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Statement Earrings

A woman’s earring is always essential for her. A perfect earring can alter the facial structure of a woman. There is a variety of hearing models available in the market. Among them, statement collections have always played an important role. If you are looking for a perfect set, this blog is the best opportunity for you to explore the design. Statement earrings are impossible to restrict to a single category. Let us now look at the options available and select the perfect choice to meet your needs.

What is a statement stud earring?

As we look at the wide range of stud collections, we might have visited some shops that mention these statement studs. You must remember a large model doesn’t need to become a statement earring. These models have a set of criteria that an earring must meet for you to claim it as the best statement collection. An example of a perfect statement earring must be:

  • Bold, large, and beautiful with a design that immediately captures the attention of people.
  • The earring can be any, and the designers can use any type of metal ranging from silver to brass.
  • Sometimes studs made up of beads and sheets belong to the statement model because of their unique beauty.

Purchasing the statement earring is not a simple option. It requires a lot of experience and the ability to part it up with the perfect costume. But there are certain things that you must remember while wearing a statement model. One never tries to match it up with a necklace. Avoid any type of necklace and allow complete concentration to fall on the face. The wedding earrings for the bride might require a set of statement necklaces since their makeup is different. But for primary occasions, choose a closed-neck salwar or saree with such statement models. Similarly, you can use an off-shoulder dress to enhance your earring. With such off-shoulder, the dress chooses the ones with large gemstones.

Bridal models

Even though there are many earrings for the bride, a perfect statement collection can make it unique. As per the name, it delivers a statement by providing a unique look. A bride needs to receive all the attention during their special day. When looking for the perfect collection, you can go for the plain gold models since they go well with most costumes. If you are a bride with a red saree, go for one with a huge, emerald stone in the middle. Remember, you don't have to pair your earring with other necklaces. A perfect model must make your face look elegant. Whether it is a stud or a chandelier model, it is your take on the concept.

Silver for a party

As mentioned above, brides consider gold as their auspicious metal. So if you are a person looking for silver statement earrings,  remember they will go well along with black Anarkali sets and other party wear. You can pair a chandelier and drop a model with the traditional costume. The plain stud can go well along with any costume model.

They can belong to any pattern and shape type. For example, a simple triangle-shaped collection can be beautiful with a perfect finish. Remember to select an appropriate costume for your designs. Similarly, silver goes well with black and other dark-colored dresses.

Ethnic Black earrings

Black statement earrings are one of a kind and they have attracted a large group of customers in recent years. Comprising a variety of black gemstones ranging from onyx to black diamonds, there are options you can choose from. The black hoop models with Onyx embedded in them are unique. Each black beauty has its own set of statements to make. For example, we can pair a black dangler up with an off-shoulder dress. This idea shows boldness. Similarly, a black chandelier goes well with the traditional costume. This idea expresses a sense of ethnic fashion. You can pair it up with a black nose pin to provide a rich traditional look. You can also try out the designs with black metal. The black metals create a unique combo for both men and women. Selecting a black metal-based stud but ethnic designs can improve your requirement. The combo of black metal like colored gemstones or pearls is the best option. DWS offers you such better combos you can try them out with your traditional and modern costumes.

Pearls with shine

Pearls have always been a signature of richness, elegance, and beauty. If you are looking forward to purchasing pearl statement earrings, then remember to analyze the quality of the pearl. Must be authentic and the size of the pearl matters in the end. When you purchase such a unique pearl stud, do not pair it up with a pearl necklace. Over usage of pearls can make your appearance look messy. They go well along with light-colored sarees and lehengas. Most pearl necklaces and earrings are best matched with traditional black and dark color attires. Pearl almost goes well with anything. So select a collection that is suitable for your requirement. There are also collections available for children and men. Purchasing statement pearl earring for men is a better option, especially for the ones with funky design love. DWS is one such showroom that offers many pearly products. You can now place custom orders and receive attractive statement earrings.

Pink - a favorite option

Pink is the favorite color for most women. So, to get such unique collections, there are earrings made up of rose gold with gemstones in pink color. Some of the common gemstones include morganite, quartz, topaz, and tourmaline. These pink statement earrings are available in many shades and we have often embedded them in silver or gold metal. Along with the gemstone collections, there are other models made up of fine silk pink threads, pink beads, and pink ribbons. Even though they are often combined with self Colors sometimes you can also go for contrast combinations. For example, you have the option of combining a pink statement earring collection with beautiful white traditional costumes and modern costumes. Pink is a color that will contrast beautifully with anything in white and peach. So if interested, immediately play order for such valuable collections from showrooms like DWS. To make your preferences better, they offer a variety of wholesale gemstone-based jewelry. This feature allows you to select any pink stone for your earring.

