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Wide Ring Band Collections

Purchasing a wedding ring is not a simple option. You may have served through several websites and showrooms to capture a good collection that might be suitable for your wedding. But sometimes, you might not find the perfect option at hand. In such situations, it is always better to go with safe choices. The better options are designs that go well with most people regardless of the models. They are neutral in every way. The choice is the availability of wide band rings. We can manufacture them in many metals, with or without gemstones, and can fall within the budget. You can design them to be simple or rich at the same time. So these bands have always had a perfect set of followers. But before purchasing these bands, you must understand the concept and how to select them with perfection. Even if you choose them, it is a necessity to learn more about your ability to clean them regularly. This blog solely focuses on selecting a perfect wide ring for your day and maintaining a diet for a long time without affecting the quality.

More about Wide Rings

When purchasing a wide ring, understand that anything about the size of 2.5 mm is considered within this category. Sometimes size can increase based on your requirement, especially if the finger is big. With these rings, it is necessary to consider multiple options, including the metals and gemstones within them. These rings have been available since ancient times. Both men and women have been using it continuously. So before selecting your wide eternity band, try to focus on design and other concepts that must be included as a full-blown feature.

The major pros of using these wide rings for women are that they are comfortable and suitable for regular wear. We also paired them up with the engagement collections.

Most of these beautiful men’s wide band rings and women come in many designs. They can be anything ranging from simple collections that fall within your budget to ones with diamonds embedded within them. Understanding the formats available will allow you to make a wise choice.

Simple Plain Band

If you are looking for beautiful women’s wide band rings, then understand that the best option is to go for a simple playing band. The wedding rings have a plain surface with engravings on them. But if you want it to look a bit richer, you can go for these unique sterling silver wide band rings suitable for both men and women. They might look simple, but the structure makes them an authentic choice for formal wear and parties. You can now rock any look with these bands. You can engrave your love concept for your names on the inner part of the band. Each collection that falls within the category is authentic in its way. If you want a bit more of a look at the band, you can select the options like the twisted collections and the ones with dual metals.

The twisted model includes multiple metal bands to be interested in each other to provide a beautiful and stylish design. Similarly, other collections, like geometry-shaped wide bands, have sharp edges to offer a unique sense of fashion. They are simple and, to make them beautiful, you can line them with a set of diamonds, which is also a great option. Our showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan, offers a wide range of simple collections available as plain, wide sterling silver rings. You can also purchase the models with a beautiful combination of silver and gold.

Single Stone Collections

Whether it is a simple band or a design with a rich look, the gemstones or diamonds are embedded within them for the final outlook. So, when buying a wedding or anniversary band, ensure it has gemstones. These designs might be twisted or have wide silver rings with simple large gems like Emerald or Ruby placed in the center. You can also go for wide band Solitaire ring collections under this category. We use them for engagement, and women always love to boost the value of their solitaire rings. Pairing up a large gemstone or diamond with a large band will be perfect since the size of the ring can hold the complete stone together. Whether a man or a woman, it provides an outlook suitable for your collection.

While purchasing such unique collections ensures that the stone's value is perfect with quality. The ring design solely depends upon the beautiful gemstone placed in the center. One must determine the cut based on the style and placement. People can go for a Round cut, princess cut, and other oval-shaped cuts in the market with multiple placement options. If they do not satisfy you with the pieces, you can always select your cut and gemstone placement option to provide custom-made jewelry for your special day. Such choices are only available in DWS showrooms with their manufacturing units.

Multiple Stone Model

The design available on the market is a wide band rings for ladies with multiple stones embedded across them. Wide band rings with stones have always been the choice foremost for men, especially when they are embedded with stones like pave diamonds and minute gemstones. These designs are available in a single row or as many rows of stone embedded using the channel setting. This collection provides a rich-looking setup, and most have a single large gemstone in the middle. The price range of these collections is higher when compared to the others in the market, but it is worth the value. If looking for a perfect replacement, you can go along with the moissanite wide band rings. They are a cheaper alternative to diamonds and are extremely strong. With cultural traditions that focus on having an engagement ring stone, these replacement options are better. They are cost-effective and artfully created in the laboratory to last a lifetime. This gem has a global reception due to its price and quality.

