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About Dyed Emerald Gemstone


It is a type of gemstone and is a member of the Beryl mineral family. It is a very precious gemstone. It is mainly green in colour due to the presence of trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. But in reality, Beryl mineral has no colour. The type of green colour of the emerald shows the amount of chromium present in the emerald.

It is the most reputed gemstone in Vedic astrology, worn for success in business and jobs, creative or intellectual pursuits and knowledge-seeking ventures.

A fine emerald should not only possess a green colour but should also have a high degree of transparency to be considered a top gem. The emerald gemstone is hard yet relatively soft as compared to other coloured gemstones such as sapphire, diamond, ruby and etc.

Dyed Emerald

Most of the emeralds are enhanced with stuffing substances like lubricants, resin or a combination of multiple materials. Over 99% of the emeralds undergone with some type of treatment in them and approximately every emerald has fractures or inclusions in it because of the harsh conditions in which the gemstone is made.

The process of transforming this gemstone into the finished product from the coarse stone involves its treatment with oil, gum or a combination of multiple substances. So we can say that all the emeralds are treated.

When they are sent to a jeweller or cleaner proper instructions need to be given to them so that they do not use any heat, ultrasonic or cleaning solution on them.

Whether the emerald is natural or dyed it can be easily identified in the following manner.

How To Identify:

The dye used to impart an artificial colour in emeralds is green in colour by nature. Since the only way, the dyeing process will work is if it has fissures on its surface so that dye can enter the gemstone, the best way to identify died gemstones is to look for fissures.

Repair & Setting:

Extreme caution should be taken with the died stone as any cleaning solution will remove the dye compounds and make the stone significantly lighter in colour. So the customer should be informed about the dyed nature of the emerald and any kind of heat, ultrasonic or cleaning solution should be strictly avoided on the gemstone.

When the stone is out in the market for selling the seller again immerse the stone in oil which can be colourless, enhanced colour oil or resin so that the clarity of the stone can be improved and based on this the price of the stone is decided.

As no heat and ultrasonic method is good for cleaning, the best and safest way to give the stone a sparkling touch is by gently scrubbing it with warm and foamy water.

Healing Properties Of Emerald

Emerald is also called as the stone of “efficacious love” as it brings love, romance, loyalty, unity and domestic bliss in family life. It also promotes friendship. It help keeps partnership and companionship in harmony and stability and help detect unfaithfulness in the relationship by changing its colour. It also helps stimulate the heart chakra as the stone has a healing effect on the emotional and physical heart. It eliminates negativity and promotes positivity in a person.

The dyed emerald gemstone augments cognitive abilities of the wearer and encourages the use of mental aptitude, hence imparting greater wisdom and reasoning ability to an individual. This gemstone reinforces the memory of the wearer and provides them with clarity in thoughts.

The dyed emerald gemstone is very effective in treating lungs, spine, muscular system and heart disorders. It also stimulates the wearer with a quick recovery after contagious diseases and also improves the vision of the wearer. The stone is believed to have a cleansing outcome on the liver and also relieves the wearer from diabetes.

Myths Related To Emerald

There are many myths related to emerald.

In the stone age, people believed that dyed emerald gemstone soothes the eye so it was used by stone age cutters to relax their eyes. Egyptians were of the belief that the majestic emerald gemstones stood for resurgence and productiveness and therefore believed that it promotes childbirth. Due to this belief, many mummies were buried with emerald tied around their neckline in the expectation that I will help bring them everlasting youth.

Often dyed emerald gemstone has been used to offer shield during journeys as it is thought to provide God’s protection and therefore the person who has it is hallowed with good luck, fortune, spiritual powers, astuteness, and memory.

The dyed emerald gemstone is alleged to provide the owner of the gemstone with exceptional spiritual and healing powers.

For years the Emerald gemstone has been related with astrology. This magnificent gemstone is the birthstone, starstone as well as the planetary stone for the people who have Taurus and Gemini as their zodiac signs.

How To Buy

Before buying the stone, the price of the gemstone should be taken into consideration and also make sure that the gemstone, as well as the seller, are genuine. If the price of the Dyed Emerald Gemstone is too low it can be said that the stone is treated in an improper way. Also one should ask the seller to show the certificate of the stone.

Also before making the final decision ask the salesperson about the cleaning method of the stone to get to know about the stone whether it should be cleaned with mild or harsh chemicals, should it be bought in direct contact of water, cosmetics, perfumes and etc.

Tips For Maintaining Dyed Emerald Gemstone Jewellery

Owning a vast range of delicate and fascinating jewellery is not important but maintaining your existing jewellery pieces is essential. With proper care and maintenance, even the smallest and the most delicate jewellery piece can last years. Below mentioned are a few tips that will help you effortlessly maintain your dyed emerald gemstone and other precious and semi-precious gemstone jewellery for years.

