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Wholesale Hoop Earrings Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

As the jewelry market is growing day by day and the style of the people are changing as per the trend. The jewelry market comes with a variety of jewelry for men as well as women. As in the early days, men loved jewelry and use to wear more as compared to the women. Women now a day’s wear more jewelry than men. Women have a different kind of jewelry for themselves like ring, bangle, earring, nose pin, necklace, etc. As we know there are many kinds of earrings in the market and women have different outfit or purpose to wear them. Earrings come in many varieties like ear cuff earrings, dangle earrings, drop earring, clip-on earrings, hoop earrings, etc. In this article, we will mainly talk about hoop earring jewelry. You will get varieties of hoop earrings in Jaipur hoop earring store as they are a hoop earrings manufacturer.

This hoop earring jewelry is stunning and goes with lots of outfits. Hoop earring is that kind of style which never went off style and is always in the market. In the 60s’ and 70s’ hoop earrings were considered as classy earrings and perfect for the disco era. This beautiful earring is always in trend and women loves to wear them with their outfit. Hoop earrings are in semi-circular or circular shape, which looks very similar to a ring. In Jaipur wholesale hoop earring shop you will get designer hoop earrings and they even provide designer hoop earring jewelry. This hoop earring comes in a form of a hoop of metal which can be opened and can pass through the earlobe or ear piercing. Hoop earring comes in different size from small to large. You will get varieties of hoop earrings in Jaipur hoop earring shop as they are hoop earring suppliers.

When To Wear Hoop Earrings?

If you are worried about what to wear and where to wear this hoop earring then below mentioned some of the suggestions you should follow. This hoop earring can draw attention towards your face. In Jaipur, you will get hoop earrings at a reasonable price as they are hoop earring exporters.

Hoop Earrings With A Plain Shirt or V-Necks

If you are bored with your other earring you must try hoop earrings. Hoop earrings will spice up your outfit. With v-necks and a plain shirt, this hoop earring will do wonders. As hoop earring goes with every t-shirt and outfit you must try them with your plain t-shirt. You can wear this hoop earring in casual parties or office parties. As in clausal parties, you need a casual dress then this will go perfectly with the theme. This outfit will also suit in office or workplace as this will give you a perfect look and you will look amazing and stunning. In Jaipur, there is a wholesale hoop earring jewelry store where you will get varieties of hoop earrings as they are hoop earring exporters.

• Hoop Earrings With Dresses And Tube Tops

If there are many invitations for the party and you are confused what to wear then get a pair of hoop earrings and wear them with dresses and tube tops. You can carry your beautiful hoop earring with tube tops and beautiful dresses and also don’t wear anything on your neck this will overshadow your earring. Tube dresses are those dresses that only go up to the chest. Tube tops don’t have a strap that means your upper chest and neck will be bare. Hoop earrings will go perfectly with your dress as they are stunning and beautiful looking.

Hoop Earring With Turtlenecks

Turtleneck is an outfit which covers up everything, not like a tube top. Just remember to wear plain turtleneck t-shirt so that all the attention goes to hoop earrings and your face and try to tie your hair back so that your face is highlighted along with the earring. Hoop earrings will give you the entire highlight you want on your face. As hoop earring comes in different size try to buy big size hoop earring. This will give you an elegant look and you will look beautiful and stunning. 

When Not To Wear Hoop Earrings?

There are certain situations where it is not suitable to wear hoop earrings. Hoop earring is in the shape of a circle or semi-circle so it’s a little difficult to handle in some places. Don’t wear hoop earrings if you have taken the responsibility of taking care of a child. As a child can pull this hoop earring while playing with you, you can hurt yourself. These earrings are a little hard to handle but this hoop earring can make you attractive and you will feel like a diva.

