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Ammonite Gemstone

Every one of must have heard about gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and diamond jewelry and must have been wearing these for years now. Apart from the above-mentioned types of jewelry, gemstone jewelry is the one which is very much in demand in the current scenario. Ammonite gemstone jewelry forms an important part of unique and fashionable gemstone jewelry. To add a touch of glam to your look as well as to your jewelry collection ammonite gemstone jewelry will do that for you. Before getting into the details about from where to buy ammonite gemstone jewelry, first, let’s get to know more about ammonite gemstone.

Ammonite Gemstone:

If you are a fan of gemstones with bright colors and hue, then you are going to love the adorable ammonite gemstone. It is a unique Canadian gemstone found in Southern Alberta, Canada. Ammonite gemstone is the result of the fossilization of now-extinct giant spiral-shelled sea creature named cephalopods. The gemstone was named ammonite after the Egyptian god Ammon, who has spiral ram horns and was an Ethiopian. The twisted shells of ammonite resemble like those horns and hence were named as Ammonite. It the ancient time it was also referred to as ‘snakestone’ because it was used as protection against snake bite. It is a strong earth healing fossil which is loved both by the healers as well as by the wearer. The gemstone is very much in demand owing to its spiral shape. The shape of this fascinating crystal is a symbol of evolution and positive change. It acts as a filter of negative energy as the spiral draws in negative vibes and releases fresh and positive vibes.

The ammonite gemstone is available in various colors like yellow, orange, reddish orange yellowish golden, red and brown. The hues of this gemstone help in activating the third eye chakra and bless the owner with love and prosperity. It is very effective in recovering with the ailments like blood pressure and progressive disorders affecting lungs and ears. It is recommended by the therapist to those who wish to increase their strength and liveliness. As it absorbs all the negative energy, therapists are of the belief that it is the best stone to combat depression and let the wearer feel light, serene and tranquil. It is very vibrant in its hue and bestows the wearer with calmness. It is linked with root chakra and therefore motivates the survival instincts of its carrier. The ammonite stone is often used in homes in various cultures as it is believed to attract good health, wealth and endeavors.

The Significanceof Ammonite Gemstone In FengShui:

The ammonite gemstone not only got high respect and value jewelry but in FengShui also. The FengShui experts are of the view that this gemstone is connected with the balances of Chi Lin. Richness and splendor are the qualities of Chi Lin and with the mere presence of this gemstone in the home one can be blessed with good health and wealth.

Ammonite As A Birthstone:

Wondering as to whether this fascinating gemstone is also a birthstone of any month? Ammonite gemstone is one such gemstone which is not associated with any month as a birthstone. So, anyone can wear it and can get the benefit of its power and properties. Though it is not a birthstone for any specific month but is favorable for the people who have Cancer and Aquarius as their Zodiac sign.

Usage In Jewelry:

As this gemstone can be found in a wide range of sizes, eventually it led itself to inclusion in jewelry pieces. When this magnificent gemstone is embedded in the jewelry pieces it becomes a terrific focal point. It has been used in making jewelry for a long time now but since it is a delicate gemstone proper care is a must while embedding it into the exquisite jewelry pieces. To have an every lasting ammonite gemstone jewelry proper care is mandatory and for this gentle method of cleaning with lukewarm water and mild soap is suggestive. The ammonite jewelry should be kept separately in velvet bags away from hard materials. As ammonite is an ancient fossil and when it is paired with other naturally occurring formations such as druzy, the jewelry piece becomes all the more fascinating and unique. If you are very much into ancient jewelry try looking for ammonite jewelry paired with other fossils such as shark teeth, septarian and others.

Pondering as to from where you should buy Ammonite Gemstone Jewelry? Who else can be better than DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Read on and find why it is an ideal store for purchasing Ammonite Gemstone Jewelry.