  1. To clean your dyed emerald jewellery or any gemstone jewellery make sure that you are using a soft micro-fibre cloth to prevent your delicate jewellery from being spoiled.
  2. For thorough cleaning of gemstone jewellery use a soft bristle toothbrush or a jewellery brush to avoid any scratches.
  3. While cleaning your jewellery avoid using harsh detergents instead use a mild detergent and mix it into lukewarm water so that the gemstone does not lose its colour.
  4. After cleaning the jewellery use a soft micro-fibre cloth or towel to dry it.
  5. Always store your jewellery wrapped in cotton in the wooden boxes.

Where To Buy

If you want to buy pure or purely treated emerald gemstone you can easily get it from DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. in Jaipur. They make a variety of jewellery with emerald which includes rings, bracelets, pendants, jewellery findings, earrings, charms, bands and etc. The jewellery pieces manufactured by them are not only unique and exquisite but also have intricate detailing which makes the jewellery pieces all the more fascinating and classy.

DWS Jewellery are the most trusted and renowned jewellery manufacturers of Jaipur. They started off their operations in 2010 and ever since their incorporation they have been the preferred choice of not only the customers but also the reputed brands and designers. They started off as a jewellery manufacturer but eventually, they gained popularity because of their exquisite jewellery designs and premium products and are now not only Jaipur’s but India’s best jewellery wholesaler and exporter as well.

DWS Jewellery is well known for all types of jewellery be it gold jewellery, silver jewellery, diamond jewellery, gemstone jewellery, fashion jewellery or traditional jewellery. We all know that there are thousands of jewellers out there but what makes DWS Jewellers best of them all is the quality of raw material they use, their quick and on-time delivery, quick turnaround time, expert and dedicated team of designers and artisans and their price.

What makes them stand out in the crowd is their fascinating jewellery collection. Every now and then the company comes up with some unique and mesmerizing jewellery collection which leave people spellbound all over the world. white cactus collection, street collection, pencil collection, bar collection, fortune frame collection, bamboo collection and tree collection are some of the recently launched jewellery collection by DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from being well-known manufacturers of dyed emerald gemstone jewellery, DWS Jewellers are recognized wholesale suppliers and exporters of dyed emerald gemstone jewellery. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. also sell the gemstones of premium quality separately. If you are buying jewellery from DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. you need not worry about the quality of the product as their prime motive is to provide their customers with premium quality products.

Try out their jewellery products once and we bet you won’t be able to resist yourself from buying jewellery from them again and again. The company manufacturers jewellery which is suitable for everyone’s taste, then be it someone with minimalist taste or maximalist; they have it all. The products manufactured by them are priced at a very economical and fair price which is also one of the reasons why they are the preferred choice of customers.

If you wish to get the best out of your money check out their website or visit their exclusive store in Jaipur.

Wholesale Dyed Emerald Gemstone Jewelry Designer In India

Emeralds are one of the Precious gemstone, highly valuable and the rarest gemstone available around the world. Emeralds are known and identified from their deep green colors belong to the family of Beryl. The hardness of the Emeralds is 7.5.

Being a unique gemstone, these are considered as the rich and royal gemstone. The main sources of Emeralds are Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil. "Emerald" name has been extracted from a Latin word "smaragdus" which means green. It is considered as May month's birthstone.

The term dyed describes the process of dye to be used to give an artificial color in the emerald gemstone. Dyed Emerald can be created if the natural emeralds have small open fissures through which the dye can enter the stone. A gemstone is considered as a Dyed gemstone when artificial color enters into the stone to give the stone a new shade, color, and clarity.

This Gemstone Jewellery is very popular all over the world. Being a popular and attractive gemstone, emeralds are termed as a sign of prosperity, loyalty, and friendship.

If you are looking for Wholesale Dyed Emerald gemstone jewelry and considering purchasing a piece of gemstone jewelry, but confused! We will dissolve your confusion. Gemstone Jewellery collection is a beautiful and versatile piece of jewelry that one can add to their lifestyle. This jewelry can add class to your look and raise your overall personality.

The right piece of jewelry can help you to accomplish your lifestyle giving a stunning look with the awesome jewellery. So, to look perfect and gorgeous, you can go with the Dyed Emerald Jewelry. This jewelry will help you to style any outfit from simply okay to jaw-dropping.

You can select a classy piece of gemstone jewelry like earrings, rings, bracelets or it will be necklaces, you can pair them with any type of outfit. As most the women search a designer look in their jewellery, So Dyed Emerald Jewelry is the combination of unique designing and eye-catching looks.

