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Leading Manufacturer Of White Topaz Gemstone Jewelry

DWS Jewellery Private Limited provides a complete package of services related to the art of jewelry making. Its list of services includes designing and manufacturing of jewelry with the use of computers, lost wax casting, mold making, laser welding, engraving, setting, finishing and many more.

DWS is located in the city of Jaipur, which is situated in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It deals with the manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting of jewelry of different kinds. It is a well-known name in the industry in the country and caters to the needs of all people as well as business houses. Today, DWS is an international name, a global player in the market that refers to the jewelry manufacturing industry.

One of its specialties is the creation of jewelry with the semi-precious gemstone called white topaz gemstone. It has its store in Jaipur where one can get the jewelry made up of this rare gemstone if you want something different, something unique to wear.

White Topaz Gemstone

There are two categories of gemstones that are the precious and the semi-precious ones. The semi-precious are rare but calling them semi-precious does not lessen their value. They are equally valuable when compared with the other types of gemstones. In fact they sometimes hold more importance as they cannot be easily found. DWS Jewellery provides many such rare gemstones and jewelry made from them, one of the reasons why one should choose DWS. DWS gives you a huge range of products from each gemstone.

The white topaz gemstone as all gemstones is given shape and size by cutting and is then used in the jewelry that could be made from different metals like the gold, silver, brass, etc. Hence the white topaz gemstone jewelry is made and supplied through the white topaz jewelry store in Jaipur. The store is today world famous.

Some of the examples of white topaz gemstone jewelry are white topaz and hematite gemstone gold plated silver drop earring, fine sterling silver multi-gemstone sleek cuff bangle, gold plated silver lemon topaz gemstone stackable ring and many more. There are a silver chain necklace and handmade earring and many more. These have been beautifully crafted to give you a blend of metals and gemstones.

DWS is the white topaz jewelry wholesaler as well as white topaz jewelry exporter of India that gives its service to all its customers in the world. It excels in this business due to its perfection in the field and reputation in the market.

More About DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd

As mentioned above, DWS provides a variety of services to its clients and customers. It holds expertise in a large number of categories of jewelry manufacturing a few of which are the custom jewelry manufacturing, diamond jewelry manufacturing, gemstone jewelry manufacturinggold as well as silver jewelry manufacturing and fashion jewelry manufacturing. DWS has a strong customer base that comes from both inside and outside the country. It has customers from countries like the USA, the UK and Japan and many others.

The DWS Jewellery Private Limited has been on the field for more than a decade and has established itself as one of the major players in the market. The credit goes to its consistency in providing the best services to all and at the same time maintaining its standard. The persons responsible include the members of the team of the company and its employees all of who are there to give their best in all terms. It believes in being committed forever to its values like transparency, business ethics, honesty, customer-driven approach and equality.

DWS wholesales white topaz gemstone and also wholesales white topaz jewelry. DWS is fully committed to the customers who come with a lot of expectations. We try to provide you with the perfect choice of jewelry and our staff also helps you in taking decisions. We are very particular about maintaining our ethics in all the work that we carry out. We ensure that genuine products are supplied to the customer and that correct price is charged for the same. Affordable and reasonable prices are also a source of attraction for our company.

Expertise In Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturing

DWS has an expert team that works on the creation and manufacturing of gemstone jewelry. For this they do studies and research work. They keep themselves up to date with the developments taking place in the particular field all over the world. They use various processes to finally give a mesmerizing result in the form of heart-throbbing pieces of various kinds of jewelry. DWS makes use of natural colored gemstones that are naturally beautiful and increase the beauty of the jewelry piece.

In order to increase the elegance of the jewelry made with certain metals, gemstones are added. And for this, the gemstones are found, they are cut into required shapes and then polished as they are the mineral crystals found naturally. Then these are chosen to fit appropriately in the jewelry made from gold, silver or any other metals. DWS has gemstone jewelry for women of all ages, whether she is a baby girl or a bride or it’s an aged woman. It provides baby jewelry as well as bridal jewelry for them all. It provides jewelry for daily purpose as well.

DWS is the wholesale supplier of white topaz and has white topaz jewelry shop in Jaipur.

Gemstones have their shine, brightness, hardness as their special features that are used to give beauty to the jewelry. DWS brings experienced persons who have a great knowledge of dealing with the gemstones and who can come up with new creative ideas finally creating pieces of innovation for you.

Why Choose Gemstone Jewelry?

Gemstones are so much in use that today jewelry would look incomplete without them. They require a lot of hard work for getting created but once they are made they are irresistible. They are eye-catching and can leave you awe-struck only at one look. There are many other reasons as well for their increasing use. Some believe gemstones to bring good luck in life due to which people wear them in their rings mostly. After all it is India, land of cultures and beliefs. Gemstones are expected to help people get rid of problems when worn in the right manner. They think that particular gemstones bring some particular good to one’s life.

Gemstones have healing power as well as per them. Even people from varying countries who come to India in search of peace and happiness realize the importance of these and adopt them. Besides these, gemstones are also believed to have a connection with the field of astrology. They both go hand in hand. The reason behind this is their belief that the stones are natural gifts of God, they are untouched and untreated, so represent purity.

Gemstones are worn by the affluent class who wear them to represent their wealth and the class they belong to. The jewelry is a sign of one’s personality and tells a lot about the person wearing it. They come in varying colors and can be used to make both single colored or multi-colored jewelry. So they can be worn with different outfits after proper and accurate matching. Gemstones have been in use since ages as the pictures of early rulers of the country can also be seen showing them wearing jewelry with gems studded in them.

They are also considered in relation with the zodiac signs of an individual. As per the field of astrology, they are interrelated with each other. Gemstones are believed to bring medical benefits also. Some of them can bring name and fame to the one wearing it. There are gemstones for everyone whichever month they are born in as per astrology. So people consult various astrologers and try to find out which gemstone would be good for them so that they can wear them in the form of rings or any other form of jewelry.


DWS Jewellery Private Limited stands out in the business of jewelry making. It has made its place after getting into the crowd and emerging as the winner. You will definitely not be disappointed at all once you visit our stores in the city of Jaipur, that are famous all over the world. The DWS is the leading white topaz gemstone jewelry manufacturer in India today and has white topaz gemstone jewelry shop in India, which are particularly located in Jaipur.

We at the DWS work on the basis of our values that are trust, loyalty, respect and reliability. Our team and all our employees are chosen and trained to ensure these ethical values, which is why we have loyal customers also. We have proven ourselves in all these terms and are considered reliable enough. Safe and secured payment methods is another feature we hold. The company has succeeded in making the country India proud with its clean and transparent quality service to the jewelry lovers all around the world.