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Wholesale White Druzy Gemstone Jewelry Shop In Jaipur

About DWS

DWS Jewellery Private Limited is a leader in the business of jewelry manufacturing, then wholesaling as well as exporting. It also deals with and leads in the business of gemstone jewelry. It has its store located in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India but is known globally today. It receives its customers from all over the world and holds a trusted name in this field.

DWS was established in the year 2004 in Jaipur. It has now become so famous that it is one of the most preferred jewelry stores for both Indians as well as for many foreigners now. It is also located in a city that is known for its tradition and holds a unique name in the history of India. Jaipur is also called the pink city of India and is famous as one of the biggest centres in the country for jewelry manufacturing.

Wide Range Of Jewelry Manufactured

The company manufactures many kinds of jewelry that include custom jewelry, jewelry items like necklace, rings, pendants and earrings and golddiamond and silver jewelry. In addition to these, it also creates baby jewelry and bridal jewelry, meant for the women of all ages. DWS has jewelry for all occasions and also for daily use. There are specially designed pieces for the brides that are generally heavy in weight and also it looks. It can definitely enhance the beauty of the bride and make her day memorable with these little pieces of elegance and royalty.

Fashion jewelry is also manufactured by the company. It makes both traditional concepts based jewelry and also the one based on the current scenario and fashion. It provides the blend of both of them. So one can opt for any one of these- traditional or contemporary design.

Gemstone Jewelry

Another kind of jewelry that the DWS is known for manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting is the gemstone jewelry. It could be both kinds of gemstones- precious as well as the semi-precious ones. With its expertise and experience, it leads in the gemstone jewelry making as well. So DWS has a huge variety of gemstone jewelry in which it has made use of again a large number of rarely found gemstones as well as those ones that are precious gemstones. Because DWS has made use of so many different kinds of gemstones, giving them different shapes and sizes, it has the ability to give to its customers so many options. One can never leave without making a purchase and would still want more. Plus, the quality, the variations and the combinations are really unique and mind-blowing.

White Druzy Gemstone

Now let us talk of one of the rarely found semi-precious gemstone which is called the white druzy. This is one of the gemstones it uses in manufacturing nice jewelry while adding to them metals like gold, silver and bronze. Various jewelry items like earrings, necklace and rings are available in the stores of DWS that are made from various metals and have this gemstone in them in different shapes and sizes. Gemstones have to be cut properly to give the required shape and size before being used in the jewelry piece. A few examples of the white druzy gemstone jewelry are sterling silver handmade gold plated white druzy gemstone statement ring, white druzy gemstone gold plated brass fashion handmade earrings and gold plated rainbow moonstone druzy and white zircon brass drops earrings to name a few.

DWS is the wholesale supplier of white druzy and has white druzy gemstone jewelry shop in India.

These pieces look marvellous when worn or added to your attire. There is huge variety so customers can choose the piece that suits best according to them, the occasions they would be wearing it on and their costumes. They are helped and given suggestions by the employees of the company who are always there to serve the customers and help them make a perfect choice. This is due to their experience in this business and the ethics of the company that they adhere to. 

The DWS wholesales white druzy gemstone and white druzy gemstone jewelry. For this, it has its white druzy jewelry store in Jaipur.

Why Only DWS?

The DWS Jewellery Private Limited is a company that one cannot afford to leave while planning to get some jewellery for any purpose whether it is a marriage, any festival, any party, or any other function or if it is to be gifted to someone. You can get all sorts of jewelry here for all age groups. There are many other reasons as well that make DWS the first choice. These are as follows:

Price: The Company maintains affordable and reasonable amount as the price of the jewelry items. There can be variations in the prices of different products so everyone can purchase accordingly. The prices are not decided by them in a random way but they themselves depend upon the market situation except in a few particular cases.

Quality: It has always maintained the best quality in the products that it manufactures and sells and also in the service that it provides to all the customers who visit them. DWS knows the value of quality in the jewelry as it is the major factor in running such a business. Without quality or when there is poor quality no business can flourish to the extent where DWS has reached.

Ethics: Ethical values that a company follows play an important role in building a reputation that ultimately helps in the long term. Here ethical values refer to being legal as well as following the government policies which is a must in this trade, especially when the company does business with other countries of the world. 

Safety: Here the first thing to be noted is that a customer is given many options to choose from in order to make the payment. So he or she can choose as per his or her wish and pay in the way that is most convenient for them. And the second thing is that the company ensures that all of these ways are completely safe and secure ways to pay the amount.

• Variety: As said before also the DWS makes use of so many different stones that the variety of products is also huge. The expert designers and manufacturers bring new creative, innovative ideas leading to the production of varying items of jewelry. They do research work also and blend many ideas to give you a unique piece of jewelry.

• Trustworthy: It is now obvious to say that after having earned this much name and after giving service to jewelry lovers for so many years it has become a trusted name in the industry. It is liked by people in other countries also. It has thus been able to build such a good reputation for itself.

• Durability: The products bought from this company have good durability. They can be worn by generations if kept nicely. Also the products are completely genuine exactly as the company claims it to be.

Punctuality And Dependable: The DWS provides timely service to the people and is responsible, dependable and reliable.


DWS is the leading white druzy gemstone jewelry manufacturer in India. It is also a white druzy jewelry wholesaler as well as a white druzy jewelry exporter.

It can hence be said that the DWS Jewellery Private Limited is the perfect destination for all jewelry lovers. It makes sure that its customers get not only what they expected to get but even more than that. DWS wholesales white druzy jewelry and has the leading white druzy jewelry shop in Jaipur.