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

Who else can be better than DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. when it comes to jewelry shopping and especially Ammonite Gemstone Jewelry? We are one of the best jewelry manufacturers of not only Jaipur but India. We started our operation in jewelry line in the year 2004 and ever since our inception we have been pleasing our clients with our authentic jewelry pieces worldwide. The jewelry manufactured by us has a unique design and is not readily available in the marketand all thanks to our expert and talented team of designers. Through our journey, we have also emerged as the leading export company. Our jewelry is demanded in various countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and etc. We manufacture all types of jewelry to please our customers; then be itssilver jewelry, gold jewelry, gemstone jewelry, diamond jewelry or fashion jewelry. Ammonite gemstone jewelry is the most demanded jewelry in the category of gemstone jewelry, as the gemstone is very unique in itself.

We not only manufacture ammonite gemstone jewelry, but we are alsothe wholesale supplier of ammonite gemstones as well as ammonite gemstone jewelry. With a dedicatedteam and enough resources, we have the capacity to complete any number of bulk orders. Check out our huge jewelry store in Jaipur and have a look at our wide collection of ammonite gemstone jewelry ranging from the pendant, necklaces, earrings, rings, and cufflinks to bracelets. Here at DWS Jewellery, we are backed up by the latest technology, style, innovation, quality,and price. Thorough quality inspection is followed right from the raw material to the final product. With the help of our designers, we bring out the best creativity in designs which makes them all the more exclusive and exquisite. Providing our customers with premium quality products and that too at reasonable prices is what our prime motive is. We value the clients from all over the world are our real assets and aim to hold on to them throughout our life.

Ammonite Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

The spirally coiled ammonites are popular among gemstone jewelry lovers as well as healers and feng shui experts. Ammonites are fossils of extinct sea creatures. Ammonite jewelry is favored for its healing benefits. It is also known to imbibe negative energy and filter it thus, spread positive energy.

Use Of Ammonite As Jewelry Accessories

Due to their extremely fragile nature, ammonite fossils jewelry needs careful making. Often the semi-brittle ammonite fossils are damaged while manufacturing. At such times an experienced jewelry maker will not only create unique designs but will also make sure the ammonites stay intact and safe in the design.

Ammonite fossils are extremely limited. Based on the area they are found, the ammonite fossils are available in multiple color ranges and patterns. The fossil is also known to have healing characteristics and also renders positive energy. As every ammonite design is different from the other one and a wide range of varieties are available in ammonite jewelry.

If you want to buy for these multi-colored ammonite accessories, you should head over to DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., a leading ammonite jewelry manufacturer in India.

DWS Ammonite Jewelry

The well-known ammonite jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur offers intricate designs of ammonite jewelry. Every piece of the ammonite set jewels is handmade and unique. The beautiful jewelry is composed of 925 sterling silver and bronze. They are available in forms of rings, pendants, and earrings.

As a jewelry manufacturer, the firm offers these accessories at affordable rates. Their easy shipping and custom order options set them aside from the other jewelry manufacturers. The firm offers services ranging from R & D, designing, and manufacturing all under one roof. The company also has a unique online store with a wide range of designs. To buy these extensive ammonite jewelry pieces, head to their store today!

Ammonite Jewelry Wholesaler In Jaipur

Ammonite is a spiral-shaped extinct fossil. It is a spiral-shaped shell that held sea creatures. Found in sea beds, these, coil-shaped fossils are used for spiritual and physical healing. In India, they are popularly called shaligramshila. These stones are available in multiple colors and patterns.

Ammonite offers a lot of befits. It is often considered to possess wisdom, knowledge, and perfection, and carried universal energies in the form of its vibrations. Commonly used by crystal healers and Feng Shui practitioners.

Ammonite is also widely used in jewelry. The ammonite jewelry is often vibrant and composed of the spherical shells in their natural forms. An ammonite jewelry wholesaler in India will offer these fossil jewelry pieces in unique designs that can be worn as a daily ensemble.