• Hoop Earring With Jacket:

Always avoid wearing hoop earrings with the jacket. The main purpose of the jacket is to cover you up if you are wearing a jacket then what’s the use of wearing hoop earrings. Jacket thread can get tangled with your hoop earring you will end up hearting yourself. If you love wearing an oversize jacket then it can create a problem. The oversized will accidentally get stuck to your earring which pulls your hoop earring and you will get hurt by this. This accident can also create damage to your earlobe. 

Hoop Earrings While Dancing Or In Sports:

While doing dance and other physical activities hoop earring is not comfortable for wearing. Hoop earrings are a little heavy which can create a problem on your earlobes while dancing. You don’t need to hurt yourself for lack of attraction. If accidentally someone pulls your hoop earring then you will get hurt very badly. During sports time it will create a problem and you will end up hurting yourself.

Unique Hoop Earrings Collection With A History

For studs, there have always been multiple options available in the market. Getting a piercing at the early stage of life is pretty common among Indians and people from other countries. If you are a fan of such beautiful earrings, then the hook model will be your go-to style. They are elegant and fun to wear when compared to the other collections. For example, you can easily parrot up with most modern costumes regardless of the existing fashion trend. People always mention that fashion is a circle and this circular earring is the best proof of that.

It is not just the fashion industry, but even the youngsters these days have adopted this technology to improve their sense of fashion. Long gone are the days when fashion was a representation of people from the cinema or the fashion industry. Nowadays everyone may style themselves and if you are new, then this blog is the perfect option to understand more about the collections. Let us now understand the history and perspective of this beautiful collection available on the market for many years.

History To Follow

Even though the silver hoop earrings of medium size are one of the best pieces of jewelry, any woman can wear, they can carry the weight of the entire fashion industry. This accessory dates back several centuries, with significant meaning in multiple cultures. From Kings to Queens, everyone preferred this model since it was a source of significance for their power and social status. With their unique ability to stand out among the other models, women always prefer these collections and let us now look at the history and origin.


Most people from the greek and roman civilizations preferred day hoop earrings since they are beautiful. Similarly, Asians and Egyptians also adopted the culture and started wearing it. But the tribal members, who wore them as a signal of identification, introduced the origin of this collection. But later, they converted it into a religious symbol with power that showed the importance of the Lord’s presence in society. They introduced the initial or the very first collection into the civilization of Africa around 2500 BCE. They used a variety of metals ranging from gold to bronze to decorate their ears and show their social status. The culture later spread to other women and men all over the globe.

Most kings and queens flaunted this collection as unique pieces, especially the models that they made using twisted gold wire and beads. The king’s often preferred heavy and thick gold hoops, which showed their wealth. Later, during the 1700 century, the industry slowly altered the circular collections into pear-shaped collections, and the weight of the models also decreased with the improvement in fashion. They introduced the stigma of ear piercing in the United States only during the 20th century, while it was pretty general in countries like India. In old times people preferred these collections since they increased their look, especially with short hairstyles and tomboy costumes. People often considered it a popular hip-hop culture and were influenced by the Latinos.


Even though it showed fashion, people used it to flaunt their wealth. But in the current generation, they symbolize international trends combined with the strength of any product to express infinity and completeness. People often consider it as a design extracted from the Latino culture. But in reality, it has been available on the earth for several centuries. Latino women often receive a pair of hoop earrings at a very young age from their maternal side to improve their luck in life. They are available in multiple sizes and are often preferred by the current Hollywood stars, like Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez. This condition is one fashion trend that always stays within the loop.

So if you are a woman who loves such styles, then visit the showroom to purchase the best earrings of a lifetime and be included in your jewelry collections. We have introduced many models of different sizes and thicknesses with gemstones and other designs. Whether you choose to buy it or view it, visit our website. The mobile application is easy to scroll through and purchase during occasional requirements. The collections are available for both men and women. If you want to go funky or classical, we are here to support you in each step of your fashion requirement.

