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Amethyst Druzy Gemstone

Every now and then we come across the word “amethyst” gemstone jewelry as it seems to be really in trend these days. Since it is in trend, one thing is for certain that it is beautiful. But most of us lack the basic knowledge about this gemstone such as:

  1. What is an amethyst gemstone?
  2. What are its features?
  3. What are its properties?

What Is An Amethyst Gemstone?

Amethyst gemstone is made of quartz crystals that can be copiously found in geodes across the globe. It is usually available in the form of crystals or mass. Quartz comes in a wide variety of colors and is known by their different names such as citrine, rose quartz and various others. It is a semi-precious stone which is often used in making fashion jewelry. It is considered as the birthstone for February born people. In the ancient time, people were of the belief that amethyst gemstone protected its owner from drunkenness. The Amethyst Druzy gemstone refers to a layer of minute quartz crystals that have been crystallized on the surface of the bulk crystalline body. The amethyst druzy gemstone has a sugar-likean appearance and adds an extra sparkle to the jewelry pieces.

Features Of Amethyst Druzy Gemstone:

The amethyst druzy gemstone is distinguished by purple color and is available in different shades of purple ranging from light lavender to dark purple. The shade in the amethyst gemstone is caused because of irradiation and the presence of other trace materials which marks the formation of complex crystal lattice substitutions. Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the Far East are the places where one can find the best variety of amethyst gemstone. The hardness of amethyst gemstone is similar to that of the quartz and therefore it is suitable to be used in jewelry. The amethyst gemstone has a hardness as same as quartz and therefore it is suitable to be used in jewelry.

Properties Of Amethyst Druzy Gemstone: 

Being the birthstone of February born does not restrict it from being worn by others. Of course, it can be worn by anyone- no matter which month they are born in. The amethyst druzy gemstone is an exquisite gemstone and has been associated with royalty for ages. The gemstone has been used for ailing variety of health conditions for ages ranging from alcohol addiction, sleep disorders to mental dysfunction. The crystal helps in clearing the aura and chakras and removing all the negative energies for one’s life. Apart from preventing one to get overindulging in alcohol, amethyst druzy gemstone also helps in overcoming addictions of drugs, cigarettes,and other bad habits. The gemstone comes with various other benefits such as: 

  1. It clams the mind of an individual.
  2. Bring peace and serenity in one’s life and home.
  3. It helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  4. It blesses the wearer with good health and wealth.

Amethyst Druzy Gemstone Usage In Jewelry

Wondering whether this impeccable semi-precious stone can be used in jewelry pieces? Well, this is one of thatgemstone which works well with minimalist and maximalist tastes and it has been used in jewelry pieces since ancient times. This gemstone has everything be its elegance, beauty or power to impact the soul and mind of the wearer in an intense way. In the ancient time, it was referred to as the “Gem of fire” as it one of the rarest spiritual stone carrying the energy of fire and passion. To have profound results of this gemstone, it is best to wear it with metals like silver or brass.

Why You Should Opt For Amethyst Druzy Gemstone Jewelry?

Have you ever noticed druzy crystal jewelry with bright shine? It is because of the metallic vapors that are present in the crystal. Owing to their bright sheen, the druzy crystals are widely used in making jewelry. The perfect transfusion of sparkle and vibrant color of the Amethystdruzy gemstone is what makes it a must-have in your exclusive jewelry collection. Its jewelry can be trendy as well as chic with a classical twist and can help dress up any outfit. If you prefer a minimalist style dainty studs, amethyst druzy ring, classy pendant or a bracelet is all you need to add a sparkle to your simple yet classy look. Whereas, if you prefer a maximalist style then large cocktail ring with amethyst druzy as the center stone, big statement amethyst druzy gemstone necklaces or amethyst druzy gemstone drop earrings is all that you need to make a statement with your jewelry.

Where To Buy From? 

DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading jewelry manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting company of high fashion jewelry pieces. The company has been operating in India for more than 15 years now and has been leaving people all over the world flabbergasted with our beautiful jewelry pieces. We put a tremendous amount of time and efforts in making exquisite jewelry pieces which speak heaps about our brand name and quality products. To excel in this field of jewelry designing, we bring out the best excellence and creativity in designs. The company has hired an expert team who are always on the move to explore more and keep themselves well-run on the latest trends in fashion and manufacture jewelry on that basis. We excel in manufacturing all kinds of jewelry be it fashion jewelry, silver jewelry, statement jewelry, gold jewelrygemstone jewelry or diamond jewelry. When it comes to gemstone jewelry, we are best known for manufacturing outstanding Amethyst Druzy Gemstone jewelry.

