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The Importance Of Wholesale Iolite Gemstone

Another name being Neeli, in Indian sacred texts, Iolite is also known as the Blue Sapphire. Somewhere this referred to as Kaka Neeli as well. In Sanskrit, it is known as Shani Priya or dear to Saturn. This gemstone is of great importance in Chakra healing and crystal healing. Iolite has a special mention in history as well as it was the primary polarizing sorter used in the world. The Viking sailors took the help of thin pieces of Iolite to evaluate the condition of the weather or forecast conditions to know about the actual location of the Sun. In this way, it was easier for them to set their course.

Iolite is known to be a pleochroic gemstone as it manifests very strong pleochroism. Pleochroism is the stone’s ability to reflect in various colours while it is nearly transparent. Also known as Dichroite, the gemstone is known to exhibit a variety of colours like light blue, violet-blue, purple-blue and yellow grey colours when viewed from different directions.

This gemstone has been capable of fascinating both ordinary men and jewellery enthusiasts due to its fascinating blue colour. People, who are not capable of affording a Sapphire, often settle for this stone to make jewellery of their choice. As the stone has a very unique colour changing property, it stuns people who are in love with gemstones and the riot of colours they exhibit.

Astrological Benefits

Iolite is considered to bring happiness and joy to the wearer. A person who puts on any kind of jewellery made of Iolite can unleash his innermost creativity to the fullest extent. Iolite is also helpful in improving the husband-wife relationship other than honing the beauty of the other relationships as well. Iolite increases the vision and makes the skin of the wearer free from any problem. Let us have a look into some of the benefits of Iolite when worn as a piece of jewellery or adorned due to astrological reasons:

  1. Some gemstone specialists believe that Iolite is as powerful as the Blue Sapphire both in terms of results and benefits. It is the favourite gemstone of the spouse of Lord Saturn.
  2. As this gemstone has a direct influence on the crown chakra it is correlated to higher levels of consciousness. It has a deep impact on knowledge, values, ideals, and realizations.
  3. Iolite is also used to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. It affects the sleep cycles and biorhythm positively and improves the quality of sleep and rest.
  4. People suffering from too many diseases or lack of immunity can depend on iolite to boost the conditions.
  5. It is also capable of bringing in a balance between the male and the female energies.
  6. Most interestingly, Iolite also helps with addiction and alcoholism, removing the toxins from the main areas of the body.

It is no wonder that wholesale Iolite gemstone will have a huge demand. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is one of the premium Iolite jewellery manufacturers in Jaipur, who has been catering to the needs for a long time now.