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Raksha Bandhan is nearing, and what are the current sisters planning on giving to their brothers? If you are one such sister confused about selecting the perfect Rakhi for your brother, this blog is perfect for you. It is not just purchasing a Rakhi. Sometimes your brother might be in a different place, and you might have to send Rakhi to him to express your love and gratitude as a sister. And what’s the best way to do that? With the pandemic crisis still a threat in many areas it is better to select online transactions. Let us now look.

Raksha Bandhan is an intimate ceremony celebrated between the brothers and sisters in most parts of Northern India. Sisters all over the world go crazy during this month on selecting the perfect Rakhi for their brothers. Similarly, the brothers search for the perfect gift for the sisters. If you are one of them looking for the perfect Rakhee 2022 trend, then understand the trend in metal collections is increasing. And it is time to switch towards it. It is a symbol of the close relationship that exists between the brother and sister. Sometimes when your brother is away, and you do not have the leisure to celebrate the festival with your brother, then you can always send a Rakhi through online shops. Even though it is impossible for you to perform poojas and other authentic Raksha Bandhan festival regularities, you can send your own set of Rakhi to your brother. Sending a silver or bracelet model collection will be more beneficial since they can wear it by themselves rather than a threaded model, which might be hard to wear.

Why Are The Thread Collections Replaced?

Along with the beautiful collections, we also have a wide range of thread collections that play an essential role. Thread-based Rakhi collections had been an old tradition right from ancient times. They are simple, and most sisters wish to make their own set of customized Rakhis for their brothers. This thread is the traditional design, and none can replace them. Even though many colors are used to make Rakhis, red and yellow are auspicious. The handcrafted Rakhis always have a special place in a brother’s heart. The thread Rakhis is easy, and beautiful with simple beads placed on them as a design.

But nowadays with the growing trend, people often switch towards readymade models. The love for fashion is growing each day, which makes people choose trendy collections instead of threads. Threads with beads and metals slowly replaced the plain thread models. But now, women prefer to select the complete metal forms. With metal, it doesn’t need to be silver or any metal. They include a variety of collections arranged from bronze to gold. Sometimes women also prefer to choose customized platinum collections if they are being extremely lavish with their spending. The metals are ruling the current market, and let us look at the beautiful metal collections.

Silver Rakhi Collections

There are multiple choices available among the Rakhee collections. But the Silver ones always capture the eyes of most sisters since the Silver Rakhee is beautiful and valuable. It is rich looking and better than the thread models.

Silver is a valuable product available for a low price. It can last forever, and it expresses love in a hearty way. We can keep it safe for a long time without damage. It expresses your love for your brother, and it’s relatively cheaper. So now, if you are searching for an online shop to send Rakhi UK, we are the best options available. Our online Rakhi Store offers you a chance to send Rakhi to USA and other countries located globally.

The silver Rakhi collections are available as a single silver pendant in the middle surrounded by thread or as a complete silver bracelet-like model. The price range is pretty decent, and you can afford them. Some people wonder if they can tie a silver Rakhee. If you are one such person, understand that silver is often known for its ability to bring out luck, happiness, and peace in your life. It plays an essential role in providing luck and prosperity in your life. So providing such an authentic metal to your brother will help them flourish in their life and move forward with peace and prosperity.

Bracelet Collections

Sometimes the beauty of jewelry comes out when it is remodeled a bit. If you are looking forward to sending unique collections to your brother, then our shop is the best option, since we offer Rakhi bracelet collections that are one of a kind. So now you can send Rakhi to Canada by selecting a perfect bracelet model your brother can wear for a long time without looking informal. It provides a formal look and goes with many shirts and formal wear. With us, you can send Rakhi to Australia and other countries. These models are one of a kind, and you can remind your brother how much he means to you.

Each bracelet is handcrafted and designed with intricate carvings. This Raksha Bandhan offers you a chance to purchase unique designs other than the regular thread Rakhees for your brother. So, to start your metal trend with our bracelet model Rakhees that they can wear quickly.

Pearl Collections

When you are looking for designs that are traditional and modern, then gemstones and pearls are the best options. Despite being beautiful, simplicity is one of the main qualities of a Rakhi. So if you want to improve its value you can go for the Silver with such unique gemstones and pearls embedded in them. You can now send Rakhi to Spain by making an online buy through our showroom website. This year with the pandemic, online shopping is the main goal for most people, and we support you with that. Now you can send Rakhi India to worldwide nations by selecting the product and providing us with the address and payment. We offer flexible payment options that make online purchases easy.

You can purchase a simple pearl model Rocky made of plain white pearls. But we also have collections that include a large white pearl in the middle surrounded by minute pearls. Similarly, there are other formats of pearl designs that would put women’s pearl bracelets to shame. They are simple yet rich looking with a sense of fashion. Our beautiful gemstone collections also include gemstone beaded Rakhees and other models that you can gift your brother.