Red - the color of the bride

Most brides nowadays prefer the color red in their marriages. So what is better than a pair of valuable red statement earrings made of red gemstones? If you are a bride looking forward to purchasing beautiful collections, then red gemstones can be a good choice. Even though earrings made up of Ruby are perfect for such valuable collections, some people prefer a less-priced product. In such situations, you can go for red corals, synthetic ruby, and others. Along with the gemstones, other beaded collections also provided statement collections. Some of the most preferred models include red beaded stud choices in loops, dangles, and drops. So if you are purchasing for grand occasions, the gemstones can be better. But for casual wear, you can go for the bead models. They are gorgeous and make your face look unique with the different styles.

The green models

Green is always a color for fresheners. From Opal to emerald, there are many green combinations available in the gemstone market. So it is common for designers to use such unique gemstones to provide naturally green statement earrings that attract a lot of attention. Being available in multiple formats, these green combinations can go well along with primary colors and they provide the essence of fashion to your collection. Unlike red and black, the shades of green are present in multiple formats. Options like peridot gemstone go on the lighter shade while synthetic emerald goes on the darker shade. Whether it is a stud or a long drop, you can use multiple combinations with this color. So try this visit color range in all your beautiful statement collections.

The collection also includes some models made up of fabric and threads. People usually with light-colored hair can go with these green statement collections to bring out their facial structure. It’s not just the gemstones and beads but we at DWS offer you all types of fashion green options in earrings.

Turquoise models for you

Turquoise is often a color associated with clear seawater and some natural phenomenon that makes us feel at fees. A perfect combination of light blue and mild green shade provides this beautiful appearance. The current market trend focuses on such beautiful color combinations that are available and not yet classified as a main color component. We often colored this combination with bright colors, like orange and purple. Women interested in buying unique earrings for dark costumes can try out the turquoise statement earrings made up of beads, gemstones, and threads. It is also a beautiful shade that goes well along with white. So you can pair it up with other statement thread bangles. Now the bride can try out these unique combinations during their reception or wedding if they use the light shade saree.

Hot pink for gorgeous women

Pink is a favorite color for most women. But among them, wearing the hot pink color is something that many can’t pull out. So if you are looking forward to inserting a hot pink statement earrings combo within your beautiful collection, then go for light-colored costumes like white. You can wear this hot pink dangle collection with pink boots and bangles to go with it. For costumes, choose traditional or mild Indo-Western dress. These can also go along with retro fashion and you can often combine them with bright Yellow or neon colors for fashion outputs.

Lavender the color for angels

Lavender is a unique color that goes well along with most of your light-colored costumes. Both men and women can try out these beautiful lavender statement earrings to provide a necessary fashion statement. Each product is a work of art and the collections also include beads and gemstones. This color is a symbolic representation of purity and love. So now you can also buy this beautiful collection for your better half or friends to show your affection towards them. You can now style these beautiful earrings for a casual day out with a white blouse and black skirt for a traditional white saree e combined with purple footwear for a rocking ensemble. It provides a uniquely sexy look for your costume. You can also combine these handcrafted collections with an embellished driver and knee-length black for a perfect date night.

White collections

When you are trying to go simple and get attractive, then the white statement earrings can be a better option. Comprising a wide range of choices, including the Opal gemstone, these beautiful collections can go well along with many costumes. If you are going for a modern attire like a party where then choose a white drop statement collection and parrot up with white bracelets. You can also go with a multitude of single bracelets made up of white metals. If you want to go simple, you can choose options like pearls and other bead collections. Try to avoid wearing beautiful necklaces when you select a dangle or drop statement model.

Gorgeously blue

Blue is often a color associated with brightness and new beginnings. So now you can gift these gorgeously blue statement earrings to your partners and friends to create a new beginning in their life. Whether it is Sapphire or blue Turquoise gemstone, you can buy it anywhere and parrot with beautiful white and black costumes. For modern trends, combine it with a similar colored belt and footwear for a better appearance. You can select the start if it is modern were to provide a simple yet dazzling statement. But for traditional collections, go for a dangle and hoop earring model.