Benefits Of Wearing Ammonite Jewelry:

Ammonite health benefits

Ammonite helps to increase our life by providing relief in labor pain, and osteomyelitis. It also helps the regular metabolism of the cells and cures depression. It helps to steady our pulse and helps maintain balance. It provides support to the lungs and limbs and also to the cranium and inner ear.

  • Ammonite Healing Benefits

Ammonite provides clarity and helps to relieve trauma faced during birth by improving the flow of energy. It improves knowledge and confidence.

  • Ammonite For Wealth

Ammonite is known to impart fortune and thus it is often kept in homes to bring wealth, happiness, and health. When places at offices it also helps to improve business.

  • Ammonite For Relationship

Due to enhancing energy offered in the form of its vibrations, ammonite helps to impart stability and protection. The stone also helps in receiving love thus improving relationships.

Thus, from the above benefits, it is clear why ammonite is highly used as a jewelry accessory. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent ammonite jewelry wholesaler in Jaipur that offers unique ammonite jewelry designs at affordable prices.

Ammonite Jewelry Supplier In Jaipur

Ammonites are organic fossils available in bright spectral colors that are widely used as jewelry accessories. Ammonite fossils have a spiral shape and a wide range of colors ranging from brown to grey. Ammonites have a rich history and are used for different purposes throughout the world.

Ammonites have immense benefits and therefore used in different applications.

Healing With Ammonite:

Ammonite is known to offer stability and relaxation in life. It also helps in achieving success through spiritual healing. Ammonite fossils are also used for people who require perfection and an analytical approach in their professions. The ancient fossil is also known to offer protection due to its connection with the root chakra.

The stone also improves breathings and helps in the treatment of depression. It also helps to treat ailments associated with lungs and heart.

A lot of Feng Shui experts also believe in the power of ammonite. The spiral stones are often associated with the scales of ‘Chi Lin’- a mythical Chinese creature. Thus, it is considered to bring wealth and prosperity in ones like compared to the power of Chi Lin. Ammonite is also used for crystal cleansing.

If you want to incorporate ammonite in your day to day life, we have to perfect options for you.

Ammonite Jewelry By DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

If you are looking for an alternative to ammonite crystals, ammonite jewelry is a perfect choice. As a leading ammonite jewelry supplier in India, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of ammonite set jewelry. Their handcrafted pieces are made from high quality 925 sterling silver. These pieces are available in multiple forms like rings, earrings, and pendants. Customized ammolite jewelry designs are also available.

As a wholesale ammonite jewelry supplier in Jaipur, one can easily order bulk quantities of these shimmering jewels. The company offers custom orders at attractive prices and also provides extensive shipping options across India.

Ammonite Jewelry Exporter In Jaipur

Ammonite is a spiral-shaped fossil that is widely used as jewelry or as a healing stone. An ammonite is considered an earth stone it offers immense benefits for physical and mental healing. If you are a jewelry enthusiast and are looking for ammonite gemstone jewelry we have a brief guide that will help you with your ammonite selection.

Ammonite History And Findings:

A popular fossil, ammonites are skeletons of extinct marine creatures known as ammonoids. 

These coiled fossils are named after the Libyan God Ammon. This deity was known to have horns of a ram and resembled the ammonite shells.

Ammonite Physical Structures: 

Ammonites are considered as symbols of positivity and change. Their spiral forms are known to filter the negative energy and release positivity. Given their association with energy, they can activate the prime energy that is accumulated at the base and act as a source of energy. 

Ammonite also has a connection to the 3rd chakra and influences the root chakra. Even though it is not considered as a birthstone, ammonite can offer immense benefits to Aquarians and Cancerians. Ammonite also helps to treat blood pressure and also treats ailments associated with the lungs and ears.

Ammonite Uses In Jewelry:

If you are looking for attractive every day ammonite jewelry, head to DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. As an experienced ammonite jewelry exporter in India, the firms offer intricate ammonite designs in 925 sterling silver. Their ammonite accessories are composed of vibrant colors and are available in the form of rings, pendants, and stone set bracelets.

