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Wholesale Dyed Ruby Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

We are all known to the quadruple of precious gemstones and rubies being one of them makes them special. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald are considered to be the most precious stones while all others fall under the category of semi-precious stones. As per the order itself, rubies are the second most precious gemstones on earth. Rubies are really expensive precious stones and out of budget for any normal being to buy. For this reason, in order to make it affordable to the common masses, there are synthetic rubies in the market which are almost similar to the original rubies. One such type of synthetic ruby is a dyed ruby gemstone. Ruby belongs to the category of the mineral corundum (hard crystallized alumina commonly used as an abrasive). Rubies are peculiarly red in color due to the presence of chromium in them.

Why Dyed Rubies?

Let's put a stop to the dyed ruby gemstone myths, according to which ’dyed’ rubies are not considered to be the best in possessing the natural properties of the stone. Being an imitation to the natural ruby gemstones, it is thought to be not as beneficial in healing. However, this is a pure myth as dyed rubies to a large extent contain high healing properties and possess tremendous energy and power. Moreover, they are really economical as compared to natural gemstones. We are a wholesale dyed ruby gemstone jewellery suppliers who you can look forward to for authentic and high-quality precious stones.

Dyed Ruby Gemstone Powers

The powers of the dyed ruby gemstone cannot be underestimated. From time immemorial they have been known for making the lives of people better and flow in the right direction. Even the crystal healers are great believers of dyed ruby beads. Here are some of the dyed ruby gemstone powers you haven't known of yet.

They have the power of three P’s namely prosperity, passion and protection. They keep your body energized and make you feel less tired and exhausted if you choose to wear it.  They also help in making you more focused and are also known as mind sharpening agents. It instills a sense of courage within the wearer and makes them take important decisions in life without hesitation. These work well for couples too as they help in increasing their intimacy and thereby conception chances also. The ruby stone is also termed as the stone of prophecy because of the belief that the stone turns to a darker red in the vicinity of danger. Contact DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. today if you are willing to take advantage of the powers of dyed ruby gemstone jewellery.

Dyed Ruby Gemstone Healing Properties

Dyed rubies also possess excellent healing properties without any doubt. They are the best crystal healers known to humans. Some of the dyed ring gemstone helping properties include the following.

Rubies are popularly known as bloodstones and thus their healing property is connected to bettering blood flow, menstrual health, heart and purification of blood. It helps to heal the old grudges among individuals and provides a sense of forgiveness among them. It is also helpful in starting life from a search when one has lost their way of life after facing defeat or failure of some sort. This all sums up that Dyed ruby gemstone healing properties, is related to making oneself into a better human and to live life with no complications. We are dyed ruby gemstone jewellery distributors that work towards the betterment of human life by providing them with the right guidance related to wearing precious stones. Not only this, they are believed to be great curers of health, life and relationships. They are good for curing liver problems, is powerful enough to counteract poison. Also, when rubbed against the skin they are known to restore the youth and vitality.

They are great healers for heart problems and are good for nearly everything that resides within our body I.e. For kidneys, spleen, circulatory system etc.

The special occasions that should be personified with the presence of ruby are the relationships that are connected with love. No other precious stone denotes love between two persons better than ruby does. It can be an ideal gift on Valentine's day, marriage anniversaries especially the 15th and the 40th one. Ruby makes life look beautiful and worth living with passion. A wearer of the ruby has a certain way of living life better than the others, they embrace the joy of life and eliminate everything that causes hardships in it.

Wait no more? Visit our site if you are looking for to buy quality and authenticated dyed ruby gemstones on wholesale prices. Gift your loved one a dyed ruby gemstone jewellery just from our store.

Dyed Ruby Gemstone History

As mentioned, rubies are the second most precious gemstones with red hues. The word 'ruby' seeks its origination from a Latin word 'ruber' which means red. Rubies can also be called as red sapphires as the only thing that differ ruby from sapphires is the presence of chromium in rubies. Sapphires, unlike rubies, are known by different colours such as yellow sapphire, green sapphire, purple sapphire etc.

Rubies have a rich history and are known and mentioned in various cultures. In the Bible, it is mentioned four times and is regarded as a stone of life because of its red colour and also being called Bloodstone. Is not only known for its hardness but also for its majestic properties and the power of healing.

There are varied legends related to rubies each being different from the other. Some believe that it wards off the enemies while others take it as a symbol of prosperity and royalty. According to ancient Greeks, if Ruby is left outside in the sun it will turn into hot coals and will contain the power of the burning sun which demotes splendor, courage and authority. Though rubies can be found all over the world, the best and majority of the rubies are found in India and that's where we reside in. The finest rubies are found in our neighboring country Myanmar. A flawless ruby is difficult to found but one surely beats the beauty of a diamond. This gemstone which is also considered as a stone of love can be found in multiple shapes and sizes.

In Sanskrit language, ruby is commonly termed as ’ratnaraj’ which means the king of precious stones. Thus, Ruby holds a significant place among the various gemstones.

Dyed Ruby Gemstone Treatments

Dyed ruby is what we get after the heat treatment provided to the ruby. The heat treatment provided to the ruby enhances the color of the ruby and is considered the permanent treatment that does not affect the natural healing properties and powers of the precious stone. There are various other ways that are adapted to enhance the color of the ruby such as irradiation, diffusion, oiling, fracture following etc.

Where To Buy From?

If your astrologer has advised you to wear a ruby gemstone and you are on a hunt of an authentic dyed ruby gemstone jewellery designers, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is here for you. We have been in the business of manufacturing and exporting jewellery of sorts. We deal in a variety of gemstones and its related jewellery. We are a one-stop shop who you can rely on for quality, precision and everything a customer expects from its jewellery. We are a wholesale dyed ruby gemstone jewellery suppliers based in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

If you are looking for ideas to style your dyed ruby gemstone, you are at the right place. They can be styled and worn daily in a form of rings, necklaces, earrings and such. You can choose to embellish your dyed ruby gemstone in a gold or silver ring. Ruby in a gold setting provides a striking look due to the presence of red colour of the ruby. Dyed ruby gemstone jewellery is easy to care for and can be worn in daily use without fear of tampering. Since they are hard and durable and can be worn as lifetime jewellery if you are not into some rough work that requires the use of chemicals. When set with silver, the beauty of ruby is enhanced at another level. According to your liking, you can have your gemstone customized in any setting at reasonable prices.

If you are a jewellery lover, you can't get away with the beauty of ruby. its magnificent powers and its mere natural aura is enough for anyone to fall in the beauty of it. You can access our jewellery either by visiting our website or by visiting our jewellery store in Jaipur. If you wish to buy or get a customized dyed ruby gemstone jewellery, visit our site to scroll through our beautiful collections of various types of jewellery.

Never doubt the authenticity of the stone when buying with DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd as we are Jaipur’s one of the most renowned and reputable jewelers. We extend our services to various other countries too like China, Japan, Europe, US, Australia etc. We value the satisfaction of our customers and that's what helps us in achieving heights. Go ahead and see our dyed ruby gemstone jewellery collection as seeing does not cost a dime.