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Multi-Strand Rings Wholesale

Looking for a perfect ring collection that might make it an essential option when worn as a single piece? If yes, the right choice for you will be the multi-strand ring collections. Comprising multiple layers of circles, this ring collection is the best option for people who wish to dress up a brand with minimal jewelry. Each ring is a work of art, and the recent fashion focuses on these beautiful modern collections that made a huge alteration in the fashion industry. Along with the rings, it has also popularised the change since they are beautiful and rich looking when compared to the single-strand models.

Stone Collection

If you are looking for a beautiful style with richness, then the sixth ring made to appear like multiple rings combined is a popular style among the current generation of women. We stacked together the Rings with an uneven appearance that makes it look like an imperfection in perfection. These perfect model rings are not just beautiful, but the pure quality gemstones embedded in them make them look rich. If you are searching for the best stone and strand rings as a combination, then DWS is the best option. With a wide range of collections available, we have published our products in our mobile application and website for online purchases.

Strand Collection

With multiple strands woven together in a messy style, these multi-strand silver ring models are the best option to gift any woman. If you want to go for a rich-looking collection, you can choose the one with designs embedded on the top. The intricate designs and the playing ring style are best to be worn as a statement for special occasions. You can also wear them single-handedly since it is like the work statement ring collection. Sometimes when you have fewer strands, like 3 or 4, you can pair it up with a mixture of different gemstone model collections to create a personal style.

Diamond Collections

As mentioned, the gemstone collections are always average looking. But when you select the multi-strand diamond ring collection, then you must understand it can appear beautiful and rich looking at the same time. Being embedded with minute diamond stones, they are one of the best and make you look pretty. We can combine them with beautiful traditional collections like lehengas and sarees to wear occasionally. It is a bit on the traditional side, but you can also pair it up with salwar and other occasions that require a rich-looking appearance. They also go well with modern costumes if it is a cross-stacked diamond-strand ring model.

All these collections are available in the showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan. If you have any issues with the size, you can always place a custom order. Since we have our manufacturing unit and factory, we ensure the quality of the product with the originality of the gemstones and diamonds. So interested people can purchase our product immediately from the readymade showroom or place a custom design with the help of our designers. 

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