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Wholesale Yellow Chalcedony Gemstone Jewelry Shop In Jaipur


We all have a love for jewelry. Most of us wear it to enhance our beauty. Some wear it to maintain traditions and some for their status. In India women wear different kinds of jewelry in accordance with their culture and family norms. Some wear these gemstones with the belief that they will bring them good luck and help them get rid of all the problems of their lives. Jewelry is a major part of the fashion industry not only in India but also in other parts of the world. Jewelry defines and tells one’s personality. Some try to keep it light or simple with not so heavy jewelry while others wear heavy ones. Even men also add to their attire some different kind of jewelry.


DWS Jewellery Private Limited is a well-known manufacturer of gemstone jewelry. It has its shops located in Jaipur, India, but has customers all over the world. It promises quality products at affordable prices. There are a number of jewelry shops in the country, but the DWS has moved forward in spite of that and today leads the others. It is a preferred choice for many. DWS manufactures jewelry of a large number of gemstones while at the same time using various metals in them.

Gemstones And DWS

Talking of gemstones, these are used to make jewelry for everyone. Gemstones form a major part of the jewelry making industry and are loved by women all around the world. Some gemstones are common ones that are mostly used by all while some of them are not easily found and hence come under the category of rarely found gemstones. So these are classified into precious and semi-precious gemstones respectively. One of these is the yellow chalcedony gemstone which is a semi-precious one. Though rarely found, it is very beautiful and can be worn by anyone during many occasions. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. plays a major role as a wholesaler, manufacturer as well as an exporter of the jewelry made up with this rarely found yellow chalcedony gemstone. It provides its products that are the yellow chalcedony gemstone jewelry to the whole world. It is located in the city of Jaipur but has achieved a lot of success in making its name international, hence making the country famous all over. DWS wholesales yellow chalcedony gemstone after the manufacturing process.

Yellow Chalcedony Gemstone

At the DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. this gemstone, yellow chalcedony, is used to make jewelry with goldsilver and bronze. Various different types of designs are being formed resulting in bracelets, pendantsearrings and necklace. A huge variety of these products can be found in the yellow chalcedony jewelry store in Jaipur. The jewelry made from yellow chalcedony gemstone has a lot of variety that vary in their structure, metals used, color, size and weight. Also the size, weight and shape of the gemstone in each piece of jewelry is unique that results into the creation of many different jewelry pieces of magnificence. 

The DWS is the yellow chalcedony jewelry wholesaler as well as the yellow chalcedony jewelry exporter of India and is known for the same all over the world. These shops are visited not only by the Indians but also by the foreigners who look for real jewelry in the country of India and wish to experience India’s creation and its culture.

DWS Jewellery (P)Limited is a yellow chalcedony gemstone jewelry manufacturer in India and leads in this field. It wholesales yellow chalcedony jewelry while giving its service to many parts of the world. Now there are many reasons responsible for bringing it to this level of recognition.

DWS And Various Features

The DWS has a number of features that make it a global player in the business of yellow chalcedony gemstone jewelry as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter. It provides about twenty thousand designs of jewelry that are handmade ones. The prices that the shop offers are reasonable. They are not decided on a random basis but their value is dependent upon the status of the market. It depends upon the demand and supply that prevails in the market. With the rise in demand, the price of the jewelry can increase and can also go down if the demand decreases. Only in case of some particular stones, the price has different bases of selection. Another point that should be noted about the DWS is that it offers a completely safe and secure medium of payment. It offers many ways to do the payment and also makes sure that there is no fraud or any other kind of mistake that could cause a loss to the customer. 

Due to these reasons only, it is a trusted choice for the customers and once a customer has done his or her shopping there has become a long term customer of the DWS. The DWS has a leading yellow chalcedony gemstone jewelry shop in India.

Other Features Of DWS And Yellow Gemstone Jewelry

India is known for its long tradition that involves people from different parts of the world coming here and causing significant changes in the country’s features. Jewelry making is one of them. So here one can find jewelry that is the result of all these factors. It is a mix of different cultures and traditions.

The manufacturers and designers in the country take advantage of the same and create something new every time they start their process of jewelry manufacturing. They not only make use of what the country has to offer but also make transformations in their ideas and creations on the basis of what they see around the world. So they have a huge knowledge on the subject and are experts in their work. 

DWS has a really strong customer base. With its quality driven service, the company has been able to win the hearts of many and has succeeded in becoming the first choice for these people. It allows the new trends, new fashion to get reflected in its jewelry. It is also preferred by celebrities as well and by the fashion designers who want magnificent pieces in their work. 

The reputation that the company has made has made the country proud. It has always followed the ethics, the policies of the Indian government and worked in accordance with them. Today it is an international name. It ensures that its employees provide proper service to the customers and that they are helpful for them in making choices. It keeps employees who are experts in the field.

The variety provided at the yellow chalcedony jewelry shop in Jaipur can not let a customer go empty handed. In fact, one would always want to purchase more once he or she has seen the pieces of jewelry here.

In addition to these, the quality standard that is maintained is worthwhile. The jewelry’s durability is high so if maintained carefully these can serve you for a very long time.

The DWS Jewellery Private Limited is the wholesale supplier of yellow chalcedony and also carries out the exporting of the same.


Hence we see that at the DWS, every need of the customer is taken care of in regards to the jewelry shopping. From quality to price and from ethics to service standard, all are taken into consideration by them so as to give the best and never forgetting experience for the customers.

We provide a huge variety in gemstones like the yellow chalcedony as well though it is such a rare gemstone. We blend different gemstones with different metals to give different jewelry items like necklace, rings, pendants and many more. We try to give you as many different products as we can with every semi-precious gemstone.

Therefore, it is clear that this store must be visited by you if you wish to get something elegant for yourself. To get more information about the company and its products you can visit our website and go through the details. There you will also find the minute details of all products and the process of the whole purchase. In case of query, you can contact us through the same information available on that website. You may also connect with us on social media through the social pages we have on various channels. We accept various cards for payment also as you can find out on the website.