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Wholesale Artisan Pendant And Necklace Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Nowadays most of the people prefer everything they own to be unique and special. Long gone are the days where people visit a normal readymade shop and buy the dress they love. Nowadays most people ever prefer wearing a designer collection or making their own custom-made designer dress for their unique appearance in functions. It's not just the dress, people nowadays also love wearing their own unique custom jewelry that is handcrafted with extraordinary details and perfect craftsmanship. There is a variety of jewelry available in the market with various metals and diamonds. They are also made up of a number of other items like glass, and precious gemstones. Even though people still love wearing their gold jewelry their craze towards the gold metal has been reduced due to the introduction of various other kinds of metals like silver, brass, copper, and sometimes silver with gold platings. These metals combined with various modern designs and gemstones are at the peak of the trend these days.

Beaded jewelry, silver jewelry, artisan jewelry, statement jewelry, Temple jewelry, and various other modern Jewellery items are available in the market and one of the most common and famous jewelry items that have been used worldwide is artisan jewelry. Artisan jewelry is mostly handcrafted unique jewelry and they are custom-made jewelry available in various jewelry stores and the internet. The very word artisan is derived from an Italian word 'artigiano’ which means a skilled craft worker who is capable of making various jewelry with his hand. The history of this particular artisan jewelry goes back to nearly 7000 BC where the original ornaments and various other necklaces where made up of handcrafted gold and copper. During those days they used some common diseases like human faces and animals where is nowadays there are many designs available in the market created with various modern technological software by some famous designers. These Jewelry items are made up of metals, stones, beads, and various other objects that would enhance the beauty of the jewelry piece. The Jewelry items are highly valuable and they are made up of strong materials and they are also in their pure form. Even normal glass items are made with extreme care and craftsmanship. Most of these handcrafted Jewellery items are unique and special rather than those mass-made machine jewelry. These artisan Jewelry items can be worn with any kind of costume both modern and traditional wear.

DWS Jewellery is one of the major wholesale artificial pendant and necklace jewelry producers in Rajasthan. We have a variety of fashion jewelry items from normal sterling silver made Jewelry items to famous artisan jewelry. We have a collection of a variety of artificial jewelry designs displayed in our showroom created by a unique team of designers who are talented in providing the latest trend jewellery for the satisfaction of the customer. We also provide normal custom-made jewelry items for our customers including artisan jewelry. If the customers are dissatisfied with our collections available in the showroom or online, they can design their own custom-made jewelry with the help of our unique set of designers to design perfect jewelry that suits your needs. We have our very own artisan pendant and necklace jewelry factory to design our very own jewelry items. We also provide custom-made jewellery that has been created in our very own manufacturing unit for our customers with perfect handcraft designs and uniqueness.

Artisan Pendants

Artisan pendants have been most commonly under usage nowadays and they are mostly linked to simple chains that are made up of the same metal as the pendant either a copper or silver and sometimes brass too. These pendants can be made up of simple metals with both normal and highly handcrafted designs that can be worn by people of all the ages and for all types of costumes. These pendants are also available in other forms like normal metal pendants decorated with various gemstones and glass materials to provide a perfect design. The stones that are being used in these pendants are of pure material gemstones. Even the normal glass materials are made from high-quality glass particles and they are decorated with utmost care and perfection. These handcrafted Jewellery items are famous for their intrinsic work and designs. These simple pendants can be used for normal daily wear while the highly crafted rich looking pendants can be used for special occasions and party wears.

DWS Jewellery contains their own collection of artisan pendants that are made up of unique materials and pure stones with a variety of designs. Our artificial pendant and necklace jewelry store contain all kinds of designs and we also take custom orders for our client to suit their needs. We have our very own unique artisan pendant and necklace jewelry designers who can help you in designing your very own custom-made jewellery that would suit your requirement for any specific functions or normal occasions.

This pendant can be worn by normal college-going girls to women of any age and we have a variety of designs to suit their age and requirements. DWS jewellery designs are being loved by people all over the world and hence we are one of the most famous artisan pendant and necklace jewellery exporters in the country.

Artisan Necklaces

Similar to pendants artisan necklaces are also made up of a variety of metals like Brass, Copper, and Silver. The necklaces give a more rich look than the pendant and they can be worn with any kind of traditional costume. The necklace can be decorated with normal gemstones and other kinds of beads in the chain area to provide a more ethical look along with the perfect design and structure. The metals and beads along with gemstones used for making these necklaces are in the purest form and they are specially handcrafted with intricate designs.

In DWS Jewellery we have a unique collection of artisan necklaces that have been designed by our unique team of designers to provide a unique set of collections to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Most of the designs are made up of normal trends and they are handcrafted to attain perfect design. Dws Jewellery is one of the leading artisan pendant and necklace jewellery distributors and we provide our collections to various other jewellery stores available all over the world. The artificial necklaces can also be customized based upon the requirements of the customers and we provide the exact design that the customer had in their mind with the help of our designers and handcraft workers.

Our Unique Online Portal

Along with being one of the leading artisan pendant and necklace jewellery shops in Jaipur, Rajasthan we also have our very own unique online portal to support our national and international customers. We have displayed our unique customized designs made by our designers and hand craftsmanship expert so that people available in all parts of our country can enjoy wearing our unique designs. Each and every single piece of jewellery is being provided to the customers with utmost care and in perfect condition and prevented from any kind of damage with perfect packaging. It is we are one of the famous artisan pendant and Necklace jewellery suppliers in the country and it is completely safe to buy online from our store since we provide a 100% guarantee for the quality of our jewellery items both online and on the shop. Customers can visit our online portal anytime to view our jewellery collections that include a variety of items like artisan jewellery, temple jewellery, traditional jewellery, and various other jewellery designs inspired by various states of our country. It is easy to order online and people can make their orders at after viewing our variety of designs available online.

Skilled Manufacturing Unit

One of the major requirements for making artisan jewellery and pendant items are the availability of perfect unskilled handcraft jewellery makers. We at DWS Jewellery have our very own manufacturing unit with a unique set of designers who are highly experienced in providing unique and latest trend-based designs along with skilled workers who are highly experienced in making handcrafted jewellery. Since the availability of handcrafted jewellery makers is rare these days, there are only a few stores that have their own jewellery makers and we happen to be one of them. The art of handcrafted jewellery has been slowly disintegrating despite the increasing requirement for handcrafted jewellery pieces. One of the major reasons people prefer handcrafted jewellery is because of their intricate designs and the importance given to each and every single detail.

Restore Your Sentiments

We also excel in making unique handcrafted customized jewellery sets for our customers who require unique jewellery designs for wearing during their special occasions. Our designers are always available to help the customers in creating their own designs or other designs they saw in their friend's collections or with some other people. Along with the manufacturing unit, we also have our workshop for repairing broken jewellery items. Even though people love their jewellery there are certain items that carry on psychological sentiment and attachments. When these Jewellery items are being subjected to damage, they can be easily repaired with the help of our workshop in such a way that it would be difficult for anyone to identify the damaged portion and the jewellery will be provided to the customer as good as a new one. So people can visit our shop either to buy new jewellery or create a new customized jewellery design for themselves to suit their needs along with repairing their old jewellery that carries a huge value for them. We at DWS Jewellery provide all kinds of services to satisfy the requirements of our customers and keep them happy.

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