship and intricate handwork. Moreover, these are extremely lightweight, durable, and come with top-quality crystals on the market. The company also offers customization options for these statement pieces. Hence, those looking for custom bridal pieces can consult the experts at the leading jewelry store in Jaipur.

About DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2004, DWS is a notable jewelry brand from Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. They are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of gemstone studded ornaments. The company has a state-of-the-art R&D facility, manufacturing different high-quality gemstones. In addition, the company also offers custom-designing options to its customers.

Experts at DWS create intricate ethnic ornaments from silver and brass. They design classic handmade regalia, ensuring high quality.

The company also offers bulk order options to its customer. In addition, they also provide custom packaging and jewelry care guidance to all customers. Explore their extensive collection today.

Those based out of Jaipur can explore these ornaments on the company website, DWS Jewellery, or download their application from the App store. One can browse extensive designs and patterns of chandelier earrings, classic cuffs, bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more. The company also offers cufflinks for all the men who prefer custom accessories to their formal looks.

Highlights of DWS Jewellery services

The RIICO industrial area-based company is notable for the following:

• Timely delivery for all order quantities

• Another highlight is affordable pricing compared to competitors. For instance, one can buy chandelier earrings under $50.

• Every piece manufactured at the leading jewelry store undergoes extensive quality checks, ensuring customers receive the best pieces.

• The company offers safe payment gateways, guaranteeing safer checkouts for all customers.

• The company also offers 24 x7 customer support, and experts guide customers at every step, from purchase and ordering to jewelry care and maintenance.

Head over to their jewelry showroom or visit their online store for interesting design patterns and gemstone varieties today!

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