Even though you can generally categorize blue as a single color, you must understand they have multiple types involved. So if you go for a light blue statement earrings collection, pair it with light-colored costumes like yellow and white. This light blue statement earring is also suitable for men, especially who prefer formal collections. Similarly, if you want a rich-looking collection, go for Royal Blue statement earrings which comprise bright blue combos including, the Sapphire gemstone. They are the best combination for most women’s statement earrings in the market. You can also choose a dark blue earring for men who prefer to wear dark-colored suits. Even though the statement collections for men are less, you can always wear them simply for your marriage functions and other occasions.

Orange is the color of a beautiful morning.

Orange is a beautiful color that describes the beginning and end of a day. So, now with authentic orange gemstones and other statement collections that include the latest trend and feathers, you can buy from the options available. Most orange statement earrings go well along with beautiful red, bright costumes, and dark colors like black. If you want a heavyweight collection, go for the ones with gemstones and metals. But for lightweight collections, choose the threadwork embedded with beautiful statement earrings with light Feather Touch fabrics. They are also available in combination with other colors like white and orange or black and orange. So buy the beautiful earrings of your choice and wear them for special occasions.

Yellow for a bright day

Yellow is a color that is a symbol of a new day. This bright color can bring peace to your internal soul. It is effective in multiple aspects of your spirit. There are many yellow-based gemstones available on the market. Now you can pair all your white costumes with yellow statement earrings and matching yellow bangles for an effective appearance. You can also join them with a beautiful black modern off-shoulder dress with a yellow belt for an extra accessory. Do not try the yellow boots since they can be overwhelming under certain circumstances. Yellow is a vibrant color, and gifting them can make your partner feel better for the rest of their life.

Gorgeous Emerald for your ears

Among the gemstones available in the market, Emerald plays a primary role. Most Royal jewelry includes Emerald as a primary part, with diamonds and Sapphire. So purchasing beautiful emerald statement earrings is a suitable combo for the bride. It is a perfect combination for women who prefer light-colored costumes with rich-looking emerald green statement earrings to go well with that. Even if it is a simple start model, you can choose it with confidence because of the rich glow provided by this gemstone. It goes well with most of the red bridal costumes. Especially if you have to card it up with a green blouse. Similarly, you can also wear these combinations of black and white costumes. Just pair it with other green emerald pieces, a light necklace, and bangles to provide a perfect last option. These collections are also available for men, especially the ones with a single stone embedded in them. Men who prefer funky style earrings can go for these beautiful statement collections.

Gorgeous purple earrings

If you are looking for a perfect pair of hearing that might go well along with your pink costumes with a contrast image, then choose purple. These purple statement earrings are just outright gorgeous with their beautiful, rich appearance. You can pair them with yellow and pink sarees to provide a contrasting image that matches perfectly. For statement earrings, you might have to be careful about the designs that might be overwhelming. So if you go for a complete purple combination, choose a costume with simple work so that it equalizes the attraction.

Diamond collections

Women always have their separate love for Diamond collections. Among them, the beautiful diamond statement earrings can be a better option if you look forward to improving your final outlook. Combine your beautiful diamond collections with modern dark party wear like red and black to finish a perfect look. Whether a closed shoulder or an off-shoulder costume, you can pick a Diamond for everything. Combine it with a diamond bracelet or a shiny belt filled with rhinestones to complete a perfect rich look for your special day. You can also wear these earrings collections for traditional sarees, especially the dark ones. Whether returns of pure Kanchipuram silk saree or any other type of silk, the Diamond is the best combo for it. If it is a light color, go for a combination of diamond and Ruby gemstones. Since it enhances the outlook and makes it appear more beautiful.

Hoop collections

Whether you are a short or tall woman with different facial structures, wearing statement hoop earrings will always make your facial structure look beautiful. You can always pair these combinations with beautiful party wear and with lehengas. Sometimes there are also hoop collections with minute gemstones embedded within them. Choosing them for lehenga collections will be a better option. Depending upon your convenience, you can select the hoop size and purchase it at the end. Some showrooms offer beautiful custom options. So with such unique custom options, you can always buy these beautiful collections for a decent price range in DWS. We have models with gemstones embedded in them.

Our models include gorgeous drop hoop designs too. The black metal hoops have a bit of uniqueness to them. Use it to make your face appear gorgeous at parties.