DWS also offers unique collections with designs that make it an enticing alternative to the traditional diamond collections available on the market. For some people, it is daunting to understand such models, especially in terms of quality. One thing that people are afraid of using replacement diamonds is that the surrounding will notice the delicacy of the product. But in reality, the production process is less expensive, and the output product is better than any solid collection in the market. Even though inclusive settings are not available in this stone, being in our showroom provides options that make it look original with exceptionally affordable price ranges.

Gemstones That Go Well with Wide Bands

Diamonds can always be the best option for many wedding bands. It is a classic option, and most women love to have a bit of a costly item on their fingers. Diamonds are one of my favorite agent stones, and they will go better with a good deal of metal and width. But if you are looking forward to experiencing a unique collection, go for costly and beautiful gemstones like blue sapphire, emerald, and Ruby. The size of the gems might vary depending on the design. But if you are looking forward to having a large Gemstone, go for bands with the solitaire stone placed in the center.

Similarly, if you want minute stones, you can go for collections like Shank model wide rings and the others in the market. DWS is the promoter of a wide range of wholesale gemstone exports and imports within the country. With a wide range of collections available at hand, the designs provided are always the best available. So whichever band you choose, you can visit the showroom for custom designs and original quality products. We also offer men’s wide rings with gemstones embedded in them that will be both professional and unique.

How to Clean the Wide Band Rings?

If you are using a unique wide band collection, then you must understand the cleaning process. Even though it might seem simple, these bands with twisted designs can be disturbing, especially if you are new. Let us now look at the steps available in the cleaning process.

Soak it in soap or warm water - If you are using a ring with a high-quality diamond, soak it in warm water. Sometimes, based on the hardness level of the beautiful gemstone, you can use soap and water. Soak it for at least half an hour. You can also use the cleaning services available in the market. But sometimes they are expensive, so for a homemade cleaning process, you can just use warm water. Do not drop it in boiling water, as it might contaminate the quality of the gemstone.

Brush the dust away - You can always use a quality brush like a kid's toothbrush to clean the product. The brothers must be soft and must not scratch the surface of the Ring. Considering it has been in the water for half an hour, you can expect the dust to fall away with just a single swipe.

Drying - In this technique, all you need to do is to wipe the surface of the Ring with a dry soft cloth. After wiping away the wetness, keep it under a fan or any open surface for a few minutes before wearing it again.

Also, while wearing the ring, there are certain precautions you must take. Never expose the range to popular items like boiling water or while cooking. Similarly, try to remove them while cooking, taking a bath, or performing activities that might scratch the surface. Even though the metal might survive and be available for years to come, it is always a safer option to preserve them with such simple techniques. Similarly, avoid exposing the diamond or any other gemstone ring to oil. Most stones can absorb oil and create an old-like illusion that makes the stone impossible to renew in the future. So if you are trying to apply any oil-based cream to your hand, remove the ring so that it will not compromise the quality.

Why Choose from Us?

For most people, this question might occur, since there are other options available in their local area. DWS is a leading showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with collections that are high quality and durable. Being one of the best wholesale wide band rings with gemstones showrooms, we offer that have a reasonable price range. From Diamond to Moissanite, we offer designs that can be considered an investment for your future. We offer wholesale fashion jewelry collections that are exported to other countries for their quality and market value. Even if damaged, they can return the collections to us for further repair. We have our handcraft workers who offer simple collections and are delicately designed to meet your requirements. Each product has its selling value, but the design can be held on together for a lifetime. We know our collections for their purity customers to follow shape and trust. We work with a wide range of designers to provide models the customers might like during the initial view.