Collections For Men

When it comes to men, the wooden collections can be a poor choice since they might not suit their rugged look. So, to make it more appealing for them, the best option is to select guy hoop earrings made up of many metals. For example, using the conch piercing hoops collection can be a better option for men who prefer modern looks. Similarly, there are also multiple other collections available in the market made up of sterling silver. You can always go for the small hoop earrings for men since the large hoop is not the best option for their style. It is unnecessary to be just sterling silver, but you can also select other metals like brass and men’s black hoop earrings. Each of these hoop-for-men collections is one of a kind, and they can make it perfect for your outlook.

If you are a person who likes to go towards metal, then select the best men’s silver hoop earrings available in the market. Each of these collections will be small. All men compared to women who were selections in multiple sizes-men always have the option of choosing the smallest one since they do not need much attention on their face.

Collections For Women

When you are going for the women’s collection, the size plays an essential role. For example, natural women can go for a smaller size while the larger size is used to attract attention to their face. It improves their entire look and can be paired up with a suitable bracelet. Remember not to wear any type of necklace or nose pin.

The major attraction must be on the stud hoop earrings and not any other part of your face. You can go for either small sterling silver hoop earrings or any other metal-based collections available, especially for women. Unlike men, women have the choice of going large with an infinite amount of gemstones embedded within them.

Our Collections

DWS is one of the leading showrooms that offer a variety of collections available for both men and women. You can purchase any collection that suits your requirement. Let us now look at the beautiful collections available in the showroom that might interest your requirements.

● The Wooden Collections

If you are looking for a fashionable collection, then the wooden hoop earrings are the best option available on the market. Comprise wood. They are trendy and crafty, with designs and colors that might match your style. The stud portion is available in metal, while the rest of the hoop falls into a unique wooden style. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Some collections include single and double circles that make your jewelry valuable. The main benefit of this collection is that it suits the requirement, and anyone can buy it without worrying about rust.

As we have stated in history, the tribal people introduced the initial collections and were converted into multiple metals. If you want to go back to the tribal world, then choose these wooden collections available for a simple price.

● Gemstone Models That Excite You

Gemstones have always been an item constantly used by jewelry showrooms in the year necklaces. There are a variety of jewelry items available with gemstones embedded within them. So imagine having such collections in your earrings, especially the hoop models. The Opal hoop earrings come in many designs with the gemstones placed in multiple formats. These beautiful transparent gemstones have always been a favorite for most women, and they are available in unique shades ranging from white to green. Whether natural or factory-made, they ensured the quality is top-notch.

Similarly, we also have collections like rhinestone hoop earrings and infinity hoop earrings that women can wear regularly. People often consider rhinestones as an item for a dazzling appearance, and this collection is the best option. The diamond hoop earrings for men have also gained immense popularity. So whichever model you ensure that their quality and appearance are best in the DWS showroom. For diamonds, it is not just the earring. We also offer diamond nose ring hoop models for both men and women.

● Nose Pin Collections

Nose pins have always been a unique source of jewelry for women. Even though men nowadays have adopted the trend of women wearing this will look gorgeous, especially with the traditional collections. If You Are a woman who wishes to have a cute little pin with no extraordinary look, then the small nose ring hoop will be the best option. We also provide exclusive nose piercing hoop earring sets. We also have a separate hoop Rook piercing collection, helix hoop piercing, and hoop for Tragus piercing models to improve your first piercing experience.

● Unique Designs

As mentioned above, we offer hoops for cartilage piercing with the designer collections. This statement collections have unique designs that are not available in most showrooms. You can purchase beautiful snake hoops or big hoops from any showroom. But our unique ball hoop earrings with gemstones can be one of a kind. We can pair them with general and function wear depending on your requirement. Similarly, go for unique designer hoop earrings to improve your outlook, especially with the statement collections. The current market holds many collections and we can buy anything.

● Metals Of Choice

Even though sterling silver would have been the major component we have mentioned above, our showroom also offers a variety of other collections made up of brass and copper. We also provide gold and rose gold-based collections to improve your experience. Since we are open for customizations, the customers can place an order in terms of metals and gemstones. Being one of the leading exporters and Gemstone jewelry manufacturers within the country, we provide collections that interest your colorful requirements. They placed the gemstones within the hearing using multiple embedding techniques, including the channel model, that improves the outlook of the entire design. The customization offers are open to both nose pins and earrings.

