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Origin Of Jewelry

Small decorative items that one wears for decking up oneself are called jewelry. Their origin can be dated back to prehistoric times when primitive people used shells, stones, or the claws of animals to enhance one’s appearance. Subsequently, people made jewelry from various metals with gemstones embedded in them like diamonds, ruby, emeralds, or even sapphire. But nowadays, a combination of various other materials is used to make jewelry making them a trend of today’s modern times. Previously, jewelry was considered a symbol for the genteel society reflecting their status. But in recent times, jewelry has gained importance as daily wear by people of all sects of life.

What Does Jewelry Represent?

Jewelry has many different forms like bracelets, rings, earrings, cuffs, and necklaces to name a few. Each of these holds various symbols of wearing them and can be personalized too to convey to others the values that one holds in a concise visual fashion concept. The designs of these jewelry forms are innumerable that keeps evolving within the illimitable creativity and nurture of mankind each holding a different connotation to it. For example, a leaf design holds the meaning of love, luck, hope, and faith, hamsa design represents defense against evil things, horseshoes symbolizes good crops and fertility and a chakra connotes balance of the etheric body.

What Is Boutique Jewelry?

It may be quite difficult to exactly define what boutique jewelry is as many people have different views about exactly what the look should be. So, it becomes a more sensible approach to define boutique jewelry as the specific approach adopted for its inception. Other than the final appearance, social context and the materials used to develop a piece are all incorporated to define the final piece of boutique jewelry. Contemporary jewelry opposes the normal connection between jewelry and formality. It has embedded in it elements like fun, artistic, and self-expression forms of craft. Inexpensive metals with creative designs are used to make this type of jewelry for daily and affordable wear. The era of the 1960s stands witness to the evolvement of boutique jewelry that churned out further designs with advancement in time. Lets us see here how this evolvement took place:

The Space Age Of Jewelry-1960s

Plastic or otherwise known as an artificial form of jewelry came up during this era. The main focus of the manufacturers was that people of all precincts of life should enjoy wearing these pieces of artificial jewelry for their affordability. Intertwined sometimes by durable wires, these jewelries were set in dinged-up metals that looked beautiful but were within the budget too. A daily mix and match of these types of jewelry had become a common trend and people loved this new form of accessory.

The Bohemian Or Hippie Styles Of Jewelry-1970s

This era saw a further relaxation or rather a casual style in the jewelry worn by common people. The increasing rise of people adopting the wearing of jeans in daily life reflected that people wanted quite a reckless look in their appearance with jewelry that would match up to this appearance. This era has women entering the workforce who wanted jewelry that could be worn daily at wear but could be easily transformed into an evening look for a night out too. This gave rise to jewelry that was inspired by the Bohemian or Hippie style made from wood, ivory, and stones. The favorite colors too were the earthy tones like mustard yellow, green, and dark orange.

The Era Of Bold Pieces Of Jewelry-1980s

The 198s marked the time for bold pieces of jewelry in bright colors. These bold pieces made of durable plastic expressed the personality of the wearer making it more desirable among all generations. This era has oversized hoop earrings, bold and chunky necklaces, the reemergence of brooches, and bangle bracelets too to its list of favored pieces of jewelry. New trends like jelly bracelets and cocktail rings also got their prominence at this time.

The Grunge Era-1990s

This era has seen jewelry with a very dark and subdued form and a minimalist touch to it. The bold neon pieces of the yesteryears were seen as outdated. What came into the limelight was the choker necklaces along with pendants and charm bracelets.

Era Of Jewelry Rebirth-2000

This era has no specific style of jewelry as many forms of artistic pieces have been coming up and dissolving too with time. Sometimes it embraces the jewelry style of the Victorian Age and sometimes it gives rebirth to a completely old but refurbished look of a certain type of jewelry. But more often, a new concept known as boutique jewelry has been an emerging trend for it comes at affordable prices and the ones that can be worn for a formal or casual gathering. These jewelry are being styled to look great with every piece of the outfit and come in light and heavy forms too.