All these connections are automatically beautiful. If you are trying to go for a wide silver band ring, consider the issues that might occur, especially with cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes wearing a wide metal can be uncomfortable for women and men. So if that is the case, try out the proxy ring for a few days before purchasing the original one. This idea might help you decide on the collection. Before you make the ultimate choice, understand the options in the market and discuss that with your partner, especially for a wedding band. If you have any reservations, you can always discuss that with the designers and make a final choice for your design. Brides and grooms looking forward to a memorable wedding and engagement can place orders with us. The product quality is top notch and anyone with ideas can discuss them with our designers to create a live product.

Wide Wedding Bands

If you are a person searching for engagement rings, then you might find certain criteria to be common within the market. They include the width of the band. If your partner has a slender and long finger, then you can march outright and purchase wide wedding bands for engagement rings to enjoy the celebration. Most classic engagement collections come along with a thin band and a style that might never fall out of the trend in the future. Each wideband is unique and provides a practical look that might suit your lifestyle for a long time without practically losing your interest in the design. But before you purchase them, it is necessary to understand the types available so you can make a final choice. Sometimes a simple showroom might have very few designs when compared to a showroom, with all the collections available. So try to understand the options you have before selecting the last piece to make a custom order.

If you are a person who doesn’t know what a wide band wedding ring is then understood that any band with a width larger than 2.5 mm falls under this category. It can go more than the size mentioned, and it is ideal for a man who wishes to have an active social lifestyle. It is also essential for women who do a lot of work with their hands since they are durable and study when compared to the other thing designs available in the market. The design and outlook are going to be different when compared to the think elections, but they also provide a sense of richness. So when you go out and try to select unique wide wedding bands for her to remember, it is necessary to understand the options.

Things to Take Into Consideration

When you are trying to purchase wide wedding bands for ladies, it is necessary to consider certain items. This might seem like a simple concept, but in reality, preparation before visiting the showroom is essential. Among the multiple derivatives that you must consider, we have listed some that might be useful for the future.

● Budget

Even though these beautiful wide wedding rings offer more room for gemstones and diamonds, you understand that they have a high-range budget. You must be ready to face the hefty price tag, which can be a drawback for people with low budgets. But sometimes you can go for cheap options like a pave diamond instead of choosing a Solitaire collection in the middle. Similarly, you can also choose the metal depending upon your requirement. For example, the wide wedding bands for her can be a combination of gold and silver or rose gold and silver instead of the classic platinum and gold. So selecting the budget will allow you to be prepared for your choices in the future.

● Simple or Grand

The band can be simple by applying metal surfaces and engravings on them. Or sometimes you can also go for Grand collections with gemstones embedded throughout the design with no gap for the metal. They cause these designs more, especially when you have designed them with unique diamonds. Even though they provide a rich lookup, your budget might play an essential role in such collections. There are colorful placements where multiple gemstones like Emerald Ruby and diamonds. Designers use it to provide a single ring. They are more suitable if you look forward to purchasing vintage-wide wedding bands for her. These combinations are not just available for women. They are also available for men, especially the one with a single Solitaire Diamond placed in the center with a plain band surrounding it.

● Gemstone Settings

Whether a single Solitaire Diamond or a row of paved diamonds, it is necessary to decide on the setting before purchasing them. For example, if your woman does not love metal within the gemstone, go for a channel or firm setting.

Also, the women or men have a lot of work to do with their hands. Choose the ones with a perfect prong or bezel setting which can hold the gemstone regardless of the work or exposure. Since most women wear their wide band wedding rings for her regularly, you must make a wise choice in the end. This option is also as important as the other two.

Along with this option, select the type of gemstone, size, and metal before visiting the store. If your woman has a hard time keeping her jewelry clean, then always try to purchase simple ones with designs that you can clean with just a simple exposure to water.

The Advantages of Wearing a Wide Band

Ring retailers nowadays have all these very wide wedding rings available within their grasp. The main advantage of this collection is that it allows you to be creative with the designs, especially when you look forward to adding more Stones in the future. Similarly, you can trap your wide band women’s wedding rings with simple engagement bands, since they support stacking. They are durable compared to thin collections, and they are not available for everyone. Only very few women can rock this style out, and it can make the central stones look bright and perfect. We can decide on the price option based on the design. Even if you wear a plain band with some designs on them, it will still rock and be better than any solitaire diamond-based ring.

