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About Emerald Natural Corundum Gemstone

The human race has absolutely been at the receiving end to benefit the developing the technology. Well, it is greatly observed that the raw material to any development is much needed and the occurrence of a number of minerals not just leads towards the development of human life but also opens the door for future innovations. Similarly, the crystals, pearls or diamonds have long been known for its natural occurrence. Found beneath the layers of the surface of the earth, integrated due to unimaginable pressure and temperature and thus taking a shape and appearance that can make anyone run behind it is something that nature has offered us for a very long time. We have not just been known for them.

We all have known gold, silver, and diamond, but have we ever considered a replacement for them? Well, did we ever think that few natural stones, too, could be a replacement for these widely used and known elements? So, we shall discuss the gemstones. Gemstones are those stones that are formed in the earth’s crust, almost 3 to 25 miles beneath the earth’s surface, parallel to the other stones in use and is a piece of the mineral crystal which is polished and used for jewelry and other uses. Most of the gemstones are known for their rigid and tough structure, while few of the gemstones are soft. It can be observed that there are different and wide varieties of gemstones known for their respective physical properties and characteristics. It is reported that the majority of the gemstones are formed due to the concept of ‘metamorphism’.

‘Metamorphism’ is defined as the alteration of the structure of rock under intense heat, pressure and other natural agencies. Well, in simpler terms it can be defined as the transformation of the structure of rock without having the rock turned into magma. This is a natural process. Tectonic plates are usually responsible for the formation of the gemstones. And thus, it can be understood that the gemstones are totally formed by a natural process. Now, it must be noted that these stones, just like diamonds, are found through the process of mining.

It is interesting to know that there are several types of gemstones. We shall discuss some interesting features of one of the gemstones, Emerald natural corundum stone. Corundum is aluminum oxide in crystalline form. It is one of the gemstones that is transparent and is available in a variety of colors and in a hexagonal structure. Basically, it’s a rock-forming mineral that appears in the igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary form. It has people running behind its crystal-clear transparency and hardness. Being one of the hardest gemstones, and equally beautiful with its crystal-clear transparency, it is one of the popular gemstones for cutting and exporting it in the shape that is demanded.

One of the emerald natural corundum facts is that it is the world’s third hardest mineral in the world following the Diamond and Moissanite. In order to measure the hardness of these gemstones, a Mohs scale is used. To one’s surprise, it is found that the corundum stone scales 9.0 on the Mohs scale is a measure of hardness. It can scratch every other mineral, credit to its hardness. Before we begin knowing its characteristics, uses, and other facts, we must know the emerald natural corundum meaning. Well, the name of the emerald natural corundum stone traces its origin to the Indian culture. The name of the stone is derived from the Tamilian Dravidian word, ‘Kurundam’.The stone has left no stone unturned in terms of it’s competing for the other green stones like ‘Peridot’ and ‘Tourmaline’. Its bluish-green tones can make a jaw-dropping reaction on your face. However, knowing the historical aspect of the stone harms nothing. The Emerald natural corundum history suggests that the corundum stone is one of the four recognized gemstones, following Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire. It earns its rich and luster green shade from the chromium and vanadium. One shall know that Colombia holds an account of 50% of the export of the emerald stone due to the rich reserves. Emeralds have had a long history since its origin. It is known that the oldest emerald that exists is almost 2.97 billion years old.

Egyptians are known for their history and culture, and Emerald too has been a bigger part of its history. The first Emerald was mined way back in Egypt during 1500 BC. Cleopatra, the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, was too fond of the gemstones and Emerald natural corundum stone was one of her favorite stones, and her fetish towards the stone is well documented. Later after its origin, even in South America, the traces of its mines were found in the 16th century by the Spanish.

Since its discovery by the Spanish in South America, it got traded across Europe and Asia in exchange for few precious metals. However, this trade opened the trade of emerald for the entire world. In 1907 the synthetic Ruby and Sapphire were invented in 1907. The synthetic emeralds were not created until 1935. One of the American chemists, Carroll Chatham invented the first synthetic Emerald in 1935. Being used in the jewelry, the Emerald natural corundum stone was set up in the pendant necklace owned by Elizabeth Taylor, and it was sold for almost $6.5 million in 2011. Duke of Devonshire weighs 1,383.93 carats and is one of the largest uncut emerald stones.

Rich in terms of its historical aspect, the Emerald stone also a number of healing powers and unbelievable facts that can possibly make you ruminate. However, one of the Emerald natural corundum myths states that if the stone is kept under one’s tongue then it can help one see their future. Although, it was thought as per the ancient folklore. Well, as the world is pacing, our professional lives, too, are booming. However, most of the youngsters get eye strain after hours of working. And hence, the effect of the crystal is up to such an extent that it minimizes the eye strain. The early lapidaries reaped benefits out of the calming color of the emerald stone. It will amaze you to know that the top-quality emerald stone can cost you more than a diamond.

