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Wholesale Palm Bracelet Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

During ancient times most people wore different kinds of jewellery from headrests to anklets. Each and every single part of their body was covered in Jewellery items which acted as a form of protection during fights and also for decorating themselves. One of the most famous Jewellery items that they used which are still in usage today is the palm bracelets. Next to Indians the Egyptians were the most famous jewellery users in history. The Egyptian culture clearly shows their practice of jewellery and how both men and women involved themselves in the usage of these Jewellery items.

During the Indus valley civilization, both India and Egypt shared Jewellery items with Each Other, especially the beads that were imported by the Egyptians from India. The Indians are well known for their gemstones and beads. Some of the most common Jewellery items that both Egyptians and Indians shared themselves include bracelets, Palm bracelets, anklets, and chains that were broad covering their chest portion. Palm bracelets are nothing but bracelets that are worn around the palm and these bracelets are available in both chain form and cufflink forms.

In the olden days in the regions of Rajasthan people used to wear these Palm bracelets, especially the women as a form of tradition. They were more famously known as Hathphool. These jewellery items were preferred by women all over the country and even nowadays most brides and dancers use this jewellery item for their decoration. These types of palm jewellery used in those days consisted of a single bracelet that connected all the five fingers in the form of chain links. But modern jewellery design has altered the concept and designed these Jewellery items in such a way that they look more unique modern and suitable for both traditional and party wear. Most of the palm bracelets created nowadays are in modern designs.

The production of palm bracelets has been reduced especially in the field of Gold jewellery but certain fashion Jewellery manufacturers still produce these Palm bracelets in such a way that their designs keep up with the upcoming trends. DWS Jewellery is one of the leading Palm bracelet Jewelry Manufacturers in the country and produces all types of fashion jewellery and gold Jewellery items. We are the leading manufacturers in the world and hence our wholesale Palm bracelet jewellery shop is well known all over the world, especially for our unique designs and pure quality.

Gemstone Embedded Palm Bracelets

India is well known for the production of pure quality gemstones and Jaipur is one of the leading producers of good quality gemstones which are being exported all over the world. Most of the palm bracelets are embedded with a variety of gemstones to provide a perfectly unique look for the brides and these types of gemstone embedded palm bracelets were under usage during the Mughal period.

DWS Jewelleries being one of the leading Palm bracelet jewellery exporters in the country produce a variety of palm bracelet designs. Most of these designs were created by our unique designers who excel in modern designs. These bracelets were handcrafted in our very own manufacturing unit to ensure good quality and design.

Diamond Palm Bracelets

The introduction of pave diamonds created a huge revolution in the field of diamond jewellery. These fake diamonds are diamonds without any proper structure or shape. These Pave Diamonds are cheaper than the normal diamonds and they provide good-looking Diamond fashion jewellery. Palm bracelets made up of Pave Diamonds are famous, especially among brides. People going to parties also prefer these types of palm bracelets which will suit them more beautifully than any other design.

DWS Jewellery is one of the leading Palm bracelet jewellery distributors in the country that specializes in providing pave Diamond embedded Palm bracelets. These Palm bracelets are available in both silver base and gold bases. Sometimes in order to provide a palm bracelet at a cheaper price sterling, silver-made bracelets dipped in 24-carat gold are being used that are of high quality and look exactly like the gold jewellery. Our wholesale Palm bracelet jewellery store is available in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and is also displayed on our online website.

Gold palm bracelets

Gold Jewellery items are the most famous jewellery preferred by most women despite the introduction of fashion jewellery. Women also love to wear plain gold Palm bracelets, especially the sterling silver-made bracelets that are dipped in liquid gold for providing a perfect fashion jewellery finish. These fashion jewellery designs are famous all over the world and DWS Jewellery being one of the leading Palm bracelet jewellery distributors in the country has a huge collection displayed in our showroom. They are available in the form of chain links where the chains are connected to a single bangle and cufflinks that can be worn directly on the palm. Even though this jewellery item is not under usage people still wear them to give a different look that will attract attention.

Dws Jewellery is one of the leading designer's Palm bracelet jewellery manufacturers who produces a variety of designs in all types of metals with a variety of gemstones embedded in them. We have our very own manufacturing unit and we provide unique designs and also customized designs for our clients. Our team of handcraft jewellery designers is highly experienced in producing high-quality handcrafted jewellery. We also have our unique jewellery repair shop for restoring the damaged jewellery and for altering the size of the rings and various other Jewellery items. The restorations are done perfectly without any indication of the damage that occurred to the jewellery.

Being a Palm bracelet jewellery wholesaler in the country and we have our very own website where people can order from the designs that are displayed on our website. People can also get their customized jewellery designs done through our website www.dwsjewellery.com. Jewellery items will be sent securely without any damage. For more details contact us through our website or visit us at our shop in Jaipur to see our unique display of certain rare designs in the country.

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