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Spacers Rings Wholesale Supplier form India

We all love to own an engagement ring with a little bling. But when it is added to a wedding band filled with diamonds, the possibility of these two diamonds clashing against each other is higher. Most people understand the value of these gemstones and use the beautiful ring spacers band in between to protect the metal and the gemstones embedded with them. Instead of going for a plain band, the current generation prefers designs on their rings. There are many jewels available in the market, and here we have listed some for your verification. Purchasing this will allow you to wear them alone or in between other bands to protect their quality. Here we have listed some great ideas for your reference. 

Why do we need it?

We all know that diamonds are the hardest objects in the world. Wearing these precious metals next to each other might create damage. If you have the practice of wearing your engagement and wedding band together, it is better to wear a wedding band spacer in between to protect the metal and the gemstone. Even though the metals can't break the diamond, the other diamonds can do so. So it is necessary to provide a proper space between your rings. The collections are available in designs that may attract your immediate attention. If you are interested in purchasing these beautiful wedding ring spacer collections, then the best option is to select one and look at the variants available in the market. 

Even though there are people who prefer to wear a DIY ring spacer as a collection, the design is still comparatively low. You cannot just wear a simple homemade elastic band next to a beautiful diamond ring. It reduces the authenticity of the original band and makes your finger appear dirty. Similarly, you cannot choose cheap metals like bronze or copper to match your high-quality gold or silver band. This intern will affect the quality of the metal. So the best option is to select a similar metal and purchase a beautiful ring that adds beauty to the stack. 

Consider the size

One thing to remember while purchasing this band is that their size must be larger than the others you wear. It must cover the area of the gemstone embedded in the center. So when you purchase an engagement ring spacer, ensure that the width of the band is larger than the stone area so that it prevents the wedding band from clashing it. Most jewelry wholesale dealers will suggest you a ring too big spacer model if the center stone is huge. Similarly, if you are purchasing a ring with gemstones in them, remember that these gemstones must not clash with the original engagement band and affect it. 

A better option for loose rings

Most people consider that this product is just for protecting the bands from friction. But it also has its purpose in terms of design and others. Sometimes we tend to lose weight. The effect will show up on these rings. If you have a large engagement band, you can always protect it with a tight spacer ring on the top. This idea will keep the ring in place and prevent it from falling away. Instead of adjusting your ring size, you can use the ring spacer for loose rings. This idea will save a lot of cost and energy. So eventually, when you add more rings to the same finger, you can prevent friction. This model is available for both genders. While the women's collection is pretty grand, the men's ring spacer is plain and has a neutral ground.  

Gemstone model option

If you are looking for a model with a bling, the gemstone collection will be the better option. Customers, especially women, love the model since it has extra beauty to their fingers. The gemstone collection often adds more beauty to the design and provides a fusion appearance. When the plain metal bands have the tendons to appear distinct from the others, this band can fuse with the engagement and wedding collections to appear as one. Some people have the habit of using both rings together permanently, and adding a spacer ring in between will be much better in terms of design and protection. If you are a believer in astrology and positive energy, you can include your birthstone within this band. This concept will provide you with the required positive energy and serve the purpose at the same time.

The plain metal option

This band is also available as a plain metal and suitable for women who like it simple. The collection is available in different sizes and widths. If you do not like simple polished surfaces, you can always buy ones with embedded engravings. It might act as an additional vow ring for your marriage and will improve your finger’s appearance. Remember that this ring must enhance the quality of your wedding and engagement band. The metals available include gold, silver, and rose gold. You can also buy beautiful designs with twisted pita wire that provides the required space and unique patterns. Wearing these beautiful collections will improve your external appearance and fashion sense.

Even though the current market has many size adjusters and other options to prevent the friction of metals, women will always prefer this option. This is a stylish yet satisfying option. This factor can improve your ring look. It is not just a model, but a part of the accessory. Women nowadays select these beautiful bands along with their original wedding band. It provides security and allows them to wear costly rings. So purchasing this product from a renowned jewelry showroom is a necessity. Among the shops, DWS is the best. It provides customization options with a wide range of choices that allow you to select the best product for your fashion requirement. Customers can customize their spacer ring that suits their engagement and wedding band. So choose the perfect option and make your fingers look beautiful.

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