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Wholesale Studs pendant and necklace jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur

Jewellery has become one of the major requirements next to food and clothing. Most of the women love to dress themselves up with beautiful Jewellery items that match their clothes in a perfect way. Even though women prefer wearing matching items, sometimes it might be impossible to get everything as a perfect match. Especially in jewellery getting a perfect set of jewellery as a matching item is quite difficult. In order to solve this problem, the jewellery manufacturers came up with the solution of creating matching Jewellery items in such a way that they can also be used individually and as a match together. Nowadays most of the necklace and pendants are available in the market with the matching stud and bracelets.

Bracelets and bangles are rarely accompanied as a matching set but most of the pendants and necklaces have a matching stud that could be worn along with them. The craziness of wearing matching items started nearly 30 years back, and it has never faded ever since that time. Since bangles are unique items and since most of the bangles are suitable for all kinds of jewellery, they have been made common wear and more concentration is given to stud, pendant and Necklace jewellery designs. Most of the wholesale stud, pendant and Necklace jewellery designs are being manufactured as a set nowadays and exported all over the country. Even though there are a lot of requirements for these jewellery items the number of manufacturing units that produces these Jewellery items are comparatively low. DWS jewellery is one of the leading wholesale stud, pendant and necklace jewellery manufacturer in the country. With the help of our very own manufacturing unit and unique set of craftsman we provide our unique collection of handcrafted Jewellery items and also export them to various other countries.

Matching studs and pendant

To keep up with the emerging Trend the jewellery manufacturers have started creating matching studs and pendant along with the perfect chain or necklace. Most of the pendant has a matching set of the stud which is nothing but a miniature model of the pendant. The studs are created exactly similar to the pendants and these are one of the fastest moving models in the country. These matching studs are mainly produced for simple pendant designs. DWS jewellery has a unique collection of matching studs and pendants designs in all types of metals and most of the pendants and studs are decorated with gemstones or other types of designs. DWS Jewelry produces these items in their unique studs, pendant and Necklace jewellery factory located in Rajasthan. We are one of the leading stud, pendant and necklace jewellery suppliers in the country.

A perfect Valentine gift

Valentine's day is special for most of the men and they gift their loved ones with a perfect set of Jewellery items. Rather than giving them single jewellery try to give them a whole set of jewellery with matching items so that they can wear it on special occasions. Most of the women and young girls nowadays love to own a set of matching Jewellery items in their collections. Getting them their favourite jewellery pieces as a complete match will increase their love and affection for you. Flowers, Dinner, candlelight along with a perfect gift would make Valentine's Day completely special.

DWS jewellery in Jaipur, Rajasthan has a wide range of matching sets and collections available in our stud pendant and Necklace jewellery showroom. Necklaces and matching studs will make a perfect Valentine's Day gift. They can also be matched with a perfect set of bangles or bracelet to form a completely unique set that you can gift your Valentine. We also make customised designs as per the requirement of the customers. The cost difference is much low and hence men can order a perfect set of customised matching Jewellery items for the love of their life. Along with making customers designs we also produce and export these designs. We are one of the leading stud, pendant and Necklace jewellery exporters in the country.

Traditional sets

While simple fashion jewellery items are for daily usages, there are a variety of traditional designs that can be used for marriage functions. Most of these traditional design pendants are there in temple design or Kemp model design. The temple design Jewellery items are made up of gold and brass metals. They are of mostly a perfect depiction of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and most of these pendants can be matched with traditional stud called jhumkis. The jhumkis are most suitable for the traditional pendant and necklace rather than the miniature model of the pendants. For Kemp model Jewellery items which are made up of Ruby and emerald embedded these jhumkis can be matched especially when they are also embedded with the perfect set of rubies and emerald making them a matching set. One of the major requirement in traditional jewellery is at the type of gold should match the other set. Sometimes the jewellery sets may be identical but their colour of gold might vary making them unsuitable for wearing together.

In order to solve this problem, DWS jewellery has their own set of the manufacturing unit and repair workshop that excelled in altering the Jewellery items by increasing or decreasing their size especially rings, changing the colour of the gold jewellery to match the other person to set and for repairing the damages.

Diamond Jewellery items

The fashion of wearing matching jewellery sets has also entered the field of Diamonds and hence each and every single fashion jewellery items embedded with a set of pave diamonds also have their matching set of earrings with pave diamonds embedded in them in the same way similar to the pendant. These Pave Diamond Jewellery items are designed in different ways. In the first model, the earrings are the replica of the pendant while in the second model the earrings are mostly jhumkis made up of Pave diamond. These Pave diamond jhumkis will go well along with all types of pendants and necklaces.

DWS jewellery is a leading stud pendant and Necklace jewellery distributor and has a unique collection of a diamond set that is manufactured by our own manufacturing unit and factory. We provide a pure form of pave diamonds without any duplicate items mixed within. About Diamonds Are of good quality and we are one of the leading pure gemstones and diamond manufacturers in the country. Our Diamond Jewellery sets will make a perfect Valentine's Day gift and they can also be used by the bride during their wedding.

Our Diamond Jewellery items are exported all over the world and they are also supplied to a wide range of jewellery shops all over the country. The purest form of Diamonds Are said to bring luck for the family and most of our diamond and gemstones are in their purest form and they will bring immense luck to the person using them.

Artisan and gemstone jewellery

Artisan Jewellery items are nothing but handcrafted Jewellery items that produces A wide range of designs.  Even in these artisan Jewellery items each and every single pendant can be matched with a perfect set of earrings that looks exactly like the pendants. These artisan Jewellery items look exactly like a traditional design but they are matched with modern dresses to provide a perfect outlook.  So sometimes instead of a miniature model various types of designs can also be used like large circles, drops, and other modern fashion jewellery items that have the ability to go along with most of the designs.

Similar to artisan jewellery another set of Jewellery items that are famous among the women is nothing but the gemstone Jewellery items. Most of the pendant and studs are embedded with beautiful and pure gemstones which is one of the most famous items in Jaipur.  And since they are famous and bought by most of the foreign tourist visiting the country, they are always mixed with duplicate stones and sold to the customers. We at DWS jewellery produce one of the purest designs with a pure form of gemstones embedded in them. We are stud pendant and Necklace jewellery  wholesalers and we produce a wide range of collections in the gemstone department since we are one of the leading suppliers of gemstones all over the country. We have our own set of stud pendant and Necklace jewellery designers to design these designs.

Customised sets

By wearing these matching studs, pendant and necklace jewellery wholesale items. Most of our customers prefer wearing customised designs that can be designed and manufactured in our manufacturing unit. The bride can wear their own set of Jewellery items and with the help of our specialised designers, the bright can create their own set of matching Jewellery items. Most of the brides nowadays prefer wearing matching fashion jewellery items for their marriage rather than the gold one. These Jewellery items are much more safe and of low weight. Hence the bride will feel more comfortable wearing these jewellery items.

With the help of our online portal, people can always purchase Jewellery items from their home. Most of the Jewellery items displayed on the internet are the replica of the photo provided on the website. Most of the Jewellery items are being manufactured and exported to other countries due to the availability of perfect quality and designs in our jewellery unit. So the Jewellery items available in our stud pendant and Necklace jewellery store and the online Jewellery items that are being delivered to the customers are of the greatest quality.  Proper precautions are also been taken to deliver the product without any damages. Even if they are damaged they can be repaired in our workshop in such a way that it would be impossible for anyone to detect the damage present in that jewellery item.  For more details, customers can visit the website at

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