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Wire Cuff Bracelets Wholesale Supplier

Fashion has become a necessity among the current generation. So with the development of fashion, there are designs introduced into the market. Among such models, one is the wire cuff model. This pattern comprises many wires combined for jewelry. When it comes to designs, you can choose from any. Here we have listed some of the popular wire-wrapped cuff bracelet collections available in the market. They are for both genders. This model is also suitable for children and adults. The designers have always managed to create jewels with unique patterns and metals that make them unique among the others in the market.

The cuff bracelets are often considered a symbol of power and strength. Most women from the Egyptian era used cuff bracelets and wire arm cuff bracelets to indicate their strength. Women mostly used it. History said Cleopatra herself used to wear it as an ornament. Each designer has a set of independent model lines that portray the beautiful silver wire cuff bracelet models. Here we have listed some collections in the market for better understanding among yourself. 

● The twisted wires

The first concept available in the market is the twisted wire cuff bracelet collection that makes you look beautiful. In this model, multiple wires are twisted together in a criss-cross pattern to provide a unique design that resembles a bangle. Instead of having a closing like a bangle, this design is left open to form a cuff bracelet. This pattern makes it more beautiful and the designers use this technique to provide collections in the same and different metals. For example, when it comes to different metals, the common combinations include brass and copper or silver with gold. These designs are left plain or filled with patterns on the top. They also have gemstones at the end to provide a perfect finish. The ends are also simply left with a metal finish shaped like a ball or a cylindrical disc.

Using a copper wire cuff bracelet for this design collection is a better option to experience a unique pattern. The collection also includes a combination of pure and oxidized Silver for a unique style. Even though the design and patterns may vary, the primary requirement of this twisted model includes thin metal wires combined for a style. 

● Joined at the end

This jewel is one of the modern design patterns where multiple tin wires are joined together at both ends. So they are loose in the middle. It provides the appearance of wearing multiple thin bangles together. We usually sealed the ends with a square-shaped metal surface. This collection is available for both genders. They are famous among women. Even here, they use different metal wires to provide a variable appearance. You can go for a plain sterling silver wire cuff bracelet or the other mixed formats. 

Most fashion designers pair these collections with modern costumes like jeans and party wear. You can also wear them with beautiful skirts and top models. Each product in the market is unique. Depending upon your arm appearance, you can select the width. The product width depends upon the number of wires included in the design. To understand the concept of wire count before choosing a pattern. The collections are also available in gold and rose gold.

● Memory wires that last

One of the most popular concepts is the memory wire cuff bracelet filled with beautiful beads and gemstones. These wires are designed to be fixed and have a frozen texture when compared to other loose wire concepts. The memory wires are suitable for providing layered Bead bracelets that make a unique fashion style. Customers can pair this beautiful collection with authentic modern costumes like party wear and skirts. The model is also suitable for men and is unisex. You can now wear this beautiful product anywhere, including for casual occasions and college. 

All these products are a part of wire cuff bracelets that has entered the trend recently. Even though some designs have been available for centuries, the memory wire and frozen collections are pretty recent, which surprised the designers to the end. You can now purchase these products for a low price from advanced shops like DWS with customization options. The products are listed on the website and are available in the showroom. So buy them immediately and enjoy dressing up in fashion. You can also make customized orders for memory wire products with different colors. The customization options are available for people from a distance. So contact the showroom and place your order for safe delivery. 

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