The ammonite jewelry exporter in Jaipur also offers customized designs based on your requirement. Being a jewelry manufacturer, the company also provides various design solutions. Their unique online store provides a similar experience as their company based in Jaipur. With attractive all year round discounts and shipping options these accessories are a must-have for every ammonite lover.

Ammonite Jewelry Factory In Jaipur

Jewelry lovers who fancy a rustic feel for their accessories certainly have an ammonite jewelry piece. This fossil is obtained from extinct mollusks. As ammonite is a fossilized shell, it requires extreme care while setting it into jewelry pieces. Therefore, a very lesser number of jewelry makers offer ammonite accessories.

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a leading jewelry maker in India that offers wide varieties of ammonite jewelry. Their ammonite stones are carefully set in the highest quality 925 sterling silver. These shells can be incorporated into brass and brass gold as well.

The ammonite jewelry factory in Jaipur also offers an extensive color range of ammonites ranging from neutral browns and greys to bright spectral ammonites. Their experienced jewelry artists handcraft all the jewelry pieces by the company. Different jewelry making techniques are employed to make these shimmering trinkets of ammonites like the ancient weaving technique to hand hammering and die molding.

These antique ammonite accessories provide a gothic edge to your look. The interesting website offered by DWS Jewellery – a state of the art ammonite jewelry factory in India also showcases stand out ammonite pieces for casual wear as well as for ethnic outfits. Daily wear ammonite accessories like rings and pendants are also available. These can also be paired with different natural gemstones.

The company also offers customization options like pairing ammonite stone with a druzy of corals or even pearls. The firm also offers a unique store that provides services from R&D, designing, and mold making. Every piece of their jewelry is unique to the other. One can find a wide range of gemstone set ornaments at their store. With all-year-round discounts and affordable prices, their products are preferred by almost everyone. Also offered are bulk orders and shipping options for all the ammonite jewelry pieces.

Ammonite Jewelry Maker In Jaipur

Ammonites are coiled fossils found from the extinct creatures called Ammonoidea. These shells were initially brown or grey. With the deposition of sand and sea water-rich or minerals, these shells became crystallized. They also got their spectral iridescent colors and a shiny surface.

A lot of jewelry lovers these days like to wear gemstone set accessories. Ammonite, although relatively new, has been widely used as an accessory.

Ammonite In Jewelry Designs:

Despite being obtained from fossils, they are relatively fragile. Jewelry made from ammonite requires very intricate process and handling. It has a comparatively low Mohs hardness index. Thus, protecting the fossil from getting crushed. DWS Jewellery is a well known and preferred for ammonite jewelry maker in Jaipur.

Their experienced team of craftsmen is trained to make all types of gemstone jewelry. To produce their beautiful jewelry pieces unique, handmade procedures like weaving and hand hammering are employed. Ammonite rings, pendants, and earrings are among the trendy accessories offered by the company.

Ammonite, as an aged fossil, can be paired with druzies of gemstones. A druzy of a gemstone is a natural structure that has shiny projecting surfaces. Ammonite can be combined with neutral-colored corals or agate druzy. They can also be combined with pearls to get the desired sea fossils aspect.

Any reputed ammonite jewelry maker in India will guide you regarding the care of your ammonite accessories.

Ammonite Jewelry Care:

Due to their fragile nature, ammonite jewelry needs more care compared to other gemstone jewelry. Ammonite accessories need cleaning with warm water and a soft cloth. The use of mild soap is also allowed. Dry the ammonite jewelry with a dry cloth free of chemicals. These jewels should also be stored separately from other jewelry. One should also take care when taking part in any physical activity; remove the jewelry in advance.