Why Us?

Whether it is a chunky silver hoop earrings collection or simple, colorful hoop earrings, the ability to match them with the perfect costume will always make it look more beautiful. DWS has many options laid out for you, which allows you to choose from the best in the market. The silver hoop earrings for women have always attracted more customers since the fashion for such collections never dies out. They always remain within the trend and make it easier to purchase from anywhere. Since our website and mobile applications are available for people all over the country, anyone can access and immediately place orders for delivery. We offer other unique collections for both men and women. Each design is selected and manufactured by the team to offer special collections. Whether it is a gemstone or a diamond these studs have clouded the market for many years. Contact the team immediately for your product and discuss the design with the designers in the DWS showroom for more.

We as a team, take up customized orders that make it perfect to meet your requirements. We also have a separate team of designers who can understand your styling options and provide the perfect solution for your requirement. If you need a traditional collection, we are there for you as much as we are there for the modern collections. Our exclusive piercing Studs are painless and beautiful at the same time. In Jaipur Rajasthan, our showroom and manufacturing factory is the best option for all your wholesale and singular requirements in jewelry. Contact us or email us immediately for more details.

The Best Silver Hoop Earrings Store Ready To Be Explored

Nothing can more satisfying than a piece of finely crafted earrings. Women across the world love this ornament, which is very close to their heart. But not all the ornament can stand the time of changing fashion. And not every other jewelry manufacturer can come up with unique designs. This might sound quite disappointing but people don’t have any option, so far. In the long run, fashion centric people stop buying same old design which are both boring and inconvenient. To solve this issue, and to serve the ladies with what they truly deserve, we at DWS have come up with a range of jewelry that comes under the category of clip on. This is no ordinary bling, but something that has been painstakingly crafted to give them an elegant look and feel. If you are desperate to put on premium range of ornaments on your ears, then this is the place where you should stop by. We are present both online and offline, making it easier for you to pick the one. From traditional that has tested the time to the contemporary that had attracted thousands from around the world, you can take your pick from the wide variety of assortment. Come and enjoy the range of sliver hoop earrings you will hardly find anywhere else. Spanning over a few thousand square feet, this is the place which is equipped with modern jewelry manufacturing facilities. We offer both handcrafted and the designer ones - the choice is yours. Only genuine gems have been used. To further ensure the authenticity of the products that we directly source them from the reliable suppliers from across the world. As a result, you, as a customer, always get the privilege of wearing earrings made of original crystals. From diamond to sapphire and ruby to pearl, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing gemstone for your favorite earrings. Amongst so many other designs, the demand for clip on is sky rocketing because of its easy to wear mechanism. From little girls to young teens, anyone can wear this range of bling and this can perfectly complement any dresses that you wear for sure.

Nickel Free Ornament to Meet Your Needs

Demand for nickel free jewelry is pretty high among people who have some or the other form of allergy. If you happen to be the one, then hesitate no more and get over this ailment, preventing you from being your own. Choose the best-in-class adornment for yourself or your loved ones without being afraid of allergic reaction. Here are the few designs that include but not limited to square earrings, tragus hoop, titanium hoop earrings, conch, hoop earrings with charm, triple hoop, bamboo hoop, cross and half hoop.

Personalized Jewelry is in Vogue

Sometimes, you would like to carry your style to the next level. You would like to feel included in your family heritage. And this encourages you to make a lasting impression on the bling that you put on. To make this happen, you can always go for personalized jewelry. Give us the design that is your very own and get ready to see your ornament taking shape in front of your very eyes.  And that is the charm of customized bling. Meet our designers, who will guide you throughout this process. And within a stipulated period, you can have it delivered at your doorstep.

