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Beaded Earrings Store 

Beaded earrings collections have always played a role among women. It is not just because of their exclusive designs, but because of the colorful look, we offer. Among the multiple collections available in the market, very few have attracted them because of the quality. For such models, it is not simply about combining the designs and presenting them to the customers. Instead, there is a necessity to focus on the studs that play a role. Let us now look at the variety of collections available in the market and how to purchase them based on quality and pairing.

Minute Designs

Even though there are many collections, we place focus on the seed bead earrings. They might look like simple toys for a unique collection, but in reality, the jewels made from these minor items treat designs that attract customers globally. Whether it is a native design or statement design, everything has its place in the market. They are also available in many colors and sizes, allowing you to create an array of studs that suits your collection.

For example, the native American beaded earrings are available in designs with a multitude of colors. For example, the dark blue, light blue, and white combination of such studs gained more popularity. The product price depends upon the skill offered by the designer and not on the metal or the color since they are of less value. People prefer this modern and unique collection to pair it up along with a variety of their costumes. The tribal peoples initially followed these collections, and it is where the designers inspired the native beaded earrings. But nowadays, even the city-dwelling women prefer such unique options to show off their beauty naturally.

Modern Costumes

Naturally, people purchase such collections in multiple colors. The silver beaded earrings go well with most costumes, especially with traditional wear like a saree or a lehenga. But if you are going for a simple modern dark color costume, you can pair it up with white beaded earrings. Similarly, for light-colored costumes, you can choose the black beads earrings or the red beaded earrings. There are other colors like blue, green and yellow.

Along with the collection, it is necessary to look at the quality of the design. The strings attached to the stud must have good metal at the base to hold the jewel for a long time. So choose an explicit showroom that has office collections of quality. You can also check our DWS shop in the Sitapura Industrial Area for such models. Our jewels range from beaded fringe earrings to simple beaded earrings that focus on the quality of the product.

Collection Types

  1. Drop Collections - Have you ever looked at the Drop models and wished there was something different about it rather than being in metal with simple gemstones embedded within them? Then your first option can be the unique beaded drop earrings. Naturally, the designers provide the drops in a single or multiple rows to provide an authentic design.
  2. Captive Models for You - This is a unique model suitable for men and women of all ages. Comprising metal and other products, these captive bead earrings are one-of-a-kind. The designs are unisexual, and there are jewels available only for women. Men constantly wear it as conch studs them. The metal may range from general silver to a wide range of bronze and copper.
  3. Heart Collections for Valentine's Day - If you have been looking for a gift for your valentine's, this stud is the best option. The beaded heart earrings are made up of simple metals, and gemstone beads are one of a type. They can be the best gift for your better half. Among the collections also offer metals and plain beads that you can gift.
  4. Statement Models - Most of these jewels are different in design. The beaded statement earrings are one of a kind, and our shop specializes in such jewels. Women can wear them separately with no necklace to enhance their facial features. Any statement model deserves appreciation and tries to pair your models with off-shoulder dresses.
  5. Flower Designs - It’s not just the heart and indigenous beaded earrings. We as a team offer a wide range of other collections, including jewels that are pretty famous in the market. For example, our popular beaded flower earrings have gained more popularity in recent years, especially with summer dresses and spring fashion items with floral patterns on them.
  6. Dangle Models - Dangle models have gained more popularity in recent years. And it is only fair to introduce the beautiful beaded dangle earrings to improve their requirements in fashion. The dangle models are simple, and you can wear them for both traditional and general costumes.

Along with these collections, we also have other models that include the beautiful long beaded earrings that are huge and authentic. Women prefer these studs for their mehndi functions since they provide a natural look. Similarly, the beaded tassel earrings also play an essential role among the brides. Most of these are beautiful, and the handmade beaded earrings are one of a kind compared to other collections in the market. Since it involves a lot of work and energy, the price is higher, but the final output is worth it.

Why Choose Us?

Where to buy is a question that we answer through a wide range of positive quality products. There are a variety of models in the market. Among them, our jewels have always played a unique role. DWS is one of the leading producers of jewelry items. We import and export our products to our customers globally. Along with customized solutions we provide a perfect industrial setup suitable for traditional manufacturing, with modern equipment. So, as a team, we are open to wholesale jewelry manufacturing. DWS showroom in Rajasthan sports multiple models. You can view it through our online website. Each product is unique and designed to meet your requirements. Our team also includes designers and craftworkers who capture your thought and provide it as a product.

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