Ammonite Bangle Manufacturer In Jaipur

Ammonite gemstones are special types of gemstones available in the shores of Canada. These gemstones are nothing but the fossils of certain spiral-shaped organisms. Ever since they have been discovered people had been constantly trying to purchase them, to make a variety of designs including bangles. Since this particular gemstone can be worn by everyone, there are multiple designs and jewellery made using it. One such product is the bangle. Bangles is a traditional representation of India and DWS Jewellery being an Ammonite Bangle Manufacturer in Jaipur has been manufacturing a variety of modern designs using this particular gemstone. This particular stone should be preserved well since they are of high value.

This stone gives an ancient vibe and they can be combined with other ancient metals like the solver and gold to make them look more authentic. This design is perfect for you if you are looking for antique jewellery pieces. The shop has a variety of designs, designed by their own designers. These special ammonite bangles designed by them are beautiful and can be worn for multiple occasions including marriages. These stones are available in a variety of colours and they are also suitable for casual occasions especially for daily work and colleges. These special bangles are formal and they provide a perfect look for all types of modern wear. The bangles are embedded with these stones in a variety of forms, size, colours and designs.

The designs are authentic and they are carefully handcrafted by our special workers. Being one of the best Ammonite Bangle Manufacturers in India we at DWS Jewellery also manufacture customised jewels using this particular gemstone. Before purchasing this gemstone make sure that they are of original quality because sometimes people might sell you the duplicate ones for a high price. We always manufacture unique jewels with authentic gemstones. The models are available in both our online websites and also in the shops.

Ammonite Bracelet Manufacturer In Jaipur

Ammonite gemstone is a form of fossil that has been used continuously for jewellery designs. These stones are the indicators of ancient lives and history and hence people have been craving this particular gym for a long period of time. This particular stone has been extracted from various mountains and seabeds. They are processed and converted into a multicolored gem that can be used for making a variety of jewellery designs. They are available in a variety of colors including dark brown and light yellow. But in order to process this stone and convert those into jewellery people need proper guidance and experience. Being the best Ammonite Bracelet Manufacturer in Jaipur web at DWS Jewellery has released a lot of designs.

Bracelets are the modern version of the bangles and both men and women prefer wearing these bracelets as casual wear. To understand the requirement we have designed a variety of bracelets with silver metal and an ammonite gemstone. These designs are suitable for both men and women. If you are a person who likes you trying new fashion jewellery then these latest model designs are more suitable for your requirements. Most people avoid using stone-based designs in fear of damage and losing the stone after continuous usage. So to prevent this we have made sure to place the stones carefully with proper embedding and they are surrounded by good quality metal that prevents the damages.

Being the Ammonite Bracelet Manufacturer in India we offer a variety of modern fashion jewellery. The jewels available in our shops are unique. If you are looking forward to wearing a unique design you can always customize it. You can use any number of gemstones you want and create a perfect design with our designers. The images of the jewel you want can also be sent through the website and the completed product will be sent to you with proper packaging. The quality of the stones is good and they are original with proper certifications. So buy from us directly from our shop or through our online website portal.

Ammonite Ring Manufacturer In Jaipur 

Wearing rings has been a common practice for many years and even though these ammonite stones cannot be used for engagement and other traditional purposes as they can still be worn as a ring for enhancing your fashion sense. This particular Fossil can also be used for other medicinal purposes. This particular spiral-shaped stone is used for healing purposes as they indicate continuous evolution and change that occurs in the life of a person. Most of the people prefer wearing their birthstones as rings because allow the body to absorb the maximum energy possible. So wearing these ammonite stones as a ring will be more beneficial to you rather than as a bracelet or chain. There are a variety of designs available in the market.

Our Collections Of Perfect Designs.

DWS Jewellery is one of the Ammonite Ring Manufacturer in Jaipur. The store is well known for its original quality gemstones which are exported all over the world along with the other designer fashion jewellery that is preferred by most of the women. We have a collection of both simple and engraved rings. The simple rings are made up of a single layer of the plain silver band with the gemstone in the center.  The other rings have special designs engraved on their band with the stone at the center.  No Fossil is similar to others and hence everything is different and each stone is unique. You can also create your own customized design with the help of designers and also by sending the design through email along with other instructions like your finger size for a perfect designer ring. They can also be embedded with other gemstones to make it more beautiful.