What Kind of Engagement Ring Can You Choose with a Wide Wedding Band?

Wide band rings are popular these days, and we can use them for engagements and weddings. So for which river location you choose, the large ring ensures that the other one perfectly matches the one with a wide band. The most common shape that people deliberately choose is the ring with a Center stone surrounded by diamonds. They can go well along with the wide band. Sometimes it might be necessary for you to choose a wedding ring based on the design of your engagement ring arrangement. It is a necessity for both of them to sit tight with each other and complement each other’s model. So always look for an elevated head that might be suitable for the center gemstone on your engagement or wedding ring. Similarly, you can choose a contour wedding band that can go well along with the engagement rings. So whatever collection you choose, ensure that we have perfectly aligned the metal gemstone and other features incentive with each other.

The stone also plays an important role, especially when it has salt and a diamond in the center. If either of the Rings has a Solitaire diamond, find the stone cut and choose a collection that goes well. For example, a princess cut stone can be better when you pair it with a shank ring. Similarly, you can pair a cushion-cut stone with contrasting shapes and classic eternity band style. There are other cuts like Mar quiz and oval cut you can pair with rings with fancy-shaped accents. Similarly, if you have more doubts about the best wedding bands you can pair with engagement rings, you can visit the DWS showroom website for more details and personalized help.

Where do I Purchase Them?

Most of these connections are available in any ring retailer showroom. If you want a custom model, you should visit our showroom with their manufacturing unit. This idea will allow them to support your choice with the help of their designers and workers, who focus on creating designs through handcrafting for modern manufacturing techniques. Even though most showrooms come along with their units, some are still retailers purchasing wholesale collections from others. So try to make a wise choice and choose the best shop in the market. My option would be to go to the DWS showroom since they have all the facilities mentioned and with the eagerness to provide quality products for their customers.

If interested, you can check out their website and mobile site for feedback and collections before choosing by contacting them. The women’s wide wedding band collection is in surplus quantity, which you can use. Our showroom always focuses on providing jewels with uniqueness and quality that tops for a long time. They can pass our rings down through generations without being affected in terms of quality. From stone placements to metal design, they properly maintained it to perfection.

A wedding ring or an engagement ring is no simple feat to achieve. They can look like a simple purchase, but they are the ones that what partner will wear for a long time. If you are looking for perfect men’s wide wedding bands or women’s collections, then confirm to follow the steps given. Consider all factors before visiting the showroom located all over the country. This band might be a once in a time life for you. Your partner might say yes or no based on the band you select, so be careful and have a happy, prosperous life in the future.

Wide Band Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have always been important for most men and women. If you are a man interested in purchasing a beautiful engagement ring for your better half, try out the wide band engagement rings available on the market. Recently fashion has gone from being simple to ones that attract more attention. Engagement rings have always tried to gain attention with their solitaire diamonds and beautiful designs. But nowadays, vintage wide band engagement rings are flowing back into tradition. If you are interested, let us now look at the beautiful collections and types available in the market.

But before you understand the rings available in the market, you must fix a budget. A simple budget will allow you to go with a plain solitaire ring. The high range budget allows you to choose such huge-sized collections as wide anniversary bands and wedding collections. Setting up a budget and visiting the showroom can complete your deal without going for options that might make you regret it.

  • Just with the Diamonds

Most women love diamonds in their wide engagement rings. If you are searching for the best diamond and wide band combination, understand that you have many choices. So, the first model available is the one with a double roll of metal filled with paving stone collections with a solitaire diamond in the middle. Designers have altered the design to provide multiple models that a woman might like on their finger. Here, the double-row model is also available with beautiful shards of zirconium in the middle. We embedded the stones using the channel setting. The center stone might use a prong setting to hold the gem in place. These collections are modern, with a rich look that a simple solitaire collection cannot achieve.