Choose the Ornament Infused with Power

The metaphysical power of gems has long been proven since the ancient time. Every crystal has its own unique power to heal you inside out. All the seven chakras that should be in complete harmony can often go out of rhythm. All because your body and mind attract negative energies, creating a complete mess. This makes your life a living hell. Either you experience mental ailment or the physical ones. You don’t know how to come out of this. And that is the time when you should choose the right gemstone. Now you understand the importance of the gemstone. So, whether it is a necklace or an earring, along with looking exquisite, it also does a range of things, one of which might be to empower you from the core. So, under any circumstances, while buying ornament, insist on original gemstone. But how would you be so sure about the authenticity of the gems? And that is where authentication certificate from the reputed lab come into existence. We at DWS provide authentication certificate with every ornament that you own. The moment a premium cut gem mix and matches with a finely crafted design, a masterpiece come into reality. And this can truly soothe your mind and make you feel proud. Come and taste an exclusive range of ornaments that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Comfortability Comes First, So Does The Look

In a recent survey, it is found out that people across the world prefer comfort over design. It doesn’t matter however premium an earring looks, but it should be comfortable to wear too and carry too. This is why minimalist designs are in vogue. Everyone, teens or lady is very much into lightweight design. To take this concept to the next level of perfection, we have teamed up with the most creative minds of the industry. And comes up with a range of designs that falls under the category of minimalist. We contemplate the most important aspects of design while creating the elegant products that not only look dazzling but can best complement your look. Small diamond hoop earrings, twisted one, little hoop and thin hoop are among the few that you can choose from.

The Premium Earrings to Boost Confidence

Every ornament has its specific aspects that attract people towards it. And the same is true for earrings and especially the hoop ones. This might be small but has an immense impact on your look. An intricately crafted bling for your ears can make or break your look. Therefore, while choosing one, you need to be very selective. Earrings, especially the hoop ones, have been trending and are the favorite of all the age group. Did you ever try jade hoop earrings? If not, then this is the time to try it. Since ancient times, jade has been used for its profundity. From boosting immunity to achieving self-control, this stone has many powerful features, making it at the top of the list. Even it has been used for therapeutic purposes. So, if you are only impressed by its live luster and go to include this into your bling, remember you have chosen the best and the most powerful stone ever. This is and semi-precious stone that comes in a unique shape and color. However, the most popular one is greenish. Another very popular one is diamond hoop earrings for women. Top-class original diamond has been used in each and every adornment. So, you can always feel on the top of the world as you wear this one at a party or any family get-together.

Go for Diamond

Diamond is a profound gem which has been put on the top for centuries. This is not because it looks amazing and gives an edge to the wearer but the power that it possesses. Because of its atomic structure, it can reflect any negative vibes that come towards the wearers while absorb positive vibes. Because of this characteristic, the previously elite used to wear it with pride. Mining this precious stone is not easy, as it involves greater risks. This is the reason anyone can trick you by providing the fake one, which does look the same but does not have the power and lusters. This is the reason you should always insist on buying the original one. And the only place you can buy diamond jewelry is DWS. Highly authentic stone has been used in each bling, this is the place that can offer a classy range of ornaments at the most competitive prices. Came and see the difference and then only you can understand. This is the paradise for those who love adornment of various styles and are not satisfied with the same old designs. If you would like to try something unearthly and take your look at the next level, then this is the best place for you. Every style is internationally accepted by so many countries, you can easily find the one that has that melody to harmonize with your soul. Just come and have a look and you will soon realize the reality and reputation that we have been holding for decades. This is the top silver hoop earrings stone in Sitapura industrial area, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Take Your Pick from The Variety

Male hoop earrings are trending. This is nothing new for men to wear earrings. However, it gives them a bold look. If you are the one who is feeling macho while putting one a pair or a single bling on ears, then be elated as we have the best collection for you. Since the beginning of time, people across many civilizations adopted this style where male wore ornaments. And this trend has been continuing since then. So, needless to say, you have chosen the right trend so far. Gone are the days while you clapped for the protagonist and antagonist in the movies who looked confident in small diamond hoop earrings or small silver hoops. Now is the time to embrace that appearance that you dreamed of. Thinking of how? Well, come visit the or browse through the website of ours, and choose the one that is elegant enough to take your persona to the next level. Bamboo is not only used for making home or crafting showpieces, but the jewelry too. Does it surprise you? Well, it might be surprising, but believe it or not, the moment you take a look at the collection of bamboo jewelry which has been made intricate, you will be dumbfounded for sure.