DWS Jewelry in Jaipur, Rajasthan, offers you the best option to send Rakhee online to your brothers, who live away from you. Now you can send Rakhi to Canada and a variety of other countries. Just buy and send Rakhi online from our website and send them. Each Rakhi design is unique, and you can also customize the engravings when you purchase the Silver Rakhi collections. Each product can be personalized and sent to your brothers. With our own manufacturing unit in Sitapura industrial area, we aim to offer the best designs for this year's festival with collections that you might come back to each year. The Raksha Bandhan is near, and it is your time to express your love for your brothers. So place your custom order Rakhi to send to US or send Rakhi to the UK for a decent price from your home. It is not just these places you can buy Rakhi online from our website and send to people located all over the world.

Rakhi Bracelets for Women

Nowadays most people in both the fashion and jewelry industry try to keep up with the latest trends and innovate new techniques to create multiple revolutions in designs and fashion. Most of these people take their ideas from the environment around them. These designers are inspired by even the smallest of the smallest things. Also, the latest trend with these designers is that they try to create new trends by modifying the old trends and designs. Every design that has lost its popularity right now will definitely return back in the next 20 to 30 years. One such inspiration that these designers have taken from the surrounding is the Rakhi band.

Raksha Bandhan is a common celebration mostly in the Northern parts of India where sisters tie a rope-like band called Rakhi on their brother's hand. This is a touching ceremony held between the brothers and sisters. Jewelry designers have taken the model of a Rakhi and created it into a new design of jewelry items. One of the famous jewelry items worn by women these days is this Rakhi bracelet that is simple and yet beautiful in nature. It's not just gold they are also available in fashion jewellery designs. There are multiple numbers of designs in this Rakhi jewelry brand.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading Rakhi manufacturers in the country. We provide a variety of designs from normal Rakhi designs to other designs as per the wishes of our customers. We also provide customized designs for our customers depending on their requirements. Customers can produce an image of the required design or they can create a new one with the help of our designers. We are the leading Rakhi bracelet supplier in the country and we also offer a multitude of other services and designs for our customers.

Gift Your Sister A Rakhi This Year

It is a common tradition during Raksha Bandhan for the brothers to gift their sisters with something in return for receiving the lovable Rakhi from them.

What would be much better than a piece of designer jewelry that looks exactly like a rakhi to them? This year gift them with a Rakhi bracelet that they would love to wear every day. Guys can either visit a shop and buy the Rakhi bracelet or they can shop at the leisure of their home by sitting and choosing the perfect design through the online website portal of DWS Jewellery. We are the leading rakhi exporters in the country and we provide a multitude of designs that are been designed by our unique setup designers who are highly qualified to create multiple modern designs that Can attract women all over the world. Being one of the leading fashion jewelry manufacturers and designers we always ensure the quality and the design. So visit us through our online website and order the piece you want at a cheap price especially if you are a person who wishes to shop from their home rather than visiting the shops.

Diamond Bracelets

Every woman loves how to have their own diamond jewelry that would make them look beautiful and attractive. Diamond has become one of the famous tells that have attracted women of all ages and all ethnicity. Sometimes people give up on diamonds because of their price and their inability to pay them. In order to facilitate everyone's was, the Diamond jewelry we are DWS Jewellery has designed special jewelry items that are being linked with Pave Diamonds. Pave Diamonds are diamonds that do not have any structure. They are available in all forms of designs and shapes.

DWS Jewellery provides a good form of jewelry designs that are famous all over the world. We are the leading rakhi bracelet distributors in the country and our rakhi bracelets with simple designs lined with pave diamonds are famous all over the world. People love wearing these Diamond bracelets that provide a very rich look for every ceremony. People can view our collections in our wholesale rakhi bracelet shop located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Beautiful Gold And Other Metal Jewelry

The Rakhi bracelets are best looked at in the form of gold with Diamonds but for people who look forward to having a variety of designs, they can use silver bracelets lined with Diamonds and other forms of bracelet designs that are made up of metals like Copper and brass lined with various gemstones to give off an ancient look. These ancient looks and Designs are famous all over the world and people nowadays ethnic jewelry rather than modern design jewelry items. Even though these Rakhi bracelets might be simple to look at they are the best designs and suitable for all types of party wear and daily wear.

DWS Jewellery with the help of its designers has managed to bring multiple wholesale rakhi store that contains a variety of designs. Our designers provide excellent designs for our customers that are ancient and trendy. We have a wide range of collections available in our store and also shown in our online portal. Our online website portal also allows people to create their own designs that we will specially customize for them and deliver them properly without any damage. Our designer Rakhi bracelet is being made by unique handcraft men who have excellent crafting skills.

We also have our very own jewelry repair shop factory that repairs a variety of designs including changing the size of the ring and chains. Being one of the greatest Rakhi bracelet wholesalers we export jewelry items all over the world for other fashion jewelry owners and shops. To know more about our shop visit our website at People can also visit us directly at our shop located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our designs are displayed both in our shop and our website to facilitate women all over the world. So stop thinking and visit us to purchase some of the greatest designs you have ever looked upon.

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