We manufactured these designs using exclusive hand carving techniques, especially the stone settings. The unique wide band engagement rings are better when compared to the simple single stone combinations. DWS offers you the option to select the perfect design from the wide range of collections available in this scenario.

  • Split Shank Model

The essential model in the market is the split shank model. This design is like the previous one in terms of layers. The ring has over one layer. Instead of layers flowing close, this model supports designs where a single band splits into a wide split shank engagement ring as it nears the center of the solitaire stone. This collection has been available for many decades, but they still capture women's eyes. The shanks are available in two different models. In the initial model, the gap might go through the end. But in some models, the gap might intersect at the end.

The one thing that people love about the shank model is its exotic design and ability to fall within the modern category. This design has a secure setting that makes it perfect for you to wear all the time. It is versatile and better when we pad them with beautiful pave diamonds.

These engagement rings are perfect for people who wish to enjoy the designs with the extra surface area. They are popular and have become famous during the past two decades, especially as a combination of 18-carat Diamonds. Each engagement ring has its own set of designs. They differ from the others, and some of the common types include the princess cut collection, oval split collection, emerald cut model, and the models with a round brilliant cut. Using a hollow diamond in the center surrounded by pave diamonds can be a better option for these universal designs. They can be dramatically striking and subtle at the same time. So purchase them to experience a new form of engagement ring for your partner.

  • Vintage Model

What has always been in common with the vintage model is the Solitaire stone in the center. But along with their presence, it is also essential to remember that the wide band Solitaire engagement rings also have another form of small stones surrounding them. For vintage collections, other stones like Emerald and Ruby have also been quite popular. With its royal design focused on blue sapphires and emeralds, people nowadays prefer an engagement collection with unique gemstones.

The vintage collection also includes a unique format where multiple solitaire diamonds and we place them next to each other to provide a complete set. This collection is enormous and available in combination with wide bands. We mostly paired them up with gold and silver. But they also use rose gold to improve the glow of the gemstone and make it look authentic.

  • The Simple One

Sometimes people always prefer a simple collection at hand. In such cases, they go with a wide band with a simple diamond stone placed in the center. This idea might look unique and not similar to what most women prefer. But if your partner is a person who always loves to go simple, then these collections will be a better choice. We can also pair them up with beautiful wedding rings, which can be fused later in the future. These wedding rings are grand and decorated with multiple gemstones because of the simplicity of the engagement ring. For example, you can go with the single-strand building model with many gems embedded through the row in a channel embedding technique.

DWS offers you the option to choose the best designs for the wideband collections. With our unique collections, we are here to help you. Customers can access our website, mobile application, and showroom to get a hang of the designs and maintain custom orders with ease. We treat each order with the utmost respect, and our manufacturing unit provides solutions in terms of quality and design. From Diamond to Emerald, we have a wide range of wholesale gemstone collections that allow us to provide designs on different metals including brass, copper, and gold.

Wearing wide band engagement rings on hand allows you to experience a sense of uniqueness when compared to the other options in the market. Even with other wide anniversary bands available, the shank model and vintage collections have always attracted more customers. So when you try to purchase such unique combinations, always remember that the quality of the gemstone must be original.

Wide Band Diamond Ring

Wedding bands have gained more popularity in recent years. Over the past five years, people have slowly altered their sense of style and fashion to be more modern with open acceptance of new designs. As a result, fashion designers and jewelry manufacturers have involved themselves in creating collections that attract a wide range of consumers globally. If you are looking for the perfect wedding ring, here is a blog. Long gone are the days when women and men purchase sleep and play wedding rings that are almost common among the general population. Each design is unique and custom created to engrave its identity as a part of the ring. Now, look at the band collections available in the market.

What is a wide band?

If you are wondering what the concept of a wide band means, then you must understand the width of the band is greater and covers a good circumference area. Wide diamond wedding bands are nowadays, and people buy such collections to improve their look. Most of the designs offered are in plain format.

