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Flaunt Your Quirky Style with DWS Jewellery Silver Chain Link Earrings

When you say chain link earrings, perhaps one of the first images that come to your mind is a series of linked ornaments, especially bracelets! But a chain link design is popular among different pieces like earrings. One can seize the opportunity to shine with a dazzling pair of chain link earrings on multiple occasions. However, before purchasing a pair of earrings, it is essential to understand what are chain link earrings and their different types.

Chain Link Earrings

Chain link earrings, as the very name suggests, are earrings that come designed with a chain connected to the loop of the earring, which is commonly a stud. They are highly trending pieces today and provide a unique statement, promising a stand-out appearance in the crowd.

Types of Chain Link Earrings

Shopping for chain link earrings can be so much fun, but this is not all!

One can explore multiple varieties while online shopping on leading sites like DWS Jewellery. The supplier features these chain-link earrings in the following categories:

  1. Size: One can explore small chain link earrings to large chain link hoop earrings; there are sizes for all occasions that you can buy.
  2. Materials: The jewelry supplier features 925 sterling and brass chain link earrings.
  3. Designs: The jewelry manufacturer showcases an extensive range of chain link earring designs.

Types of Chain Link Earrings Offered by DWS Jewellery

Following are the types of chain link earrings one can explore at the DWS online store or the state-of-art store in Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

• Small Chain Link Earrings

Small chain link earrings are of different types, and if you are a beginner new to the world of chain link earrings, they are the best choice. This way, you can take time to get comfortable with this style of earrings till you are ready to start experimenting with other heavy types like chunky link earrings.

But first, let us focus on the small chain link earrings. Following are the types of small chain link earrings:

• Chain Link Stud Earrings

Studded earrings with chain-link designs are a go-to choice and the best option when experimenting with chain-link earrings.

We all know how studs are the best for a cute and understated look. Chain-link studs consist of chains attached to a pair of studs. They are neat and comfortable compared to other hoop and chain-link dangle earrings.

You can start by getting a pair of small chain link studs that you can wear for a classic look at the office. For a bold look, opt for larger studs that are perfect for an office party.

These slim, chain link earrings create no drama and yet make a classic statement to go with any formal outfit. They are the best to pair with blazers and formal black dresses. Making these pieces part of your wardrobe ensures you look presentable and stand out on any formal occasion.

• Chain Link Huggies

Chain link huggie earrings are another category of small chain link earrings. Those familiar with huggie hoops can adorn chain link huggie earrings just like their regular pair of huggie hoops, the only difference being that their design consists of chain links.

They are small and stay close to the lobe of the ear. In other words, they hug the earlobe. This makes them neat and very easy to carry with any minimalistic outfit.

Huggies are usually thicker than hoops, as they are much smaller, a feature making them elegant and noticeable.

• Chain Link Cartilage Earrings

Similar to the chain-link huggie are the chain-link cartilage earrings. Perhaps we can say that one of the only differences between the cartilage and the huggie is that the former is thinner. Like studs, it is perfect for women new to experimenting with a pair of earrings.

Chain link cartilages provide a neat and minimalistic look. It makes them suitable for everyday wear, work, and other casual occasions.

So, if you are looking for something different from simple cartilage earrings, then why not go for a pair of cartilage chain link earrings.

They are light, trendy, and easy to carry out too.

• Chain Link Cuffs

Another style similar to the chain-link huggie is a chain link cuff. The only difference? They do not need any piercing.

One can usually adorn them with a tight press on the ear. So, if you are uncomfortable with getting your ears pierced, then you could probably begin by buying a pair of ear cuffs.

That said, chain link ear cuffs are a unique style statement you can try out. Just ensure that you fasten them well, as they have a chance of falling off. Hence, experts recommend buying these earrings from leading brands like DWS Jewellery, offering quality sterling silver products.

Large Chain Link Earrings

There is a slightly bigger collection of chain link earrings for those looking to pull off a bold statement look. Similar to the small ones, these also come in multiple varieties. One can try on the small ones, and once you are comfortable with the small chain link earrings, move to these glam designs.

Types of Large Chain Link Earrings

• Chain Link Hoop Earrings

Chain link earrings hoops are nothing but hoops earrings that are cleverly designed with fancy chain links to create a statement. This look is trending, so ensure you have one such pair in your jewelry collection.

Hoops are a classic and timeless style statement and not without reason. You would probably agree with us on this. Be it a function you have to attend during the day, or an event at night, a pair of hoops in your ears can never go wrong, no matter the material and the size.

So, if you already have a set of hoops in your collection, it's time to add this new pair of chain link hoops to your wardrobe.