Heart collections

When you are searching for a perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day statement, they made earrings with a variety of gemstones and beautiful combinations. Buying these heart statement earrings made up of many gemstones and models can be a better option for you. If your partner has a gorgeous long facial structure, you can go for drops and dangle models while other collections like studs and hoops are shaped like a heart. You can also select the start models with gemstones embedded in them. If your partner is up for a funky collection, go for the beaded collection made up of many beautiful gemstones available as beads. The hearts model is available in the pearls model too.

Beautiful in black and white

Black and white have always been a fun combination for most jewelry designers. If you are looking for a funky and beautiful formal style, go for these black and white combinations, which you can match with white and black costumes. Instead of going with the plain color, you can try this combo for a beautiful appearance. If it is a saree, go for dangle earrings. Sometimes the feathered connections are also authentic. The feathered black and white statement earrings are one of a kind and have attracted a lot of customers during the past few years. Similarly, the shops have beaded collections in multiple shapes and designs. You can also wear them for modern party wear with short sleeves and knee-length dresses. Go for a black and white combo base belt and shoes to complete the look. They are also suitable for modern jeans and other combos.

Multi-colored statement earrings

As seen above, statement earrings have always had an attraction, when they comprise colorful combinations. Instead of a plain metal combo, you can buy colorful statement earrings suitable for your costume. Among the options, the multicolor statement earrings made up of multiple beads and gemstones have gained more popularity since we can use them for everything. You can pair it up with anything regardless of the color and combo. But if you want to improve your outlook, you can always select a beautiful multi-color shoe or sandal to go well. Sandals with rhinestones embedded in them are the best option for these.

Beautiful beaded collections

Sometimes people confuse gemstones with beads. Even though both of them have the same material, that is a vast difference between using them along with their structure and design. When you go for beaded statement earring collections, you remember that the designs differ from the gemstone pattern. There are a variety of beads available in the market in many colors. Based on your preference, you can purchase any earrings in different models, including drops with varying colored beads. If you are going for a beaded collection, always match it with a beautiful bead bracelet or bead choker set. When you are selecting, try a triple or quadruple bracelets model. You will look gorgeous. They go well with most modern and traditional costumes including, salwar and sarees. Even though dresses like lehenga and silk sarees require a based model, you can select bees for a simplified effect. So if you are not a bride and just attending a family function, the bead collection is the best option.

Gorgeous rhinestones

Rhinestones have been a favorite product for kids these days. Along with the kids, most women also nowadays prefer gorgeous rhinestone collections for their earrings. So if you have purchased beautiful rhinestones statement earrings, then there are very few shots that provide you with choices. The rhyme stones are beautiful and huge when compared to gemstones. You can use them to create beautiful collections and match them with most outfits for a rich-looking appearance. They go well with dark-colored traditional sarees. Now for a gorgeous outlook, combine the rhinestone dangler set with a black saree, rhinestone slippers, and a Rhinestone belt in the middle. These designer statement earrings will also go well along with party wear.

Just combine a black, short dress with beautiful rhinestone drop earrings and boots with mini rhinestones embedded in them. Also, avoid wearing this set of earrings for light-colored costumes like white and yellow since the shine will not be attractive.

Authentic crystals

Being one of the most powerful forms of gemstones available in the original format. Most crystals are polished and processed to create gems. But in reality, the crystals hold the raw positive energy that is not available in any process to stone. To improve your physical and mental healing, you can try out these unique crystal statement earrings made of combinations like quartz and others. Now develop your festive look this year with these beautiful crystal patterns available as drops, studs, danglers, and chandeliers. They are a part of the fashion statement earrings model in the country, and wearing them with black costumes will elevate your appearance. Combine a pair of crystal and silver earrings with beautiful black lehengas or salwar suits to provide an ethnic look, and finish the look with sandals embellished with white stones. For a modern twist select half-shoes with heels.

The normal floral pattern

They fill the current market with many fun statement earrings that are elegant and beautiful at the same time. But despite the new patterns, other flowers or floral statement earrings have remained the same in the market. With the evolution of designs, there have been multiple other floral patterns, but they never went out of trend. Floral statement earrings are available in many colors, designs, and sizes. They are more suitable for friendly occasions, and if you are a bridesmaid, you can wear these models to appear beautiful. The flower statement earrings also include designs with gemstones and embedded diamonds. When you choose a floral pattern, try to go for contrasting colors so that it appears beautiful against your costume. For example, a white statement earring with a dark maroon or black dress is contrasting and gorgeous. They also include options within the big statement earrings. There are also formats like drop models available in the floral pattern. If you have a lengthy face and wearing an off-shoulder dress, go for long statement earrings like drops and danglers.