The DWS Jewellery is one of the ammonite ring manufacturer in India. The engravings on the bands are done by our special craftsmen and depending upon your choice the ring can either be handcrafted or machine manufactured. For more details visit our website at

Ammonite Cuff Manufacturer In Jaipur

Ammonite is a form of the creature that existed several thousand years ago. Later these creatures were exposed to extinction and they started turning into fossils. Since these fossils indicate a piece of the history people are more attracted to it and they are using this particular fossil for designing fashion jewellery. This gemstone for Fossil is also called as an ammonite. Since most of these ammonite creatures lived in groups the fossils obtained are also available in abundance and hence they are of cheap price. There are a variety of Jewellery items made using this particular stone. And among them, the cuff bracelets are more famous among the youngsters.

A Perfect Cuff For Your Jeans

They are used by both men and women equally. Even though there are a variety of shops that sell these bracelets, DWS Jewellery is one of the best ammonite cuff manufacturers in Jaipur. The cuff bracelets are a form of hybrid between the bangle and bracelets. They go well along with the modern dress including jeans and skirts. There are many designs and models available in our shops. You can also view the designs through our online website.

If you are looking for a simple design then you can choose the simple single stone bracelet made up of a thin metal rather than using heavy metal. Most of these bracelets are made up of high-quality silver so that they will provide a perfect antic finish for the jewellery. For a Grand Design, you can use a large amount of metal like a thick flat surface with designs engraved on it and the stones placed in the centre. Sometimes three or four stones are used throughout the design to provide a rich look. These can be combined along with other beaded jewellery so that it will look much more antique. DWS Jewellery is one of the good ammonite cuff manufacturers in India. So all of these designs can be obtained at cheap prices with original quality. You can also order customised designs through our website or directly in our shop depending upon your convenience.

Ammonite Earrings Manufacturer In Jaipur

Earrings have always been an essential part of the women's accessories. It's not just in India but all over the world women have been wearing jewellery and they continue to do so. Initially, women preferred wearing simple designs like a pearl earring or a simple gold stud. But now fashion has changed a lot, and there are a variety of earring models available in the market. Women now prefer wearing studs according to their dress types. With each and every single costume the design of the earring will vary. The studs with gemstones embedded within them are one of the recent fashion. In order to keep up with the fashion, the DWS Jewellery has its own set of designers who have been designing a variety of models. They are one of the best ammonite earrings manufacturer in Jaipur. So similar to the gemstones ammonites are also used widely as a form of a fashion statement.

Single Stone A Variety Of Designs

Even though this seems to like us simple stone there are a variety of designs and borders that can be carved out of this stone. This gem can be embedded in a single and simple silver base to form a simple stud. At the same time, this particular stone can also be used as danglers. They are also used in loop earrings where the stone is present at the end of the loop. For most of these designs, we have used the silver medal as a base since gold will not go well along with this historical piece. Dws Jewellery is one of the best ammonite earrings manufacturer in India and we have always try to satisfy the requirement of our customers either through premade designs or by designing a specially customised piece for them. For more details, you can always visit our shop for having a view of our collection and also to have a discussion with our designers. Else if you are staying away from our place you can always access our website.

Ammonite Jewelry Findings Manufacturer In Jaipur

Ammonite is a powerful healing stone and a fossil that has been buried for a long time. This particular stone has been used as a gemstone for designing fashion jewellery. There are many designs and models introduced in the world of fashion with every passing day.  One of the recent jewel items that are commonly manufactured by the fashion industry is the finding jewellery. They are not a complete design. But they are bits of designer pieces that can be joined together by a string or metal to form a complete chain. The major advantage of these pieces is that you will have the opportunity to design your own model. There are a variety of designs on this finding design. DWS Jewellery in Jaipur is one of the leading manufacturers of the Ammonite Jewelry Findings Manufacturer in Jaipur. So now you can make your own necklace and hip chain using the pieces made up of ammonite.