• Chain Link Drop Earrings

Who does not love drop earrings? And we don’t blame you. There is something about that delicate and chic look, making drop earrings everyone's favorite.

Are you one of them too? Then let us try on a pair of chain-link drop earrings. If you have a collection of drop earrings, one must include this pair too.

Similar to a pair of chain link studs, these come designed with a hook that drops these elegant chain links that can take your look to a whole new level when you wear them to a party or other occasions.

Drop earrings are easy to wear and keep you comfortable all day, but since you already know that, we would end by telling you to buy a pair of chain-link drop earrings today.

Chain Link Earrings: Top Materials

The right material for your chain link earrings is another important consideration apart from their size and designs.

One can find classic chain link earrings in silver and gold that make perfect statement pieces for every occasion and attire. Sterling silver is a go-to material choice for those wishing to adorn these pieces daily. For those looking for quirky options like chain link clay earrings.

DWS Jewellery offers an extensive range of 925 sterling silver earrings that are perfect for everyday wear and tear. The company also features chain earrings in brass and different plating.

Following are the types of chain link earrings with different materials:

1. Chain Link Hoop Earrings in Silver

925 sterling silver is an alloy of silver mixed with a few other metals, like copper, to give it the kind of hardness and strength that does not exist in pure silver.

The material combination gives it the quality that makes it popular among modern jewelry pieces.

Sterling silver does not wear easily and retains its form for long. As it has about 90 percent of silver, it is equally shiny, making sterling silver chain link earrings a must-have in your collection. In addition, these pieces come with different plating.

One can wear these regalia every day, and one does not have to think twice before pairing them with the outfit one plans to wear to the office too.

The best part! Sterling silver looks great with office wear. It’s neither too grand and has just the amount of shine needed to keep you from looking like a plain jane when you make that important presentation in the office.

However, you must ensure you buy jewelry from a reputed brand or company like DWS Jewellery.

2. Brass Chain Link Earrings

Brass chain link earrings are trending and another great material choice. Here you can have an option of different color coatings like rose gold, gold, and fine brass. Obviously, you can have more fun as you try out these pieces.

Wear them with jeans, wear them to the beach, and who knows, even for a party. You never know when that pair can turn out to be the savior when you have nothing that seems right with the outfit that you are wearing!

Chain Link - Little Things to Think About

Chain link earrings, as we already saw above, are earrings that come with a chain link. And this brings us to one of the most important features to consider: The chain.

  1. Check for durability and comfort: This is especially important if you are shopping for chain link earrings for the first time, as the chain can determine many things like durability and comfort.
  2. Know the different types of chains: To understand this, you need to know that chain links are available as simple round and cable chains to more complicated designs like Venetian, Cuban, and foxtail links.
  3. Opt for simple or complex chains per comfort preferences: While the former is more delicate, the latter do not break easily and tend to stay strong over time. However, remember that simpler chain links are lighter and more comfortable. Make sure that there is a balance between the two so you end up buying what is comfortable for you.

Chain Link Earrings: Jewelry Care

Ensure you are a little more careful with these earrings as they have complex designs. Silver jewelry can often be delicate and get ruined if not handled gently.

Tips to Take Care of Your Ornaments

  1. One must always clean their jewelry on a timely basis with a soft cloth and do not subject it to any harsh or rough treatment.
  2. You also need to ensure that you keep it away from exposure to air and water.
  3. If you take these necessary steps, you can have your silver chain link earrings with you for quite some time, accompanying you to several major events and giving you second glances and compliments you need.

DWS Jewellery: Your One-Stop Destination for Exclusive Sterling Silver Regalia

The next time you have a function to go for, try on a pair of silver chain link earrings and see the difference it makes to your look. One place where you can find chain link earrings is DWS Jewellery. This is a brand of handmade gems and modern chic pieces. The Jaipur-based jewelry factory features sterling silver and brass chain link earrings.

The experts at DWS Jewellery create extensive designs, right from traditional classic to trendy modern pieces. These chain link earrings are also available with different gemstone adornments. The company utilizes quality jewels sourced from top suppliers and factory-manufactured embellishments.

In addition, the experts at the company also guide ornament care and buying tips. The jewelry factory also provides design solutions for those looking for customization for regalia. One can order custom design samples at a nominal price before placing bulk orders.

Founded in Jaipur in 2004, DWS Jewellery today has an extensive collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and other jewelry findings like cufflinks. For those looking for high-quality regalia for daily use or special occasions, DWS is a perfect destination. Based in Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, the company is notable for its designs, material quality, craftsmanship, and packaging. Moreover, the jewelry factory also offers a discount on bulk orders and express shipping worldwide. Explore their versatile collection by visiting their jewelry store in Jaipur or shop from their online website today!

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