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Wholesale Beaded Pendant And Necklace Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Gold jewelry is one of the most respected and craved items in history. Even though people still prefer gold jewelry, nowadays more than gold jewelry people have started preparing other fashionable jewelry that makes their appearance look more vibrant and colorful. The introduction of fashion jewelry created a major evolution in the field of jewelry. People started wearing more fashion jewelry and silver jewelry because it made their appearance look better and less formal than the gold jewelry which made them look rich but they were more suited for formal occasions. People nowadays prefer wearing as much low amount of gold as possible because of the richness it shows. The modern generation has adapted themselves to a new form of jewelry called fashion jewellery which even though they don’t look as bright as the gold they make the person wearing it look beautiful and accentuates their features.

Similar to the various types of trends and designs in gold, fashion jewelry also has its own type and trends. Some of the most famous fashion jewelry items are artisan jewelry, silver jewelry, and most importantly beaded jewelry. Beaded jewelry has become a common trend these days. People prefer wearing this jewelry as a combination of all kinds of dresses both modern and traditional. Most of the modern dresses like skirts and other forms of party wear can be easily paired with this beaded jewelry and in the case of traditional wear; they provide a more traditional look. These beaded jewelry have the ability to blend themselves into any form of style both modern and traditional.

DWS Jewellery is one of the most recognized wholesale beaded pendant and necklace jewelry showrooms available in Jaipur, Rajasthan. India has tried to create various innovative methods of wearing jewellery with various metals and stones. Some of the common fashion jewellery items that have been introduced in India are thread jewellery, quilling, terracotta jewellery, and beaded jewellery. The first three jewellery items are complete fashion jewellery. But beaded jewellery is a combination of fashion and tradition. Even though beaded jewellery is completely made up of beads and various types of stones, it can also sometimes be mixed with gold like a small pendant or structure in between to provide a rich look which cannot be done with other forms of fashion jewellery.

Beaded Pendants

These beaded pendants have been one of the famous innovations in the history of pendants. These beaded pendants with different colors can be worn for any kind of dress. There are many kinds of pendants available. DWS Jewellery is one of the leading beaded pendant and necklace jewellery manufacturers in the country and provides perfect and unique designs in the department of beaded jewellery. DWS Jewellery has a unique collection of various designs. The single beaded pendants attached to a metal frame are most suitable for people wearing party wear and other modern wear since they are simple and fashionable. They are available in all colors and so they can be matched for all types of dress colors. These pendants can be made of some designs for daily wear and a bigger size design for wearing sarees and other traditional wear.  These single beads can be in any shape line special to rectangular.  The next form of beaded pendants available in the market includes multiple beaded jewellery that is grand in design and looks richer. These multiple beaded jewellery includes various large metal-based designs with beads added to them. The metals can be silver and gold plated.  This beaded jewellery provides a grand look for traditional wear like sarees and lehengas.

DWS Jewellery has a unique collection of these jewellery designs and they provide various modern collections and designs that have been designed by our unique team of designers, who mainly aims in providing unique designs for our customers. We are also one of the leading beaded pendant and necklace jewellery suppliers in the whole country and we provide custom-made beaded jewellery for our clients.  While some of the people choose from our very own unique collections, there are other people who required jewellery that matches their particular costume and is also suitable for a particular event. For such people who have particular requirements and unique tastes, we provide unique designs that will suit their needs. Most of our customers order their own unique customized set to suit their needs. Our designers also help the customers in creating their own unique designs. We at DWS jewelry have our very own unique beaded pendant and necklace jewellery factory to meet the criteria of the customers and provide them with their own unique designs as per their requirements.

Necklaces That Match Your Costume

Even though the gold and silver chains and various other fashion jewellery items provide a rich look, these beaded necklaces that match your costume perfectly will make you look more professional and rich. Even though gold is in trend these days people do not prefer wearing Gold jewellery for light occasions like office parties, and normal parties along with other forms of traditional celebrations. For these kinds of events wearing Gold Jewellery will provide a rich look that is more than necessary. Wearing these fashion Jewellery and beaded necklaces will also enhance your features and at the same time will tone down your look in such a way that it is perfect for the occasion. Nowadays most women prefer wearing these types of necklaces for their parties and other friendly locations rather than Gold jewellery which will provide a separate look rather than blending along with your costume.

These beaded necklaces can be made in many designs based on the requirement of the customer. They can be either single-layered large beads or multiple layered small beads based upon the requirement of the customer. DWS Jewellery has many unique designs that provide a large number of beaded jewellery designs in varying sizes and structures.

We are one of the leading beaded pendant and Necklace jewellery shops in the whole country and we provide all kinds of designs that suit your needs. if our available collections do not satisfy you, the clients can always choose a piece of customized jewellery. Our designers will also help you with designing a piece of particular unique jewellery that would perfectly suit your particular dress.

Our Exports

DWS Jewellery being one of the leading beaded pendants and necklace jewelry wholesaler provide various designs in both pendants and jewelry. We also supply jewelry all over the country and we also excel in being one of the greatest beaded pendant and Necklace jewelry exporters. Our unique designs are being loved by people all over the world and we define the tradition of our country with these unique handcrafted Jewellery items. Our designers are excellent at producing designs for both traditional and fashion wear and hence our jewelry is loved by people all over the world due to their uniqueness and suitability for all kinds of costumes. Our beaded stones are of original quality and they are the finest form of beads available in the whole country. People buying beaded jewelry should test their quality before buying them since there are various duplicate beads available in the market that look exactly the same as the original one but they will crumble after a few months of usage. Our jewelry provides 100 percent guaranteed pure beaded jewelry for our customers both in the national and international levels.

Our Unique Manufacturing Unit

In order to facilitate the customers by providing their own unique customized designs, we have our very own manufacturing unit that manufactures various beaded jewelry designs. We provide a perfect collection of all kinds of jewelry designs and we have our very own collection of unique original beads that are of high quality. Our high-quality beads are preferred by both national and international clients. Even though all beads look alike certain cheap quality beads will lose their strength in time and start to crumble with a crack. But our high-quality beads are extremely strong and can withstand any kind of external damage. Our designers follow up on all the latest fashion trends and produce unique fashionable jewelry items that are available in our beaded pendant and necklace jewelry. Being one of the leading beaded pendant and Necklace jewelry distributors all over the world we provide our unique set of manufacturers who excel in producing various designs as per the instructions of our designers and also produces custom-made jewelry design based upon the requirements of our customers. Our designers also help our customers in producing excellent designs according to their instructions and satisfaction.

Online Shopping

We have our very own collection of unique beaded pendant and necklace jewelry designs available in our online website portal to facilitate customers from all over the world. All our items are available online or of perfect quality baby delivery to you without any kind of damage with proper packaging and protection. The products are replicas of the pictures available online so the client can buy the product with confidence. The client can either visit us at our shop in Jaipur, Rajasthan for a unique personalized experience or visit our website at Our collections available online are unique collections designed personally by our designers for online purchasers.

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