Lightweight collections

Even though the earrings are fun to wear sometimes, it might be difficult to wear some statement collections for a long time. The presence of authentic gemstones and other valuable metals might make it heavy and make you tired by the evening. So the better option is to go for lightweight statement earrings and other jewelry collections. Most of these models comprise high-quality metals with low-weight gemstones that might not pressurize you. You can wear them as regular wear. They mostly made these elegant statement earrings up of items like feathers, beads, metals, and minute gems. For example, using a model with a single or double gemstone will be suitable for such an authentic appearance. If interested, you can always buy them from showrooms like DWS. The lightweight models are in abundance, and you can buy them for both men and women. Even the brides can use these collections to free light during their special day. Whether it is a dangler or drop, there are multitudes of lightweight collections available in the market.

Formal collections

When looking for formal collections, you understand that there are very few statement earrings available in the market. Among the formal collections, you can select the drops and some other stud models that might make you look elegant during the event or meeting. So let us now look at some of the authentic earring models available for formal appearances. When going for formal collections, remember it must be beautiful and elegant, not dazzling. So try to buy the ones with decent gemstones that do not shine with light effect.

Designs with simplicity

Sometimes, to improve your appearance, you can go for formal statement earrings options available in the market. Even though there are some models, like drops, for smart outlook, there are people who want to provide a simple look. So if you are looking for a simple and fancy item, choose the designs with simplicity. For example, statement stud earrings can be a better combination for a formal appearance, especially in suits and salwar. If you are promoting yourself as a better entrepreneur, go for starts, when you are on a public forum. There are also studs available with gemstones and diamonds. So, depending on your requirement, select the model wisely with the year size. If you have a huge facial structure and are wearing a suit, go for large statement earrings that night to make your appearance complete with no other jewelry option.

Drop models

When you are going for earrings that suit some occasions, the best option is the drop models. Earrings for formal occasions must be fancy and also beautiful at the same time. In such a situation, the statement drop earrings can be a blessing in disguise. Especially when you have drop models with specific designs like gemstones embedded in them, your fashion sense is bound to be a success in the future. If you are trying to purchase a drop model, these are some things that you need to consider. For a specific fashion, in drop models, you can often parrot up with traditional sarees and long-sleeved shirts. They go well with suits, and you can always wear them in a limited size. They are more suitable for sarees. Hence, you can pair it with a cotton-pressed saree with these beautiful long drops for an authentic formal look. If you are searching for the best statement earrings in the country, you can visit shops like DWS for a better option. If you want to provide a rich look, you can select the oversized statement earrings option for a decent rate. DWS is one showroom that offers a high-quality wholesale statement earrings collection for your personal and professional requirements.

Things that go well along with black

If there is one thing that a woman loves, it is the color black. Even if you are bored with wearing black colored costumes regularly, you can style them with different colored statement collections and boots. Some of the best colors that go well with black are everything. Whether it is white or blue, there is nothing you cannot mix with black. So select from a wide range of colored and beautiful earrings available for your pretty black costumes. So, buying earrings for a black dress is always easy, but make sure the ring size is suitable for the type of costume you are wearing. For example, in off-shoulder sleeves, you can always go with long statement collections. But for a closed-neck collection, you can choose the studs with gemstones embedded in them. So the design always depends upon the type of costume and shoes you wear for the occasion.

Why choose us?

A wedding gig is a unique location where both the bride, and groom feel special. During such an authentic event, the Bride always weathers statement earrings wedding collection. DWS comes with a wide choice of beautiful wedding statement collections in red and many colors. So by wearing this, you can create an automated sense of attraction towards yourself. Wearing any type of bridal statement earrings with choker collections can make you look beautiful. If you do not want too much attraction on your face, go for long chains instead of a choker which might out the ness a bit. There are many options available in DWS. So by selecting the best collections for your special day, you can enjoy your wedding with your partner. It is not just for the location, you can also create custom statement collections for Haldi, and another wedding ceremony is associated with the Muhurtham. They are dazzling and manufactured in their unit to create a better environment.

All you need to do is contact the designers in the showroom and have a detailed discussion about your requirements. You can complete a better option and wear them for the wedding as a bride. There are also connections available for relatives and other family members. It is not the earrings, but you now have the chance to buy all jewelry through custom orders. The shop uses professional manufacturing techniques, and they test the quality. They examine the metals, gemstones, and other items used in the product for quality before manufacturing technique. For more details contact the showroom through email.

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