It has been more than a decade since the inception of DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. and we have proudly created our brand name not only on a national level but on an international level as well. Providing our customers with trendy jewelry pieces is what our prime motive is. We come up with new jewelry collection every now and then. We are capable of producing any number of jewelry requirements of our clients as we are financially as well as physically equipped with the resources. The major objectives of our company are customer satisfaction, quality products, and customer service. We have neither compromised with these objectives and nor we plan on to do so.

While designing jewelry here at DWS Jewelry, we keep in mind the choice of the clients all over the world. So, be it some family gathering or an intimate office party we have Amethyst druzy gemstone jewelry that will add a class and elegance to your outfit with its striking color. The prices of our products are not that competitive. We make sure that jewelry manufactured by us complies with the needs of our esteem clients. We have a vast collection of Amethyst Druzy Gemstone jewelry to suit the various needs of our customers all over the world. To have a glimpse of our vast collection check out the jewelry store in Jaipur. We provide inexpensive wholesale amethyst druzy gemstone jewelry to customers and traders.

Amethyst Druzy Jewelry Exporter In Jaipur

Amethyst druzy is known to have a rock-like surface with sparkling crystals on top. The geodes of amethyst druzy with their unusual surfaces are a perfect crystal for amethyst jewelry. Their natural forms can be incorporated with earrings, necklaces, rings, and even bracelets. A large number of crystals in minute forms present the jewelry with natural aesthetics. The amethyst druzy ensemble requires careful sorting of the crystals and modifying the same to be fitted into a perfect shape. The colors of the amethyst druzy different from hues of pinkish lavender to bold purple thus providing a wide range of variety to select from. These ensembles are available in gold, silver, or even bronze.

A unique feature associated with these accessories is that they can be worn with traditional wear or even with your casual clothing. A prominent amethyst druzyjewelry exporter in Jaipur, DWS Jewellery Pvt Ltd. offers unique designs that are a standout among the conventional amethyst druzy jewels. These pieces are made with attention to detail and require intricate detailing. The crystals are assembled in several pieces which are made by implementing traditional jewelry-making techniques from the corners of Jaipur. The firm specializes in providing custom druzy amethyst jewels and can export large quantities as per requirements.

A leading amethyst druzy jewelry exporter in India, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. provides the healing properties of amethyst in the form of beautiful accessories. Along with the properties of amethyst, the druzy helps to glance at our inner self at the same time increase their productivity by providing positive healing energy. With rich and varied patterns their designer pieces are sought after for their affordable prices and uniqueness. If you want to buy the amethyst druzy pieces head to their state-of-the-art workplace or visit their online store today!

Amethyst Druzy Jewelry Factory In Jaipur

A jewelry factory requires large setup both modern and traditional to produce different types of jewels. Specifically, with gemstone jewelry, one has to make sure to keep the original crystal intact while making them suitable for different jewelry settings. Amethyst druzy in particular requires a high precision while their assembly as the crystalline structure at the top is what gives them an aesthetic appeal. Amethyst druzy is a geode of amethyst that has multiple mini shining crystals on top. They are available in a wide range of shades ranging from lavender to royal purple. Amethyst druzy jewelry has been used since ancient times for its healing benefits. They are also known as the color of the royals and thus one can come around amazing intricate pieces composed of amethyst druzy.

Never going out of trend, a jewelry factory must always continue to manufacture accessories made from these bright vibrant crystals. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known amethyst druzyjewelry factory in India that manufactures these jewels on a large scale. They have high-end technologies that help them produce large quantities of the quality amethyst ensemble. They are known to supply amethyst set accessories to multiple locations across the country. They provide research and development options in their factory set up and thus can help you manufacture a new custom design. The huge factory has a unique set of gemstones readily available to be fit in their handmade metallic designs. Amethyst druzy crystal can be set in both gold and silver jewelry. They can also be assembled in different patterns offered by the firm.

A well-known name as a top amethyst druzy jewelry factory in Jaipur, DWS Jewellery offers jewels made from unique handmaking techniques like weaving and hammering. They offer Boho trendy wear to traditional ethnic wear. One can use their ornaments of multiple occasions based on their choice.