The Care That is Taken in The Process of Jewelry Making

Along with silver, platinum has been into a demand of late. Not only does this look elegant while incorporating into jewelry and combined with gemstone, but could break an arm and a leg as most of the people think. But the fact of the matter is, anyone can afford a pair of adornments for your ears made of this beautiful metal. This is not such expensive only if you know where to buy it. We at DWS have been offering a classy assortment of platinum ornaments that you have hardly experienced before. This is not any ordinary one that you usually see in the surrounding store. However, something made with care and love that can be felt as comes in contact with you. The velvety finishing in combination with the lovely reflection of the stones of your choice made it one of the highly sought-after among many. This is not jewelry but a feeling that you cherish in your mind and suddenly burst into reality. Pick any stone that fancies you and let your dream ornament take shape by the expert designers. This is not treated as craft, but the art that comes down from the creativity and the individuality that the designers hold in his or her mind. With every step, it goes a little closer to the end results. And we, as a leading sliver hoop earrings store, make you realize how beautiful things can be in the name of ornaments that dangle from your ears.

What Color Do You Adore?

Color has many significances and vibration. And that is how color therapy is based on. If you have a special liking for a certain color and looking desperately to include that into your ornaments, then this is the best time to go for it. Here at our store, we bring you a plethora of bling with various colors. From red to white, black to blue, choose any that attracts you more. Came and have a look to experience the magic that you have never experienced.

Your 101 Guide to Buying Hoop Earrings

If there is one piece of jewelry that can change the entire look of your face, it is a pair of hoop earrings. These minimalist round earrings are perfect for casual wear to heavy ethnic wear. All you need is a pair of hoop earrings from leading jewelry brands like DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., and you are all set!

Top style combinations with hoop earrings for women

• Dressing varieties: From jeans to a stylish gown or even some traditional Indian wear, hoop earrings are appropriate jewelry when chosen well.

• Ethnic ensemble: These earrings are also perfect if you do not want those long tresses in the way while you carry your saree or lehenga. So, one of the best solutions for a new look is a classic bun and a pair of pearl hoop earrings to highlight the features of your face.

• Hairstyles: It could be a messy bun, a neat pile atop your crown, a sleek ponytail, or even a french braid.

This earrings style has been around for centuries and is here to stay. The reason? Their simple and minimalistic look is why hoops can never go wrong if chosen well.

So, if you are new to this jewelry, don’t worry. Here is a guide to teach you all you need to know about choosing the right hoop earrings and carrying them flawlessly.

Keep reading further to find these earrings online and purchase your trendy collection to go with your dresses, trousers, and sarees.

Some Things to Consider When Buying Hoop Earrings

Following are a few things to consider you need to keep in mind when buying hoop earrings:

Where am I going to wear it?

It depends on the occasion you want to wear hoop earrings.

1. Officewear

• Are you buying earrings to wear for work? Then, large silver hoop earrings, and dangle hoops are out of the question. Opt for small silver hoop earrings to medium hoop earrings offering a more conservative and subtle style statement.

• These are comfortable, and one does not have to bear those pairs of heavy earrings coming in the way when you are giving an important presentation at work.

• Choose hoops that are not bigger than the size of a penny. These provide a professional and understated look, giving you a good collection for everyday wear.

2. Partywear

Do you want a set of earrings to go with your collection of party wear gowns? Okay, now you can have some fun.

• Get yourself a good collection of hoops in different sizes and styles to provide a statement look for different outfits.

