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If you are looking for a reliable Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in India having a wide range of custom, fashion, gemstone and other jewelry, you are absolutely in the right place. Furthermore, if you have some of the following queries pertaining to jewelry suppliers, just go through this blog and you shall have a clear picture before you.

  • What is the minimum order quantity?
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  • Percentage of silver in manufacturing silver jewelry?
  • How big is the factory? Do you allow to visit the factory?
  • Where is the display of the collection?
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  • What is the guarantee of genuine material? Don't worry at all about these issues. In the following paragraphs, you shall find the answer to all your queries with the simple click of a button.
There is a lot of myth about silver jewelry. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of confusion amongst the people pertaining to silver jewelry. Some people opine that sterling silver costs very high. Although, some people have the adverse opinion also. Although, traditionally, people have always considered silver as an expensive and valuable metal. Sterling silver contains the ratio of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper or some other alloys. Furthermore, silver is also an alternative to white gold which is cheaper in value. Sterling silver jewelry has been in fashion and in huge demand for so many years. Manufacturers use this to make various types of jewelry.

Now the question arises why anybody should opt to purchase sterling silver jewelry when there are a number of choices available in the market. There are so many reasons favoring to opt silver jewelry. Here we would like to discuss some good reasons to buy sterling silver jewelry.


True 925 Sterling silver jewelry lasts for several years. Hence this jewelry is not at all cheaper. Of course, you must buy this jewelry from some reliable jeweler of high repute. You should ensure to check the mark of 925 or .925/ sterling/ sterling silver on your jewelry.


The knowledgeable people always know that the latest designs in jewelry shall always include sterling silver. Although designs tend to change from time to time, sterling silver always remains the part of the latest styles in jewelry.


Silver being soft metal, it is easily accessible to mold. Hence, there are always possibilities of getting new designs. You may always opt for the design as well as the jewelry of your choice.


There is a wide range of various designs and accessories available in sterling silver jewelry. If there are some unique high-end pieces on your list to purchase, sterling silver must be a part of it as designers use it to cast their new creative designs. Hence, you can build a new jewelry collection. It's more popular amongst the designers also.

Besides the above, sterling silver jewelry has its own incredible versatility. You may opt to wear any sort of jewelry as suitable to the occasion. As a matter of fact, silver gets a classy touch to the jewelry. Furthermore, sterling silver jewelry doesn't cause any sort of skin allergies like some other metals such as nickel or brass or any other metal. Another reason to buy sterling silver jewelry is that it's quite easy to maintain. It's always possible to get its shine restored as new.


There are a number of Sterling Silver jewelry Manufacturer in Jaipur in Rajasthan. But when it comes to one of the best gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in Jaipur, the name of DWS Jewellery tops the list of wide range of jewelry products and Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer.

We take pleasure to mention that DWS Jewellery is a Custom Jewelry Manufacturer. Our manufacturing process involves extensive Quality Control which is the ultimate outcome of various manufacturing stages. The company has expertise in designing and manufacturing a wide range of jewelry items in Gold, Silver, Diamond, Gemstone, and Copper and Brass as well. The company has a complete team of skilled artisans. Furthermore, DWS is also known as a popular sterling silver jewelry manufacturer. In addition to this, the company provides solutions to the requirements of various customers ranging from the economical range of jewelry to high-quality sterling silver jewelry items.

DWS Jewellery has the pride of owning a perfect infrastructural base having a complete team of skillful artisans. Our team of artisans creates magical beauty while crafting the jewelry. The company has the professional set up having various separate divisions such as production, quality control, designing etc. Furthermore, we keep upgrading our manufacturing features so as to maintain the customer delight with our latest unique designs.

Manufacturing Process:

The production process of silver jewelry has to undergo multiple stages of manufacturing. The natural components of jewelry (stones, silver and accessories) will undergo multiple processes. These jewelries are unique and involve a lot of time and skill. Expect for personalized jewelry which is handcrafted, most of the jewelries are created by casting machines. We mention below a brief description of the process of manufacturing sterling silver jewelry products.


The manufacturing process starts with the purchase of silver in the form of wires, tubing, sheets or bars. We, at DWS Jewellery are very conscious while making the purchase of silver so as to maintain our purity and genuine standards. Currently Mexico is the world's largest producer of silver. Same way, we ensure to purchase the stone from world's best companies.


Designing is the most vital part of any silver jewelry item. In fact, the designer has most of the times the rough design or sketch in his mind. He, with the help of craftsman, finalizes the design. Jewelry designing is a beautiful art.


Once the sketching work is through with all the detail, specifications, molding section takes over the sketch to convert into mold. This mold works as the base for the entire process of manufacturing. This mold is used to create wax reproductions.


When the molding job is thoroughly complete, casting process starts. The master model leads to the process of creating Mold. During this process, the artisan injects this with wax and develops a wax model of the final piece. Later, the expert craftsman places the wax replica in a flask and surrounds it with the plaster. Afterwards, the process of melting the wax from the mold takes place by keeping it in an oven. Finally, once the melting of wax is complete, a hollow kind of piece remains in its place. Then, the hollow space is filled with the melted metal.


Afterwards, the craftsman attaches the precious or semi-precious stone or gem to the metal mount. Usually, Claw Setting or Bezel Setting is in the practice for the purpose.


Stamping is a process of creating light weight jewellery. In this process, silver sheets are stamped with dies in a way so as to create the cut out shapes. These shapes are converted into jewellery. This is the way to create light weight jewelry such as earrings, pendants etc.


Polishing is the most important part of the manufacturing process. The job of Polishing is done to the maximum level so as to bring the finest shining and smoothness. Mechanical polishing and chemical polishing are the ways to smoothen the product

Following the above, some more processes such as Electroforming, Cold Enameling, Gold sheeting, Oxidation, various platings such as Gold plating, Rhodium plating etc are also carried out.


As a quality conscious organization, we lay emphasis on offering our esteemed clients quality proven range of products.

DWS Jewellery works upon the mission of CUSTOMER DELIGHT and hence, as a Quality organization, offers the quality proven products. The company has an exclusive department to take care of the quality of each and every piece. The artisans thoroughly and attentively check every single piece. If the QC is not satisfied even for a minor reason, the piece is sent back to get rectified.


In the conclusion, after having a glance at the above, this is evident that the sterling silver jewelry manufacturer is not less than an artist. Sterling silver jewelry manufacturer has to take care of every minute points. Only then, it's possible to create the best designer jewelry. Indeed, DWS Jewellery is the most proven company manufacturing and dealing in wide range of products of different precious metals.