Amethyst Druzy Jewelry Maker In Jaipur

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a known amethyst druzy jewelry maker in Jaipur. The makers offer a plethora of unique collections of jewelry composed of different gemstones. All sorts of crystals jewelry are easily available with them. Particularly their amethyst druzy pieces are a standout. The amethyst druzy is a geode of amethyst that it is available in the highest crystalline forms and is developed due to mineral formation. The most natural structure of the amethyst the druzy has a shining structure in the top that protrudes at the top thus making the vibrant crystal more beautiful. When the craftsmen as the jewelry firm combine these unique gems in their unique designs and intricate handwork a very appealing amethyst druzy jewel is created.

The making of these accessories undergoes multiple stages from designing, stone polishing and cutting, and assembly. At every step, a quality check is carried out to ensure the quality of this gemstone jewelry. Amethyst being a semi-precious gem also has certain benefits associated with it like spiritual healing and physical recovery. It helps to balance the different chakras in the body thereby eliminating all the negative energy from the body and increasing the positive energy around us. This leads to success in life and also helps to maintain a pure soul and body. A stone of sobriety, it can be used to treat bodily ailments and other addiction issues.

The prime amethyst druzy jewelry maker in India, the firm provides extensive varieties of an amethyst druzy ensemble that can be used as traditional as well as modern wear. For those who prefer to wear their birthstone jewelry amethyst druzy rings and pendants can be used as a daily accessory. They provide multiple designs from their extensive collections. The jewelry by the company is available at affordable prices thus making them sought after by jewelry lovers.

Amethyst Druzy Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

A jewelry manufacturer is one who makes jewelry from scratch. The process starts right from sorting the metals and stones to different processes that need to be followed. A jewelry firm has a huge set up that is required for producing unique accessories. Amethyst jewelry has been a recent trend among youth. These bright purple stones are adorned for both aesthetic as well as healing purposes. With a rich history associated with the origin of the amethyst stone, it was worn by many royals and high-ranking officials around the world. Amethyst druzy is a more natural form of amethyst and has similar benefits as compared to amethyst. These uncut stones are available in natural clusters and are shinier than regular amethyst stone.

DWS Jewellery is a top amethyst druzy jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur popular for their stand out designs. They have amethyst druzy set rings, pendants, and bracelets, along with other varieties. These ornaments make use of metals like gold, bronze, and silver and have intricate designs and patterns. Another prominent point is that these ensembles are handcrafted using ancient techniques of jewelry making. Their artisans make sure you get the highest quality ensemble. The druzy of amethyst can be worn as a birthstone. An amethyst druzy necklace can be a standout accessory on your traditional look at the same time the silver set crystal earrings can glam up your everyday look.

DWS Jewellery is a prominent name among different amethyst druzy jewelry manufacturers in India. They provide the extensive collection with more than 2000 plus varieties of amethyst druzy jewelry. They can also be custom made and can be ordered in bulk quantities from their online store. These jewels are available at the most affordable prices and shipping assistance is provided by the firm throughout India. If you are looking for jewelry in Jaipur do visit their store.

Amethyst Druzy Jewelry Supplier In Jaipur

The name amethyst druzy is derived from the Greek term ametusthos which means sober and druzy comes from druse meaning a rocky surface that is usually comprised of mini crystalline structures. These crystals that provide the druzy an aesthetic appeal are geodes of amethyst. The hardness and looks of the druzy make it a perfect crystal for jewels. Along with the enhanced looks, various benefits are associated with using an amethyst gemstone. Amethyst offers a healing power for both body and the mind. It has benefits like improving blood circulation, reduced headache, and back pain. The stone is considered a connection to heavenly bodies and is often used to treat the negative aura around us. The literal meaning of the gemstone is sober thus it helps people to reduce alcohol addiction. It is also known to have spiritual healing factors like balancing the third eye point and other chakras. As a birthstone, the amethyst druzy can be worn regularly to reap maximum benefits from the gemstone.

An amethyst druzy jewelry supplier in India will offer a wide range of druzy crystals of amethyst with a unique structure. They also offer ornaments set with these crystals in gold or silver. Different patterns of this jewelry ranging from ethic designs to modern trendy chic wear, they have all sorts of designs for all age groups. Jewelry for men like cufflinks, rings, and pendants can also be custom made as per requirement. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent amethyst druzy jewelry supplier in Jaipur who offers all these features in their unique ensemble varieties. Their handmade and handcrafted jewelry is made by the master craftsmen with their unique skills. One can order different quantities of these jewels in custom and bulk quantities depending on their requirement. Specials designs can also be made as per customer requests. To browse more varieties, browse their online site today!