• If you want a set of casual earrings to wear with a pair of jeans when you are off to pick up the kids from school?

What is my wardrobe like?

Selecting a pair of hoop earrings also depends on your wardrobe choice.


Ask yourself the following questions:

• Do I have a lot of formal clothes like trousers and suits?

• Is my wardrobe more traditional with sarees and other Indian wear?

• Do I have more flashing clothes in my wardrobe?


Apart from attires, the selection also includes how you wear your hair.

• If you have long flowing hair that you tend to leave, then you will need to add some big hoop earrings to your collection.

• You can also have a few mini hoop earrings and medium-sized hoops that you can wear on a day you choose to wear your hair in a ponytail or a bun.

• On the other hand, if you have short hair or tend to wear your hair in a bun, huggie hoops will look the best on you, creating a chic and neat look to go with your look.

• You can also have a few large hoop earrings in your collection you can choose for a change.

Jewelry collection

• Finally, the type of jewelry you wear is another thing to consider when choosing hoops. Large hoops go the best with long necklaces.

• If you tend to have a lot of ear piercings, then tiny hoop earrings would be a good choice for you, as large hoops would appear too loud when paired with other earrings.

What am I comfortable with?

As yourself the following questions:

1. Do I wear earrings daily?

2. Do I wear earrings occasionally?

• If you are number one on your list, get a pair of comfortable hoops on your ears. Avoid large hoops as they can get too heavy and may seem more like a punishment than a fashion ornament.

• You wouldn’t want to end up with an ear that feels sore at the end of the day, would you?

• For beginners start with a pair of huggies, double hoop earrings or medium-sized hoops that are comfortable and go with your look.

• This is especially important if you recently got your ears pierced. Choose small hoops earrings and light so that they are comfortable on your ears. You can also opt for a pair of clip on hoop earrings.

What would look the best on me?

Well, you may not want to accept it, but one thing you need to consider when choosing a pair of gold or black hoop earrings is the shape of your face.

Select earrings as per face shape

• Round face: Avoid large round earrings if you already have a round face. Hoops are generally best for people with angular faces as they smoothen the sharp edges on their faces.

• Square face: On the other hand, if you have a square-shaped face, choose large hoops that go below the jawline. It will go a long way in giving your face the roundness it needs to balance the angles.

• Heart-shaped face: If you have a heart-shaped face, choose earrings that are long and dangly so that they do not draw attention to your chin. Go for thick hoop earrings and chunky hoop earrings as these can add to the softness of your face.

• Thicker cheekbones: Those with prominent cheekbones should stay away from large hoops. Huggies and medium-sized hoops would be good for you as they can draw attention away from the cheeks.

• Broad foreheads: On the other hand, those with broad foreheads should stay away from smaller hoops. Go for medium to large hoops as they can draw attention from your forehead.

• Small face: Finally, do not go for large hoops if you have a small face. Hoops earrings of 20 to 25 mm would be good for you. These are also best when one wants to buy hoop earrings for men.

If you love hoop earrings and think your hoops do not go well, here’s a solution. Try to make your face appear less round. You could do this by getting a fringe, wearing angular-shaped glasses, and tweaking your eyebrows with a slight arch, as this can make your face appear less round.

Features to check when you buy hoop earrings

Now that you know the things you need to consider when buying a set of hoops, let us look at some common features of hoop earrings that you may want to learn about before you begin shopping for hoops:

• The size

One of the first things you need to consider when buying a pair of hoop earrings is the size. While hoops are simple round earrings, what differentiates each piece in your set is its size.

Yes, this one feature can change the entire look your earrings give you and need to be considered and chosen with care.

Hoops come in different sizes, from those as small as a penny to large sizes like a golf ball or even more.

There are hoops as small as 10mm and those as large as 75mm. Choosing the size relies on your look and the kind of occasion you choose to wear the hoops.