There are several Emerald natural corundum uses. It is found that most of the times, the stone is used in jewelry. Also, the gemstones have been usually known for the spiritual, physical and mental benefits. We shall know the Emerald Natural corundum healing properties. The emerald stone is known as the ‘stone of successful love’. Most of the people have problems in their love life. Most of the times, people even encounter problems in their relationship with other people around them. Usage of this stone enhances the positivity into the relationships, be it with your children, friends or family. The stone is known to promote unity, friendship, and love.

One of the myths also suggests that this stone keeps a balance between the relationship and even changes its color to signal the unfaithfulness. Apart from its spiritual impact, the stone also has an impact physically. It stimulates the heart chakra Equalizing one’s physical, emotional and mental aspects, it is responsible towards bringing harmony to one’s life. We all must have heard that most of the gemstones are responsible towards blocking the negative powers and releasing the positive powers by removing the blockade. Similarly, the emerald stone brings or attracts positive powers. One of the biggest advantages of using the emerald stone is that it enhances mental abilities by opening the clairvoyance. By strengthening the memory and bringing the clarity of thought, the Emerald corundum natural gemstone helps an individual know him or herself deeply and thus promoting discernment.

Medically, the stone has much greater benefits than its rival stones. It is believed that one of the Emerald Corundum natural powers helps you to heal the disorders of the heart, spine, muscles or lungs. Diabetes being one of the chronical diseases, people are troubled facing it for lifelong. However, the emerald stone not only keeps the immune system functional, but also alleviates diabetes rheumatism by having a detoxifying effect on the liver.

Now, after knowing the healing powers, one might want to know the ways to recognize the stone and its quality. Basically, there are four factors responsible towards identifying the emerald corundum natural gemstone. Color, clarity, cut, carat weight are the four factors responsible towards determining the value of an emerald corundum natural stone. One of the most important factors is the color. The high-quality stone will be vivid or bluish-green with probably no color zoning.

After knowing the color factor, one must know that high-quality emerald stones are extremely transparent. The stone must not be too dark or too light. However, it must have higher intensity of transparency. Few of the gemologists do not even consider the Green Beryl as an emerald stone.

It is often believed that combining one of the other gemstones can result in greater and best impact. However, initially, every gemstone user must have a gemstone in a single-use before combining it with the other stones. Once a user adapts to the stone then they can proceed ahead to combine the stone with other gemstones. The combination of the two gemstones must be performed under the supervision of experts as it can lead to a proper combination of the stones. Similarly, the combination of the emerald stone with the other gemstones must be performed after adapting to its characteristics and nature.

e several Emerald natural corundum uses. It is believed that this stone is a birthstone for them who are born in the month of May. The stone is used as an Emerald stone being quite popular with its high-value and multiple benefitting factors, there is a booming demand in the market for the stone and thus there are high chances of not getting the top-quality stone. It is recommended that the stone must be purchased from the top and reputed traders involved in selling the gemstones. There are a number of award-winning gemstone traders in the market and hence purchasing the stone from these traders minimize the chances of getting bluffed.

One must not clean any gems in an ultrasonic cleaner, rather one could make use of warm water to gently clean it. The emerald gemstone is helped by filling with oil to avoid the chipping and cracking. To secure the stone from becoming overly brittle, one could also make use of baby oil as an extra precaution.

The emerald stone is also used for meditating purposes. It is believed that the stone can also help you shut the blabbering minds while you keep scaling the ladder of success. In Hinduism, the stone is worshipped because it honors the Hindu goddess of food, ‘Annapurna’. The stone is served and worshipped in several cultures. It has been evident that the stone honors ‘Astarte’, the Phoenician god of love, war and fertility. She is also referred as the Queen of stars. It is believed that the queen of love is responsible towards balancing the love life of the people. Banbha, Eriu, and Fodla - the three Celtic goddesses of sovereignty – too, are honored by the stone. They are responsible towards protection, leadership, and inspiration to anyone who are involved in defending their homeland, faith and the path they walk on. It also honors Persephone, the Greek goddess. The goddess is responsible for promoting and uplifting the celebration and new growth.

After underlining the stone’s importance and involvement in several origins and cultures, it can be understood that the stone can serve greater importance in one’s life. A stone can be a greater alternative for the gold ornaments, and, perhaps, a perfect replacement for jewelry for those who believe in spiritual needs. Although, a stone that forms beneath the surface of the earth due to natural agents, can be the biggest and valuable gift for your loved ones.