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Stackable Earrings Wholesale

Why the stackable earrings and chain models flooded the market now most people are considering introducing the Trek Into the earring. But one of the major issues is that it requires multiple piercings, but some are not ready to make. So, making it more beautiful, the current designers introduced stackable earring models that people with piercing and single piercings can use. It is essential to understand more about these models to make a choice that suits your needs. The concept of stackable earrings existed since ancient times when women and men wore many earrings to decorate their faces.

Single Piercing Collection

Have you ever regretted not wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry since you have a fear of piercing? If yes, these beautiful stackable earrings can come in handy, especially when you try to have a traditional look. All you need is a single piercing where you can insert the start, and we will stack the rest along your ear lobe connected to a single line of metal. It provides a look that makes others believe you have multiple piercings, but in reality, it is just one. This collection is one of a kind, and they have many designs.

These collections are available in plane models and as designs with gemstones embedded in them. These stone-embedded models provide a rich look you cannot get from any other models in the market. So whatever design you choose, you can purchase it or contact our DWS showroom to create a custom collection. You can sit and chat with our designers to come up with the completed product that will make you look gorgeous, especially with the bride and bridegroom. This model has been available from ancient times, especially in Egyptian and Mayan cultures.

Multiple Piercing Collection

Multiple piercing is a beautiful collection where people prefer to wear many combinations to improve their appearance. The ring model is available in many sizes you can wear as stacks, especially in order, from large to small. Similarly, there are other designs, like single gemstone embedded models. Here, the initial piercing will have the large gemstone, while the rest following will have the size decreasing. You can also parrot up with a small ring at the top part of the earlobe. The design is unique, and you can manage it. It is custom to create designs by having multiple combinations in your hand. They are better to be worn along with modern and traditional costumes. But for modern costumes go for gemstone-embedded collections. If you are looking forward to wearing traditional costumes, choose the earring collections, since they are rich looking and authentic. In this collection, there are beautiful stackable hoop earrings that complete the look. They give a mix-and-match option that you can experiment with for your love.

DWS is a one-stop showroom that provides a variety of stackable model studs. We offer a variety of collections of different sizes and designs that you require. In the Jaipur region, our collections are available in our shop, and through our website and mobile application. So now, customers can place online orders to buy the best designs available with the customization orders.

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