Designs Of Joy

If you are looking for simple jewellery then you can go for a basic stone embedded in silver. The silver gives a more attractive and good look for this gem. There are also other designs where the silver is engraved with special designs. Some other common models include the dangling jewel, loops and teardrop models. These gemstones are also wire wrapped to provide the best pendant like structure which can be combined together to form a good design. All these designs are available in our shop for sale. If you are looking for a special design you can express your ideas in the form of words and our designers combined with our craftsmen will convert it into a perfect design. These findings jewellery is manufactured with a loop on either side for comfortable stringing. DWS is one of the best Ammonite Jewelry Findings Manufacturer in India.  We have a separate factory for manufacturing and repairing the jewels for our clients. So if you want to purchase jewellery then contact us through our online website.

Ammonite Pendant And Necklace Manufacturer In Jaipur

Ammonites are certain spiral-shaped creatures that lived thousands of years ago. Recently researchers discovered their fossils which were available in abundance. Because of their historical value, people started using them as a gemstone. They make a good fashion statement. DWS Jewellery is an Ammonite pendant and necklace manufacturer in Jaipur. We have a variety of designs, especially as a pendant. These stones are embedded in a silver plate to create a perfect antique finish. These pendants are a simple model that can be attached to a silver or gold chain, while necklaces can be worn as a whole only.

Pendants And Necklaces

For pendants, you can always choose some design or a design with some extra boost like hanging an ammonite pendant with some silver funding jewellery pieces or another silver pendant to create a beautiful look. They can also be strung at the centre of beads for an exotic look. This particular design will be more suitable for traditional attire. In case of a necklace, one or more ammonite stones are placed to form a perfect design. If you want a single design then you can combine a single gemstone with beads and other gems to give a hipster look. Otherwise, for a grand look, you can always combine the ammonite gemstones of varying sizes to be joined together. The large piece is placed in the middle and the rest of the pieces are arranged in descending order.

These jewels are one of a kind and available only in our jewellery. You can visit our shop in Jaipur for unique and customised designs. Our special manufacturing factory with craftsmen can design a variety of jewellery and also for making repair works on your old jewels. We are the Ammonite Pendant And Necklace Manufacturer in India. We have our own website and now you can order through our online portals also.

Ammonite Set Manufacturer In Jaipur

Nowadays it is customary for people to purchase a whole jewellery set instead of purchasing just a piece of jewellery. Buying a whole jewel piece will provide you with matching jewels that you can wear together for a function or a formal party. Ammonite is a fossilized stone that is used as a gemstone currently in the fashion industry. DWS Jewellery is an Ammonite Set Manufacturer in Jaipur and has a wide range of collections and models. We have our very own designers who strive hard to create a variety of designs that can satisfy our customers. Among them, one of the most common designs is the ammonite designs. This stone is highly exotic and wearing a complete set of it for traditional wear would be your perfect choice. Purchasing these whole sets will allow you to use the jewellery items both as a complete set and also as an individual piece.

It's Your Choice

While buying as a whole you will have to make certain choices. For example what type of earring you want and what would be the most suitable bangle or bracelet. If the set has a bangle and you need a bracelet you can always replace or we will make a new customised design for you based upon your requirements. You can also choose from our shop's other individual products to make them a whole product. The ammonite stones are different from each other, so everyone will have a different design and not the same one. The stone is also capable of healing various other issues like reducing irritability and increasing peace. These designs are made up of ammonite stones and the best is the solver. The silver is generally used because it gives a perfect antique finish. It is also useful for channelling the energy within your body in a positive way. DWS Jewellery is an ammonite set manufacturer in India. Our collections are manufactured in our own factory and we are the exporters of gemstones all over the world. For further details, you can contact our website at