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Textured Bangles Wholesale Supplier from India

Recently the popularity of textured bangles has been increasing with more attention based on the design and handcrafting techniques. This bangle is in plain metal with different designs for decorating the upper portion. Now select a mystery and alluring bangle design for your breast and make it worth the money regardless of the metal. Here we have explained in detail the most general methods available in the market and how you can combine them with appropriate costumes.

What is a Textured Bangle?

Most people do not understand the meaning of a textured bangle. They are metal bangles made up of different designs that are hand-carved are manufactured through modern techniques.

The difference between the other collection and this bangle is their unique designs and the absence of exclusive bling available with the other collections. You can purchase these connections for a decent price range from any showroom. To understand more about the concept, read the below types and models available.

Bangle Style Bracelet

This jewel is one of the modern twists provided to a classical design that allows the women to wear the collections with is and duty. There are many designs available,  and you can wear them regardless of your arm size. They are available with self-adjusting features that allow you to wear them with style. Most sterling silver textured bangles go well with dark-colored costumes like black and red. The designs can be traditional and modern. So, go for vintage collections, where the common patterns will be available in temple sets and other beautiful designs.

These collections are available with the most textured silver bangle wholesale providers in the country. Make a purchase immediately in the adjustable design and other varieties of silver-based elections and beautiful designs. The most silver bangle has a modern and traditional look allowing you to create a fusion collection that makes your Appearance bold and beautiful. These collections go well with jeans and traditional sarees making it the perfect option for fusion. Bridesmaids can use this model to appear more fashionable and bold during the wedding season. This model has no limit in its designs, and you can expect much more beautiful contours in the upcoming season.

Statement Bangles

The statement model plays a primary role, when it comes to textured bangle jewelry in the market. Treatment collections are usually bold and beautiful, with an authentic identity that defines your character and personality. Here we have a wide selection of statement bangles like plain models with textured designs. The collections include playing by the metals with dense carvings formed through hammers or other metals' rough outlines on the exterior. The jewels are available in both thin and thick textures. Most of these connections are available in simple designs without any embedded gemstones. These collections are available from any textured bangle manufacturer in the country, and you can purchase them for a decent price range. For a low budget, you can go for metals like Copper and silver, but gold has a different price range that might be difficult to afford.

Plain Gold Collections

The next collection in a textured bangle is the beautiful gold models. Most of these collections are handmade and available in plain metal. Even though the manufacturers have some collections highlighted with enamel color, they are well known for their unique designs. In this collection, you can select traditional and modern jewels with the statement models available in the market. You can purchase any of these collections from a well-known textured bangles supplier in the country. They are present as flat bangles designed not to sit around your wrist. The ridges along the corner make it extra beautiful and perfect for women to wear as a plain single bangle or mix-and-match with other collections. Even though most textured jewels provide a vintage look, women still love them for their beauty and originality.

Why select us?

Among the many collections available in the market, we at DWS offer you beautiful jewels we manufacture to meet your desires. Whether a handmade or a machine-made design, they provide customization options that will make you feel at ease with the bangles available. Each product we have is a piece of art. Here the designs we provide are made with attention provided to intricate details that make your designs unique and different from the others in the market. Our website has collections on display, and for extra data, customers can contact us through email. For exclusive jewels, visit our showroom located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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