Adding a small piece of earrings or small emerald pendant in your neck can take your look to the next level. If you want to impress someone, then this jewelry can bring elegance to your outfit giving a great impression in front of others.

It’s always lovely listen to "Beautiful jewelry! Where did you get it? Then, you will feel that you have worn the right piece of jewelry.

Enhancing creativity, we offer a wide collection of unique Dyed Emerald Gemstone. We provide the Dyed Emerald Gemstone Jewelry in all desired shapes, sizes and cut.

Dyed Emerald Bangles Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

If there is one distinctive piece of jewelry that completes a woman’s look must be bangles. Whether you prefer to wear western or ethnic, bangles can accentuate your look as always. But, how to choose the right bangles out of so many options available for you? Well, going for something that balances your personality would be the best option. And in this regard, Dyed Emerald Bangles would be the best choice for you. Handcrafted using top-class materials, Dyed Emerald Bangles would make you feel wow. Every piece of jewelry has been precisely designed to ensure world-class quality and look. Therefore, you always get the best at reasonable prices. 

When was the last time you thought of trying something uncongenial? Many a time, right? Now, here is the chance for you to fulfill your unfulfilled desires. Go grab a pair of deep green Dyed Emerald Bangles which has been in vogue. Whether it is gold or silver, Dyed Emerald Bangles always acts like a cherry on top. So, you always get plenty of options to choose from. And most importantly, every piece of Dyed Emerald Bangles has been made using natural emerald; therefore, you can get the best without any compromise with the quality.  

A positive mind filled with spirituality may bring prosperity in your life. And emerald gemstone has been used to harmonize the mind since ages. Now you would feel more spiritual and positive as you adorn Dyed Emerald Bangles. And people around you would always feel that positive vibe.

Dyed Emerald Bracelets Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Nothing could compliment your persona better than a beautifully crafted bracelet. And if you are a person who loves jewelry more than life itself, then Dyed Emerald Bracelets would be the best choice for you. A perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary style has made the bangles every woman’s pride.  Classy design available in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors Dyed Emerald Bracelets are worth giving a try. With the festive season approaching, Dyed Emerald Bracelets help you carry a perfect look that you always desired for.

Once you decided to buy a fine piece of bracelet, there is that one thing you mostly worried – which is quality. But when you put your trust on a world-class jewelry maker, you can rest assured. Being one of the top players in the world, you can always expect best-in-class Dyed Emerald Bracelets in term of quality and design. Which is why, the highest quality metal and gem have been used. Besides, this bracelet has been crafted by highly experienced artisans who have decades of experience and a sense of aesthetics. Dyed Emerald Bracelets, as you know, has been in vogue for the style-oriented women like you.

Make this festive season even more joyful by gifting you loved one Dyed Emerald Bracelets. Let the peace and prosperity take over your abode. Go ahead, grab that elegant piece of Dyed Emerald Bracelets and be proud for making the best decision. To enjoy substantial savings with each purchase, make sure to choose the right brand.

Dyed Emerald Cuffs Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur 

Cuff bracelet might seem pretty new to some of you, but this unique piece of jewelry has been with us for thousands of years. In enceinte times, cuff bracelet was the symbol of royalty and power. Even in today’s modern world cuff bracelet is considered something beyond fashion. If you want to make a bold style statement, then choosing an intricately designed Dyed Emerald Cuffs would be the perfect decision for you. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes, Dyed Emerald Cuffs comes in both traditional and contemporary designs. However, if you want fusion between both the bygone era and modern era, that also can be found in this exclusive collection. Band, sleek, textured, plain, openable, and single-strand are among the few varieties of Dyed Emerald Cuffs bracelets available for you. The size of the Dyed Emerald Cuffs can be adjusted, easily. Due to the great convenience that cuff bracelet offers, style-conscious women are going for this unparallel accessory. Simply unmatched look of the Dyed Emerald Cuffs can perfectly compliment if you are in traditional ethnic wears or western outfits.

Now you can carry yourself boldly with a beautiful piece of Dyed Emerald Cuffs on your writs. You can feel more confident with the positive vibes radiating from the emerald gemstone. Depending on the base metals and type of the gemstone, the price has been decided. However, you can always expect to get original Dyed Emerald Cuffs at the competitive price. Wait no more, go visit the shop today!

Dyed Emerald Earrings Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Do you prefer to wear something exclusive in this festive season? Do you have a soft spot emerald? Do you wish to carry yourself with confidence? If the answer is yes, then welcome to the world of emerald jewelry – a place where you would be ushered by an exclusive collection of earrings. No more compromise with your style, as there are hundreds of different designs, cuts, and colors to take your pick. Wearing a pair of earnings with panache is going to boost your confidence.