Amethyst Druzy Jewelry Wholesaler In Jaipur

Druzy means the crystal configuration of any rock. It consists of various sparkling small rocks on a single crystal structure. Especially for a natural healing crystal-like amethyst, their druzy form not only makes it stand out but also has many benefits associated with it. Amethyst stone is used for treating issues related to alcohol addiction and helps keep a person sober. The stone is known to be a connecting factor between humans and divination. It holds a rich history and has legends associated with its color and form. Also considered as the jewels of the royals, a druzy amethyst a has more aesthetic features and more natural form of the amethyst. The stone is often used for meditation purposes.

Another feature of the amethyst druzy is its incorporation in jewelry. Amethyst druzy jewelry has a natural effect. They stand out among gemstones set ensembles given to their outstanding aesthetic appeal. The druzy crystals of amethyst have the same healing properties as the amethyst and also provide positive energy. They also help one connect to their inner self thus improving their productivity. It protects the wearer from negative vibes around them and also helps in healing certain physical ailments. The amethyst druzy jewelry wholesaler in Jaipur can help you by providing unique varieties of amethyst druzy ornaments. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. provides an exquisite range of amethyst druzy set jewels ranging from rings, pendants, and bracelets in silver, gold, and bronze.

As a prominent amethyst druzy jewelry wholesaler in India, the firm also offers amethyst geode druzy, amethyst crystal druzy with different hues of purple. Their royal purple set silver jewelry is sought after for its aesthetic appeal. The company also provides facilities like custom orders, bulk orders, custom designs, shipping facilities, all at affordable prices. Check out their unique collection today!

Amethyst Druzy Bangle Manufacturer In Jaipur

The druzy stones are the best type of gemstones available in the market. They have good tranquillity powers and they are widely used for making a variety of jewellery items. One of the common jewel items that the women always love to wear is the bangles. These bangles are beautiful and they are the perfect choice for traditional wear like saree. If you are looking for a wide range of bangle collections with druzy gemstones then the best option available is the DWS jewellery as they are the amethyst druzy bangle manufacturer in Jaipur. We have our very own manufacturing unit with special designers and craftsmen to manufacture handcrafted Jewellery items for obtaining intricate design and perfection.

A Bangle For Your Mom

The fashion jewellery items are not just for the youngsters they are also suitable for all aged women throughout the world. If you are looking for a perfect bangle to gift your mum on her birthday or for mother's day then you can visit our shop for a wide range of collections. Some of the most common designs include bangles with small stones placed throughout the circumference which can be used along with other handcrafted gold bangles for a perfect match. You can also purchase the handcrafted Silver bangles for gold plated silver bangles with amethyst using stones embedded all over them. These bangles are given an antique finish over them so that they will make perfect antique jewellery that can be worn for sarees and skirts.

DWS Jewellery is the Amethyst Druzy Bangle Manufacturer in India and our collections are displayed in our shop in Jaipur and also on our website at We also offer customised the designs for our clients, especially for brides. If you are looking forward to manufacturing a bridal set with these stones then we are the perfect choice for you. Visit our shop and sit along with our designers for a perfect design that will make you look beautiful on your special day.

Amethyst Druzy Earrings Manufacturer In Jaipur

Amethyst stones are available all over the world. These gemstones are easy to design and they can be easily embedded. These stones are formed by the process of crystallization. These stones are special because they are mainly used in deaddiction centers and also in other areas like the meditation centers. But its not just in these areas they are also used in the fashion world. Most of the jewels nowadays used these special stones to make a beautiful design and they will also heal your body at the same time. Earrings play an important role in the world of jewellery. Most women prefer having many types of earrings so that they can match their dress accordingly and also establish their fashion sense. There is a wide range of fashion earrings available in a DWS Jewellery shop. We are the leading Amethyst Druzy Earrings Manufacturer in Jaipur. Most of our designs are preferred by women all over the world and we have many collections in our shop.