But nowadays, the collections, especially for women, have expanded to unique designs with embedded diamonds. They have many options in this category and have their own models and collections. When compared to the other models, people prefer them because of their durability and ideality for stacking beautiful jewels. It provides an opportunity for you to deal with many designs compared to thin collections. Provide enormous support for the enormous diamonds placed in the central part of the engagement ring or wedding ring. With more areas for placing prongs, these bands are one of a kind. Even though the modern collection is not suitable for everyone, there are choices you can make within the wide band diamond ring design.

Best stone options

Before seeing the collections of any wide diamond band available in the market, it is necessary to understand stone placement. Naturally, you cannot select any stone to place on these rings. Before placement, there are options you must consider. Since the size is larger than the other rings, you can select a large stone option. Since the metal portion is larger, the concept of placing the stones is simple. So all you need to do is choose a design with stones that might suit your needs. It is unnecessary to have diamonds, but you can go for other options like zirconium, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and topaz that make your hand look rich and lovely. This combination works out perfectly for women since they have an affinity for most stones in the market. With men, they can go for a neutral option like a diamond, zirconium, or black opal stones.

There are also unusually wide-band diamond rings available in the market that you can choose from. Let us now look at the designs you can support with large-size ring collections.

  • Diamond embedded collections

With marriages and other occasions, most women nowadays prefer having a wide diamond band. It’s not just for the design, but women prefer this collection for the comfort it offers. The designer has the stone well set, and the chances of losing it are less. This model includes a broad metal plate with beautiful inscriptions and diamonds embedded in the middle. Each design is a unique work of art. These collections are available in most showrooms across the country. However, if you are looking for a particular design with custom options, the best option is to go to the DWS showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The size of the stones might vary from the minute collections to the largest ones available in the market. Most of the time, the entire band is lined with stones that are beautiful and unique at the same time. Sometimes when you purchase wide diamond bands for her, look at the origin of the product. Diamonds have always been unique for women. The naturally formed collections are better when compared with the lab-generated artificial models.

  • Twisted metal model

For wide diamond anniversary bands or any other wide collection, the next format available is the twisted collection. Here the entire ring is broader, but instead of a complete metal, it uses a unique design where multiple metals twist with each other. This design is unique and suitable for women who love to wear something different when compared to others. It does not come under an authentic wedding collection. If you are a person who loves to experiment, then this collection will be a perfect choice. We can buy it as a plain design or also as a collection of gemstones embedded in them. We made the most of these rings in silver and gold. Sometimes they are also available in black metal and rose gold. Said instead of gemstones, you can use diamonds to provide a wide diamond ring with beautiful pave stones designed for it.

Even with these designs, there are multiple variations. For example, the design can be broad, with many layers of twists. But women who prefer a simple collection can go for a four-layer twist with minute gemstones embedded in them. With these collections, we might see that the embedding process of the gems is not perfect. But with a well-experienced showroom like DWS, you can be confident about the quality and design.

  • Pavestone Collections

If you are going for a blink-based collection, the best option is to go for the wide pave diamond band. These diamonds are smaller and when placed to get out with no gaps, they provide a large stone-like appearance that is better for women or men with a decent budget. You can also replace it with a wide band diamond solitaire ring because a single solitaire stone will be double the cost compared to these paving stones that provide a solitaire-like appearance. They are better for engagement and marriage collections. If you're looking forward to proposing with a decent budget, these beautiful wide-band diamond engagement rings can be pretty handy.

Otherwise, popularly known as the wide band diamond cluster ring, we can also team this collection up under the cluster design. With cluster design, it requires multiple gemstones to be placed next to each other with no space. Under such a condition, the cluster model provides a perfect bling appearance that is not available in any solitaire collection. It makes the ring appear rich looking and equivalent to our solitaire collection.

