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Single Stranded Bracelets Jewellery Designs

Most of the jewellery designs that are available nowadays are modified from old jewellery designs. One of the most common jewellery designs available in the market that came into existence from the bangles is called bracelets. Bracelets have become common wear these days. Most people including men and women wear these bracelets as a form of jewellery item. Jewellery has gained immense popularity in the past few decades, especially among women. There are many types of bracelet designs available in the market and one of the most common designs is the single-stranded bracelet design. The other forms of bracelet designs available in the market are charm bracelets statement bracelets, multi-stranded bracelets, and cuff bracelets.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading single-stranded bracelet jewellery manufacturers in the country. We provide a variety of designs in this single-stranded bracelet jewellery. We also provide customized designs for our customers for all types of jewellery despite their size and amount. Being one of the leading single-stranded bracelet jewellery distributors we provide multiple numbers of designs that are loved by our customers.

Single Stranded Bracelets With Stones

Most of these single-stranded bracelets are in the form of simple designs without any type of stones or diamonds embedded in them. But some bracelets are designed in such a way that they have multiple gemstones embedded within the design to provide a grand and rich look. These types of designer single-stranded bracelets can be worn for all types of functions and they are suitable for both traditional and modern outfits. Sometimes pearls are embedded between these strands to give off a beautiful design. Women mostly pair these designs with similar-looking single-stranded Pearl embedded necklaces that will provide a beautiful and simple look for the people wearing them. They can also be worn as a multi-stranded necklace which will provide a much Grander look.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading wholesale single-stranded bracelet jewellery shops located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We also have an official website for our customers to order online and they can also order a customized design through an online web portal. We provide all types of fashion jewellery items and we also manufacture them in our own manufacturing unit. Since we are the single-stranded bracelet jewellery suppliers in the country we manufacture a variety of designs to satisfy the needs of the people all over the country.

Single Stranded Diamond Bracelets

One of the most famous single-stranded diamond bracelets that have been ruling the jewellery industry till now is the Tennis bracelet. This bracelet provides a beautiful look and they can be suited with any type of dress without any other kind of jewellery. There are various other designs like Rakhi Bracelet and other bracelets that can be embedded with Diamonds especially the pave diamonds that provide a good look for a low amount of cost. So women can buy a large amount of these designer Jewellery items without spending much.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading Diamond based wholesale single-stranded bracelet jewellery manufacturers in the country. We manufacture multiple numbers of Diamond bracelets with the help of our special handcrafted jewellery makers who provides a good intricate design. Along with single-stranded diamond jewellery making, we are single-stranded bracelet jewellery exporters in the country who aims to provide as many designs as possible to this world.

Single Stranded Silver Designs

Similar to gold jewellery items multiple single-stranded silver jewellery items are also made. Sometimes when people require gold jewellery at a cheaper rate then they can choose these silver designs and can dip them in 24-carat gold liquid giving it a perfect gold-like finish at a low price. These beautiful designs along with good workmanship at a low price allow people to have an undying love for these designs. Women can buy multiple ornaments at the price of one single piece of gold jewellery. The designs are available in brass and copper too. These designs give off an antique look which is not possible in other designs.

Plain Single-Stranded Gold Bracelets

Even though gold bracelet has a great value the introduction of fashion jewellery has decreased its value to a certain extent that people still buy gold jewellery as a form of investment and for wearing them for certain functions. Most people nowadays still prefer wearing Gold jewellery and these single-stranded gold jewellery designs have a tractor most of the women, especially for normal wear and when women go for a simple look in their office. These bracelets can be worn along with single or multiple pendants to give a more rich look.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading wholesale single-stranded bracelet jewellery stores available in the country that produces multiple bracelet designs for the customers with the help of their own manufacturing unit. They also offer repair services. Many designs are displayed on our website and in our jewellery store. Our Jewellers are of high quality and we provide the exact replica of the jewellery that has been displayed on the website. Most of our jewellery designs are unique and designed by our own designers.

DWS Jewellery besides being a designer single-stranded bracelet jewellery wholesaler also produces other forms of a bracelet like charm bracelets. These charm bracelets are used by women as a sort of lucky object and everything that will remind them of their important events in life if where multiple pendants that indicate a certain object or value in their life can be added to these bracelets as a charm. Some people also gift a charm pendants as a part of their remembrance. Like single double-stranded jewels, people also buy double-stranded Jewellery items and bracelets that resemble the bangles. DWS Jewellery has a factory setup to remodel and repair damaged jewellery items along with reducing the size of rings and chains. People can visit our online website Store to choose the designs and order them online.

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