• Types

That said, the following are the types of earrings offered by DWS Jewellery, a leading hoop earrings supplier based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

1. The Huggie Hoops

As the very name suggests, these hoops hug the bottom of the ear and are a perfect choice for a professional look.

If you are choosing hoops for kids, make sure they are small. Anything between 10 to 15 mm would be okay.

2. The Medium Hoops

Again, as the name suggests, these are of medium size. It means they are not as large as the hoops we will talk about next, yet are bigger than the huggie hoops.

They are a good choice when you want to look smart and yet not attract attention. This is one pair of earrings every girl must have in her collection, so if you don't have one yet, go buy it just now.

3. Large Hoops

These are every girl’s favorite! Those big round earrings take your look to the next level. These are round and neat and don’t dangle like other earrings. They go the best with a bun or even a ponytail

DWS also offers an extensive collection of diamond hoops, cartilage hoops, helix hoops, butterfly hoop earrings, and star hoop earrings.

• The Material, Detailing, and the Thickness

Another feature that you need to look at when buying a pair of hoop earrings is the thickness.


• Hoops come in varying degrees of thickness, ranging from 1mm to 4mm.

• If you are wearing large hoops for the first time, make sure they are thin, as chunky large hoops can tend to get heavy and cause a lot of discomfort for a first-timer.

• You can always start experimenting with the thicker hoops once you are used to wearing these thin hoops. Thick hoops can come with some fine details, like engravings that take the look of your hoops to a whole new level.


• Some may even have a gemstone on them, creating a dressier look.

• Different hoop earring shapes like conch hoops or heart hoop earrings are also interesting.

• Diamond hoop earrings are more traditional and would go well with ethnic outfits like lehengas and sarees.

This makes them more fun to shop and even more fun to wear.


• Finally, the material is one more thing you may want to consider when buying a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings.

• Make sure that the hoops go well with your color and skin tone. This makes considering the material more important.

• If you have a cool skin tone, i.e. one that tends to be more on the pink side, silver, and rhodium on silver would be a good choice.

• On the other hand, those with warmer skin tones i.e. those that appear more peachy should go for the golden and rose gold shades.

Some things to look for

Now that you have looked at some things to consider when buying hoop earrings, your next question would probably be where to get your hoop earrings from:

Following are some of the things to look for:

• Quality

Every piece of jewelry looks good on the outside. However, one must take a closer look to know the quality. Consider the metal quality of the earrings to determine their longevity. Some even come with a guarantee to give you that kind of asurity.

• The price

Make sure that you do this and don’t jump at unbelievable discounts as these can most often come with a compromise on the quality. Do not go by the fact that a higher price means good quality. Trusted jewelry brands like DWS Jewellery value their customers and offer them competitive prices in addition to reasonable discounts and offers. This way, you can get hoops within your budget. Shopping for hoops does not mean you burn a big hole in your pocket for a new collection and a new look.

• Brand

It’s always important to choose a trusted brand. Read a little bit about the history of its products and consider the comments and reviews, if any. Finally, look for recommendations. Every brand has signature styles and offerings. So, if you’re looking for hoop earrings, find the brand that provides the best.

• The Website

Spend time getting a feel of the site when shopping through online platforms. Ensure the website follows all the right safety and security measures with transparent information on the delivery and policies like return and refund. Shipping charges and payment modes are other things you may want to consider.

Some Things to Keep In Mind

Finally, just so that we don’t miss out on anything, here are a final couple of things we want to advise you on before you go out to buy hoops of different kinds:

• Be patient: Take the time to check out as many hoops as possible. Compare the different pieces and arrive at a choice. Enjoy the experience of shopping. Do not shop for jewelry when you are in a hurry.

• Check the weight: This is one of the last features that someone shopping for jewelry would probably look for, and yet it is so important, especially when it comes to earrings and especially if you are new to shopping online for earrings.

Remember that now that you are shopping online, you probably won't be trying each piece on to know how comfortable it feels, and so to know this, one of the most important things to do is look at the weight given by the silver hoops earrings store.

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