  • Multi metal collections

Sometimes the beauty of a design lies within the collections that include multiple metals. For example, while purchasing a women’s wide band with diamonds, you can try bands with silver on the edges and gold in the middle with a slightly raised portion for embedding the gemstone. It's not just the gold and silver combo. Other combinations include metals like brass, copper, and rose gold. Such combinations can make your jewelry precious and attractive compared to plane engagement rings. Wedding bands are more important than engagement rings. Both men and women can use any collection to wear for a lifetime. Also, with solitaire engagement collections, you can easily pair them with such unique combinations. Each design is perfect and available with inscriptions that you can include at a later stage. The inscription option is for people who prefer the alternative of unique wide-band diamond rings.

  • Statement collections

Some people often think that other statement designs are just for fashion. In reality, they use statement bands for wedding rings. If you want your band to go well with a wide range of costumes without the necessity of wearing any other extravagant bracelets, then the statement designs can be a better option. For example, a statement ring with unique gemstones embedded in them can be a better option than any other ring choice. They can pair a perfect band with metal combos and designs with traditional and party wear.

This statement collection is not just for women. They are available for men. Purchasing a statement ring for men can go well along with their formal attire since it provides a professionally rich look. When there is a collection available with a wide band, choose it for your partner immediately. The statement rings are in gold and silver or more authentic for men when compared to brass and copper. Similarly, try to avoid funky designs in statement collections for your email partner, especially if they are suited regularly. You cannot remove the ring, and a design choice like a statement collection is better.

  • Simple varieties

If you want to go for a simple ring, there are multiple options available in the market. Most women prefer wearing their engagement ring along with their wedding ring. In such a situation, the better option is to fuse both designs to provide a perfect combination. Nowadays, most jewelry showrooms, including DWS, offer collections that make it yours for women to wear them without difficulties. For example, wearing a simple plain ring with gems or diamonds embedded with them in a single line can be simple enough to go along with the solitaire diamond engagement ring. Instead of large stones, the women can also go for the pave stone collections. This idea will reduce the price and be easy for fusion. Remodeling the engagement ring with a wedding ring is available in DWS. As a shop, offer exquisite features that make your collections a better option.

Our designers will sit down and have a detailed discussion with you regarding the alternatives. Call us or visit our showroom to discuss the designs and complete your decision. The product will be available to you in advance before the wedding. Going for simple models might make you feel at ease. It prevents the gesture of removing it while traveling to unknown places.

  • Unisex designs

Sometimes, to pair up rings with your opposing partner, you might need to pick unisex ring collections. These collections have unique designs that are suitable for both men and women. For example, a simple plain band with gemstones or diamonds embedded in them can be a better option for such unisex designs. Also, the size and breadth of the design might vary according to gender. For example, the man might choose the collection with high breadth, while the woman might go for the smaller ones. The same goes for the size of the ring. But with gemstone sizes like diamonds, the choice might be reversed. Most women prefer a large stone, while men try to be simple and realistic. So when purchasing a similar ring, try to understand these concepts before making a final choice. If you have prepared a vow for each other, write it in each other’s rings to remind you of it for a lifetime. Unisex models are suitable options for couples with a likely mindset. DWS has many unisex models that both and women can wear. These models are suitable for both men and women. Our designer can assist you in creating your own model.

DWS provides you with a one-stop solution for all gemstone-embedded and diamond-embedded collections. We have a team of professional designers, handcraft manufacturers, and modern-day machines to support such unique product manufacturing within a short time. All you need to do is have a detailed discussion with our designers through online and offline portals. Once the design is completed, you can place an order in advance. We will send the final product to you on time with no delay. They can also submit the rings for future development, like soldering them with an engagement ring or repairing some accidental damages.

All these women’s wide band diamond wedding rings and men’s collections mentioned above are available for a decent price in showrooms. But if you wish to have a bit of yourself in the design with customization options, then our showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan, can be a better choice. Plan your model carefully. Manufacture them with quality to get satisfaction and a beautiful collection that you can hold for a long time. For more details, download our mobile applications or visit our showroom to view the bands.

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