Wholesale Boutique Jewelry Manufacturers In Jaipur

Known as the Pink City Of India, Jaipur has worldwide fame for its craftwork in making jewelry with gemstones. It is an important center for making jewelry with an ethnic and royal touch to it. But lately, to meet the demand of the emerging trends of India, Jaipur has also become famous for taking its jewelry making a step forward by manufacturing boutique jewelry. There are innumerable wholesale boutique jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur who are constantly at work to develop these pieces with the latest contemporary look in them. More and more people are getting attracted to this boutique jewelry rather than buying pre-fabricated jewelry. Shops down the lanes of Jaipur has boutique jewelry shops that are not only boutique jewelry suppliers and boutique jewelry manufacturer but boutique jewelry exporters too. These shops feature in making the following products:

• Boutique Bangles Manufacturer
• Boutique Bracelets Manufacturer
• Boutique Cuffs Manufacturer
• Boutique Earrings Manufacturer
• Boutique Jewelry Findings Manufacturer
• Boutique Pendants Manufacturer
• Boutique Necklaces Manufacturer
• Boutique Rings Manufacturer

All these products can be found in the famous jewelry markets of Jaipur which is also a place for the availability of wholesale jewelry. There are well-recognized manufactures of boutique jewelry here that sell the latest designs of this type of jewelry. These pieces of jewelry are unique gift items for our loved ones that help to reflect the beauty of that person in a better way as we all know that jewelry completes a woman’s look. If you are in Jaipur, and before you trouble yourself to what better gift you can take back home for your dear ones, head straight to the vast array of shops here that sell boutique jewelry. They will offer you a plethora of the latest designs and each shop will give you eccentric pieces of boutique jewelry making you fall in love with all these jewelry forms. The affordable prices of this jewelry make a woman pair it with her daily wear. This boutique jewelry comes in light and heavy designs making them replace gold and are perfect wear for any casual or special occasion. With the passage of time, people are viewing boutique jewelry more as a piece of self-style that is always less on investment too. Boutique jewelry has gained prominence in bridal wear too. Today’s brides are no longer interested in jewelry that spells out tradition. But brides are more interested in boutique jewelry as they incorporate the elements of classic and modern. This type of fusion is possible only in Boutique jewelry and that is why it is highly preferred as a bridal peremptory accessory.

Nearly all jewelry displayed in showrooms does not spell out uniqueness. There is either a slight resemblance or they are an exact replica of one another. Women of today’s generation are more attracted towards commodities that speak out individuality. This is the reason why boutique jewelry manufactured in Jaipur is gaining such prominence. Boutique jewelry has the elements of distinctiveness, uniqueness, and eccentricity. This has made boutique jewelry cross the realms of wearing jewelry only for occasional purposes. Women are now wearing them at all places as they are light, economical, and wearable at any place of visit. Moreover, all women wish to have boutique jewelry made in Jaipur that differs from the rest to get that distinctive look.

There is a belief that boutique jewelry is costlier than the usual jewelry. But this statement does not hold true. When one visits a wholesale boutique jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur, one will know how falsely this statement is held. All boutique jewelry collection here is so affordable that you will find it quite hard to believe after seeing their wide variety of designs. Nearly every jewelry shop in the lanes of Jaipur is a boutique bangles manufacturer, boutique bracelets manufacturer, boutique cuffs manufacturer, boutique earrings manufacturer, boutique jewelry findings manufacturer, boutique pendants manufacturer, boutique necklaces manufacturer, boutique rings manufacturer. These jewelry suppliers also are jewelry exporters that carry out the high competition in Jaipur jewelry markets. These boutique jewelry designers design this jewelry to appeal major portion of the masses so that they can serve the best way possible to face high competition in the market. The making charges are also not too exorbitant and one can find a good wholesale manufacturer of boutique jewelry that maintains the level of their best skills and aesthetic too. These in numerous shops in Jaipur will provide you with ample time and choice to find the right kind of boutique jewelry one is looking for. These wholesale boutique jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur will give you boutique jewelry based on different themes too. One can choose from a theme like nature, the Mughal dynasty, Rajput traditions, or any other such theme. These manufacturers are so exclusive in their work that they keep under consideration the tastes of foreigners too. This has led them to introduce the Bohemian styles too in boutique jewelry. These jewelry suppliers have something in store for all visitors. Semi-precious stones are also used by these wholesalers in their workshops to create beautiful designs of boutique jewelry giving each customer a wider range of choices than one gets from normal gold jewelry.

These wholesale boutique jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur intertwine every emerging concept of fashion to their boutique jewelry. They strive to provide good quality and better-designed boutique jewelry at a good price not only in Jaipur but in other Indian cities and worldwide too. These wholesalers are also boutique jeweler exporters making this trend a worldwide favorite too.