Every pair of earrings has been distinctively handmade using the highest quality materials. And the team of jewelry artisan who is in charge of giving shape to your desired Dyed Emerald Earrings has that perfect sense of style. The gemstones that have been used in Dyed Emeralds Earrings are all-natural; therefore, you always get the best – uncompromised. On the off chance, you have a particular design in your mind and have not found that anywhere. What will you do? Well, don’t get dishearten as you can always get customized Dyed Emerald Earrings at a reasonable price.

From Studs to Drops and Dangles to Hoops you can find any style of Dyed Emerald Earrings that suite your persona. Whether it’s a birthday or valentine’s day, you can always feel free to gift your loved ones with an elegant pair of Dyed Emeralds Earrings made using top-rated emerald. And enjoy a strong bonding with your best ones, as an emerald is known to radiate positive energy. Browse through to know more about your favorite collection of Dyed Emerald Earrings, today.

Dyed Emerald Necklaces Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

It still holds true that diamonds are girl’s best friend; however, emeralds are not at all far behind. And in today’s world, women are feeling more liberal by embracing emerald over the diamond. Girls are going for Dyed Emerald Necklaces while it comes to wearing something unique yet elegant. Available in a wide range of design, colors, and shape Dyed Emerald Necklaces may compliment your look perfectly. Wearing a beautifully designed fine piece of the necklace would be sufficient to make people say, “Wow, is not she elegant?”

Emerald is a powerful gemstone that is said to reflect a positive energy, therefore boosting your confidence and mood. It is strong yet fragile, which is why special care is taken to cut it into desired shapes and sizes. That is why extra care has been taken while fabricating a piece of necklace for you to choose from. Every jewelry designer, who is into making Dyed Emerald Necklaces, is proficient enough to shape your dream jewelry.

The combination of gold and sterling silver looks perfect while topped with pearls and emerald. A wide variety of approach has been taken while handcrafting Dyed Emerald Necklaces. Therefore, you always find the best at competitive prices. The purity of the metal has always become a pressing question whenever it comes to jewelry. But, with Dyed Emerald Necklaces you can have the faith in getting the original quality. All the stones used in necklaces are 100% natural, so does the metal. Therefore, this is the one-stop-shop for budget-friendly yet elegant Dyed Emerald Necklaces.

Dyed Emerald Pendants Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

It is nothing but a beautiful pendant and pedant only that can perfectly complement a necklace. Believe it or not, most of the ladies make mistakes while it comes to choosing Dyed Emerald Pendants. Finding the emerald pendant can be tricky, since the market is saturated with the synthetic gemstone. So, it is always advisable to go to a certified jewelry maker who never compromises with quality. Dyed Emerald Pendants are available in a host of design, so you can always get the chance to choose the most beautiful one that suits your necklace. The style, the finish, and the colors are pretty unique, therefore bound to catch your attention while choosing your favorite Dyed Emerald Pendants.

Attending a party would never be boring as it used to be as you would get to wear your favorite piece of vibrant Dyed Emerald Pendants with an elegant pendant on it.  With the Dyed Emerald Pendants on, you are going to be the life of the party as people would appreciate your taste and style.

Handcrafted using top-rated natural gemstone, Dyed Emerald Pendants would put you in the perfect mood. You would always feel that positive vibe surround you as you wear a top-class emerald pendant. Gifting someone special a fine beautiful piece of pendant would be the best option. So, now you can bestow your love upon your loved ones by presenting Dyed Emerald Pendants. Reasonably priced each pendant has been made to fit your budget. So, grab the one that best complements your style and gets ready to look at your best.

Dyed Emerald Rings Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Whether it is marriage or engagement ring plays crucial roles in people’s lives. Therefore, it is essential to choose the ring with great care. A wide range of gemstones are used on rings, but if you are looking for something pocket-friendly then Dyed Emerald Rings would be the best choice for you. Emerald is deemed one of the most powerful gemstones. People all over the world are utilizing this amazing gemstone to bring prosperity and purity in their lives. And if you happened to be a person with a love for great-looking Dyed Emerald Rings, then make sure to shop it from the certified store. From handcrafted to the designer, you can find an exclusive collection of Dyed Emerald Rings to choose from. There are Cocktail, Dome, Figural, Knuckle, Midi Ring, Nail Ring, and many more. Pick the one that best suits your style need. Dyed Emerald Rings are made of different metals such as brass, gold, and silver or a combination of those. So, you always have countless options to select an elegant piece of the ring on a budget.

Whether it is for you or your loved ones, a Dyed Emerald Rings can be the best gifting option irrespective of the accessions. A gorgeous piece of Dyed Emerald Rings not only adds value to your life but also your relationship. You can always expect unconventional design and look as you shop your favorite ring from an authentic jewelry designer. Check out the website to find the latest designs and looks today.