Gold, silver, diamond and especially Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers in India play a vital role in the Indian economy. Most of the manufacturers deal in gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. Most of the major manufacturers deal with the Export of jewelry to the European countries and America and various other places. Hence, they are contributing to the Indian economy in terms of foreign currency. As the demand for Indian ethnic gold, silver and diamond jewelry has increased across the globe, this industry has become a major contributor to the Indian economy.

India has become the hub of the gems and jewelry market globally. The availability of artisans at cheaper costs is one of the major reasons for making this market a big market. Besides, India is also famous for being the largest cutting and polishing industry for diamonds throughout the world. Artisans complete the Processing, finishing, polishing and carving work in India only. Jewelry manufacturers including pave diamond jewelry manufacturers intend to export the fine pieces of diamonds or diamond jewelry. Furthermore, the Indian government supports this business fully. Government policies help the manufacturers so as to become India the Brand name in this business internationally.

Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer:

When we talk about Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer, DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. of Jaipur in Rajasthan of India is the leading pave diamond jewelry Manufacturer. Pave Diamond Jewelry is the jewelry of the latest trend of the current times. This is in high demand in the market these days. Pave settings are the most trendy and fashionable ones in today’s jewelry industry. As a matter of fact, most of the people are not aware of the exact meaning of pave setting.

Pave Setting:

The origin of the word ‘Pave ‘ is the French word which means ‘PAVEMENT”. The word Pavement came into usage because diamond is paved on the surface of jewelry in this setting. Here, diamond means the tight grouping of the stones of the same size. This setting causes the sparkling surface of small diamonds on metal where there is no space between the diamonds.

The pave setting includes the setting of diamonds in most of the cases or sometimes small gemstones together closely. Pave setting is the way for mounting the diamonds of small size. In addition to this, Channel setting is also another way of mounting small diamonds. The experts sort and place the diamonds separately. Later, they place them in the right place with the help of little beads of the setting’s metal. Normally, pave diamond jewelry manufacturer takes white gold or platinum into use for paving set. This requires a lot of efforts, skill, expertise, and perfection from the craftsman.

DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd.:

When we talk about custom jewelry manufacturer, fashion jewelry manufacturer, gold and silver jewelry manufacturer or pave diamond jewelry manufacturer, the company like DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., Jaipur has emerged as a brand name on the international level. The company has a big customer database all over the world. Hence the company is yielding a good amount of foreign currency.

For a pave diamond jewelry manufacturer, Pave diamond settings is quite common in engagement rings. As a matter of fact, pave diamond settings give the glimpse of being larger center stones because of their setting. Small beads add a lot to the beauty of the ring and create a traditional look.

Pave Diamond Rings Manufacturer- How to Pave set Stones?

Steps To Follow To Pave Set Stones In a Ring:

Pave diamond jewelry manufacturer adheres to the following steps to pave set stones in a ring:

• The Craftsman creates small holes on the ring shank to place the diamonds.
• Depending upon the size of the shank i.e. if it is uniform in shape, small diamonds maintaining uniformity are placed in the small holes.
• The next trickiest job is to group the diamonds tightly in a row so that the diamonds cover every centimeter of the space. The most important point to ensure is that the metal should be least visible.
• In spite of the best setting, some gap creates between the two diamonds. To fill in that gap, small beads of metals are fixed on the edge of the diamond into that metal shank.
• To fill in the gaps between two diamonds and to separate them, tiny beads (or grains) of metals are pushed over the edge of the diamond into the metal shank. As you can see in the image below, on an average of three to six beads can be used per stone to hold the stone firmly in its place.
• In the case of the tapered shank, as you start reaching the thinner part of the shank, the diamond size should decrease gradually. Otherwise, this would spoil the beauty of the design. This is a skillful technique which requires a lot of skills and time and experience. This adds to the total cost of the jewelry.

Pave Diamond Pendant Manufacturer:

DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. is the leading Pave Diamond Pendant Manufacturer. These days, Pave Diamond Pendants are in high demand due to its unique looks and designs. D.W.S. Jewelry offers a wide range of handcrafted diamond pendants. The company has become a brand as a Pave Diamond Pendant Manufacturer. DWS has a complete team of artisans and specialists who keep engaged in manufacturing various items of Pave Diamond Jewellery. They are specialists in creating the designs in compliance with the latest market trends. We, at DWS, ensure to create unique designs in vibrant colors in compliance with the latest trends and customer’s requirements.

Pave Diamond Earrings Manufacturer:

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best companies dealing in the manufacturing and exporting of various jewelry items. The company is quite popular as Pave Diamond Earrings Manufacturer. The company’s designs are highly adorable in the fashion industry. DWS Jewelry is a big name engaged in manufacturing the exclusive range of pave diamond jewelry items including the wide range of jewelry.

DWS Jewelry manufactures the Pave diamond Earrings in different shapes and designs such as flower shape sterling chandelier earring, beaded earring, turquoise earrings etc. The company carries a high reputation globally because of its extraordinary simple and classy designs. DWS has an expert team of artisans manufacturing the pave diamond earrings of the latest fashionable designs with smooth and fine finishing. The company’s products have an excellent luster carrying a blend of modernity.


In the conclusion, we may confirm without any scope of doubt that the various jewelry items of wholesale pave diamond jewelry sell like hot cake in the market across the world. Furthermore, if you are a Pave Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer, you must have the latest tools available to you. Besides, you need to have the team of extraordinarily skilled artisans. Hence, DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd. is popularly known as a big name in this industry. In addition to this, DWS is also known as the Affordable Jewelry Manufacturer. If you want to get in touch with some jewelry manufacturers at reasonable prices or you want to buy gold or diamond silver jewelry at cheap prices, DWS Jewellery is absolutely the right place to contact.

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