A Beautiful Earring For Your Attire

This gemstone is available in a beautiful purple colour and hence they can be matched with most of the light coloured attires. We have a wide collection of the simple loop and dangler earring set with the stone placed in the centre or at the end of the loop. The Other set is the grandest looking chandelier design that can be used for Grand functions like marriages. They are also suitable for the price if they are wearing any light coloured attire for their reception or Mehandi function. DWS Jewellery being one of the leading amethyst druzy earrings manufacturer in India has always managed to produce designer items that will satisfy the requirements of the customer. If you are not satisfied you can always choose to go for customised designs which can also be ordered through our website and

Amethyst Druzy Bracelet Manufacturer In Jaipur

The druzy stones are a form of crystallized gemstones that appear over the actual stones over the course of time due to mineralization. These stones are available in beautiful purple colour and they are preferred by most of the women because of their attractive color. They are used in many pieces of jewelry including for the bracelets. Bracelets are bangle like models worn on the hand. While the bangles are made up of stiff metals these bracelets are made up of chain-like structures so that they loosely fall over the hand. There are many models available in the market but if you want to check multiple designs at the same time then DWS Jewellery is the best choice. They are the amethyst druzy bracelet manufacturer in Jaipur.  With their own manufacturing unit, they offer multiple services like customisation and jewellery repair for the satisfaction of their clients.

A Fancy Friendship Bracelet

If you are looking for a friendship bracelet that will look attractive on your hand and also as a fashion symbol then you can purchase the models from DWS Jewellery. There is a wide range of collections available in our shop in Jaipur. We are the Amethyst Druzy Bracelet Manufacturer in India and we have all types of design in our shop. We have simple designs like a single stone bracelet that are mostly used by men. They are accompanied with a plain silver band or chain like a band with multiple loops. While these are more suitable for the men there are other designs like the small stone bracelets, and bracelets with the large stones placed all over them.

Along with these models we also have a variety of other designs. We also offer customised Jewellery items for our clients and now if you want to design a perfect little friendship bracelet for both you and your friend you can either choose from the available models or order a customised one.

Amethyst Druzy Cuff Manufacturer In Jaipur

Cuff jewellery is a combination of both bangles and bracelets. If you are looking for a design like a bangle but a bit more modern, then these cuff designs are the most suitable. DWS Jewellery is one of the best Amethyst Druzy Cuff Manufacturer in Jaipur. We have our who are experts in creating many designs. These designs are amazing and people all over the world are attracted to our original models and gemstones. If you are looking for a design that is not worn by other people then the best option is to buy a customized model from our jewelry.

Variety Of Designs

There are a variety of models available in the market. Some of the most common models that are in our shop are the blain bands with a pendant or design in the center. The design may be oval or circular or a square with these small gemstones placed all over the designs. This design will be suitable for your daily use. The next design has a single stone placed in the center with silver bands placed around it. The band will be of various designs and they are more suitable for grand functions. The band can also be designed with small stones with a large stone in the center. You can also engrave your name in these jewels and embed it with the bracelets. These name engravings are manufactured in our DWS Jewellery shop as we are the Amethyst Druzy cuff manufacturer in India.

If you want a friendship bracelets on these models with the names exchanged on your metal then you can pre-order in our website and the product will be delivered to you through the mail. All you need to do is send the specifications along with the details and you can expect the delivery within the next few days. For more details, you can contact us through our website at

Amethyst Druzy Pendant And Necklace Manufacturer In Jaipur

The druzy stone is an exotic stone that is available in abundance in certain regions of the world. Because of their bright purple colour and their ability to prevent addiction they are widely used for multiple purposes all over the world. One such use is the fashion jewellery where many designer jewels like necklaces and pendants are made using this particular stone. DWS Jewellery is amethyst druzy pendant and necklace manufacturer in Jaipur.

Exotic Designs

These purple stones are easy to cut and shape. So if you are looking for a raw design then you can buy the plain silver pendant with the raw stone placed on. There are also stones that are polished to a certain extent to provide a soft feel. Most time silver is used as a base in both the pendants and necklaces. If you are looking for a simple design then the best option is to purchase the single stone pendant and necklace. There are also a wide variety of grand designs with multi stones and engravings. These designs are beautiful and they can be frequently used as they are a bit formal. The pendants are mostly suitable for daily wear for your offices and also for universities.

These necklaces are more suitable for sarees and other grand attire. So if you are looking forward to purchasing these items from a wide range of collections then the DWS Jewellery which is Amethyst Druzy Pendant And Necklace Manufacturer in India is the best option available. You can also design your own necklace or pendant with the help of our designers and manufacture customised jewellery sets for you using our very own manufacturing unit. If there is an issue with your jewellery or any breakage you can bring it to us. We have our very own factory with the craftsman who is specialised in repairing damaged Jewellery items. For more details contact us either by directly visiting our shop or through our website at

Amethyst Druzy Jewelry Findings Manufacturer In Jaipur

Findings jewellery are pieces of tiny pendant like structures with loops on both or one side to connect them together by a spring or metal. They are mainly designed for people who wish to design their own jewel-like a necklace. The reason people prefer this is because the options are wide and you can also change the design when you are bored with the old one. For example, you can wear a single string necklace for one function while you can wear two or three-string necklace for the next function. The same thing goes for your hip chains, anklets and bracelets. These type of jewellery are available in various models, with or without gemstones. One such gemstone that can be used for these model jewellery is the Amethyst druzy gemstone.

Beautiful Designs

These druzy stones are a form of exotic stones that are available in vibrant purple colour. These stones are easy to cut and they can be easily modified into many designs. So using these stones for designing the findings jewellery will be beautiful and they can be combined together with other models like a plain silver design or other gemstones to give a different look. If you want to go for a simple design you can use the plain embedded finding pieces with engraved silver pieces. This will provide an antique look to the jewel and they will make your necklace pop out. The best model is to use three rows of druzy embedded stones and joining these rows together at a point using a large engraved design. This design is suitable for traditional attires as they give a rich queen-like appearance. The bracelets are small but wearing them to match the necklace will provide a more rich look.

DWS Jewellery is an Amethyst Druzy Jewelry Findings Manufacturer in Jaipur and hence all the above-mentioned designs are available in our store. If you want a special customised design then you can always approach our designers for help. Being one of the best Amethyst druzy Jewelry Findings Manufacturer in India we have our own manufacturing unit. For more details visit our website at

Amethyst Druzy Ring Manufacturer In Jaipur

The druzy is a gemstone that is used in various fields including jewellery designing. These stones are nothing but the crystallisation that are formed over the actual gemstones over a period of time. Depending upon their mineral deposits the colour of the stone will vary.  These gemstones are in a bright purple colour and they are used by the spiritual healers to reduce addiction and to bring the mind to a state of tranquillity. If you are planning to design a ring then the best choice is the DWS Jewellery as we are the Amethyst Druzy Ring Manufacturer in Jaipur. With our own manufacturing unit and designers we have created a lot of designs including proposal and engagement bands. If you are planning to propose your love with a different band that is beautiful, we can help you with both designing, and customisation.

A Ring For You Love

Proposing your love to your better half is a memory that no one can ever forget. So if you are planning to propose to your women you can choose this purple dry ring with diamonds embedded around it. The crystallisation occurs differently for each stone. So your proposal band will be unique and also indicates the unique nature of the women you are proposing. There are also other designs with the raw stone placed on a thick band. This design is suitable for party attires as the colour will go well along with the bling jewellery. Wearing this huge ring alone will be enough for your fingers. You can pair it up with gold or silver jewellery.

DWS Jewellery being the Amethyst Druzy Ring Manufacturer in India has a wide range of jewellery design. If you are near you can always visit our shop or you can visit our website at

Amethyst Druzy Set Manufacturer In Jaipur 

Drury stones are the designs with crystalized structures formed on the top of the Amethyst stone. These amethyst druzy stones are available in a beautiful purple colour and they can be used in a variety of fashion jewellery. These beautiful purple coloured druzy stones are used for creating beautiful bracelets,  chains and rings. Rather than purchasing these Jewel items separately, it would be more suitable if they are purchased as a whole in the form of a jewellery set which consists of all the designer pieces. If you purchase these designers jewels as a whole pair you can use them both individually and also together according to your situation. DWS Jewellery is an Amethyst Druzy Set Manufacturer in Jaipur well known for their unique and customized designs. These rich purple coloured druzy stones are well known for their attractive nature and their ability to cure all sorts of addiction. If you wanted to purchase an entire druzy set you can visit our shop or our website to view our collections.

Purchase Your Dream Jewel

There are a variety of designs and models available in our shop in Jaipur. We have a set of simple jewels with a plain chain and pendant, combined with matching rings and earrings. These designs are more suitable for formal wears and also for going to the office.  But if you are looking for a grand design then choose a set with a necklace instead of a chain and pendant. If you are not satisfied with the designs you can always choose the design from the individual items and assemble a perfect combination. Sometimes these designs might be too simple for a bride for a person going for a Grand function. In such situations, you can design your own customised jewellery set that will be manufactured in our factory by our craftsmen. These customised models are more suited for the brides who are looking forward to enjoying their special day with attractive looks. DWS jewellery is an Amethyst Druzy Set Manufacturer in India. We have our own factory to repair our jewellery and now you can order the customised models through online websites also.